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Forbes Town Center, 29th St. cor. Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

FAT Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Odessa G.
4.0 Stars

Place was good! Thankful that it wasn't crowded when we went there. They have a lot of all-day lunch cuisine (a complete meal), good for those working around the area. And they have they IDEA of stamps wherein every meal you eat earns you a stamp which can be redeemed into a complete meal!! 128522

We chose Boston Pulled Pork and Pork Chop!

Boston Pulled Pork - 4/5. I love that it was spicy but I think the taste was overpowering my palate, malasa naman siya.

Pork Chop - 4/5. A bit bland but still good. 128541

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Jae-t M.
3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: one dish review.
I booked online but did not get the confirmation until the next business day. Not their fault.
I went anyway.
Their operating hours says open till 10:30pm bit the door sign is on “closed”. It was around 10:10. The good waiter probably felt guilty as I frowned outside and finally let me in.
I ordered the Boston shoulder. It was edible. Overpowering sweetness, to be honest (I had to ask for more gravy to tone it down). I could’ve just stop at it was edible, but this place is filled with bible verses I cant just un-speak! The other table seemed to have enjoyed their meal. Perhaps the pork belly is a better choice.

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Luke Matthew R.
5.0 Stars

We celebrated our (LA Army) second anniversary here at The FAT Restaurant! The food was great, I ordered Grilled Liempo. Service was good! Thank you, The FAT Restaurant. 9786

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

There was a ‘you got to be good because my friends told me so’ feel as I sat down with friends and started ordering. It had nice interior and also realized that the owner is a proud Christian.

There were 2 big hits and 2 big misses. The other two we had were decent. That explains why I got stuck and rated it 3.5. If I could suggest they should have pushed the brand fat further. The menu line up wasn’t true to its name. There’s salad! There’s no strong presence of fat. They should overwhelm with a bold name like that.

The Beef Bolognese is up there in the best pasta I ever had. Truly a bold statement but I’ll take a stand. Have it and tell me if it isn’t. The powerful flavor of beef was strong in all parts of the dish. The meat was also so tender.

Their Spring Roll Salad married beautiful the Vietnamese and Japanese cultures. Mango sweet with fresh crab sticks paired well with out of this world dressing!

What was really bad was Duck Skin Salad. It’s uncoordinated with the greens. Duck Skin had a pure oil taste. Sorry but it was an insult to feed us this.

Another bad bad pick was Buttermilk Chicken. What’s decent in this order was only its mashed potato. The meat was greasy, bland- no life. Asked first if they improved this before ordering.

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Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

Ordered this Anchovy Pasta for lunch. Not that oily and not that salty. Service was very quick too. I suggest if you want to eat lunch here to come as early as possible as it gets packed up easily. Price for the pasta was 300. I think its worth it. Their lunch specials ranges from 180-220.

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Michelle E.
3.0 Stars

The dish that I ordered really fell out of my expectation. I expected it to be more inventive in the taste and the look but really it taste so much like bistek tagalog and its not even upscaled to fit more for the restaurant's ambiance and price. All in all, I'm not impressed because the taste is like the food served in a tapsilogan with a very affordable price tag. But anyway this is BGC what can I say.

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Elise C.
2.0 Stars

My bestfriend and I decided October last year that whatever happens we will try the food here. Countless lunch and dinner dates after, we still didnt get the chance to visit, mostly because it's far from Aura where we want to do some shopping. It is so intriguing that the food they serve is mostly fatty in a good way, and that diners are in for a cheat day kind of meal...

But maybe we should've taken all those times we shied away from this restaurant as a sign that we're not supposed to go there! Sad to say but, we were really really disappointed with the food.

We went on a friday afternoon for lunch and the place was jampacked. Naturally we were seated upstairs where it is noisy and less intimate. You feel like everyone has their eyes on you, I just don't know why.

First, their green tea chicharon was not available, second most of the dishes we wanted to try since last year were phased out na.

Sooooo we just ordered these three entrees

Duck pizza 350- minced duck, thin crust, HOISIN sauce, chestnuts, carrots cheese

This tasted weird in so many levels. Maybe it's our fault we didnt read the description of the pizza on the menu because we were so hungry that time, but this tasted chinese or korean probably because of the hoisin sauce! Not what we expected. Had the teriyaki sauce taste. It wasnt really that good we only had one slice each. Mind you the pizza is small. Ive had pizzas at several italian joints and they're almost the same price but really really big and taste better pa.

