Fat Frank's Diner

Doña Soledad Ave., Better Living Subd., Parañaque, Metro Manila

Fat Frank's Diner
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Gen S.
5.0 Stars

We love this place. Their concept is a retro diner. It was a value for money. They serve burgers, sandwich and rice meals (my boyfriend ordered a steak meal and he loved it. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture). There are only few people when we went there, maybe because it was already night time when we went there or it wasn't really catchy outside. We just decided to give it a try because we were really hungry and we were not disappointed. 127828127839128077

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Luigi G.
4.0 Stars

Now this is a diner! You can clearly see that the owners invested in bringing you various memorabilia from the swinging 60s. From images of Marilyn Monroe to car plates with just 2 letters and 3 numbers, nostalgia is in full effect.

When it comes to the food, the dishes are slightly pricy ranging from Php 200 to Php 700. American dishes range from nachos & fries touch various American choices like burgers, steaks, & milkshakes.

Surprisingly they also have good pork chops & kebabs that are generous in its serving.

Just a tip, before ordering the bottomless lemonade, sample it first as it may be too sour to your liking. In addition, they only have 1 parking spot. Don't park across the hospital. You may opt to park in Petron which is adjacent.

The verdict: If you're willing to splurge Php 500 per head and up for international fast food, this is the place to go in Bicutan.

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Marili Anne M.
3.0 Stars

Nothing extra ordinary with their steaks.

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Biebar L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Anne R.
3.0 Stars

Nice place. Ordered porterhouse steak and it was ok. I still prefer Rap's steak that will open soon in SM Bicutan.

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Another diner date with the family!

It was just a couple of days ago since we last visited and they already got new items in their menu! Whiw! I have been hoping that they'll add kiddie sets and they did 128513128513 So I got my daughter some sweet spaghetti which was served with garlic bread. It was good - sweet as it's name suggests - with generous serving of ground pork and cheese.

Hubby decided to get their Chicken and Fries for appetizer. Oh just perfect! The chicken fingers were done just how I wanted them to be - golden brown in color, crunchy breading but tender chicken meat beneath. It came with a honey mustard sauce that had the right sweetness and went so well with the saltiness of the chicken.

Then their steaks. UGH! Good quality and reasonably priced. I've tried their T-Bone and Porter House on two different occasions and I must say that they were consistent. Sadly, this time, they failed! I asked for a medium well doneness but what I got was a well done steak! It was somewhat hard and too chewy.

We also liked their Cheese Burger during our last visit so hubby decided to get their Hawaiian Burger. MAJOR FAIL! If you're thinking of Amazing Aloha, this burger is far beyond compare. Sure there was a thick patty but it was dry this time and the pineapple did not help at all. It was too bland and just boring. They could have added a special sauce and bacon maybe to add character to this burger.

Good thing their Strawberry milkshake still had the same quality as before - thick and creamy!

This dining experience will surely keep us away from this diner for quite sometime 128527

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Our current favorite "just around the neighborhood" diner! I love that their service improved compared to the first time we ate here. The place tends to get packed so I guess they've been getting patrons. Diner food is comfort food and this place does diner food right.

Hubby liked their steak last time, so he got himself a medium rare Porter House. This time, the server asked if hubby wanted it served in a sizzling plate or in a regular plate. Since the steak had this after taste when served in a sizzling plate, hubby opted for the regular plate and went for their yummy mashed potato, instead of rice, again. The steak - for less than 300php, was done right - tender and juicy! #sulithits

Then I went for their Cheese Burger instead of a rice meal. It was served with real potato sticks and an assortment of condiments - ketchup, mustard and even mayo! The bun was soft, but it was a little dry, the beef patty was thick and juicy and flavorful! It also had fresh lettuce and tomato slices inside with their own sauce. The cheese was a sad story though. Just your regular cheese slice - more like cheddar. The cheese didn't melt so it wasn't goey. It was as if it just came out of the ref! 128563

Then the little girl opted for Pesto Spag. It was the first time ever in my life to see this with the pesto sauce served on top of the pasta instead of it being mixed right away! So weird. Anyhow, it was good but could have used more pasta since their was too much of the sauce.

Then their milkshake. We got their Strawberry milkshake and it was served with a cherry on top. Since they use Big Scoop ice cream, their milkshake was thick. Yum!

Overall service was fast and good. Definitely coming back for more 128521

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Ronski R.
3.0 Stars

Let me give my fair assessment. I love burgers, I've tasted all kinds in different countries. On to the review.

Pretty much ok. Nothing spectacular like guiding you to a seat, It was standard Filipino service. You would have to catch their attention for an ice tea refill.


Caesar's Salad was good. The sauce was so-so, couldn't taste the honey only the mayo. The price was ridiculous at 200++

It has a nice smoky flavor to it. the side-dish of corn and carrot was sad. They should have used a quarter of a corn on the cob rather than shredded corn. Again, the price is a bit expensive at 245 bucks

Awesome. Jalapenos are all over, there's a lit of cheese and sour cream. The price is so-so.

This is plain highway robbery. 245 pesos?!?! Are you kidding?!?!? that's the price of a burger in 8 cuts and it's 50 times better than what i tasted. the beef was dry, the bun looks like it was bought from a sari-sari store.

The Choco shake:
Its not too sweet, I like it.

I love it, eating while listening to the Beatles made it a really good experience. It's well lightes and clean.

I love small digs like these, we need places like these away from noisy malls or locations. You have to make adjustment though. Porterhous and T-Bone for steaks? Not a lot of choices unlike Steak 101 which is near the placw.

The burger is just too expensive and dry, the bun sucks ass.

I say this is just too expensive for a small village restaurant. Make the change now and you guys will get a lot of customers.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

New resto in Better Living! I've noticed in the past couple of months that new restaurants have been opening up along Dona Soledad Avenue. Such a good news for people living around and very near the area. Gives us more options when the need to eat is urgent 128514128514128514

Fat Frank's is an American Diner. You wouldn't really know that there is a diner in it's location if not for the signage that isn't eye catching as well. The area will greet you with an open space for smokers and then the diner itself. When you're on the road, the air conditioned and well decorated part is not too visible.

They were just on soft opening when we went there. Since it's located just in front of the parking area of Paranaque Doctor's Hospital, we saw it right away as we headed to the parking after my checkup. The place was clean, white walls, usual Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley B&W pics on the walls, more vintage display, more vintage pictures/paintings.

We checked their menu and got the following:

- TBone Steak : served in a sizzling plate, the meat was tender and had the right saltiness and gravy was good. Down side - it was a little burnt and there was an after taste that tells me that the sizzling plate sat on top of the stove for too long - lasang gaas kasi 128553128548128555 the steak comes with either rice or mashed potato and I'm glad that we went for their mashed potato. It was good! Served in a white ramekin, the mashed potato was soft and warm and was topped with a generous heaping of their delicious gravy!

- Pork Bacon Wrap : tender pork meat wrapped with bacon and smothered with a thick, creamy and a little sweet white sauce - OH SO GOOD! The saltiness of the wrap was complimented well by the sweet white sauce. And of course, how can you go wrong with smokey bacon?

Down side was the serving time though. It took them about 30mins to serve our food. Good thing the staff were friendly, attentive and mindful of their customers' orders. They did the followup for us without us asking. Then when they sensed that we were getting bored, one waitress offered us complimentary ice cream 128518128518128518 how can you say no?!! LOL They carry the Big Scoop brand and so their ice cream was creamy and thick. I opted for Avocado flavor while hubby went for Vanilla.

Will definitely go back to try more of their dishes 128521

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