Felipe & Sons Barberdashery

LPL Mansion, 122 San Agustin St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Felipe & Sons Barberdashery
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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Just had may haircut here last week ....and didn't expect to end up in Felipe and Sons! My co-officer suggested this place and I recall passing by this shop upon a dinner a La Vie Parisienne previously 128522

Because I was so excited to get rid of my bangs and bushy sides, I had no second thoughts of trying it out. Of course I had to check looloo reviews if this was another hit or miss adventure, and you guys were right 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

I also took the Cut & Rinse, still at a nifty Php360 12852210084128077🏻 It was a fullhouse weekday and I tried to walk in around 7:30am and luckily they still entertained me ( minus giving the puppy eye look hehehe )

Wow didn't expect the excellent service 1008410084100841008410084

127942Complimentary drinks,

127942Precision Cut ( these guys are experts on using the clipper, they go for it as if they've anlyzed your head shape and as if you're already a regular customer ), 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

127942Soothing Head Wash with a bit of massage....128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

127942They had me at the massage on the barber seat though...facial massage, another round of head massage, and the arms and hand massage...I swear my barber was performing stretches on my arms very fluidly it seemed like a dance move! 10084100841008410084

127942And the final frontier.... styling me while I was lying down the chair! It was like preparing me for a Big Reveal of my makeover upon flipping me back up again ...hehehe...The pomade was also fragrant! Had a wide-eyed reaction at first when my barber told me he was going to apply pomade on my hair, was thinking of the oldschool style hehehe12852212851810084128077🏻

127942Surprisingly they also offer customized haberdashery, and the quality of the goods looked impeccably done! Hopeful to try out these next time! Had a mean stare at the well crafted sling bags and that nicely made blue suit!

127942One of my fave spot here is the restroom, a nice mix of vintage-industrialist meets modern feel 12852210084128077🏻 so this is where I also did my Hairfie hahaha12852210084128077🏻

1108811088110881108811088️Felipe and Sons, you're the one! Thanks for givin' me that Manila Swagger indeed!128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻127881

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

My pre dinner before PPD as well lol!
"Haircut with shampoo with facial and upper body massage" costs PhP360. Free coffee or iced tea or water. Haha. I liked their coffee. It tastes beany.

I am a walk in customer and it was just about a 15 minute wait on a Saturday. I felt like a entering a kingsman: The secret service shop. They do suites and shoes as well.

For my type of hair, i could really get it at a PhP40 barbershop but their service is what they are to look after for. Total damage 500PhP cause i did some tip pa.

Will i go back? Maybe next year or so? If i just want luxurious service and haircut.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Salons are usually associated with women cause us women love to pamper ourselves through beautification. Going to Spa, Salons, Having a new haircut, new hair color, hair spa, mani, pedi and everything else you can think of.

Men usually don't have the privilege of this concept (Based on my perspective) due to the limited number of Salons/ Spas/ Barbershops that fully caters to men.

But lo and behold, Thanks to Felipe & Sons men can finally have their own pampering sessions if they wish to!

As part of my gift to my boyfriend this Christmas, I brought him to Felipe & Sons, Salcedo Branch to spoil him a little! Hehe!

Felipe is named after our motherland Philippines and his sons - who are the Filipino Men. Felipe and Sons is the only lifestyle brand in the country that offers both grooming and custom menswear from head to toe.

128076🏻 I just love how classy and masculine the place looks. Never been to other barbershops so I was really impressed when I came in. On the first floor there were men's shoes being displayed for sale. The 2nd floor on the other-hand is divided into 3 section.

The haberdashery (shop) - in which they formal men's wear, accessories etc.; the barbershop - which can accommodate 7-8 men simultaneously; and the coffee lounge - with comfy seats which makes waiting bearable!
Pretty amazed that they serve coffee and alcoholic beverage here. Lakas makalalaki!

They even sell different brands of imported pomades, high quality razors, mustache pomade, and other male vanities. Nakakaaliw talaga!

Services Offered:
9986️Cuts, Shaves
128084Custom Clothing
Everything Else: Haircare, Shavecare, Beardcare, Accesories, Menswear, Footwear

CUT & RINSE - P360
'A complete experience in itself - a haircut with relaxing hot towels, a rinse set to your preferred temperature, a massage to relieve you of the day's pressure, and styled with ample pomade to finish.'

