Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

171 N. Dao St. cor. East Drive, Marikina Heights, Marikina, Metro Manila

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruby G.
5.0 Stars

They are known for their affordable Ribs… But for us we are not a fan of ribs, we wanted to try their Jambalaya but sad to say its out of stock… 128550 So we order Daddy’s Burger and The Big Bird Burger. Not a bad choice i love their patties both the beef and the chicken and it goes perfectly with the sauce. 128512

I love the way they design their place 128512 The pipe layout with lights at the walls adds the feel of a Rustic Style. So perfect for selfies… 128512 The crew were so friendly and always attentive on the needs of their customers.

Overall verdict…

I can say that i finally found my new fave… 128512 hheheheh Definitely worth it. One of the best burger in town..

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Monday morning.  We were both hungry and undecided where to have brunch.  We drove around 'Kina,  passed through a couple of rerouting signs.  After circling around,  we found ourselves parked in front of Fat Daddy's. 

He nodded and i winked.  Brunch at Fat Daddy's then.  Please note that the wink part is just for show,  i can't pull off the Anna Nicole wink. 

There are similarities with the BGC Branch design wise.  Wood is predominant and the quirky pipe design thingy adorning ze brick wall.

Ribs.  We got this with two servings of dirty rice and some extra mashed potatoes.  We got three pieces of succulent,  fall-off-the-bone,  perfectly smoked ribs.  Man,  Fat Daddy's can smoke meat like a boss!  The ribs is fantastic as expected,  full of flavor - it will erase the word Diet in your vocabulary and eat lots of rice. 

Hot Pork Poppers.   The unassuming container houses the most sinful snack.  Gah,  dem pork poppers will be my downfall.  Crispy,  flavorful and addicting.

Bacon and Smores Dip.  We cant leave the premises without trying Fat Daddy's infamous dessert.  Yes,  i am pretending it is my first time.  CMA was doubtful at first but when he dipped the crackers to the smores x chocolate concoction.  The smirk turned to a giddy smile.   We were both in a sugar-induced hypnosis after a couple of bites.  Giddy smiles and dreamy eyes. 

I don't mind circling around 'Kina as long as Fat Daddy's is in the vicinity. 

Peace Out!

~ Reich

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Chiara C.
5.0 Stars

Love the smoky, not sweet, barbecued ribs. A top pick when you feel like eating southern food - ribs, seafood, grits, chili. 500 php / person will make you more than full. As for distance, 40min drive from qave at 4:30pm.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

natawa ako sa #hugot sa cr door ng resto 128514128514128514

grabe, ang sarap ng food nila, worth it dayuhin all the way from makati 100841008410084

fyi, marikina price is cheaper than bgc branch, pero d naman unreasonable yung price diff heeheehee, with all the convenience ng bgc compare dadayuin mo all the traffic... bgc gonna be the best tambayan then 128522128522128522

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Kirby G.
4.0 Stars

love the food here. :)

  • No. of Comments: 3
Sam L.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Roland O.
3.0 Stars

Traveled more than 3hrs from Makati to Marikina after work yesterday to try this..

  • No. of Comments: 4
Russel F.
5.0 Stars

It's a surreal moment for me to go back to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Marikina last Sunday. Tagged along Patrick V and one more friend - we braved the distance and went on a field trip to the Upper East coast of the Metro Manila. Probinsiya levels! 128514

I decided to call ahead of time for reservation just in case the place gets packed for dinner. Was surprised that there were only few people dining in around 6:30pm.

We got the Smoked Bacon & Corn Salad for appetizers, The Hot Mess and The Smoked US Beef Brisket from the Mains section, Triple Death Burger, Bacon & S'mores Dip, and Caramel Popcorn Milkshake from the desserts section.

Smoked Bacon & Corn Salad - Greens topped with bacon, corn, tomatoes, tortilla chips and then drizzled with BBQ sauce. Definitely one of the best salads I had! Not just because of the bacon but because of the BBQ sauce. This is how salad should be! Lol.

