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Fely J's Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this resto. Got a little early here and the holiday was the litttle secret. Food was served fast and prices are okey.

We ordered the.
Vietnamese Fresh spring roll 11088110881108811088
Fely J Dilis-cious Rice 11088110881108811088
Tortang talong 110881108811088
Chicken "mabuting" Inasal 1108811088110881108811088

Babalik pa.

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Toy G.
5.0 Stars

3 of us had a quick lunch here afterbeing caught by the rai n.
we shared Crispy Pata and Sinigang sa sampaloc boneless bangus
both 128165128165128165128165128165
one of the best cruspy pata in town crispy skin rendered fat and tender meat suely 128165128165128165128165128165
the bangus was just the right sour with a huge bangus enough for 4. enough veggies to make the right pair to the cispy pata. Consistently great

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Anna d.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

My go to place to bring tourists, expats from the office and balikbayan friends. Get the Adobo, Gising Gising and Sisig!

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Marjorie S.
4.0 Stars

Excellent Filipino Food!128077🏻

  • No. of Comments: 1
Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Enjoyed a light snack of lumpia sariwa. Taste just right

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

For a Tuesday evening, I was pretty surprised that the place can be jammed but when you get to taste their food, it's no longer a wonder why.

Filipino food is still comfort food so for a special celebration we dine at Fely J's. Classic filipino food includes Kare-Kare and Adobo as staples and no one can go wrong with lechong kawali. I love how their Kare-Kare is rich in peanut sauce that fits their alamang best. The beef and ox tail is also soft and tender. It has generous amount of vegetables too such as pechay and beans. The adobo is garlicy and sweet at the same time. Big chunks of soft pork that's marinates to the bones. You can taste its flavor even with minimal sauce. And oh wait, they also have lechong kawali that is "putok batok" but crispy and tender which will make every bite a good one! We also tried their sinigang in bayabas but I wasn't a big fan of it. Thirst quencher calls for some creamy, sweet avocado shake that's perfect to not be too overwhelmed with the flavors of the food we had.

The service is fast and staffs are attentive. I like it that way! The price is okay, decent enough for a good quality meal. For Filipino food lovers especially Kare-Kare aficionados like me, you have to include this on your list.

  • No. of Comments: 7
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

Terrible photo I know. I was too hungry to have time/energy to take a nice one! 128517

Saw Rochelle C's sinigang recipe on my Facebook feed and I knew I had to get sinigang that day! I love sinigang - it's probably one of the dishes I can eat every single day for one month. 128525

I got the tamarind pork rib sinigang and for some stupid reason also got the gising gising. 128530 (parang Serena Williams and Drake yung matching haha) The server offered to give me a small bowl but duh, I can eat that thing all by myself so I politely refused and told him to not judge me. 128514

In 30 minutes, there was nothing left except a chunk of pork meat and some soup. 128586 I couldn't eat it anymore because I had no more rice and if I ordered more rice... Then I'll have to order more sinigang. It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

I was so stuffed! But boy was the sinigang good. It even had one big piece of gabi! Very rarely do I find restaurants serving gabi with their sinigang. I was also very pleased that the server was more than happy to give me 5 calamansis (?) to go with my patis. #heaven

To end my meal, even though I could imagine myself walking out of Fely J's like a penguin, I ordered their halo-halo. 128514 #dontjudge

Unfortunately, it was no Chowking's. It only had langka and some rice balls. But oh well, at least I didn't get to eat as much. Bahaha.

PS. happy new year everyone! 127881

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Lizanne S.
5.0 Stars

Got invited to a looloo rendezvous last Thursday and it was FUN!

We were served a lot of food. As titas would call it, parang SMORGASBORD. 128518

To start things off, we had the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Loved every bite as it had lots of fresh veggies. Kinda reminded me of Ba Noi's.

Next up was the Utan Ilonggo. Quite a refreshing dish. Most Manileños like me never had this dish before, so I appreciate the fact that Fely J's is giving us a culinary tour of dishes around the Philippines (and the region, as you may read later on). For those unfamiliar with Utan, it's a soup with clam, shrimp, saluyot leaves and malunggay. The resulting broth was aromatic, kinda like tinola but with cleaner, more subtle flavors.

For the main event (or rather events), we had the:

Sugpo sa Kamias: huge prawns cooked in curry. Being a curry fan, I liked it although to be honest, I couldn't taste the kamias in the dish.