Since the boyfie didn't have an idea what new hairstyle would look good on him, he let the stylist decide. After around 30min of waiting (PATIENT GIRLFRIEND HERE! Hehe!)

I love Kevin's new hairstyle. The stylist is so good alam niya which looks good and not plus he gave an importance to the thickness and thinness of the cut.
The style looked very classy - lakas maka Zayn Malik. He divided his hair into three sections, trimmed the middle section a little but left the thickness of it, and gave the sides a clean cut.

I even saw Kevin being massaged on the face which I think he really enjoyed 128522 Felt happy for him!

Will definitely love to bring him back here in the future and let him try their other services which are more expensive but looks so worth it.

‼️They have 6 branches in different locations in Makati, Ortigas and The Fort. No wonder they expanded quickly cause of the
‼️Note that on Weekdays it's Ideal to give them a call first and book an appointment through phone cause the place can be packed on peak hours.


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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Revive Manila Swagger.

Those are the words that greet you as you go up the steps to, in my opinion, one of the swankiest barbershops i've seen. From the ambience, to the furniture, to the equipment & services... they're all top notch. But for a haircut at P300 tops, its not bad at all! Thats about the same amount you'd pay for a cut at a salon.

Since it was my first time... i went for a cut and a luxury shave, and the service was as good as advertised! I wasnt disappointed with my haircut at all, and both the massage and facial treatments that went with the luxury shave were very satisfying. Though i wished they included a barber's scalp massage into the routine 128540 Overall i felt very pampered and well taken care of, and the staff really do make sure of this.

I came in looking for a haircut and some "me time". I came out feeling recharged and in charge -> +1 on the swagger level 128521

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5.0 Stars

Felipe and sons definitely brings Manila swagger back!

Transferred to Felipe for a few months now and I can't say anything bad about it except ANG HIRAP MAG-BOOK NG APPOINTMENT. 128514 that's a true testament on how good their service and their work is, everyone's lining up. Luckily I get to squeeze in a session every 3 weeks whenever I have business in makati. So even if I'm from the east, it's fine. That's why I'm just ecstatic that they're opening their second branch in Ortigas (El Pueblo to be exact) next week. At least that's nearer to me during the weekends. Yay! 127881

Besides the excellent service, I love the fact that you can unwind during the session. They give you the hot face towel service (like the ones you see in old movies or in the old school barber shops in the states) and give you a quick massage after your haircut. PLUS you can actually enjoy a drink of beer or some of their spirits while having a cut (I actually got a glass of jack on the rocks during my last session because I was so stressed that day 128547). Their drinks are actually cheap compared to the local bars in the area but of course Hindi naman to drinking place so don't go here and just order a round of drinks. Hahaha 128514128517

I definitely love the place and the service! 128076🏼

Ps: they also offer good tailoring services and shoe shine (you can have your shoes shined while you have a cut).

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Uael C.
5.0 Stars

Finally found a place that offers great service with style. Sharing a list of things that made me shift from my former salon to here:
1. Place is classy. It resembles an accomplished gentleman's den that screams modern hipster
2. Their artists know their craft. They can recco the latest trends to men grooming and suggest styling products that fits your hair and style
3. They massage you well. A perfect combo with the haircut
4. Complimentary coffee is superb!
5. Every trip is made through reservation, hence the minimal waiting time
6. Professional staff
7. Their haberdashery offers fine selection of busi
8. Not that pricey!

I'll definitely be back!

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Ben N.
4.0 Stars

I love this barbershop!
my go-to place before any special day or event.

by the moment you get in, you'll know that you've come to the right place. the interiors and the setup was sharp letting you feel the gentleman's vibe.

the barbers were well trained. you can exactly get what you asked from them. so I suggest that you should go there prepared for the look that you would want to have.
my best so far for the cut and shave.
the barbers interact with you specially with your cut and the receptionists were accommodating letting you feel that your presence was important. 128077

if you really want to enjoy the experience, I guess you should allot an ample amount of time and avoid the rush.

the price for the service that they provide was really affordable. you could also choose a drink: beer, iced tea, or just plain water. they also do customized clothes if you want to complete the swagger feel with not just the hair but also the clothing style.

