Fat Grill

B. Morada St., Lipa, Batangas

Fat Grill
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Most Recent Reviews

Zai M.
4.0 Stars

Yup. FAT grill. Not for the super health conscious. Haha but I think their dishes are worth all the calories!

I went here last Sunday with my family. It is located beside the gas station in front of De La Salle Lipa. Lucky students! Now, there are so many good restaurants near the school. During our time, the canteen inside the school and some fastfood chains outside were the only options.

Fat Grill serves 12 kinds of affordable rice meals. We ordered the following:

RnB (Php 104) – creamy roast beef served with rice and mashed potato. Large serving, it was salty and I loved it.

Chow that Chicken (Php 94) – boneless chicken thigh fillet with teriyaki, white rice and cucumber salad. Meat was tender and tasty.

Big Momma’s Baked Chicken (Php 89) – baked chicken in special sauce topped with melted cheese. Served with baby potatoes and buttered rice. For me this is one of the most sulit!

Fully-loaded for Php89 and tasted good, too! The fact that it had cheese in it made me love it more

Baby Come Back! (Php124) – barbecue ribs with tangy herbs and spices. Served with potato salad and java rice. One of the most affordable ribs in town! Meat was big (for the price), tender and flavorful. It matched perfectly with the kinda spicy java rice. I loved the potato salad, too! Sulit!

KKK (Php 104) – Krispy Kare-Kare complete with eggplant, string beans and white rice. It was like lechon kawali with kare kare sauce. I loved it too!

Pimp my Shrimp (Php 104) – deep fried battered shrimp tossed in salted egg and butter. Served with white rice and side dish. I did not try this because I am allergic to shrimp. Huhu #sadlife . but my sister said that it tasted good, too

For our drinks, we had red iced tea which costs only Php 19 per glass.

There are 6 of us and we had a total bill of only Php744. Sulit and busog na busog! It is really a must-try in Lipa. Of all the restaurants in the city, this is one of those that I can say na “okay balik-balikan” because of the price, size of serving and the taste of food. The place is a little hot even inside but there were only few other customers so it was okay. Service was okay. We only waited for less than 10 minutes for our orders.

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Brian Joseph A.
4.0 Stars

I never knew that food stores in Lipa will grow that fast!
I just passed this resto, took a peek, then decided to dine.

The food I saw they serve looks good.

But my order, it was not. Although it tasted well. 128522

R n B - Roast Beef with mashed potatoes and rice. Only for Php 104! And again, it tasted well for the price. 128077

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Ron S.
3.0 Stars

Visited my college friend here in Lipa and he brought me here at Fat Grill. Food is very affordable and the taste is good, too.

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Karen Sheena F.
3.0 Stars

If you're looking for a place to eat quality food at affordable prices and doesn't care much about the atmosphere and service, then Fat Grill is the place for you.

My family and I went to Lipa last February 25 and had lunch at Fat Grill by Bigbelly's. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place for the last three months and I was really expectant so I've decided to make a review about it.

I assumed that there would be a lot of vacant tables inside as there were only 2 to 4 cars parked in the restaurant's private lot. I was surprised to see that every table was taken except for one that was just recently vacated. It was at one of the round tables in front of the private room. A service crew immediately went to our table to clean it up.

I needed a high-chair for my son so I asked the crew for it and he said that they have none. For a restaurant that is quite the buzz I think they should have some available.

The floor wasn't that clean and it was a little suffocating for me. It was too hot and too dark inside. The air-conditioner near us was plugged-in but wasn't working. Either it wasn't really working or the crew forgot to turn it on. As crowded as the place was when we visited it, I think it should be more ventilated.

Fat Grill is a self-service restaurant. I only saw 3 of their crews at that time. The guy who cleaned our table, the girl who took our order at the cashier, and another guy who came out of the kitchen then called our number, all of whom looked greasy to me. They were not very accomodating. They seemed annoyed and impatient specially when customers missed their numbers.

The tables and chairs are made of wood. Luckily, it was clean enough that I didn't have to clean it with wet wipes before sitting down. The silverwares was not thoroughly cleaned.

As for the food, Fat Grill didn't let me down. Several items in the menu wasn't available so we settled for Tofu Hustle, Krispy Kare-Kare, and Big Momma's Baked Chicken. Everything tasted good. Well, except for the Tofu Hustle and the rice which I thought was undercooked.

The food presentation was nicely presented (see picture). It looked and smelled appetizing.

Tofu Hustle is extra crispy liempo and tofu with Fat Grill's signature vinegar sauce, fresh cucumber salad and rice. The sauce was too sour for my taste and the tofu was spoiled.

Big Momma's Baked Chicken is baked chicken in special sauce topped with melted cheese, baby potatoes and buttered rice. It tasted good but not great. It was a little oily for something that's baked and the rice wasn't buttered.

Everything only costed Php 300.00 with three glasses of Red Iced Tea.

Again, If you're looking for a place to eat quality food at affordable prices and doesn't care much about the atmosphere and service, then I recommend Fat Grill for you. As for me, I will still visit their place to taste other items on their menu and to see if there's improvement.

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