Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

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Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
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Most Recent Reviews

Diane A.
2.0 Stars

Ok... so the menu lookes real good. The place looked even better... however upon entering the 2nd floor. It completely smelled like a pig sty. While the servers were very much accomodating. It wasn't enough to make the visit "OK". My friend and I ordered their bacon carbonara and their "best-seller" Daddy's burger. It looked amazing... however the taste was just disappointing. The bacon was soo salty the carbonara couldn't mask it. The burger tasted like the meat was boiled, washed, then fried as a burger patty. It completely had no taste. The smell of the food was amazing (the burger patty smelled like cow, which i usually like cuz then you'd expect a beefy steak-like patty), but the taste was not there at all. I'm a huge burger and carbonara fan but these 2 dishes must have been one of the worst ones I've tasted. I give credit where it's due so kudos to how the place looks, how the servers are and how their house blend iced tea made me re-think giving them a single 11088️. Perhaps their smoked ribs would have been the better choice. But they had 2 chances, 2 dishes. Both of which I would not recommend. Sadly.

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Shenzhen Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

When asked what are the must try restaurants in BGC, Fat Daddy's always part of the list. Why? Because (1) Sulit. Super value for money!! (2) Serving size. Good for sharing and last but not the least (3), Good good food!!! 128076🏼 I am a loyal fan of Fat Daddy's Pulled Pork, BLAT sandwich, Nachos, and Ribs!! I always recommend this restaurant to my officemates whenever they're planning to go out for lunch.

One not so busy afternoon, my officemates and I decided to have lunch here. Left the office at 12 noon and arrived here at around 12:10 pm. Just a 10min walk since this is near our building. Surprisingly, the place was not full. Only a few tables were occupied. I think around 2 groups were only there eating. Which is kind of weird because why? 128517128518

Anyway, at least we don't have to worry about not having a table or waiting for too long. 128521

Since I always recommend the Pulled Pork, we ordered that and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. For our sides, we got the Mashed Potato, Potato Salad, and the Dirty Rice (not sure with the exact names, sorry).

I won't say a lot about the food anymore because all you need to know is that the pulled pork is REALLY GOOD. So tender and oh so flavorful (even without the sauce). And the chicken, is crispy and juicy. The corn bread was just weird so it's not something to really look forward to. Too bad the corn something pancakes are not available anymore. 128533

My friend also tried the Bacon Milkshake and loved it. She enjoyed it a lot especially the bacon bits. It was weird but according to her "IT WAS SUPER MASARAP!!! Sarap sarap sarap" 128513128525

I tried it and it was just okay. Creamy, milky and sweet. (Not a sweet person. 128517)

FOOD: 11088110881108811088
SERVICE: 128164

So why only 2 stars??

Service was not good. Our server was weird. Medyo pinangungunahan niya kami sa orders namin. He's not suggesting but insisting in a very weird and annoying way. Plus he was very inpatient. 128530

We asked him what are the bestsellers and he suggested we get the full rack of ribs. Good suggestion, but really FULL? Eh 3 lang kami tas puro girls. Sige, baka mukha lang kami gutom. 128530128533128527

Instead of following his suggestion, we decided to order the Pulled Pork and Buttermilk Chicken. And then after ordering we asked him which sides would pair well with our orders, he suggested the dirty rice, we agreed and he said "okay so chicken, pulled pork and 4 rice po." Hala, Kuya? We were surprised with his lack of patience and good customer service. 3 lang kami and why would we get 4 cups of rice? Wouldn't you want us to try other sides as well? So we get to try and taste different options. WHY, PLEASE EXPLAIN???? 128563128530

But oh well, baka mukha lang talaga kami gutom.

Will I come back?
Will I still recommend this place?

YES. YES. 128513128521 Hope it was just a not so good day. 128533

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Shenzhen Sheena D.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Had the Big Bird Burger, Fat Daddy's chicken burger, served with cheddar cheese, the usual veggies, and nicely crisped onion rings on top, with aioli. There were freshly cooked seasoned potato chips on the side. If not for the onion rings and potato chips, this would have been a relatively healthy lunch. Hahaha. But then again, it is Fat Daddy's.