I highly recommend this place for every gentleman out there.

don't forget to make an appointment before coming to the place. make it at least 3 days ahead, because it can really be possible that you wouldn't get accommodated if you'll rely on walk-in.

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Jon T.
5.0 Stars

Out of all of the Barber Shops I've been to in my entire life, no one can beat the experience I had here. They specialize in undercuts but It's the manliest Barber Shop ever! Why?
1. 20 massage which is included in the basic barber cut
2. Free Choice of coffee or beer as a drink.
3. Shine your shoes the old fashion way! (Someone will shine your shoes while you sit down in the shoe shine chair)
4. Create tailored fit coat set.
5. Buy cool men's accessories ( e.g. Goache Bags, Happy Socks)

The best thing is that the basic haircut is for 280php only!!! With that price, you can have your hair designed (see picture for their famous signature design cut A.K.A. Jose Rizal line design cut). For complex designs, I know you need to add additional. Didn't bother asking how much.

Another thing I would like to highlight would be their interiors. Very old Spanish themed furniture!! 128077128076

I would be definitely ditching my old Barber Shop and be coming back here A LOT! Hope to avail your other styles, services and buy those Happy Socks!!

Looloo, please oh please give them a sticker! They deserve this so much! They are just underrated at the moment but I swear they deserve to be at the top list of best Barber Shops in the Philippines!!

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Mark S.
5.0 Stars

The service was incomparable. One could describe it as being treated like a king. I availed three services; a cut, a shave and a facial. The cut was exemplary- I have always had a habit of observing barbers and their technique, never have I seen such meticulous cutting as that of Kuya Larry. The shave was alright, nothing special. The facial was above average, one could compare it to boutiques who provide facial services. As is the case with every barbershop, the complimentary massage was top-notch, so much so that I snoozed off. All in all, the services cost me about 1500 pesos (including my 200peso tip). I will definitely be back for more. :)

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Inier C.
5.0 Stars

Haircut. Suits. RTW. Just wanna look swag. Look more dapper. Just wanna feel good sometimes? You must check this out man. The best next thing that happened to my neighborhood.

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Eboy F.
5.0 Stars

By far the best barbershop I've been to! Their services from the moment you step in to their place up to your last minute inside are really top notch.

The barbers really know what they're doing. They're clean, hospitable, and great in doing their jobs. They take good care of my hair for the past year and so far I have zero problems with them. Marco, one of the owners, is very hands on. Expect him to personally welcome you and assist you in getting your appointment. You can even talk to him about the stuff that inspired the look of the whole place.

I recommend this for guys out there who want to get that really neat and sleek fade. Find Jess — he's their best and most booked barber there. Make sure to enjoy their 5-10 minute massage and warm towel facial. Also, check out the set of kicks they all on the entrance!

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Gerald T.
5.0 Stars

Fir the real man, free coffee for every haircut starting at 250

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Pepper B.
4.0 Stars

Posh way to have a haircut when you are male... the place is cool and offers a very good coffee while you wait... I love the interiors and the place is really cool. Judging by the amount of client they have as early as 10AM they must be really popular and good. Price is affordable and fair enough for the service they offer.. By the way I'm not the one who had a haircut.. 128541128541128541128541 I'm just a super chaperon today for Chard G , who's giggling with his new haircut and colored hair. 128514128514128514128514

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Romer G.
5.0 Stars

The perfect mancave. Affordable yet swaggy.

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

My boyfriend loved it! It was my late Valentine's gift. And I always like the idea that real men goes to barber shops for their hair not salons. Hahaha! Price is very affordable plus more than a hair cut you can get a shave and the traditional massage! Plus they sell hair products to keep that swagger look!

  • No. of Comments: 2
Nat L.
5.0 Stars

Sleek and classy. Perfect man cave. 128077 128076

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Gio C.
5.0 Stars

Because of this place, I look forward to getting my haircut again. It's more than just a barber shop, it's a place where guys can just be guys. You can get your haircut, a shave (like a really complex shave with several machines, or a normal one with just a blade), have a suit made, get your shoes shined, (leather, or kicks) have shoes made, buy kicks, watch sports on their huge tv while waiting, and even have a beer!

