Eva's Panciteria

Aquino St., Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Eva's Panciteria
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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

My friend in tuguegarao asked our group if we wanna go for something exotic and something tuguegarao is famous for. We gamingly accepted the challenge. He drove us to some iskinita in the residential area of the city and told us that there are many immitation of Batil Patong in tuguegarao mostly in the main street but the original are the one hidden in the small streets of the city.

We arrived in Evas Panciteria and it was an unfinished open two story building where a lots of people where eating on both floor. There were a lot of students eating which is one of my indicator that the place is the real deal. In here you have a choice to go for the jumbo or the special. They just differ in serving size, special being the bigger serving.

The Batil Patong is made up of carabao meat on top of fried egg and noodles. It is also served with a carabao soup. My friend told me to dip the noodles to the carabao soup and add some soy sauce mixed with lots of chopped onions. It tasted good and the serving of special order was so big. It was best eaten while it was hot. We had a hard time finishing our order because the umay factor was starting to kick in but eventually I was able to finish it. Most of my friends where not able to finish their order.128533

It was a great food adventure but its not something that I will be craving for. This is something you should definitely try for the experience of authentic cagayan food. Be sure to try it in evas panciteria for the real deal. 128518

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