Bistek Tagalog ng Kano: it is what it says. An amped up Bistek using Angus beef. Quite flavorful, although this wasn't really my favorite.

Chicken Mabuting Inasal: again, it is what it says. And yes, mabuti nga siya.

Lengua Rendang: now this one's a winner. Being a fan of both Beef Rendang and Lengua, I couldn't imagine the two dishes doing a collab. But hey, it actually works! The sauce was a tad sweet although I must say that it had a legit Malaysian Rendang flavor, so for that, I applaud.

Lola Ising's Adobo: if there's one dish you must order, this is it (pansit)! Love how they used pork belly so it was juicy and very very tasty. My favorite!

Ginataang Nangka at Lamang Dagat: enjoyed this one too. Very Bicolano, so best eaten with lots of rice to counter the spice.

Speaking of rice, their rice dishes are equally impressive. You can say that they know how to RICE to the occasion! Pardon the pun, kids.

Piña Rice: very Thai/Chinese. It was good, although didn't like it as much since it was sweet.

Fely J's Diliscious Rice: isdaliscious! Kidding aside, I liked it because you can't go wrong with fried dilis rice. You simply can't! Pang-breakfast yung appeal niya though.

Black Pepper Crab rice: another winner. Loved how the pepper gave the crab more oomph. This reminded me of the ones I've had in seafood places around Singapore and KL.

Fely J's Temple Crab rice: a clear winner too. Crab cooked with heaps of garlic and chili. Deyyym. I will definitely order this on my next visit.

For dessert, we had:

Sikreto ni Maria: lovely little rice cake and mangoes topped with coconut cream. If you love Thai sticky rice and mangoes, you'll love this.

Sans Rival: crisp and sweet, like how sans rival should be.

Casava Bibingka with Buko: interesting collab of two Pinoy desserts.

Maja Blanca: their version had cream on top, which made it different from the average maja blanca

Overall, I really enjoyed this visit as it was done in the company of like-minded peeps who all love to eat eat eat! 128077
Thank you, Fely J's, for having us -- and to the looloo team for the invite. 128522

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

When you get a message from Peanut D inviting you somewhere, you just have to say YES! It doesn't matter if it's an Eat-Up (KKB type of Meet-Up where you do something fun, like bowling, then eat somewhere as a group), a Rendezvoos (restaurant sponsored meet-up where you'll get to sample A LOT of a particular restaurant's dishes) or a Food Tour (THE BEST OF THEM ALL! A sponsored food crawl where you'll eat non-stop for hours!). So, when I got that FB message from Pea, it was an instant YES!

A Rendezvoos on a Thursday night - in Greenbelt 5. Sponsor restaurant: Fely J's Kitchen. I haven't been to a restaurant for a long time now serving authentic Filipino cuisine. We've been frequenting Sarsa but that's Filipino Food with a twist. But when asked what Filipino Restaurant I like the most, my answer will always be Abe. Honestly, I haven't heard about Fely J's since we don't frequent Greenbelt restaurants and we usually try international cuisines when dining out. This rendezvoos was a great chance to get to know Fely J's Kitchen and its offerings.

We got a warm welcome from the management, a private room reserved for us and a menu of what they will be serving was printed out. Mags and Malou accompanied us throughout the dinner while the executive Chef made a cameo to tell us about his inspiration in coming up with new dishes and also told us about his favorite dish of all from the menu. We had a great time learning about the Fely J's and the LJC Group. Apparently they also own Abe, Lorenzo's Way, Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, Bistro Remedios and Larry's Cafe & Bar.

People in Fely J's were so organized. They even provided us with a menu of what will be served then gave us their restaurant menu if in case we wanted to try something else. The spread they prepared was nothing but awesome! Let me drill down.

Appetizer: Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls 110881108811088

Fresh Rice Paper stuffed with veggies, shrimp and pork. They served this with two kinds of sauces - Thai and peanut sauce. I am very much a fan of this kind of Spring Roll smothered with salty and sweet peanut sauce but Fely J's version was bland. The Thai Sauce was better since it made the each bite flavorful adding character to the plain but fresh rolls. Tried combining them and I guess that's the best way to go.