The Hot Mess - This has been one of my favorites when I first tried it last year during the sponspored rendezvoos. Still a big hit for me! Mashed potatoes layered in with pulled pork, smoked bacon, and mozzarella cheese! This alone is worth the 5-star rating!

Smoked US Beef Brisket - I was actually aiming for Buttermilk Chicken but it was not available, sadly. The beef was tender and flavorful! The mashed potato and vegetables on the side were good too!

Triple Death Burger - Layered with juicy quarter pounder beef patty, smoked bacon and pulled pork - I literally died and went to burger heaven on the first bite! I like how everything goes along well with each other! Our friend reaaallly loves it too!

Lastly, we had the desserts. First we had the Bacon & S'mores Dip. Amazing as always! Medyo nabitin kami sa graham crackers so we used our own spoons to finish the chocolate dip! 128514

Caramel Popcorn Milkshake - This was my favorite milkshake during our first time here! And it's still my favorite! I finished this when they can't take it anymore! Lol.

Giving this place another 5-star rating mainly because of the consistency of their food and the service!

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

Finally had the guts and energy to travel all the way to Marikina for the love of good food. I have only been to Marikina once before this visit(During the Nike Run) and it was the worst. The traffic was really bad. Anyway, left Cubao at around 5:30 pm and arrived at Fat Daddy's around 7pm and we didn't have to wait at all to be seated.

(Note: If you're gonna ride the FX, never ride on the middle row kung ayaw mo masandwich.)

Ordered the following:

127805 Smoked Bacon and Corn Salad - Good. Nothing special about it though. Just corn, bacon, lettuce, tortilla chips and BBQ sauce.

128061 Hot Mess - Loved this one. Especially the pulled pork and bacon on top!

128022 Smoked US Beef Brisket - Had this one with mashed potato and it was so good it actually didn't need the sauce. The pork itself was so flavorful.

127828 Triple Death - Pulled pork + Awesome patty. The pulled pork just made everything so much better. It was that good!

127850 Bacon and S'mores Dip - It kinda looked small at first but it's very sweet so I think one order would be enough for 3-4 people.

127861 Caramel Popcorn Milkshake - Medyo nangawit ako while I was taking a photo of this one 'cause it was too maganda kaya I had to give justice to it's beauty. Wow?! HAHA! Anyway, it loved this one as well.

Overall, the experience was awesome. Good food plus great service. 128077

PS: I am loving the multiple photo update for Looloo. Perfect for people like me who can't decide on one photo lang. Hihi. 128522

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Monarica M.
3.0 Stars

1108811088110881108811088 mac and chees!
110881108811088 the chops. (Forgot the name)
110881108811088 dessert in a cup. Hmm. I think it was cheesecake. Was supposed to order smores but it was not avaible that time.
It was okay. 128521
Would come back for the mac and cheese 128525

No parking lot. So you have to park at your own risk on the street.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Now included to my favorite burger place. The best thing is that its just in Marikina.

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Lai L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Russel F.
5.0 Stars

"Sometimes a dream turns into a dream" - there goes that song when I came late for the #TeamClingyTurns1 celebration last August and failed to try this place with them. The attempts of going here after the said event with a friend was also a fail due to heavy rains. So I felt like I'm hopelessly devoted to something that would never come true! *sob*

Fast forward, I was working out in the gym when I received a message from Peanut, and literally jumped for joy when she told me that there will be a sponsored rendezvous happening at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Marikina!!!!! The typical me just bursts all over the place. People are raising their eyebrows while I'm doing some aja dance moves because I was really happy!!! Okay, OA NA!!! 128514

And so I came late again for the gathering, blame the heavy traffic all over Metro Manila and blame me for underestimating the traffic on a Saturday/long weekend/payday weekend; but I'm glad that I made it when everybody's busy with taking photos of the food.

I was first introduced to Josh, the cool owner of this haven for meat-lovers. He gave us a walkthrough in every dishes we had that day. I almost tried everything actually but I didn't get to be familiar with its titles so please bear with me as I write this review.