It's easy to make the patty dry, coz it IS chicken, but it was lovely, moist and had good flavor. It was very easy to eat. Yum yum. 127775127775127775127775127775

Alex, their manager, recognized me as a regular and gave me free pork poppers, which I've had the pleasure of before. Crispy thin pork belly, slightly breaded and served with piedmont sauce (like a light slightly sweet vinegar). Again, this was sinful, but soooo delish. 127775127775127775127775127775

Service was excellent as always. I'm wondering why this place isn't as full as it should consistently be. Their food is always very good, plenty of value for money offerings (and sadly, still pending review from the past, which I still owe them), good upstairs ambience, and wicked selection of dessert and shakes. Nevertheless, I'm happy I can always count on Fat Daddy's to fill my stomach. See you soon.

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse was first established in Marikina by the Verzosa siblings. It offers home-cooked meals prepared through smoking.

Far Daddy's opened their latest branch at Burgos Circle, BGC where I and some of my blogger friends were invited to lunch by one of its owners, Josh Versoza. Downstairs you can find the bar, and a few table and chairs. The main dining is on the second floor.

By the name of the resto itself, you can expect to eat foods that are so delicious your doctor would advise against it. But I assure you that they are worth it.

Hot Pork Poppers (PHP 175 - USD 3.72) is thin slices of rub dusted pork belly that was deep fried and served with piedmont sauce. In Tagalog, chicharon, lol. It's good with or without the sauce; crunchy and thin and comes in bite-size pieces.

Crispy Fried Pickles (PHP 165 - USD 3.50) is the only thing that I didn't want to try because I hate pickles. But I'm a try-anything-kind-of-gal so I still went for it and I'm happy that I did because it was delicious. I didn't see that one coming.

My favorite starter out of all is the Buttermilk Fried Livers (PHP 185 - USD 3.93). It's prepared the same way as the Hot Pork Poppers only this time instead of pork they used chicken liver marinated in buttermilk. There was not a trace of bitter taste that is usually present in liver, I loved it.

We were able to try the Wild Mushroom Soup (PHP 200 - USD 4.25). I only had a few sips because there's something about the taste that was not that pleasing for me, but my companions loved it so I guess it depends on your taste.

Two kinds of salads were served, the "healthy" one, Goat's Cheese and Apple Salad (PHP 350 - USD 7.43) and the "not-so-healthy" one, Smoked Mushroom and Bacon Salad (same price). Why did I call them as such? Well it's already in the name, the former is just veggies and fruits, the latter has bacon and chicharon. It's like when you're on a diet but you really love bacon.

I asked for a cup of brewed coffee so I won't fall asleep in the middle of all that eating. The coffee was poured over a black mug and was served with a shot of milk. It was strong so I had to add more milk than I should.

We were able to try two of their milkshake flavors that are of unique flavors. First, and the one that I finished all to myself because it's irresistibly good, is the Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (PHP 150 - USD 3.15). True to its name, it was served with a mountain of popcorn on top of the whip cream.

But the real winner is the Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake (same price as the popcorn). I was skeptical and at the same time, quite curious when I saw it on the menu. I mean why would you put bacon on a milkshake?! Who in their right mind would do that? But once again, I've been reminded that sometimes, crazy means genius. I swear, bacon on a milkshake works. It's kind of like the effect that salt does with caramel (salted caramel), the vanilla ice cream and the bacon worked well together and made one hell of a milkshake.
Barbecue and Smoker

Now onto the main event or the reason this restaurant exists; the barbecue and smoker. Then came a metal tray of assorted meat that would make the day of any true blue meat lovers. If you are a group, it's best if you order the Smoked Meat Platter so you could sample their different kinds of meat offerings. I'm not quite familiar with the entire procedure of smoking meat but based on this, I think they're onto something. The slow-cooking and smoked method tenderize the meat and made it all the more palatable.
Meats, Poultries, and Seafood

Mashed potato lovers would be pleased to find the The Hot Mess (PHP 360 - USD 7.66). There is as much cheese as there is potato so it's quite heavy in the tummy. I'm not a fan of mashed potato so I just had a spoonful just to try it then I let the others take care of it.

Aside from the milkshake, the thing that made me so happy about this food trip is the Bacon and 'Smores Dip (PHP 300 - USD 6.38). It is perfection. Underneath the mallows is a gooey mess of chocolatey dream that would have you begging for more. And yeah, it also has strips of bacon.

This food trip completely changed my opinion of bacon, apparently, it can be put anywhere and it would taste awesome.

It's safe to say that you would be gaining weight after eating at Fat Daddy's but it's a small price to pay for the food this amazing.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Randomness and good experience led us to this last stop last night. We were onto desserts only pero ndi kaya paawat.