They're also pretty high-tech. When the barber asked what cut I wanted, I started describing what I wanted it to look like. He disappears for a second and comes back with an iPad with all the hairstyle pegs in the gallery and asks me which one I would prefer. So we agreed on a hairstyle and that was that. After your haircut, the chair reclines into something like a lazy boy, and the barber rubs some stuff called Barbicide into your face, which is quite refreshing actually. This is followed by a hot towel over your face and a massage.

Definitely worth the 280 they charge for a haircut. They also have discounts for father and son pairs that come in, or if you combine services like a Cut and shave, or a cut and a beer. The only issue you might have is if you walk in and there's a long line, so you may have to call in advance.

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Dino S.
5.0 Stars

By far the best haircut experience I've had. Forgot to take a picture so lemme just run down what happened for you. Buckle up; this may get lengthy.

It's been a while since I've had a haircut from a proper barbershop. As a kid and much through high school, I had my haircut at the same place: Headway barbershop near my house. Loved the ambience there, just the local corner barbershop where everybody knew everybody. Being a regular, I had a barber who knew not just my regular haircut, but also would know if I hadn't been training for the swim team because my muscles weren't as stiff during the after-cut massage. Round it all off with the citrus-y antiseptic smell of barbicide and 96.3 Easy Rock blasting power ballads in the background, and that pretty much was my everyday haircut experience during the 90s and well into the early 2000s.

But then big old barbershop companies started sprouting up in the area, and Headway started losing its customer base to them. Soon enough, maintenance and upkeep fell on the wayside, and our suki barbers started leaving for greener pastures. Headway was on its way out.

This was around the time that I had shifted to getting a haircut in Azta salon in Katipunan. I became a regular there, and had grown accustomed to the way hair gets cut in a salon.

After a quick recommendation by Joseph Coo and Anton Recto for me to check out Felipe and Sons for a haircut, I decided to see what all the fuss was about myself.

First impression upon entering, I couldn't stifle a smile. The interiors were of subdued colors and dark-hued wood, just cool and classy. The barbers look sharp with their waistcoats and jeans, with a dash of professionalism as evidenced by their masks. And the smell.

A little bit of medical background: the sense of smell, also known as olfaction, has connections to the limbic system and the hippocampus of the brain, which together are the seat of emotions and memories. Needless to say, a whiff of the citrus-y antiseptic smell of barbicide brought a cascade of memories and nostalgia.

I had a haircut and a beard trim package, and I had an absolutely awesome haircut with Julius, my barber. I was glad to be able to use barbershop terminology like "dos" on the clipper to trim my beard. I enjoyed the sound of the scissors snipping away rapid-fire right next to my ear in a manner only barbers do. The feel of the cold steel of the scissors against my skin as he precisely cut away stray hairs, the straight razor cleaning up my face and the edges of my hair, and the sensation of aftershave prickling my skin, all of these was overall such an invigorating experience.

Small world: after chatting a bit, I find out Julius also once worked in Headway when I went there as a kid. We got to talking about Headway and its heyday, talking about my old barber Mang Paniong and how he had passed away, my other barber Mario who had opened his own barbershop, as well as all the prominent people whom he had given haircuts to back there. Cesar Montano and Nur Misuari, to name a few.

It was such a pleasant experience for me, and now I understand what people say when they say barbers make for some of the best conversationalists. I'm an introvert myself and I hate small talk, but I thoroughly enjoyed chatting up Julius and listening to all of his stories.

Not to mention I'm looking mighty dapper now with my classic side-part. Why hello there, Steve Rogers.

Felipe and Sons' mantra is to bring back Manila swagger (not swag, may I clarify). I kind of agree with them in the sense that a bit of it was lost when men started leaving the corner barbershop and going to conglomerate barbershops or salons. More than a haircut, my visit to Felipe and Sons was a nostalgia trip to old Headway.

Kulang na lang talaga si Bryan Adams kumakanta ng "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" sa background. But nice jazz was playing anyway, so I'll gladly take that.

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Jose Ruben A.
5.0 Stars

Great ambience and it caters to a very bespoke market. Tried the haircut package and was very satisfied with the service.

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Gerald T.
5.0 Stars

Love the ambiance and smell if the place, get the trim and shave package fir 500 it is sure worth it, had a nice fittinf long sleeve done here also for 2500 all in , waited just one week

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