Exile on Main St.

299 Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Exile on Main St.
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Open: 11:00a - 11:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Jeliza A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

We had a lot of dishes here that night. And all were stellar in my opinion. 127775127775127775127775127775

They have a lot of wings to choose from China, Texas and Java. All had distinct flavors. Their China was sweet with a slight kick at the end. Their Texas was their BBQ pick which was tangy. And their Java, very much peanut infused that was a sweet ending to all the wings served.

As for their desserts, all were good! The Y Tu Mamá Brownie is their take on brownie ala mode. The brownie itself was good. But something must be said about their ice cream. They have a lot of traditional and non-traditional flavors. From your good old fashioned vanilla to maja blanca, they would be coming up with more in the future. Now for the featured ice cream concoctions in this review, we had their Chocolate Chip Cloud (Half-Baked Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in Vanilla Ice Cream) and The Revel Bar (Fudge Ice Cream w/Oatmeal Walnut Chunks). All were sooooo goooodddd. I wanted more really. 128523

Oh, in terms of price, very friendly on one's budget. All are good for sharing. 128077

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Rica J.
3.0 Stars

I was super excited for their mushroom poppers... Only to be disappointed in the end :-(

I think it was the oil, or maybe the batter, that made it taste weird...

And the place isn't conducive to talking because of its acoustics... Although it's quirky interior makes it really interesting for first-timers. :)

Their best-selling nachos was pretty good, where their special sauce was like lechon paksiw, which was surprisingly good. :)

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Monique F.
5.0 Stars

Boyfriend and I went to Exile on Main St. on a whim one time...and we've been coming back since. With the combination of an awesome ambiance that allows for people to converse with friends or have a nice time on a date, attentive staff, and awesome food, it's no wonder why we go back again and again.

Our initial impressions of the place were "intrigued" as we picked up their flier one day. It was so confident, so sure of itself and boasted being different that we definitely wanted to stop by. Both my boyfriend and I did a bit of research and were worried that the decor would be annoying to the eyes and possibly garish -- but we were very wrong. Nestled in the far back area of the building right next to National Bookstore, it felt like going into a quirky, whimsical paradise that reminded my boyfriend and I of the mismatched furniture in the Sims. XD

Now, on to the food. We were surprised with how cheap the food was. Seriously. A rice meal for less than P200? With those kinds of prices, we decided to try all that we could. For our first trip, we got 2 house blend Calamansi iced teas (bottomless), Torn & Frayed (full order), Gimme Shiitake and their signature wings. I learned at the time that a full order was a bad idea with how big it was in addition to having extra rice and unlimited iced tea. My boyfriend learned that their wings were good, but not amazing. We both learned that eating the Gimme Shiitake with the Torn & Frayed as a sauce was nothing short of magic...

...and it was SO magical, that we came by again the next week due to my craving. XD

That time, I got Torn & Frayed (HALF order) + Gimme Shiitake + Calamansi iced tea (bottomless) as my comfort and go-to combination. My boyfriend decided to try something else as he got the 4'shroom pie and Monggo Tinapa Mo!. It was love at first bite for him and the 4'shroom pie, and his craving for a good vegetable dish was sated by the monggo. I admit that I didn't really like monggo...but I could make that dish an exception.

For our recent visit, we dragged two more friends and tried to infect them with loving the Torn & Frayed. Mission accomplished. Though in addition to that, we also got the Longganisa con Sinta for one of said friends and Baboy O'Riley for my boyfriend. The Baboy O'Riley was described as good, but not as outstanding as everything else overshadowed it. The Longganisa con Sinta, on the other hand, was a "fried longganisa xiao long bao" with how juicy and packed with meat it was. But it was even more amazing when combined with the salsa and the provided soy-vinegar.

If there's one thing that we'd hope to see improved, it would probably be the wings and the Baboy O'Riley as they paled and just seemed like ordinary Filipino fare compared to all the other dishes.

As we have gone back several times, we will keep going back with how delicious the food is and we hope that it becomes a permanent fixture in the Katipunan area.

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