Was super sad Josh V ! phased out na daw yung the very much loved strawberry shortcake (missing the scone base dessert!) 128557

128204 128525hot pork poppers @175
Liempo made chicharon 128525128557128525128557 ang saraap! Thin slices and really crispy 128525128557128525128557128525 dip it in the sour piedmont sauce. Again, 128525128557128525128557

128204128525corndog @220
4 pieces *ahem all beef *ahem american HOTDOGS in sweet corn batter--underneath these are really good potato chips! Mustard-mayo-ketchup dip. I think these hotdogs are good enough!!

128204 peach cobbler @280
Baked peach slices with a huge vanilla ice cream, topped with cashew streusel and an iota of salted caramel sauce. It was good pero it the dish was overpowered by the corndog and the lovely pork poppers!

128204smokey maple apple milkshake @195
Me and Christina R shared this. We asked the server to divide the order into 2 and they were amenable!! 128521128077🏼
But i find it too sweet but I'm sure kids and sweet tooth would love it!

We ended up pigging out with appetizers and desserts. Lol.

Basta pag si Kristin A pumili ng desserts at comfort food, panalo! Still same very good service compared to the last time i went here. Common CR at the ground floor and WIFI is fast. 128526

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Laarni d.
5.0 Stars

I am hoping that by the end of this review you would be hungry and curious enough not to wait for tomorrow to come, and start hunting Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Burgos Circle BGC.

So I was invited to this new place to try these amazing smoked pork dishes...

I cannot believe when they first said that they have Smoked Bacon Milkshake! I'm like... What??! What does it taste like? Sounds a bit eww! Then someone ordered it and we all had the taste of if...
And I'm like... Oh wow!!! It's so yummy! It was just yum!

I am giving 5stars and 20x thumbs up for it! 128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼

Healthy eating but cant resist bacon...?
Here in Fat Daddy Smokehouse you still can eat healthy or your fave salad without leaving your favourite bacon behind! 128540

Smoked Mushroom & Bacon Salad: a colourful crisp green lettuce topped with smoked bacon and wild mushroom with fruity vinagrette dressing.

Smoked Bacon Smores dips
Will you believe if I say that smoked bacon, chocolate and marshmallows taste good together...? Check this out, Bacon & Smores Dip: Surprising and outrageous loaded with melted dark chocolate and toasty marshmallows.

The Hot Mess
Nostalgic hot mess, craving & sophisticated taste, soft, pillowy clous that taste like heaven. The description says it all... When I tasted it... OMG! I wish I had 3 stomach to fit all of the foods that was serve on the table!

Mac & Four Cheese
Bubbling hot, rich & smooth creamy thich sauce with melted mozzarella, parmesan, goat & cheddar cheese.

Who wouldn't love mac&cheese??? Its an all time favourite by anyone. Its the comfortfood that you can never go wrong when you crave for it!

I was like going on a food coma when I started trying everything that was there in front of me... Don't miss out on the Hot Pork Poppers for a starter a thinly sliced meat breaded with spices, will surely pop-out into your mouth.
Crispy fried pickles! My oh my! I'm not a big fan of pickles either but this one convinced me that you can eat pickles in a very unusual way... Deep fried! 128076🏼128525

Smoked Meat Platter
This is a beautiful combination of smoke cuts of meat with mexican style of corn bread (sweet & savoury) it is also good to pair it with dirty texan style fried rice.

Smoked Bacon Slab
My first impression was like, ok... Its just another chunk of meat. Though I was already full... I have convinced myself to give it a try even just a tiny bit. So I did! And that was a decision that I would have regreted if I said no to myself.

It was not just another chunk of meat! It was an extra ordinary taste in a chunk of meat! Moist and flavourful... That touch of beer taste in it made it extra special.

I hope you guys would be hungry enough to try them too!

  • No. of Comments: 7
Marco P.
5.0 Stars

Love the food , good value for money and super testy

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April H.
3.0 Stars

We were supposed to go to for tea at Shangri-La Fort, but after walking around for hours at Mind Museum, we managed to work up an appetite... So I looked for something more substantial and I remembered that Fat Daddy's was nearby... I have always wanted to go, missing out on the #TeamClingyTurns1 eatup and the two looloo rendezvoos that they have hosted for the reviewers... My bf was undecided, leaning towards Coco Ichibanya or Passion, though... Describing Fat Daddy's as an All-American restaurant serving up burgers, ribs, and lots of cheese convinced the bf to give it a try...