If you want to enjoy this might as well take this home and microwave it for a minute. Honestly, it tastes better at home. Weird, but yes.

Pimenton Pork Sisig 195- pork ears, chicken liver, sous vide egg, calamansi

Good thing this is just 195 because it wasnt good at all. My bestfriend found it too sour/salty. I got to try it too, the calamansi part is overpowering. It's nakakaumay after one spoonfool. The egg is heavy pa!

Truffle pasta 420 - mushroom, smoked bacon, truffle, sous vide egg

The serving was huge, it was too much for me. Again, egg was really heavy. I've had too much truffle pastas in my life and this is the heaviest and least truffle-y. Btw, where's the truffle in it? Probably just truffle oil. Admittedly, it smells good. This was so so, salty for me because it had this irritating sensation on the lips everytime I eat.

One slice foie gras 120php

They do their foie gras great though. It's the best part of the meal.

Probably the saddest thing ever, to be disappointed like this. I really wanted to like it but we found everything sour/salty, and heavy. Its just money wasted for us. Ambiance and overall feel of the place would be nicer if we came on a less busy day because it doesn't feel comfy to be seated upstairs surrounded by men esp if youre the only ladies there. we didnt even finish the pizza anymore because we were also too full. Service was great though.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

I've heard how this place was so good and I've finally tried it! The place was a bit small with its monochromatic interiors. It has a second floor but we didn't get to go up. Service was good. The staff were definitely friendly and polite.

For starters, we ordered FAT POUTINE [P380] which included frites, roasted bone marrow, mushroom ragout, house-made double smoked bacon, kesong puti and bone marrow gravy. It sounds so mouth watering just by the description itself, right? 128069 This was actually quite good. I mean how could you go wrong with fries, bacon, gravy and bone marrow?? (Although there's still room for improvement.) It would have been better if there were more bacon and cheese and thicker gravy. But overall, I'm giving it a 4/5.

For our main dishes, we had ASIAN STYLE SEARED DUCK [P460] which had duck breast, ginger leek sauce, foie gras and mirin rice, and SALMON AND UNI PASTA [P780] which was made of seashell pasta, capers, arugulla, 64 degree egg, sous vide salmon, and crispy salmon skin.

We were actually choosing between the seared duck or the fat all beef burger and the staff recommended the duck. We were quite disappointed with it. The duck a little bit overcooked and it tasted nothing special. I don't know how to describe it but it just let me down. Hahaha look at the picture and judge the dish for yourself. With that, this gets a 3/5.

The SALMON AND UNI PASTA, on the other hand, was crazy good. The sauce was so creamy with a unique taste to it. The salmon was so tender and cooked to perfection. The salmon crust had a hint of sweetness to it which we really liked. Ahh i just love this so much and would really recommend this. 5/5❗️

For dessert, we ordered FAT S'MORES [P150] - Double chocolate brownie, homemade honey graham ice cream and marshmallow fluff. This was above average. The brownie was super thick and flavorful. I thought it was going to be dry at first because it was soooo hard! But when I bit into the brownie, it was actually creamy. The ice cream was good and had a unique taste to it. The only downside of this one was that it did not have enough ice cream. Maybe another scoop of vanilla ice cream would be nice just to balance the heaviness of the brownie. Other than that, this deserves a 4/5. We ordered quite a lot for just two people, don't you agree? Let me tell you, I really felt the fatness when I stood up from our table. 128055

Overall, I think that the dining experience was great and I think I will be back if I had extra cash with me since their menu can be a little bit pricey128184

128680Oh I almost forgot to mention! Their poultry selections are 20% every Thursday and they have a payday madness promotion ongoing wherein you get 20% OFF your total bill for every P2000 worth of food and drinks every THURSDAY of the payday week.‼️

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Euge H.
4.0 Stars

Clean, bright atmosphere for intimate or business occasions. Lunch specials under Php200 are well-portioned and a welcome option from fast-food. There are several dishes which I've enjoyed recently such as the tapa dish, stuffed shrooms, sisig with bone marrow (careful with this one), and the green tea chicharon. Service is distinctly warm and fast so I will likely be back!

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

I had the opportunity to visit FAT Restaurant again in BGC because of a good friend who is also the Head Chef of this restaurant. Chef Jose always speaks about how simple yet great their desserts are so we just had to come back on a different day just to try their mouthwatering desserts.