Soup: Utan Ilonngo 1108811088110881108811088

Clear vegetable soup with okra, squash, eggplant, sayote and malunggay leaves. It also had shrimps and clams and to add more flavor to the soup, they threw in some lemon grass. The veggies were done right and I loved that it's healthy! It's so simple yet I loved it and will definitely order this for my children! Yup, mommy approved!

Now to the main event - they prepared a lot!

Sugpo sa Kamias - 110881108811088

We were thinking along the line of Sinigang since Kamias is sour and can be used as substitute for sampaloc but we were so wrong! Huge shrimps served in a midly curried sauce with tomato and kamias. It was good but I guess I don't like my shrimps with curry.

Bistek Tagalog ng Kano 11088110881108811088

Any guess why this Filipino household favorite dish was called as such? There's nothing special with the ingredients. Just your typical Bistek Tagalog mix of calamansi, onions, garlic and soy sauce. Fely J's leveled this up with thin strips of US Black Angus Sirloin pan fried in olive oil. The taste of the sauce brought me back home to my grandma's and mom's Bistek. But of course the beef was super tender and married well with the marinade. This was a crowd favorite!

Chicken "mabuting" Inasal 110881108811088

I really don't know why it was called "mabuting" Inasal lol but anyway it was flavorful and the meat was tender. Just like the way we know inasal, the chicken was marinated with garlic, calamansi and spices then grilled Inasal style. I didn't eat a lot of this dish coz there were a lot more to try 128514

Lengua Rendang 1108811088110881108811088

One of my favorites from the spread! I remember growing up eating Lengua in White Sauce when I was a child and it was one of my Lola's specialty. I've always had it like that and I enjoyed it but having it Rendang style was as well awesome! Loved the very tender lamb slices and the sauce that exploded with spices! It had hints of coconut milk and wasn't too spicy.

Ginataang Nangka at Lamang Dagat 110881108811088

Never a fan of Ginataang Nangka and I have never tried the dish before because I enjoy Nangka on its fresh or sweetened form and can't imagine eating it with rice. But then again I needed to break my No Ginataang Nangka Since Birth life so I tried it. It was weird but okay. Did not taste bad at all but the texture was weird. I honestly didn't know which was the fruit meat and the sea food. I just chewed and swallowed and tasted the rich coconut milk sauce.

Black Pepper Crab 1108811088110881108811088

My FAVORITE of all in the spread! If there is one dish I would say that you should try here, GET THIS! Lol #galitnagalit No exaggeration here, it's really a huge piece of crab and it's so good! The meat was juicy, the sauce was rich and flavorful. Full of black pepper with ginger, it was one spicy but delicious crab!

Fely J's Temple Crab 1108811088110881108811088

If you want your crab just plain and simple but still has all the yummy crab flavors, get this dish. Not only will it give you a huge grab but it will also give you a pile of rice! Alimango Crab was fried and topped with loads of crunchy fried garlic and some chilis.

Mags and Malou were also generous enough to let us try their signature Adobo - Aling Ising's Adobo. We talked about signature dishes and desserts of the LJC Group and it led to Mags asking us if we wanted to try their Adobo because it's one of the most requested. Who are we to say NO? Lol

Lola Isings's Adobo 1108811088110881108811088

Imagine, fall off the bone pork belly marinated and slowly cooked in a very flavorful adobo sauce - ohhh it was a crowd favorite. The meat was so tender that you can even use a spoon to cut a piece! Odell R fell in love with this Adobo and he can't stop praising Aling Ising!

We also had two more kinds of rice --

Pina Rice 1108811088110881108811088

My favorite! Most times I would opt for a salty fried rice, the YangChow type, but then I liked this one which was a little sweet. It was loaded with chicken strips, shrimps, chorizo and of course, pineapple chunks. A breather from all the salty dishes!

Fely J’s Dilisccious Rice 110881108811088

Steamed rice generously topped with deep fried dilis and taosi. They say it’s their best seller but didn’t quite appeal to me. Maybe I expected something like an anchovy rice or tuyo rice but it wasn’t. The deep fried dilis tasted a bit bitter for me. But then again that’s just me coz this was a crowd favorite too.

Then there was dessert ---

San Rival Cake 1108811088110881108811088

Classic Sans Rival made up of alternating layers of crisp meringue and buttery frosting with cashew. It wasn't too sweet and I liked it. I also asked Mags if they have their own bakeshop because they serve cakes and pastries in all of their restaurants so it's but wise to put up their own. According to Mags, they actually own Polka Dot Bakeshop which can be found just in front of Abe in Megamall. They sell mini cakes and whole cakes there, including the Sans Rival.