It was late in the afternoon, before dinnertime, so we were the only customers there at the time... We were led to the second floor and we proceeded to decide what to order... The moment I saw it on the menu, I really, really wanted to try the fried pickles... So, I let my bf choose the entree and he ordered the BBQ beef rib fingers... This comes with your choice of two sides. The pickles was coated with a panko crust then deep fried and the dip that it came with was really delicious! Kept it from being too sour...

Sadly we both disliked the BBQ Beef rib fingers... It wasn't that tender and it tasted gummy... Not the quality of meat you would expect from a popular steakhouse... It wasn't cheap, so that's not the issue... We liked the BBQ sauce that it came with though, but the meat itself wasn't what we expected... Maybe we should have ordered a burger instead... Service was okay, no problems while we were there. Maybe I expected too much from the food after all the rave reviews...

Oh well... I'm not giving up on Fat Daddy's just yet though, but the bf isn't too keen on going back here...

  • No. of Comments: 7
Justin J.
4.0 Stars

Looloo reprezent! 128514

Checked out this new place at Burgos Circle. The name of it is already appealing. "FAT DADDY" "SMOKEHOUSE". You can't go wrong with a smokehouse with a fat daddy in it. Surely, this place would have great food.

It in fact did. I ordered their pulled pork shoulders. It was soooo good. Big amount of serving which was perfect. Meat was tender and juicy and flavorful. Best paired with rice of course. 128514

I also gave their burger a try which was really good too. Will go back for that the next time!

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4.0 Stars

Last week, we dined at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse after reflecting with ourselves through The Station of the Cross of CS Walkway. 128591🏻9962️✝

We tried the Lenten Special Seafood Platter with Remoulade and Cilantro Mayo plus 2 sides (Rice and Mixed Vegetables) 127805127813127814127834:

Calamari - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 128025

Shrimp - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 127844

Beer Battered Fish - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5 128032

Nice interior. The restaurant is not that big but looks spacious. 128540

Looking forward to try their burgers soon! 127828

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #FatDaddysSmokehouse

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Abby M.
4.0 Stars

North Carolina Pulled Pork with 2 sides for Php 220. Very sulit! Pulled pork can serves up to 3 people. And it's very tasty.
One of my sides was the Griddle Cake - which is essentially corn pancake. 128076🏻

Khaimah Fe B had Daddy's burger. Big serving also.

Place feels like you mountain cabin/smokehouse. Loved the ambience.
Cashier was a bit distracted since she charged us with cheese dip for 450p and forgot the additional rice (which I had to order because the pulled pork is flavourful.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Khaimah B.
5.0 Stars

Thoroughly enjoyed Daddy's Burger! Very juicy patty, crispy bacon, and well-rounded flavor. The chips are crispy too!
The interior is cozy and well-lighted. Will definitely return to try their desserts. 128516

  • No. of Comments: 3
Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Glad to see the second branch open now. Steaks and eggs for brekky. Yum. 128522

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Every time I receive a message from Peanut D kinikilig talaga ako! 128513 Dahil siguradong busugan na naman ito! woohoo 128525

My first sponsored eatup for the year courtesy of our generous host: Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. I always wanted to try them out but their original branch is way out in Marikina. Fortunately, they opened a branch at the Burgos Circle in BGC which is a lot closer 128513.

Walking us through the smorgasbord is Sir Josh V. Explaining to us in detail what smoking is and the grueling process it entails along with some funny stories during their soft opening. 128513

Burgers, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Meat, more Meat and more Burgers were served in rapid succession! Everything tasted great and would go well with everything else especially that cheese dip! So instead of reviewing them all, I would focus on the ones that left a great impression on me. Yun may audience impact! 128513

✔️ Fried Pickles (BGC Exclusive) - I was blown away by this. I never really liked pickles and I would usually remove them from my burger. But this one is not sour like the usual pickles. Consistency is like that of a kiwi fruit. Deep fried with Panko Crust it also comes with a Ranch like dip. I couldn't believe something so simple and neglected could be fun as an appetizer.

✔️Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos - this thing is huuuuuge! Probably good for 10 persons. Great for pulutan 127867. What I like about it is it is layered, which means almost all the chips get drizzled with cheese, sauce, bacon, pulled pork and jalapeños. Hindi lang yun nasa taas palagi 128514.

✔️BLAT - Bacon, Lettuce, Apple Tomato. I hope I got that right 128513. Quite a refreshing escape from all the salt and fat on the table. Better get this one to balance the odds. It does have bacon but the cinnamon laced apple trumps it. It will give you the necessary drive to go on through the good parts (MEAT section 128540).