We started with the Hot Pork Poppers, a crispy liempo strips deep fried to perfection!!! Hell yes, perfection leads to addiction! This one's hell good!!!!

Next is the Chef Pat's Ultimate Bacon and Cheese Dip, because cheese and bacon deserved to be together...forever! This one's really addicting and worth all the calories! 128514128517

After all the appetizers, the main dishes arrived on the table and we literally can't wait to try it all! But of course, before anything else, shoot first! Finding the right angle might be a struggle, but their classy wooden tables and the natural lighting made it much easier for everyone to take great shots of the food! Konting tiis lang guys! 128513

The Homemade corned beef was good. Although it didn't get me on the first bite, but it will grow on you after every bite! The beef was soft and flavorful, and the rice that comes with it is tasty too!

I got to try a quarter of the Daddy's Burger and find it good just like what the previous reviewers said! Beef Brisket, on the other hand, was just okay for me. It has that uber-strong bbq taste which I think was fine, but not really something I'd look forward to try again!

I just had a half of their Signature Sausage and kinda liked it too, although I have mixed feelings about it. I'm not really a big fan of sausages but this one made me like it that I finished it so quick.

This Buttermilk Chicken made me love chicken more than I used to do. The flavor, the texture and the chicken itself - A+ to Fat Daddy's for making this one!

The US Beef Ribs... Oh my Gooood! You really wouldn't wanna miss the chance of falling in love...again!!! I'm telling you, if you still love yourself then you should try this! So tender! So good!!!! And soooo flavorful! Isn't that enough to convince you that it's reaaally good!? Ha! You would believe the moment you take your first bite! 128520128520128520 Definitely, a must try!

The Hot Mess or the BBQ Pulled Pork is literally the bomb! Like seriously, this is so freaking good! I just really don't know how to describe the feeling but it's just so good! One of their dishes that you shouldn't miss!

And now, let's proceed to the sweet treats! Let's start off with the Bacon Milkshake and Caramel Popcorn Milkshake. I love both milkshakes! Bacon milkshake has that sweet and salty taste with strong bacon flavor to make it more interesting, while the Caramel Popcorn is a straightforward sweet caramel milkshake topped with caramel popcorns for that real sweet kick! Oh wait, did I mention that the Bacon milkshake was topped with bacon strips too? Well, you better try it to believe me that both are really good! Although at the end of the day, Caramel Popcorn Milkshake wins my heart! 10084

And the most awaited finally came..

The Bacon and S'mores Dip! I just really can't believe that it's right there in front of me! So close to my place that I wanna grab it all and hide under the table and finish everything by myself!!! I love S'mores! I love bacon! I love chocolate! I love Marshmallows! I love...you Fat Daddy's Smokehouse for making this!!!! Instant 5 stars just for this alone! It's like I found true love the moment I had the first bite! I wanna marry this, can I? 128557

Okay, sorry ang OA at ang haba na!

First of all, thank you Peanut D, Odell R and Roegan T for inviting me again for another rendezvous of great laughters paired with awesome food!!! You really guys made my heart so happy that I think I find the right one for my heart! Thank you!!! #ansabe

Second, to the guy behind Fat Daddy's, Josh V! Thanks for having us last Saturday! We really love the food so much! I really can't wait to go back! At this moment, I just can't stop thinking about it and it hurts so much that it's already closed now, and quite far from home, but it's definitely worth the kilometer-ride!!!

Lastly, it was nice meeting you Gianne C, Anch B, and Telle B (formally). And of course, it was nice seeing you again, JP G after more than 2 months of being away!

Sorry for too much emotions in this review. I just can't. But seriously, thank you Looloo for being so awesome as always! You changed my life in a moment...and in so many good ways! You guys rock!!!