127775127856Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake P210
Praline Mousse • Creme Chantilly • Creme Anglaise

I've tried this twice already and if given a chance, i'll keep ordering this dessert. What I like about this flourless cake is it's texture and consistency. Sobrang rich niya and I remember my boyfriend also keeps telling me he liked the texture so much; Sobrang siksik, but doesn't intimidate. Another good thing is that it has the right amount of sweetness. I'm not a sweet tooth so i'm so picky when it comes to cakes and chocolates. I love them, but I can't honestly tolerate those na halos lasang sugar na sa sobrang tamis.

And the Creme Chantilly which is placed on a mini glass container is the bomb! Actually nabitin ako sa creme. It's like thickened milk cream with a tinge of sourness and saltiness. The taste is something unfamiliar to me so I really find it interesting. I wanna drown my cake on that creme!

For P210, this is super worth it. It's good for 2, but I won't definitely share it. Haha! MUST TRY!!!

127856S'mores P185
House Made Mallows • Spicy Chocolate • Ice Cream • Raspberry Jelly

Never been a fan of S'mores. I just don't like the taste of marshmallows and I find it too sweet. It's so over rated to the point that thinking of it make me feel that "umay" factor already. What I liked about what they did to their version of the S'more is they gave it a little twist. Who would think about bringing in Spicy Chocolates and adding Raspberry Jelly?
The spice and citrus flavors contrasted the sweetness of this dessert so thumbs up for that!

127856Matcha Cheescake P235
White Chocolate • Yoghurt • Chocolate Soil

I'm a Matcha fan and this disappointed me a little. Not because of the matcha but the texture of the cake. Para siyang mamon, sobrang mahangin. Walang richness, blunt. and the matcha taste is actually very light you won't even taste it. However naaliw ako sa Chocolate Soil, I thought para lang siyang Milo powder but it's mixed with salt it kinda played with my taste bud and I find that really interesting.

Overall Rating for Desserts: 4.5/511088
I really appreciate FAT's effort in creating creative twists on their desserts. Simple and straight forward pero alam mong pinagisipan. I hope they come out with more fascinating desserts on their menu!

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Jek B.
4.0 Stars

Affordable lunch menu. Sadly, you can't switch the rice with something else. I ended up ordering the Maple Glazed Pork with Salad, which was more salad than pork. What am I doing with my life. Food is good though. But I expected a little more fat and crunch with my pork. Will come back here when I can eat rice already.

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Joshua C.
1.0 Stars

The food sucks. Walang masarap. Sana bumalik na yung chef dati

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Yiannis T.
5.0 Stars

It's the only time ever I put 5 stars in anything food.
I was satisfied and happy with quality and portions.
We'll be back!

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Katrina D.
3.0 Stars

We wanted to bring our balikbayan friends to locavore for them to try the sizzling sinigang but it was closed during lunch time so we decided to eat in BGC instead. We heard that FAT has the same chef as locavore's so we decided to try it.

There were A LOT of items in the menu that were not available. The waiter mentioned 5 dishes but i wasn't able to recall it bc he was murmuring the dishes.
Their food was very pricey for ordinary food. :(

We had the spring rolls (140). it was not bad, not memorable either. It came with a sauce that had kikoman & cream mixture.

After the spring rolls, the nachos (P350) was served. The chips were different than the usual nachos. It was softer and it melted in your mouth. The cheese was very few but it also had sour cream and a green colored sauce (silantro?). There were mango bits that added a sweet twist to the nachos.

It took around 30mins for the mains to arrive. The lamb shank (P800) did not feel like it was worth 800. It was a small piece. It was very tender but my friend found it a bit malansa. (Sultan mediterranean's lamb shank was better, bigger and cheaper at only P500. )The mashed potatoes that came with it was good.

We also had the spiced chicken (P500+) it was tender and tasty but it didn't really feel like heaven after eating it. It's normal and skippable.

We were 5 people and spent P400. Medyo pricey considering na hindi pa kami busog nun. I don't think i'll go back again. Nothing worth trying again or going back to. :(

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Paulo Jose L.
2.0 Stars

Went here to dine out with friends since we were curious, as the chef owner is also the one who owns Locavore. Locavore has been one of the best innovative restos we've discovered this year, hence Fat surely made us wondering if it could keep up.

I was disappointed. Most of the food were too pricey for the quantity, and did not give a lasting impression on me with regards to taste! In short, bitin.

128298Moroccan spiced chicken fillet - P595
128298Garlic rice - P100

Too expensive for 1 person!