✔️Smoked Beef Brisket (Inset) - I so love beef! Thinly sliced and cooked for 16hrs 128561. So tender and effortless to chew. Favorite ko na 'to. 128536

✔️Strawberry Shortcake - Fun to Eat. Shortcake wasn't too sweet until you apply the Strawberry Jam, but lather on some whipped cream and you get a well balanced desert. #looloospecial? 9996128513

✔️Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake - I was like what? Bacon in a milkshake?! It was a weird experience kinda like when an Iron Chef created a Fish Ice Cream 128514. It's a good kind of weird though. I just wish the bacon bits were a lot smaller so I don't have to chew whenever I sip. That would also enhance the Bacon Flavor within the milkshake. 128525

✔️Caramel Popcorn Milkshake - loved the popcorn flavor! loved the caramel swirls! swabe 'to. 128513

Some of the other dishes I tried too late and got a little cold so I wouldn't do them justice if I rate them. I still ate 'em all though. Great Stuff! 128513128077🏻

Thanks to Peanut D and Odell R for the invite! To Josh V for the spectacular spread! and of course to fellow loolooers Reich T, Trina H, Allen Y, Jayson J, Abe C, Ruth S, Will C, and Mary Love S for the wonderful night! Eating from 6:30pm to 12am? That's how we roll! 128525

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Last week monday afternoon, I received a message from Peanut asking if I'll be doing anything tuesday evening. Played a little hard to get (at kunwari di excited) and just replied, "No, why :)?" But deep inside, what I want to say was "omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg yes yes yes I am super free!!!!!" 128557128557 Finally, I passed the "kaladkarin test"! 128514128588🏼 It was an invite for a night of all things meat (and overeating and stuffing ourselves until we can't anymore) at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. I have already visited this branch as well as the one in Marikina and both were happy good experiences. And with this invite, I am excited to try the other dishes! 128513128077🏼

Good thing Peanut warned us beforehand about how generous they are and that it's best we don't eat that much in the morning to save extra tummy space. And yes, it's true!!! ttey served us A LOT of different dishes to try. "A lot" is not even enough to describe the amount of food they served us. It was like Fat Daddy wants us to suffer and be fat by eating too much food. It was really a feast! A very big fat one!! My inner self was already shouting "Goodbye diet and self control!!! 128518128541"

Enough of the extra kwento/intro/back story!! 1285189996🏼️ Fat Daddy served us the following dishes:

Crispy Fried Pickles, Jera's Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos, Chef Pat's Ultimate Bacon and Cheese Dip, Crisp Fish Taco, BLAT Sandwich, the Big Bird Burger, the Fat Breakfast Burger, the Triple Death Burger, Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Smoked Hot Links, North Carolina Pulled Pork, Smoked Beef Brisket, and Smoked Pork Ribs.

Whew! 128517 At first, I was doubting our capabilities and tummy spaces if we'll finish everything and was already thinking how much food will be wasted but wow, we (or just Marc David M? 128514 Haha loljk 1285139996🏼️) finished almost everything! It was that good!! 128077🏼

The feast started with a serving of the fried pickles.

Crispy Fried Pickles
- a BGC exclusive. Not a fan of pickles, I usually remove this in my cheeseburgers. Was supposed not to try this one but Josh insisted we all try it. It was surprisingly good. Was expecting to taste the weird pickle taste but thank you to the tasty breading and yummy Alabama white bbq sauce, I liked this one. A lot from the group liked this as well. For all the pickle lovers, you'll surely love this one! 128077🏼

Then came the rest of the appetizers we all loved and enjoyed. Appetizer pa lang, we were all very happy and solved na (well it's impossible for anyone not to like their Nachos and the cheese dip. Ahhh, so good!).

Jera's Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos
- nachos, bbq sauce, Alabama white bbq sauce, corn salsa, jalapeños, lots of cheese sauce, pulled pork and homemade bacon!!! OMG! The ultimate nachos in the history of all nachos! All the toppings you would want your nachos to have. Ang saaaaaarap!!!!