Maja Blanca 1108811088110881108811088

A different presentation to the usual Maja Blanca. We are so used to the one served in squares or rectangles with bits of corn kernels inside and topped with latik - coconut meat that have been fried with some coconut milk until all it's natural oil comes out and then the meat becomes dark brown crunchy pieces. Fely J's version had a rich and creamy coconut milk based custard, which again reminded me of my Lola's Tibok-Tibok (Kapampangan for Maja Blanca), but was covered with a thick and creamy coconut milk sauce and more corn kernels. Really good I must say!

Cassava Bibingka with Buko 11088110881108811088

This one was pretty good too. Sticky Rice cake that was served warm, topped with young coconut shavings and some caramel sauce. Level up version of your usual Cassava Bibingka. Loved the medley of the fresh coconut meat with the sweet caramel and warm rice cake. A little heavy for a dessert though.

Then we also had another off the Rendezvoos Menu dessert which was talked about because we have seen it in a couple of looloo reviews and the reviewers were raving about it - Sikreto ni Maria. According to Mags, this is a best seller dessert available in most LJC Group restaurants. They didn't want to discuss what it had until it was served to us.

So, what was the secret behind Sikreto ni Maria? I'm giving this

When it was served, it didn't look so appetizing. Maybe because everything was covered in a semi-frozen Macapuno ice cream. Just all white and plain. When you dig in, you'll discover that it has usual Kapampangan dessert stuff in it - ripe and sweet mango plus suman or sticky rice and then there was crumbs of panotsa which is basically muscovado sugar. You can say that there is nothing sort of special here but really, the Macapuno ice cream made this dessert so good and tied everything together. I ate a lot of this and still dreaming of it right now.

They also let us sample one of their best seller drink that had a medley of fruit juices and topped with fruit cocktail. It was sweet and a little sour but didn't really appeal to me.

Overall, I loved our dinner at Fely J's. I haven't tried a Filipino restaurant in a while serving home grown Filipino dishes. I loved that they were able to capture the flavors of authentic Kapampangan dishes without any complications. According to Mags, Lorenzo really wanted to offer Filipino dishes without the usual gourmet plating but rather how dishes are usually being served at home. His vision was for Filipino families to have a place to gather together outside of their homes but still feel that homey vibe with home cooked meals.

Mags was also very accommodating and she was more than willing to share her experiences with the LJC group since she's been with the company for about 8 years already. We got to talked a little about Cafe Adriatico and Bistro Remedios which were very familiar to me since they were the go to for upscale restaurants before around the malate area when I was still in college. She gave us a glimpse of how the LJC Group started and encouraged us to try their other restaurants too.

Looking for an affordable buffet serving ribs and all other American dishes? Maybe you should go try Cafe Havana's Weekday Lunch Buffet at roughly about 500Php. Mags said that they serve good food their as well. She also offered for us to try Bistro Remedios since it was just me and Elizabeth who were familiar with the place.

Liza, the server, should also be commended. She knew each and every dish served, answered our dish related questions and even gamely posed for the camera while holding some of the dishes.

It was also the ONLY looloo rendezvoos where the restaurant gave out something for the reviewers to take home - tablea for that yummy Chocolat-eh drink! Not only that, they also gave us each a CD that features Fely J as a restaurant, it's dishes and the LJC group in general. So generous!

Thanks so much looloo crew for this invite and for not getting tired of me. It was definitely nice to see new faces! Shoutout to Shayne B, Kevinross B, Dennis O, Elizabeth S, Mark L & Rachel T 128522

P.S. Who is Fely J? Fely J is the mom if the founder of the LJC Group - Lorenzo J. Cruz with a nickname of Larry - thus the name of the two restaurants. Abe, if your curious about it, is the name if Larry's dad.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

when i was invited by Peanut D to the #looloorendezvoos i got excited because it's my first time to attend such an event. even if it was far from where i came from, I instantly said yes before I checked my schedule.

