Fernando's Hotel

Rizal St., Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Fernando's Hotel
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April H.
3.0 Stars

Fernando's Hotel has been around since 1994 and is arguably the most popular hotel in Sorsogon. This was our hotel for the Sorsogon leg of our trip. It can be found in the heart of the city, standing beside an events venue and across a spa.

Our group occupied 10 deluxe rooms, which had a ref, hot and cold shower/tub, and cable TV. Unfortunately, there was no cable due to the power interruption in the city. They were running on gen set when we were there. The rooms were very old, looks like they were never renovated since the 90s. Oh, the decor screams 80s btw. It had this weird musty smell that lingered. The sheets were really scratchy and my allergies were triggered by the covers. The bathroom badly needed an update, I swear. The wood was already starting to rot in some places.

They have a new wing with new and very clean rooms. Half of us stayed at the new rooms (I think there were only 6-7 deluxe rooms on the second floor of the old building & some were already occupied) and they were lucky! I suggest that you request a room in the new wing if you can... They also have a pool in the back, but you have to ask the staff if it's okay to swim. Not too sure why though.

Anyway, we didn't mind because we barely stayed in our rooms. We did arrange for a packed lunch for our beach trip and they sent 3 waiters to prepare and serve the meal for us. Wow!128513 They also sent an ice chest full of semi-cold water bottles. There was no ice anywhere at the time, so this was a real struggle.

The food was okay to good... Stick to the inihaw stuff. The staff were super nice and even the owners were very hands on and super nice. We had fun chatting with them. I really liked their hospitality. They wanted us to try the Binut-Ong, a sticky rice dessert/snack that is popular in the Bicol region. The rice is placed inside banana leaves, sealed, and cooked with coconut milk. Best eaten with tsokolate made the traditional way with a batirol. This was really good and really cheap!

Overall, the stay was still pretty good. Make sure you stay in the new rooms though!!!128515

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