Espetada - House of the Hanging Chicken

Sobrecary St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Espetada - House of the Hanging Chicken
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Most Recent Reviews

Dezzan J.
4.0 Stars

Not loved but I liked it! Must try the reyna estepada hahaha and super quick when they serve you the food. I was just seated for maybe 10 minutes, and kaboom there it is! Unfortunately they served my appetizers together with the main dish. So? How hahahaha

The place is not that picturesque but its not the place youre gonn eat. Im not saying the place is not nice. Its okay. Good for the eyes. Lol

For the appetizers, I super like the cheesy cheese. Ypu should try it when the bread is still hot. The cheese dip is the bomb and the bread is super soft!

Reyna estepada for main dish was a good choice and I picked the spicy one. Good food and very reasonable price! Recommend

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Jennifer T.
4.0 Stars

P.S. This photo was from their old location. It was smaller and hotter haha. 128293

It's a good thing that they renovated and moved to a better and bigger location and with aircon hahaha 12851410052️☃

The food was okay if you're into Mediterranean-ish food. I ordered the "Reyna Espetada" with rice and potatoes. The cheesy cheese and the hummus were very good and affordable. Their lemonades were very refreshing and good, the pink lemonade was guava flavored while the blue one was the normal lemonade flavor 127819

All in all I think that this place was okay. And it's ambiance has a nice Mediterranean feel to it. Thumbs up! 128077🏻128149

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

Ever since I came home, I have been forcing my friends to go out and bring me somewhere new or places that I have not yet tried. Today, we went to Espetada.

Upon parking, I immediately asked mu friend "what does espetada mean!?" She just told me "it's in the menu, read it". Upon entering, I sensed the Mediterranean vibe of the place. The patterns and the shapes of the arches, even the colors, very mediterranean! We ordered their best seller-- Reyna Espetada. You get to choose from 3 sauces-spicy, mild and regular. I got the mild. It includes 2 side dishes. I got plain rice and buttered potatoes. it was very affordable at 150!

The food arrived faster than we thought. We we're very happy about that 128077 with @CHA experience, they said that it takes tike for them to prepare so she suggested to get some appetizers. We got the Pita with Hummus dip. Costs only 85 pesos. Before we could even finish the appetizers, our main dishes arrived. it was super photogenic but unfortunately, the place was not bright enough for a good photo. I should come here during daytime 128521

Oh and for the meaning of espetada, I read about it but I forgot! Well, i should just go back and eat about it (oh wait I mean "READ about it" haha) again 128539

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Charlene C.
4.0 Stars

I just gotta be honest hahahaha.

The first time i ate here i loved the hanging chicken, i forgot the type of chicken that i ordered (the branch of this resto is still small, it's just beside blue carabao). Buuuut! Now they renovated already & much more space yay!!! 128513 it's just in sobrecary st. besides speestar obrero? Noted. Hahaha.

Oh well, the 2nd i dine in here i forgot what i ordered last time because that was a long long time ago haha. But they suggested that "Reyna" chicken is their best seller so okay. 128513128077 lets give it a try hahaha. Honestly.. i never like it, i guess the chicken was good but what i don't like is inside the chicken there is this kinda reddish tomato like spices they have zzz haha. So okay no. 128078128078

The 3rd time!! Is when my highschool friends were planning going out for dinner haha. & Jhunaan Caye B suggested na sa espatada tayo! So i was thinking zzz i don't like the taste haha. Nonetheless, its okay :)) me, Suzette C, Jennifer T & Jhunaan Caye B planned that we eat dinner time haha. Sadlyyy others didn't not come128557 huhuy

Hello girlyys! Hahaha. So this time,what i ordered is the "king" hanging chicken, for a new taste hahaha. Hoping eventually wala na sana syang spices inside the chicken & good wala!! & with a side dish of marbled potatoes & rice! In fact i liked it haha. 128513 yay! Ito ng iorder ko next time hahaha.

The place is not too big but i guess much bigger than their old branch haha. Psh, one thing about this place: too many small insects appearing!! Watch-out 128227 haha. According to Suzette C baby ipis daw un hahaha. Zzz Hoping next time wala ng ganun hahaha! 128514

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