Chef Pat's Ultimate Bacon and Cheese Dip
- Another ultimate in the history of ultimates!! Layers of cheddar and mozzarella cheese with onions, chili beef, cilantro then topped with bbq sauce and of course, bacon!!! Loved the combination of the saltiness from the cheese and bacon and sweetness from the bbq sauce and onion. This was really really good!! And cheesy!!! 128525 Though it's best to finish this while it's still hot/warm. Tip: this dip is not only for the crispy tortilla and toasted baguette bread but can be used and added to any of their dishes, as well. Use it as a dip for your fried pickles, add this to your nachos or mashed potatoes, add to your burgers, and a lot of other possible combinations! This can surely make any meal extra yummy and cheesier! 128069

Crisp Fish Taco
- beer battered Alaskan Pollock fillet with salsa, coleslaw, cilantro, garlic sauce, and bbq sauce. Loved that the fish was fried perfectly with crisp and light breading. I love Friday's and Bonchon's fish tacos but this... I liked and enjoyed a lot!! 128513

- my favorite! The cinnamon spiced apple (for me) made this sandwich a winner. The different flavors played so well together. Thick salty and sweet bacon with the spicef apples!! Who would have thought they'll work so well together?!! The addition of lettuce and tomatoes made the dish "healthy". 128518128517 The next time I return here, I am definitely ordering this one!

Triple Death Burger
- death by burger!! 128563128563128563 I was already able to try this before but how can you resist this burger? Double US beef patty, pulled pork, cheese and BACON! Hello, Highblood!! 128518 Serving size is really big, so it's best to share this w someone so you can still eat and try the other dishes. They also served 2 other burgers but I wasn't able to try them anymore. 128528

Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken
- a lot liked this but I found the dish just okay. It was good but there's nothing extraordinary w the taste or I am just not a fan of buttermilk fried chicken, in general? Sorry? 128586 Though the chicken was still juicy and tasty and the breading was crispy. This is served w corn fritters/muffins which I liked!!! 128517

North Carolina Pulled pork
- North Carolina's version of the pulled pork is soo good, it was my favorite meat that night!! So tender, tasty, and oh so yummy! Even without the bbq sauce, it was already flavorful on its own. This was also added in the nachos and triple death burger. Please please try this one! 128076🏼

Smoked Beef Brisket
- another favorite! Thinly sliced beef that's super tasty, overflowing with the smokey bbq taste, and I like the fact that it's tender and the part I got doesn't have that much fat. 128513

Smoked Pork Ribs
- juicy smoked pork bbq ribs! Tender and packed w all the bbq goodness you could ever ask for!! Perfect for sharing and for nights when you just want to eat and get messy!! Because this one is really huge and very sulit for the price. 128077🏼

Sides: Mashed Potato, Macaroni, Potato Salad, Bacon & Beans, Griddle Corn Cakes (my favorite!! 128513). The mashed potato was a crowd favorite but I decided not to try it anymore. 128517

And of course, to end the night in the sweetest way possible... DESSERTS!!! 128525128525128525

Bacon Smores Dip
- OMG lang! Everyone loved this one!!! Sooooooooooooo good! Promise!!! 10084

Strawberry Shortcake
- Another BGC exclusive. First try, I didn't really liked it. Tss, nothing special. But when I tried it again, added all the elements together, really took the time to appreciate it, and wow, it was yummy pala! The strawberry jam, whipped cream, and the bread was amazingly good together. It wasn't too sweet, as well. 128525

Two milkshakes were served the Caramel Popcorn Milkshake and Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake. The milkshakes were creamy, milky and yup, very sinful. But if you're a milkshake kind of person, you might want to try it!! 128521

To Fat Daddy's, Josh V, to Peanut D and Odell R -- thank you for the invite and for making us happy happy foodies. And to everyone that night -- Trina H , Reich T, Allen Y, Marc David M, Jayson J, and Abe C, it was nice finally meeting you guys. And to my pound friends, Mary Love S and Will C! It was a fun, happy and "chill lang" kind of night. We all had a lot of fun and ate a lot of food! 128518128513128077🏼 To more eat ups, food comas, fun nights, crazy stories, and rendezvoos!! 127881127881127881

PS: waiting for the looloo special! 128517 ehem strawberry shortcake ehem ehem and smores dip na rin hahaha!!!128518128518128518

PPS: and looloo pants!!!! 128514128514128514128153

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Officemates and I were looking for the perfect place to have our dinner last Thursday. After several discussions... we decided to try Fat daddy's.