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

FAT restaurant has been slowly making a buzz in the foodie scene, and being Locavore's Chef Kel's second baby, diners are sure in for a gastronomic adventure!

For Chef Kel, fat makes everything we eat taste better. FAT IS THE FLAVOR. As what Cristina told me, Chef only serves food that he actually likes. And with that, we are assured that they don't scrimp on quality ingredients!128076🏻

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out their food, and here's what they served us:

BAR MIX (P290)
12 spiced nuts, popcorn, powdered sugar, salted caramel, and butter (of course!)
This one I really liked. I actually wanted to take home a tub if they sell it. 128514

I never thought there would be something bigger than my face. Seriously! Their house made chicharon is not your ordinary chicharon. You have to dip it in their pinakurat with honey, and then sprinkle it with the green tea salt. It makes a huge difference, I swear!

Grilled pork's ear served on top of rye bread, with mango mayonnaise, raspberry vinaigrette, saffron aioli, and a side of pico de gallo.
This is their take on sisig, which I really liked. Parang pina-sosyal na sisig! This one's probably one of my favorites among all the food they served.

Lard focaccia, sour cream, cream cheese, smoked salmon, arugula, cornichons, and maple balsamic glaze.
I cannot really give an opinion about this because I don't like smoked salmon, but I think the maple balsamic is too overpowering for me.

Served with spanakopita, cherry tomato, sour cream, and pico de gallo.
I find this a bit salty for my liking if eaten with the skin. You can remove the skin, but it would be too bland. 128529 Probably not gonna order this again.

Served with bacon jam, whipped potatoes, spinach, and mushroom ragout.
I'd definitely come back for this one! The porchetta is cooked perfectly, had the right amount of flavor, and the skin is just divine! I probably have to take Lipitor after, but whatever. YOLO!128540

Praline mousse / creme chantilly / creme anglaise.
Not a fan of this, but everyone seemed to like it. It tasted like ordinary chocolate cake to me. Sort of like Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse but is made with dark chocolate and is just more dense.

Funky Chicken ice cream sandwiched in between 2 chewy waffles, toped with cherry bacon, creme anglaise, and maple balsamic gastrique.
Yes, you read that right. It's a dessert. The ice cream was created by Sebastian's and is actually made with chicken fat. Yes, chicken fat. I really loved the flavor of the ice cream, but the waffles were too tough!

Blueberry compote, maple balsamic glaze, and topped with brown butter ice cream.
My favorite among the 3 desserts! Who would have thought that you could enjoy your cheesecake in a sandwich? It was grilled to perfection, and actually tasted like french toast.

Their servers are very courteous and know the menu well, which is a really good thing as there were times that I didn't know what to do with a dish.

It's best to come with friends and share as their food is too rich. Or maybe it's the Chinese in me that's making me avert anything too salty and fatty. 128514 But I would love to come back and try their Salpicao, Poutine, and Bacon Baklava! (Ehem #TeamClingy!!!)

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Chrisalyn T.
3.0 Stars

Ever since i saw this restaurant open near my cousin’s place, it really got me curious to try this place out. I mean i’m not the type of person who’s really into eating chunks of fat, i’m actually the type who removes all of those when i eat, but i do know that fats from any animals could actually give off extra flavours on our food, so having a few of it from time to time wouldn’t hurt that much just as long as you don’t do eat it often. Anyway, first of all, when you see FAT as the name of the restaurant, you’ll end up thinking they serve really sinful food and with loads of fat, but it’s not really the case. Most of the food they serve may be high in cholesterol, but not all of it were filled with loads of fat and they actually mix a few veggies on the side to balance it out.

What we ordered:

SOUP OF THE DAY, which was tomato porchetta soup for that day. It was cooked in pork broth, a little tomato sauce thus the dark colour of the soup, cube slices of porchetta, onions and garnished with a little bit of parsley. I’m actually guessing the ingredients put in here as it was what i could actually taste from my every slurp of this soup. By the way, we split this soup into 2, so it’s good for sharing. This was actually one of the dishes i liked that night.

PORK’S EAR EN CROUTE, it’s pork ears grilled in herb oil, chopped in small pieces and placed on top of sliced sourdough bread. You also have 3 side dips that you could choose from that you can add on top, which are mango mayo, saffron aioli and i think raspberry confit. They also made a few cucumber salsa on the side too. The pork’s ear was as expected gelatinous and greasy. The sourdough was too tough to eat. I suggest that they change their bread for this dish. As for the dips, i’m not really a fan of mayo or anything similar to that , so what i enjoyed adding on top of mine was the raspberry confit. Well it’s just my opinion. This dish for me was just okay.

