Euphoria Infinity Spa

2/F FADI Bldg., 5 West Capitol Drive cor. San Rafael St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Euphoria Infinity Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Helena T.
2.0 Stars

Just get their home service massage 128516

After picking out your massage specs you will be lead to their waiting area. The waiting area does not look like a spa at all. It's like an old office with the lights turned off. May mga kahon na patong patong sa tabi. And the couch didn't feel clean, of course I couldn't validate because it was dark but I just didn't feel like leaning back while I had my feet soaked. Also they used a palanggana for that. I think I've been to other spas that used plastic basins but this just adds to the layers of that unclean feeling. To top things off, they will make you wear these Croc-like sandals that are squishy and moist inside. Imagine the spikes in there, I don't think they dry them off completely after every use. And that is just gross.

Anyway, I just walked with my bare feet, at least the floor was dry, although dusty. Alikabok vs fungus? 128050

The massage bed is the standard issue kutson on the floor.

The massage was good though. They check with you if their pressure's okay.

Overall, great therapists, but the place needs an overhaul.

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Kristel M.
1.0 Stars

We went here to have a little break but turns out to get more stressed. Their front desk person is kinda nice and assistive but their masseuse were rude. When we went inside their massage rooms, I asked if I have to change using their bath robes, and one of the masseuse said that we can only use it if we plan to go to the washroom. Their robes were kinda wet so I was thankful in my head not to use those. They went out without telling us instructions of what we need to do. Their beds were just covered with pieces of cloth. Although its kinda dark in the room, I can definitely see that those covers are not clean. There were towels and piece of boxers that are also kinda wet but I did not wear it until I was told to do so. I guess I just dont really want to wear it because 1. Its big for me 2. The garters are saggy 3. Again, its kinda wet. When the masseuse went back to our room, they told us if we have changed already. I courteously inform her, that we were not instructed of what to do, thats also the reason why I asked earlier if I had to change using the robes. And she answered back with a rude tone "kaya nga po may twalya jan" pointing at a piece of towel and their sagging shorts. One of my friends got annoyed with her tone which is why she decided to not have it anymore.

We may not be new to going to spas, but it is an expectation to set your customers with things that they need to do while their there especially when they are new. Our patience may not have gone too far enough for us not to walk out of your establishment but it is better for us to leave rather than just being treated without due respect as a paying customers.

Not going back here anymore.

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Tina Ü.
3.0 Stars

✖️ there were mosquitos 128561
✖️ ambiance was 128534
✔️ service was okay.. 50/50

Pero okay naman yung nagmasahe. 128522

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

I used to get their home service massage almost every other day. Quite expensive as what I would normally go for (my base rates are the old rates of big apple express) HAHA. P250 per 1hr of massage here. I've shifted to Nature Spa Wellness P200 per 1hr and then shifted again to Zaleah P200 per 1hr a new comer :) Stayed with the latter two because they were the only ones who can massage me without a bruises on my body the next day hehe

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Eric B.
5.0 Stars

Discover Euphoria Experience a promise of total relaxation and freedom from the cares of outside world. Relax and rejuvenate! Avail our services: Full body massage 1hr 299 Euphoria Signature massage 349 call now for reservation and home service 2963323/ 09265937588

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