Express Cut Barbershop

1/F Forum Robinsons, EDSA cor. Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Express Cut Barbershop
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Jay S.
1.0 Stars

Hated my haircut and barbers here. First time I went here, the barber just did my haircut pretty well but never talked at all. I know this is not an interview or some sort of thing where you always have to talk to your customer but it feels awkward. I just showed him my ID with my picture with the haircut I wanted and he just nodded. Thankfully, he somehow got the haircut I wanted even if it's still a bit long. 128513

This time, the barber is now talking but he's rude. When he asked what kind of haircut I wanted, I again showed him my ID. He then asked me what number is it. I asked,

"Number? Ano pong number?".

He then asked me where did I had that kind of haircut, I told him at FIX. Then, he told me,

"Dapat alam mo kung anong numero yung buhok mo. Papagupit pagupit ka sa FIX na yan tapos di mo alam numero ng gupit mo..".

After hearing that, I got a bit pissed and asked him,

"Ano po bang mga number yung mga ganyang gupit? Number one po ba yan? Three? Four?".

He just told me,

"Di ko rin masabi kasi binibigay lang sa akin yan. Dapat kasi alam mo yung numero para alam ko kung anong gupit gagawin ko..".


I just pacified myself and just shut up and let him do his thing. He may murder my hair after our conversation. After all, I showed him my ID picture and asked him to just imitate it.

In the end, my hair's messed up! Just look at my avatar here and imagine that hair, all flattened up!128548128548128548

I just paid my haircut, tipped him 50 pesos (para di kunwaring badtrip..), asked for his name (para kunwari babalik ulit para magpagupit sa kanya..), paid my bill and walked away.

All along the whole session, we're both watching the TV show "Itanong Mo Kay Soriano" and discussing bible stuffs. I won't delve into it but what I want to stress is that knowing the person is watching that kind of show which is supposed to be holy or something related to God, shouldn't you be a good, respectful and courteous man or something like that?

Just my two cents.

By the way, his name is Khalil or sounding like that.

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