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Telle B.
5.0 Stars

I just want to say thank you to the looloo peeps Peanut D, Odell R and Roegan T for my second rendevoos! 10084️ it's nice to meet you Anch B and Gianne C 128516 and to formally meet you Russel F. 128513

I think they killed me and I just went straight to meat heaven! 128525 ok.. I'm exaggerating but man! That's a lot of meat! I went here when it first started and I already liked their burgers.. But it was my first time to try the ribs and and.. The ribs were to die for!!! They're so flavorful and fall off the bone! It was soooo tender!

But before we get to the main dishes.. We started with Hot Pork Poppers. Guys! This alone, is already addictive! Seriously, kulang nalang Kanin! I can eat this all day everyday!

Then, it was followed by Chef Pat's Ultimate Bacon and Cheese dip! OMG! Cheesy goodness with meat! Odell actually had a good idea by dipping the hot pork poppers in this and.. Damn! It was sooo good! Good job Odell R! 128588🏼

And now comes the Main Dishes.. We had the Hot Mess, Homemade Cornbeef (cured for 10 days guys.. 10 DAYS!) Daddy's Burger, Smoked US Beef Brisket (smoked for 16 hours), Signature Smoked Sausage, Ribs and Buttermilk Fried Chicken! All of them were good and filling! Very filling to the point that I got hungry again at 3am and I had these at around 2pm. 128517 the winner for me was the Ribs and the burger! Oh and the mashed potatoes are delicious too!

Josh, one of the owners, also gave us milkshakes (salted caramel with popcorn and the smokey bacon maple). They kind of tasted a bit similar to me, maybe because both are vanilla based? But they were pretty good. He also provided dessert.. Bacon and Smores dip! I never knew that Bacon went well with Smores! I absolutely loved it! 128525 I hope they make it an option to have bacon strips instead of Graham crackers 128517

Overall experience is just.. Wow! I mean. I've never had that much meat from a restaurant (except for a buffet!) 128517 because I'm such a meat lover, I'll definitely go back to this place! I can't wait for them to open at Burgos Circle! 128591🏼

Thanks for having us looloo and Fat Daddy's! 10084

  • No. of Comments: 9
Anch B.
5.0 Stars

Ugh. Food coma 127860

First thing's first, i want to thank looloo for including me in today's event. I feel so happy. (lalo na yung tummy ko) And ofcourse to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse for sponsoring today's event/making today's #looloorendezvoos possible! 128568

▫️ Ambiance: I love that the place is well lit. I was actually surprised when i entered the place because the resto looked plain and simple from the outside (or baka malabo lang mata ko? 128083) so i didn't expect much. But it looked really nice sa loob. Promise!!! And guys!!! For those people who visited this place before and complained about the ventilation, their place is newly renovated so you will no longer be bothered about the heat!! Pwede niyo ng bisitahin ulit! 128170🏻

My fave part of the resto is the pipes with lightbulbs sa gilid. Very photogenic!!

Anyway... Game na sa food review!!


▫️HOT PORK POPPERS (Thin liempo strip slices deep fried and tossed in bbq rub with piedmont sauce)

This one made me forget about chicken skin.... And i LOVE chicken skin so that says alot. The taste is a bit similar to it, but i like this one a little bit more. I would recommend eating this while it's still hot and crispy though!! (Plus pwede rin siya ulamin. Cause 1st bite pa lang, gusto ko na agad umorder ng kanin 128569)

▫️ CHEF PAT'S ULTIMATE BACON AND CHEESE DIP (Mozarella and cheddar cheese dip with smoked bacon, beef and onions with fried tortilla slices and buttered bread)

This dish is hands down one of my favorites! The tortilla chips and bread goes so well with the dip.... Oh that dip!!!! That dip is divine. It taste so good! If you want to be creative, try dipping your hot pork poppers here because W O W masarap! Hehe 128586

From their Smoke &Griller category:

▫️ SIGNATURE SMOKED SAUSAGE (two pieces of homemade sausages, smoked for hours and grilled)

This is my kind of sausage!!! It has the right amount of saltiness and spicyness to it which i really like!!

▫️SMOKED US BEEF BRISKET (16-hour smoked US beef brisket slices, served on a hot plate)

This + their mashed potatoes = 128129🏽 Pretty sure you'll like this dish if you're a meat person.