I've always eaten here but not of the late. in fact, this is where we always bring our foreign guests so they can eat real filipino food.

after more than an hour of driving in heavy traffic, I arrived at the restaurant late. before i entered, I was having second thoughts if I should go in or not. i was excited and at the same time shy. but since I'm there, i might as well go in.

i told the waitress/receptionist that there's a reservation for looloo. but she couldn't find it. she showed me the paper and on top of the list it said "bloggers". i told her that's the one and she led me to a function room.

when I entered the room, i was warmly welcomed by Peanut D and introduced me to everyone including Malou and Mags (both from the LJC group), Roegan T, Odell R, Dennis O, Rachel T, Kevinross B, Elizabeth S, Clarissa P. i hope I didn't forget anyone. Shayne B arrived after me.

Odell was such a clown but he doesn't look like one. it was interesting to find out that Dennis and Rachel were office mates but they didn't know about it because Smart was too big. maybe they'll be "good" friends because of #looloo.

both Malou and Mags gave some history about the ljc group and answered some questions asked by us. they also told us that we can order anything on the regular menu that was not included in the special menu they provided.

anyway, here's my review. hehe

10024 vietnamese fresh spring rolls 128077128077128077
I'm not really into fresh spring rolls but I'll still eat it. hehe i cut the spring rolls into three. on the first third of the spring roll, i put some peanut sauce on it and I didn't really enjoy it. it was lacking taste. so on my second third i put some thai sauce. it brought out the taste of the vegetables and the shrimp. I enjoyed it very much. so i put the thai sauce again on the last third of the roll to finish it up. the wrapper was a bit sticky and some wrapper got stuck on the plate.

10024 utan ilonggo soup 128077128077128077128077
this is one of the nicest vegetable soups I've eaten/drank. it's a big thing i said that because I'm not a vegetable eater. hehe the vegetables were cooked just right. it still had the crispiness therefore it was not over cooked. the shrimps served were big. it's borderline to the size of a prawn. and the shrimp i ate was on the sweet side, and that's a good thing. the soup lacked taste. I was looking for something I don't know. hehe but that might be the correct taste for which I'm not sure.

10024 bistek tagalog ng kano 128077128077128077128077128077
this the group's favorite. the u.s. angus beef was very tender, either thickly or thinly cut, i loved it. the taste of the sauce was just like how my mom makes it. it was superb. I think I finished half of the serving. it was that good. the onions were still crispy as well.

10024 chicken "mabuting" inasal 128077128077128077128077
the chicken was juicy and tender. and the good thing was the skin was still intact. hehe

10024 lola ising's adobo (not sure if i got the name right as it was not on our menu) 128077128077128077128077
the pork was very tender. the taste was good. but my favorite adobo is still my mom's. hehe

10024 lengua rendang 128077128077128077128077
I'm not into eating rendang specially if the meat came from a lamb. obviously I'm not a lamb eater as well because I don't like the "lansa". but this dish exceeded my expectation. the lamb tongue was very soft and the sauce was very flavorful, there was no "lansa". I'd order this again when I go back.

10024 sugpo sa kamias 128077128077128077128077
i love prawns and i think i ate 3 pieces. but I wasn't able to taste the kamias. is that good or bad? I don't know. hehe

10024 fely js temple crab 128077128077128077128077128077
it's a fried crab. and below it was fried rice. the rice was good and the crab was sweet. in fact, i got another serving of rice.

10024 fely js dilisccious rice 128077128077128077128077128077
this is self explanatory. it's fried rice and on top of it was crispy dilis. very very good.

10024 felijini signature drink 128077128077128077128077
when the waiter asked me what drink I wanted, I replied with a question too, "what's your specialty?" in which he said, "felijini". this signature drink is like a fruit cocktail juice. it's a combination of different fruits and it tasted good. i wanted to order another glass but i was shy. hehe

for dessert, there were 4 choices:
10024 sikreto ni maria 128077128077128077128077128077
when i tasted this. I immediately remembered the thai sticky rice I always eat in bangkok but this one has a twist. this dessert was drenched with coconut milk. the mango was sweet and the sticky rice was cooked right. I think I consumed 4 slices of mango. again, i wanted more but too shy to ask. hehe

10024 cassava bibingka with buko 128077128077128077128077128077
I'm not into eating cassava but this made me eat a lot. it was stupendous.

10024 maja blanca 128077128077128077128077
their version looks different and they've done it well. it was served with a generous portion of corn on top of the white sauce. very good indeed.

