Famous Belgian Waffles

Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Famous Belgian Waffles
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Kam S.
4.0 Stars

Been a fairly busy week for me at work, but since my ever so loving boss/vp is out, I now have the chance to squeeze in a little time to write about this waffle shop chain. 2 weeks ago, girlfriend tried to tote me into our greatest rival’s lair, that is katipunan. Since we already had dinner in Edgy Veggy (check past reviews) we wanted to clear our palette with something sweet. It was already 1030 in the evening and this joint’s still sparking up their bright sign above this closed restaurant. From the outside, the place looks neat, with this visible phrase on the side “DIY ice cream sandwich” (OMG) the gleam in my eyes was became as visible as its sign, hence dianne pulled me in. I initially wanted to try the DIY ice cream sandwich but the choices of cookies to put your ice cream in between were just 3 at the time and weren’t really appealing, (probably coz it was already past 10). Their ice cream selection looked like Magnolia’s, so I opted for the FAMOUS BELGIAN WAFFLES. --- Their name speaks for their waffles. IT HAS TO BE FAMOUS! I had the blueberry and cream cheese waffles, and it was surprisingly divine. “surprising” you ask? Well for a really steal price of 45 PHP, this is one wicked waffle. The waffles are made to order so when they deliver it to you and you take a bite into it, the outside’s still crispy and the inside is still hot with the cream cheese melting with those blueberries. Taking a bite was like riding a gondola in venice, it was really good.

It must be noted though that they’re using canned blueberries. So don't expect to taste that tangy kick they give. Also, if you’re trying to lose those extra pounds I suggest you skip this and just order other variants of their waffles. Couldn’t complain though coz the price would obviously be higher if they use fresh blueberries. Collectively, it was a satisfying experience

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Drex O.
4.0 Stars

Had the chance to try their blueberry waffle for 45php. Pretty generous serving, except for the blueberry. I wish she added more. Bitin eh. 128542

And like what I told my friend that time, I'd actually rather pay for their waffles than Starbs' overpriced sandwiches. Hahaha 128517

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