Fat Butchik's Roofdeck and Resto

364 El Grande Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Fat Butchik's Roofdeck and Resto
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Most Recent Reviews

Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Friday night and we wanted to try something new in BF 128522 so I browsed |ooloo to check out where we can go. Fat Butchik's is actually listed as a bar but I read in another article that this is one of must go to places in BF so off we went.
Arrived around 6ish, it's right above pan de manila. It's actually on the roof deck so it's very breezy. There was just one other couple when we arrived. Nobody approached us so I had to get up and ask for the menu. Wala pa daw yung menu kse nag pagawa ng bago 128563 umm ok! Had to order using the menu here on looloo 128517
Got the bowl of white (cheese soup), cheese sausage, pork belly and sliders. We almost got everything on their menu 128513
The bowl of white arrived and it was ok. If you've tried the cheese soup at pollo loco, that's better. The cheese sausage arrived and I really said 'wow'! It's a huge sausage with a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with just a little bit of chili on top to make it interesting. I think I could finish this by myself 128518 the belly arrived too and it was good even without any sauce. We ordered some roasted garlic and it went well with that. Halfway through our meal, fat Butchik arrived with the new menus 128516 that's when we got the sliders cos parang bitin pa yung food namin. And an additional order of Parmesan truffle fries.
The fries were great, we really liked it! It's double fried so it's super crispy and the truffle taste isn't too overpowering. The sliders arrived last. It's beef chuck patties with blue cheese and it was delish! Super fresh pan de sal too hehe!
Overall we enjoyed our experience. Less one star cos the ambience is too bare for me.. You can also see a lot of junk at the other end of the roof deck.

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

It may have opened quite some time last year and we have passed it several times but today, my friend and I decided to try this unassuming restaurant located at the rooftop of Pan de Manila in El Grande BF Homes. When we entered, we were greeted by the smell of the smoked meat.

The vibe of the place is perfect for those who want to chill and laze the day or the night away or catch up with friends. The place is fun and laid back.
The food is really good and affordable. We ordered Pork Belly, Bowl o’ White and Cheese Sausage.

Bowl o’ White – this creamy cheese soup is love 9786

Pork Belly – the serving is generous and I love the smoky flavor of the meat 128536

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised and happy with the food. 9786

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Finally at last got to visit Fat Butchik. We went here last monday but they are closed during monday. 128559 So this time friday night we came back again to this rooftop resto and I can say it was worth it! It didn't fail my expectation.

Fat Butchik is a rooftop bar/resto along El Grande BF Homes. The queue is to look for the Pan De Manila and look up up you'll find the cute logo of Fat Butchik. The place is so simple just a bbq grill bar, table and chairs with some lattern light. The vibe was like you are chilling on a beach because of the cool breeze of air and rasta background music. Don't be fooled by its look, just from the air you could smell the aroma of smoked bbq.

Their menu are very simple just around 10-12 items. The price were also very cheap. First up on our order was Bowl O White. It was a soup made of melted cheese in milk with bits of bacon and chicken. Wow this was delicious it was like a sopas with the delicious flavor of the cheese. The smoked chicken also added smokey flavor to it. Next stop was the smoked pork belly. One of the best smoked meat that I've tried. The smokey flavor on its meat was so good. The soft thin fat bring flavor and the crispy crunchy skin added texture to it. Another good one was the Cheesy Sausage. A cheese hungarian sausage with a big serving of mashed potato with melted cheese on top. Cheese goodness overload.

Overall everything was so delicious and cheap! Fat Butchik was also very friendly, might be intimidating at first because of his size but very friendly amd accomodating. We also Masterchef Asia contestant Lica enjoying her porkbelly. Give testament to how good the food was. 128522128077

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Went here again and brought some balikbayan friends for a good, chill evening. And once again, the food and vibe didnt disappoint.

Tender yet crisp low and slow cooked pork bbq, cheese franks, creamy and cheesy smashed potatoes, parmesan truffle fries, and to be honest, one of the better mojitos i've tasted... how can you go wrong?

Service got better than the last time but the waiter's communication and coordination skills could still use a lot of improvement. The owner was friendly and on top of things as always. Really cool dude! 128526

This is definitely one place i'd bring friends over to again and again.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Slow cooked bbq pork, sausages, skewers, fries, dips, one of the best smashed potatoes i've tasted, ice cold beer... all that in a roofdeck setting with a live band and a cool breeze. There's nothing more i could ask for. The ambience and food is perfect for that chill barkada evening. 128512

The bbq pork is delicious, tender and really flavorful. And the charring is spot on! That and the cheese sausage are what i'd order over and over again with a cold beer. The cheese sausage comes with a side of really good smashed potatoes topped with cheese and chilli! Drooling right now thinking about it again.

And i cannot move on without talking about their dessert. The almost baked cookie - a bowl of half baked cookie dough topped with vanilla ice cream. Just. So. Good.

The only thing lacking is the service. When the owner's not physically within arm's reach of the staff, everything falls apart. From mistaken orders, delays, wrong plating, missing ingredients, mix ups on the orders and bills... everything. Yup, its that bad when the owner isnt around to tell them what to do (happens when he leaves to do something or comes in later). I really think he needs to overhaul his roster of waiters and cooks so he could be less hands on.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this place since last year and yay to finally trying this out with my friends!! Was able to easily convince them by just saying "masarap daw pork belly dun!". Ohh, thank you Lord for foodie friends! 128518128513128077🏼

Usually, people would go to Aguirre to try restaurants since most are located there. But for Fat Butchik, they opted to be in a not so common place. Located along El Grande, after DA's Ranch (from Aguirre). You'll find this "humble", simple looking restaurant. Look for the Pan De Manila branch and look up (yep, this is located at the top of the building), when you see lanterns, go up and be ready to have a good time and a happy tummy here. 128513128077🏼 Don't expect much. No tiled floors, no aircon, no comfy soft sears, just an open area with around 5 tables and the usual plastic chairs. Nothing really fancy. Plus you'll smell "good" like grilled meats after. 128518128514

The menu is very simple and limited but will definitely satisfy any foodie slash pork loving human being. 128061

For us four, we decided to try the following:

Smashed Potato
- mashed potato with melted cheese and hot chili bean on top. The mashed potato was actually good but the cheese on top was too creamy, milky and rich for us na nakakaumay na at some point.

Cheese Sausage
- 2 huge juicy hungarian sausages filled with cheeeeeese and served with two grilled tomatoes. This was goooood!!! When you slice the sausage, you'll see that it's very siksik, and it's pure meat, no extenders and filled with melted cheese goodness. Sarap!! 128077🏼

Here Piggy
- smoked pork belly with grilled tomatoes and baked garlic. The pork belly was very tasty but not as tender and melt in your mouth as described in the menu but the flavor was there and it was really good. Plus the skin was crispy. Hello, highblood!! 128518 We enjoyed eating this with the grilled tomatoes and baked garlic on the side.

Prices are very afforadable as the platter costs 280 pesos each. But I think it's more sulit to buy the "solo" size (costs 180). Total bill for everything was just around 800 pesos. Not bad since we were really full and satisfied after. 128077🏼

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