10024 sans rival cake
I didn't eat this because Shayne B wanted it all. 9996️ so I gave my portion to her. hehe

I wasn't able to try the piña rice and the ginataang nangka at lamang dagat.

overall it was a great experience and I hope I get invited again. hehe

before I close, i want to thank looloo for inviting me and for giving a token for attending. and thank ljc group for letting us taste their signature dishes gratis and giving a pack of chocolate tablea for us to take home.

#loolooapp #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Kevinross B.
5.0 Stars

First time to join the #looloorendezvoos! Woot! At the same time, it was also my first time to dine in at Fely J’s who sponsored the event! First thing I did when I was invited to the rendezvoos was that I looked at the looloo reviews below just to get a small idea of what to I should look forward to. To be honest, I did not expect much when I found out that they serve Filipino/Asian food coz basically, the flavors are already familiar.

So I went to Fely J’s just like a regular customer and I was immediately greeted by the server. I told her that I was there for the looloo event. It seemed like she wasn’t familiar with the term - looloo, so she checked her reservation book and apparently, they reserved a room for us under the name “BLOGGERS”. Yup! It was written on the first record of their reservation book and I was like, “Wow, we’re bloggers now! Cool, ok! haha”.

We had Malou and Mags from the Fely J’s team who joined us at dinner to explain to us the food that they will be serving that night. As well us, answer our queries about the history of Fely J’s. I really appreciated that they took the time to sit down and join us. Also, Chef “Lui”(Not sure of the spelling of his name. Hehe), the chef who prepared all our food also dropped by to say Hi.

They served us a lot of specials and I have to say, the flavors they incorporate and the execution exceeded my expectations! Here’s why:

For starters, we had:

1. Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls served with peanut and Thai sauce - I’m not a big fan of fresh spring rolls, but I actually liked this appetizer especially with the Thai sauce. The Spring rolls had fresh veggies and shrimp inside it. 11088110881108811088

2. Utan Ilonggo - A clear broth vegetable soup with clams, shrimp, malungay, saluyot leaves and lemon grass. Lemon grass really dominated in flavor. 110881108811088

On to the main course:

1. Sugpo Sa Kamias - Peeled Prawns with with a mild curry flavor. I liked this dish too, because 1 - The prawns were peeled (I’m too lazy to peel prawns. hehe) and 2 - The curry touch was spot on. Not overpowering, but you can definitely taste it. 11088110881108811088

2. Bistek Tagalog ng Kano - Thin slices of U.S. Black Angus sirloin. I loved the meat because it was very tender. It wasn’ tough to chew. This was one of the favorites of the group that night. 1108811088110881108811088

3. Lengua Rendang - The meat they used here was lamb. Also nicely executed. The meat was tender and it didn’t have the “lansa” smell that lamb meat has. 110881108811088

4. Ginataang Nangka at Lamang Dagat - Honestly I didn’t enjoy this dish. Tasted like normal ginataan and I could figure out what I was eating. Haha. 110881108811088

5. Pina Rice - I didn’t enjoy this one too. The rice was fine, but the pineapple was off for me. It was very sweet to be combined with the rice. Meron syang umay factor. hehe

6. Fely J’s Dilisccious Rice - This was the rice for me! I think you can just order this alone and be satisfied aleady! 1108811088110881108811088

7. Black Pepper Crab - While the other looloo reviewers loved it, I didn’t. Haha! I love pepper flavor, but biting big bits of black pepper isn’t how I like to consume food with. 11088110889996🏼️

8. Fely J’s Temple Crab - Fried crab on top of garlic fried rice. This one was just ok for me. Maybe because i’m also not a fan of eating crab. Hehe. 110881108811088

9. Lola Ising's Adobo - This was the highlight of all dishes for me and I think for Odell too! Haha! This is a must try! As what Odell said, You can literally slice the meat with your spoon! That's how tender the pork was. Plus the saltiness and sourness had the right amount. Imagine that while the meat just melts in your mouth! Yum! 1108811088110881108811088

Now for our desserts we had Sansrival, Cassava Bibingka with Buko, Maja Blanca and Sikreto ni Maria. My favorite was the Cassava Bibingka with Buko. It’s still served warm and it wasn’t too sweet.

Overall, I had a great time dining here at Fely J’s. I will definitely come back and bring my family to let them try the food.