128055 Daddy's burger (Php 275) - wasnt able to try this but my friend finished it right away and told me it was really delicious.
128055 Hot pork poppers (php 150) - I like this. So crispy and tasted like sosyal chicharon.
128055 Grilled cheese sandwich (php300) - So cheessssyyyy!!! Asided from that nothing special.. though the tomato soup was an instant favorite. Really conplemented well with tge cheese sandwich. Make sure to take a sip once in a while so that there'll be no umay factor.
128055 BLAT Sandwich (php 275) - this was my order and no regrets at all!!!! It was really delicious. Fresh ingredients, the pork was cooked right. Heaven. I had a difficult time eating this, messy as always. Haha
128055 Smokey maple bacon milkshake/ caramel popcorn milkshake (php195 each) - i liked the maple bacon m.s better than the other but 2 friends liked the latter. The salty bacon bits balanced the flavor.
128055 Smores dip (php 300) - Star of the night!!!! So chocolateyyyyy, and the marshmallows were toasted to perfection. Bacon bits is a plus.

Eventhough there were lots of customers, our orders arrived fast thoughhhhh they forgot to punch my BLAT sandwich so I was waiting for nothing. Hahaha Ms. Server (asked her name but i forgot.. arghh) politely said sorry and promised to bring my order right away... and she did. Yayyy.
Servers were nice and attentive. Though, I suggest that they should repeat the orders to avoid instances like this. 128516

We will be back to try their ribs. Hihi

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Allen Y.
5.0 Stars

Fat Daddy's in Burgos Circle opened their doors to a set of hungry looloo reviewers for a Rendezvoos. A disclaimer was sent along with the invite...the owners are more than generous in serving food for tasting and critique so don't stuff yourself full before the scheduled eat-up. I tried to do that by not taking afternoon snacks which got me dizzy hahaha good thing the resto is a few minutes walk from my office building. Josh was there to entertain by answering questions and giving anecdotes and of course, food introduction.

We started off with appetizers.

CRISPY FRIES PICKLES - a BGC exclusive. So the thought of eating pickles gave me shudders. But when I tried it, amazing! It didn't taste like pickles at all although there's a tangy kick at the end that would help you realize that you are eating pickles. 128514 It comes with a sauce. Crispy on the outside, pickles on the inside. 128541

JERA'S ULTIMATE PULLED PORK AND BACON NACHOS - Have you met the mother of all nachos?! How can nachos, pulled pork, and bacon combination go wrong?! Plus, the sauces and other garnish. Everything went well together. Serving size is good enough to feed ten mouths or more.

CHEF PAT'S ULTIMATE CHEESE DIP - I only tried a little of this as I am lactose intolerant. Mozarella, Parmesan, and Bacon! I think it has onions too. Goes well with everything. Spread it on you bread, chips, griddle cake, meat...it makes everything taste even better. Good for all cheese lovers!

Then off we went to the main course. I am a self-confessed carnivore so you can just imagine my delight when they served the meat!

SMOKED BEEF BRISKET - Yummy! The smoky flavor is there and hits at the right spot! Goes perfectly well with the sides or you can just eat it as is. Meat is tender and did I mention about the smoky flavor? 128513

NORTH CAROLINA PULLED PORK - Soft and tender pork meat. It has a tangy taste and after taste. According to Josh, it's supposed to be that way since it's the cooking style of NC folks.

SMOKED PORK RIBS - Hallelujah! Three slabs of the smoked barbecued ribs! The meat is tender and soft. The taste of the sauce is just right. You can skip adding more sauce if you want to as it is already tasty as is.

SOUTHERN STYLE BUTTERMILK CHICKEN - I am a bit adamant with fried chicken because sometimes, the juiceness and tenderness are compromised just to get the crisp. Not in this case! The skin was so crispy yet the meat is still tender and juicy! The corn muffins, baked by them, is the perfect pair for the chicken!

CRISP FISH TACOS - Was surpisingly good. Not a fan of fish tacos but this one is an exception. I liked how they cooked the fish and the batter. Deep fried but still maintains juiciness.

For the sides:

CHEDDAR MASHED POTATO - I am sucker for mashed potato, so anything potato related you can bet I can gobble it up even if I am already full. Anyway, you can really tell that this is made from real potatoes from scratch! It's not one of those instant ones or a combo of fresh and instant potatoes. Plus, the cheddar on top added flavor and zing!

CRANBERRY MACARONI SALAD - I didn't know you could put cranberry and macaroni salad together. I was kinda curious so I tried it. Ha! Awesomesauce! The cranberry is not overpowering the macaroni salad, vice versa.

GRIDDLE CAKES - I enjoyed this also. It's kinda like a pancake but it's not a pancake. Goes well with the maple syrup. You can use it also to make your own griddle cake burger.