▫️ US BEEF RIBS (200G of prime US rib steak grilled to finish)

This is sooooooo goooood!! Definitely another one of my faboritos!! It goes so well with their mashed potatoes, I can't even.


▫️HOMEMADE CORNED BEEF (10 day cured beef brisket, grilled and diced with onions to finish)

This one is probably my least favorite :( Don't get me wrong it's good, but compared to other dishes this didn't stand out. To some people this taste good though, so maybe ako lang ang may problema?? LOL. Depends on your preference lang talaga siguro 128076🏻

▫️THE HOT MESS (Layers of mashed potatoes, bbq pulled pork and smoked bacon)

This one's good also!! Goes well with their beef brisket!

▫️ DADDY'S BURGER (Half pound burger with smoked bacon and cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions)

One of my favorites!! The burger patty is perfectly cooked and oh boy, it's sooooooo gooooooood! This also goes well with the HOT MESS!


Loved this one!! Plus it goes well with the corn fritters that came with it!!


▫️ BACON AND SMORES DIP (Homemade bacon mixed with chocolate ganache topped with roasted marshmallows, served with graham crackers)

I was never a fan of smores.. Well not until this day atleast. It's so good i wanted to bring it home with me. Lol 128514


If you love caramel popcorn, i have a feeling you'll love this. It's like popcorn heaven! 🍿

This, I like (LOVE). I've always been a fan of the sweet+salty combo so i really enjoyed this. I miss it already okay :-( Lol

My overally experience was great! I loved almost everything!! Here are my top faves though, and i highly recommend you try it)

128571 Hot pork poppers
128571 Chef Pat's ultimate bacon and cheese dip
128571 Ribs
128571 Daddy's burger
128571 Bacon and smores dip
128571 Smokey maple bacon milkshake
128571 Buttermilk Chicken

Hanggang ngayon busog pa rin ako but #noshame. Ika nga ni JP G and Telle B ---
Chubby pero happy 128055

Take my money, take all of it and feed me forever 12855310084

PS. It was nice meeting people from looloo. It felt really nice after cause well i really love meeting new people kahit medyo awkward and weird ako. Till next time you guys!! Thanks again Peanut D for inviting me kahit biglaan lang *kilig* 10084127881

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

My 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ review is for a place that serves the best ribs! I'm out of words to best describe their ribs you got to try it to know what I'm saying. Place is now air conditioned makes your dining experience the best. The trek here is worth it. Have a taste of Chef Pat's ultimate bacon and cheese dip too, delicious! They will have a branch in Burgos Circle BGC soon.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Rica J.
4.0 Stars

Beef brisket portion (see pic) felt like it could be more.
Mac & cheese was great! 10084
Pulled pork was too pepper-yyy. IMHO.
Sausage was okay. 9786

Service was super quick!!! 127867
And beef was super cold!!! 10084

  • No. of Comments: 3
Dianne A.
5.0 Stars

My friend and I had cheese and bacon dip, half rib and smores. It was good for 3. Dip was soo good and addicting! The ribs are soft and tasty. Smores - too sweet but I still finished it though.

Place is airconditioned with tv. Great place to try! Warning though. Menu cost does not include vat and service charge. Our 800 bill became 1000.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Hannah V.
5.0 Stars

Worth the travel from q.c to marikina. Tried this hidden gem with my foodie friends.We tried the US Pork Spareribs with potatoes. It was really good and flavorful. Their Mac and Cheese was bubbly. I like their smashed potato with chunks of potato. We also tried the Ox tounge taco which is also good and has a yummy sauce and Lastly the Daddy's burger was also good. I love the taste of their bread.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jown P.
3.0 Stars

Syempre typical me I would order the grilled cheese with tomato keme. We also had the cheese dip and the ribs.

Kulang ata yung chips/bread sa dami nung cheese dip lol the grilled cheese had Jalapeño peppers on top which made me so happy. The ribs was keri lang. 128521

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