I also had a great time talking and sharing stories with Shayne B, Roegan T, Rachel T., Dennis O, Peanut D, Elizabeth S, Clarissa P, Odell R, Mark L. Nice meeting you guys! See you around! 128522

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Rachel T.
5.0 Stars

This entry will be quite special to me because I will be writing this review as an invitee to my 1st ever Looloo Rendezvoos. But of course honest opinion will still be taken into consideration despite the free food.

At 1st, I was a bit hesitant to join the event since I am a shy type of person, I do not know what will happen after meeting a bunch of strangers and what will be the flow of events. As Peanut D said, she was a stranger extending invites and i will be surrounded by people whom I haven't met at all except knew them only as another Looloo App user yet I'd be agreeing to meet with them. But Ruth D encouraged me to do so as she said it would be fun, i'll learn new things and gain a new experience from it. So I let destiny take over...destiny let me get off work early that night (i was on overtime for 3 straight nights prior the event) and the event was just 20 minutes walk from my office. So yeah, all signs telling me to attend it.

Fely J's was easy to spot due to its distinct interior. You can easily identify it as a filipino restaurant. The event was located inside one of Fely J's function room.

The staffs of Fely J's were very accommodating and nice. They also help serve us each portions of the menu that they want us to try. Each dish was also introduced on what it was made of. They even gave us a background about Fely J's and other LJC restos (hopefully i will be able to try the other LJC restos)

I'll probably just write down my favorite dishes during the event as they served a lot.

Fresh lumpia - recommendable for healthy eaters, i like combining it with the peanut sauce

Utan Ilonggo - i am not a fan of sour soups (yes i am one of those people cause most filipinos like sour soups) so this one was ok for me and i like vegetables and clams. The clams' taste was subtle and the soup was not salty

Sugpo sa kamias - i so love prawns and curry plus the taste was very light not making it nakakaumay

Dilisccious rice - its plain rice topped with soft crunchy dilis, perfect combination.

Temple crab rice - fried garlicky rice and crabs...need i say more?

Adobo ni lola ising - this adobo is so soft that you dont need any effort to slice it. It reminds me of the chinese dish patatim.

Other main dishes served: bistek tagaloh ng kano, chicken inasal, lengua rendang, ginataang nangka at laman dagat, pina rice and black peppered crab

For dessert, my favorite was the sans rival. It was just perfect; not very sweet and with just the right amount of crunch-iness and creaminess and i couldnt get enough of it. I had to control myself as i cannot eat too much sweets.

Other desserts served: sikreto ni maria (try it for yourself to learn what the secret is all about), cassava bibingka with buko and maja blanca (with a twist)

For the drinks, they offered us the Felyjini which was a refreshing mixed of fresh fruit juices.

It was very nice meeting all these foodlovers; a fun night indeed.

Thanks Fely J's for the tablea giveaway and thanks Looloo for the gift bag items.

Till the next one.

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Feeling 10x cooler because finally, nakaattend na ko ng #looloorendevooz! 128540127881128079🏼128079🏼128079🏼

We had dinner at Fely J's and I went straight there to meet them after work. I felt anxious at first so I didn't enter at the resto until I called Peanut D! 128586128584

Fast forward to food... We had the ff:

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls - 11088110881108811088️ This one reminded me of the spring rolls I had in a legit Viet resto in Puerto Princesa! 9786
Utan Ilonggo - 110881108811088
Sugpo sa Kamias - 1108811088110881108811088
Bistek Tagalog ng Kano - 11088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088️ OH MAN THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE!!!!! 128525 If only there's no dessert, I would eat a lot of this dish with rice!!! The beef is tender and very tasty!
Chicken "mabuting" Inasal - Wasn't able to try this. 128557
Lengua Rendang - 11088110881108811088️ I actually don't like eatig lengua but I tried it cos of Kevinross and Roegan. I liked it, it's spicy and soft! 9786️ I only had a little tho.
Ginataang Nangka at Lamang Dagat - 11088110881108811088️ Is this the shrimp?
Pina Rice - 110881108811088
Felt J's Dilisccious Rice - 110881108811088
Black Pepper Crab - 11088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088️ THIS IS ALSO MY FAVORITE!!!! 128525128525128525128525
Fely J's Temple Crab - Fried alimango crab on a rice, I liked this one actually. 110881108811088110889786
Adobo (?) - Forgot the exact name but I love this one also!!! 11088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088