To cap everything, desserts were served.

BACON AND SMORES DIP - waaaah!! Super sinful but definitely worth it! Smores plus chocolate plus bacon! It has freakin' bacon! Bacon makes everything sinfully good! Consistency was superb! Not like any other smores dip.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - This one is close to my heart. I love how they make their shortcake. Deconstructed, that is. It's almost perfect. Plus, their strawberry jam which they make. Not too sweet, not too sour. Just right for the shortcake. I didn't put cream becuse of my thing with lactose.

Interiors are great plus they have nice yellow lights. Perfect for capturing photos. Industrial homey-ish interiors. Chill vibe. I like their doodle wall. Spot the pig! They have a second floor and open space. They serve liquor and tea and coffee and milkshakes, too. Parking at the Burgos Circle Parking spaces.

Thank you Josh for inviting and feeding us to the brim! Thank you looloo for inviting me. 128123

PS: This maybe a sponsored post buuuuut I guarantee you, you'll not go home disappointed when you eat at this joint. Quality food, quality service.

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Trina H.
5.0 Stars

It was just the other day when all the craziness happened. Our favorite app Looloo, through Peanut D, invited some foodies (awesome people by the way if I may add) to this 'Looloo rendezvoo' event in the heart of BGC.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse is considered a 'meat haven' which opened their second branch about two months ago, replacing Rastro Bar, in Burgos Circle. It is a 65-seater two floor restaurant owned by the Versoza family, also famous for their Josiah's catering service, which serves one of the best smoked ribs, buttermilk fried chicken and crisp fish tacos in the city.

We were a group of ten (plus the very accommodating Josh V) Looloo reviewers which devoured on some absolute goodness on a Tuesday night.

Starting the feast a little after 6:30pm, we had Crispy Fried Pickles (PHP120). It surprised me when it tasted nothing like Pickles! I think the white BBQ sauce helped a lot.

Then it all came one after the other; the Jera's Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos (PHP550) which was very generous in serving, Chef Pat's Ultimate Cheese Dip (PHP450) that made me thank cheese gods, the Crisp Fish Tacos (PHP320) that was sooo divine thanks to the fresh Alaskan pollock fillet and the coleslaw that complemented it, and the Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PHP420) that is seriously juicy!

Just when I thought the battle was nearly over, kuya waiter and ate waitress arrived with more! They served the ultimate stars of the show, the smoked pork and ribs. The Beef Brisket (PHP550) that 250g angus beef brisket of pure bliss, North Carolina Pulled Pork (PHP220) with that silky smooth Piedmont BBQ sauce, and the slow-cooked Smoked Pork Ribs (half PHP550/whole 950). Gosh, talk about barbecue heaven!

And no, that was not it! They made us try some of their sandwiches and burgers. The group had The Fat Breakfast Burger (PHP350), Hot Daddy's Burger (PHP275), The Triple Death Burger (PHP500) and of course (how could I forget!?) the delicious BLAT (PHP275).

Though everything made me wish I was American because of the smokey goodness, I'll have to pass on the Smoked Hot Links (PHP250) on my next visit. Hindi ko lang siya feel talaga. Siguro since I am not a sausage fan.

Then came the sweet ending to our vicious love affair with Fat Daddy's. Milkshakes were served (Caramel Popcorn & Smokey Maple Bacon both at PHP195) along with the Strawberry Shortcake (PHP280) and my ultimate favorite na hindi naman masyado obvious (HA HA HA HA)..the Bacon and 'Smores Dip (PHP300).

Grabe! Hinga muna please! Pero that 'Smores Dip..seryoso, it gave me a heartbreaking moment there. Some of the reasons why;

128076 Marshmallows were perfect
128076 They used dark chocolate
128076 Graham crackers + Mallows + Chocolate + tapos may Bacon pa! = heaven on earth! Soliiiiid!

And with that, we ended our 'rendezvoo' with smiles on our faces. Sobrang sarap dito guys (well if ako lang a)! Homey na chill lang plus ang saya lang kumain if ang generous ng serving tapos for sharing pa with your cool foodie friends! *okay it seems like am rapping here, must.be.fast. (HA HA HA)*

I really have to thank Looloo for this experience! Also, thanks to some of the coolest Looloo reviewers in town -- tagging Reich T, Allen Y, Ruth S, Mary Love S, Will C, Odell R, Marc David M and Jayson J.

Cheers Fat Daddy's! 128521

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