SALMON AND UNI PASTA, boiled seashell pasta, cooked al dente. Pasta sauce was cream base, with few chunks of sweet cooked uni, parmesan cheese, and seasoned with a few pinch of salt and pepper. Topped with a thick slice of sous vide salmon, which was seasoned just right and was cooked perfectly. It had crispy salmon skin, poached egg and cherry tomatoes too, which for me was kind of such a waste when added on this dish. I liked the uni and salmon, they’re really good. I just feel like this dish had too many flavours bursting out of it, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, a little hint of spice and partly bland. I hope that they’ll improve on this one though.

BRAISED LAMB SHANK, lamb shanks were cooked perfectly. It’s soft and you can easily separate the meat from the bone. There were some mushroom ragout also on this dish, as i can see some oyster mushroom and sliced portabello mushrooms and perfectly cooked shallots. We had mashed potatoes on the side too with cream that you could pour it in. The lamb shank was okay, but still not the best i had so far.

I was quite disappointed with the food, but hopefully other people who haven’t visited will have a better experience than i did when they find the time to go.

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5.0 Stars

Well, here as a break from the new restaus. Everything here seems so interesting and new. We had the Fat Poutine, Basque Piperade, & Salpicao. Let me go first with the Salpicao. It was heavenly and the beef was just mmm, mmm, mmm. Flavor was so rich, soft and cooked to a beautiful med rare doneness. The steak rice paired well with it too.

As for the poutine, which is fries with bacon, mushroom, kesong puti cheese plus with roasted bone marrow which, you drizzle with bone marrow gravy. Uhuh. You read that right. Bone marrow gravy. Man, as I write about this now, I'm already missing the taste. It's good. You'd wish they make fries like these avail for cinemas haha

The basque is made from tomato confit, peppers, chorizo pamplona, bacon, 64deg egg and comes with a baguette. This tastes like a gourmet pizza to me and it's really good. I was so excited to try the egg since I love egg and we enjoyed it so much, we had 2 extra eggs ordered lol. As for the dish, loved the grilled peppers and the tomato confit. It's a delight in every bite!

We enjoyed our meal from start to end. Most of all, Inlove how their dishes are selected and well thought of. It's not complicated but interesting. I do see myself dining here real soon again! 128512

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Bibien T.
4.0 Stars

Had dinner with my high school friends here on a Thursday night. I heard that the chef here is the same as the one in Locavore, so I was expecting that the place would be full. Surprisingly, it's not, even if their dishes are pretty awesome.

We were a group of 5, and we ordered the following dishes, all for sharing:

Basque Piperade - This is one of the dishes we loved the most. Their tomato confit was very tasty, and the mix of bacon, chorizo, cheese and egg was heavenly! Their bread has a crunchy crust but is very soft inside, perfect with the Piperade.

Duck Burger - this was just okay, nothing special. It lacked oomph. Also, it's quite expensive for a so-so burger. The fries were cooked perfectly.

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillet - the chicken was tender, but the seasoning wasn't extraordinarily good for the price. The spanakopita at the bottom more than makes up for the dish, though. It was so so so so good! If you love the Tostitos Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip like I do, then you'll love this too! It's a shame that the phyllo crust isn't crunchy anymore, because it got soaked from the chicken, but I would still eat this in a heartbeat!

Porchetta - The porchetta was tasty and the meat was tender. It's even better when combined with the whipped mashed potato, gravy and caramelized onions. Too bad that the skin wasn't crispy at all, or we would've like this dish more.

Salpicao - this was the star of the night. We requested for it to be cooked medium rare, and it was done perfectly. The meat was juicy and tender, the sauce was just right, and the egg and rice perfectly complemented the dish. I could say that this is the best Salpicao I've tasted so far!

We were too full to order dessert, but their selections were very interesting, it's not something you would see in any restaurant.

The servers were also very nice and hands-on. Even if we were seated on the 2nd floor, we were fully attended to.

I will definitely come back to try their other dishes and desserts! It may be a bit pricey, but I think the good food and the reasonable servings are worth it.

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Daniel W.
2.0 Stars

bone marrow was gross. i love bone marrow but this place needs to change the way they cook it. it was still bloody inside and tasted like lard. i had to tell them to reheat it and it still came out wrong.

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