For desserts...
Sansrival cake
Cassava Bibingka with buko
Maja Blanca
Sikreto ni Maria (Shhh)

Well, for desserts, to be honest, I liked everything! 128525 I'm a dessert person. Hahahah in our area (Kevin Ross, Roegan, Odell, and Mark's), I think I ate 80% of the desserts served and only left 20% for the men to eat. 128540128584 Oops sorry. I just love sweets so much! My favorite among the desserts is the maja blanca, love the creaminess and the generosity of corn". It was kind of bitin for me tho. 128540128584

The servers were very attentive and I love the hospitality of them. ☑️ And hey, they served A LOT of food! 128563128563128563

Anyway, I was still a bit shy last night, but thank you very much for all the people I was with! 10084️ IMPORTANT NOTE: I was surprised Odell R is not a fat guy! 128586128561 NOT. A. FAT. GUY. HAhahaha! It was nice meeting you Peanut D @elizabeth S. Clarissa P Mark L Roegan T Dennis O Kevinross B Rachel T Odell R! 9786️ You guys are awesome! 128513128079🏼 This isn't the last. 9786

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

This is my 1st looloo rendesvooz invite and I'm very glad that I've attended. At first I've got a little hesitation because I didn't know what to expect but it turned out pretty well. Got to met new food buddies and appreciated more the looloo community. My greatest surprise to meet in person was the ever active Odell R. Thought he would look like a fat clown based on his looloo profile pic hahaha..

This food meet up was c/o Fely J's Kitchen so we were served lot of their great signature dishes. Here are some of my favorite from the list.
128205Utan Ilonggo - a visayan seafood veggie soup that tasted a little bit of tinola. I love the rich veggie flavor of the soup that made the soup tasted kinda healthy in a way.
128205Sugpo sa Kamias - it was 3 big sugpo with a creamy curry soup. I loved it and the sour taste of the kamias where nowhere to be found. Luckily I like it that way not a big fan of kamias. 128522
128205Lengua Rendang - seldom do I get to eat lengua cooked in a different way. This was a hit for me I always love lengua but this gave a new kind of twist for me. The lengua cooked perfectly soft and the rendang sauce was not that spicy but got the flavorful spices.
128205Black Pepper Crab - reminds me of the one that I've tried in Singapore. I love the mild spiciness of the black pepper sauce.
128205Lola Isings Adodo - a LJC signature dish. The pork was very tender that it was so good. It was the crowds favorite of the night.
128205Fely J's Temple Crab Rice - among the variety of rice that was serve this was my favorite. Love the garlicky crab taste that brought rich flavor to the rice.
128205Sikreto ni Maria - for the dessert this my fave. It was similar to the thai sticky rice with mango soaked in coconut milk.
Overall my perception of Fely J's have somewhat change after trying all those delicious dishes. Before I was thinking Fely J's as just another filipino resto but to my surprise their specialty are various asian cuisine. Great service and great food. Also nice meeting the friendly people of Fely J's. Learned a lot about LJC because of you guys and you made me wanna try cafe havana during daytime to avoid the foreign crowd.128518128076

Till the next food meet up! Nice meeting you guys Peanut D , Elizabeth S, Clarissa P, Mark L ,Shayne B, Roegan T, Kevinross B. Thank You also Special mention to co smartee Rachel T. Itayo ang bandera nang smart!128522

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Dinner w/the family plus my cousin! Had their Seafood Kare Kare, Chicken Inasal, Papaya Salad and Calamares. All were good especially the Seafood Kare Kare! Had to stop myself from ordering another serving of rice 128513

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Joan C.
5.0 Stars

Try Sikreto ni maria clara for dessert. Quite intriguing...

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Kiko G.
3.0 Stars

No matter what time it is, this place is always full everytime I pass by but was never interested in trying it. It's probably the doddering ambiance and most people dining looks too serious talking about business haha.

My friend opted to dine here because he was craving for Filipino food. We the Pork Adobo and Seafood Kare-Kare.

The adobo was too garl-icky for me. It could use a bit more vinegar to even out the strong flavor and smell. The meat was very tender though and it's a huge plus. The Kare-Kare was okay. It has squid, shrimps, amd mahi-mahi pero sobrang kaunti.

We tried their best dessert, Sikreto ni Maria Clara. i can only identify Suman and ice cream but this was the bomb. My saving grace.

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