Figaro Coffee Company

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Figaro Coffee Company
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John S.
4.0 Stars

Inspired by the looloo reviews i read on their last visit, i tried the place out. Of course I didn’t order what they reviewed lol, just wanted a light meal while waiting for an interview ahehe.

Got myself the ceasar salad, and it was good. Great balance of veggies, chicken, cheese and bacon. Size was bigger than the average, and puno yun plate. Pwede na!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

When I was in college, I used to tambay a lot in Figaro Rob Place Manila to study. It was the most peaceful cafe in the mall where I can concentrate with school work. Until it got plagued by unpleasant customers, DOMs and their "escorts", which threw me off. Honestly, I haven't visited a Figaro branch in years because there are better options plus my last 2 encounters with their drinks and food were unpleasant.

Then came a |ooloo invite. I was a little hesitant when I got the invite for dinner. But since I love |ooloo without expectations, I jumped right in! G basta si Peanut D. lol

From one venue to another, I must admit I don't know my way around Makati. Good thing I was with Sandy P. (bait ko sayo dito beh LOL) and Vinny L.! Got to the venue in one piece on a night where it was feakin hard to book a ride!

The store had this old Figaro vibe - very yellowish in lighting, old school set-up and nothing fancy. They revamped their menu - dishes and drinks. I ordered a drink and went for their Matcha Green Tea Frappe because it was a best seller according to Figaro's Manager. I must say that it was indeed good. Though I would prefer a stronger kick of Matcha, because I like my Matcha strong, this drink still delivered.

Then we went on to try some of their new dishes.

| Salads: Mexican Taco Salad & Asian Chicken Salad

> Mexican Taco Salad: at first I though this was the normal Nachos but the crisp greens made it confusing. Nonetheless, I liked it! Topped with ground beef, cheese, tomato salsa and black beans, it was a good starter.

> Asian Chicken Salad: This was simple but I liked the uncomplicated flavors. Everything was fresh - from the greens to the tomatoes and the Mandarin oranges! Topped with strips of grilled chicken and candied walnuts, the Asian Vinaigrette dressing made all the difference. It was sweet and tangy at the same time with a good sesame flavor.

| Sandwiches: BLT Croissant & BBQ Pulled Pork

If I were to choose two favorites that night, it would have to be these sandwiches! Figaro knows how to make their sandwiches right!

> BBQ Pulled Pork was on top of my list! Highly recommended and would order this again and again! Perfectly toasted Batard Bread filled with flavorful pulled pork in a sweet and savory bbq sauce, fresh greens, coleslaw and lots of alfalfa sprouts! I would say that the alfalfa spouts made all the difference in this sandwich. It broke the monotonous flavor of the bbq sauce and introduced some freshness! Every bite gave out a crunch from the sprouts. Sarap!

> BLT Croissant was good too. Thick honey-cured bacon, tomato slices, crisp lettuce all in a croissant, I must say that the choice of bread was genius! Though it wasn't the best croissant I've had, it held the meat and veggies well.

| Pizza: Five Cheese and Garlic & Pepperoni

Nothing from this section stood out - sarry! Must be the crust that I didn't like.

> Five Cheese & Garlic Pizza sounded really promising! Mozzarella x parmesan x pizza cheese (whatever this is) x sharp cheddar x cream cheese. I LOVE Cheese Pizza and I am not easily pleased because I am very particular with what I consider delicious! This, though good with great feedback from some of the reviewers, didn't make it to my list. I was looking for a sharp cheese flavor and something towards blue cheese. But that's just my personal preference.

> Sweet Hawaiian Holiday Pizza: I love Hawaiian Pizza because when done right, it's the perfect sweet and salty bomb! This version of Figaro had base of Texas BBQ sauce which IMO was too much. It overpowered the true Hawaiian flavors!

| Pasta: Quattro Formaggio Mac and Cheese & Pasta Ala Carlo

> Quattro Formaggio Mac & Cheese was good! Loaded with pizza cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and cream cheese, this came in with lots of bacon bits!

> Pasta Ala Carlo is a classic one. Coming from their old menu, this one's their signature. This tomato based pasta has basil in it's sauce mixed with tuna chunks, black olives and a drizzling of olive oil. Good for sharing, this pasta is a little on the spicy side.

Just when we thought the food binge was over, they had us try one of their lunch sets - Adobo Flakes with Kare-Kare on he side. Java Rice x a hefty serving of tasty Adobo Flakes and a ramekin of Kare-Kare - the serving was huge and can definitely be shared if you're ordering it with maybe a pasta or sandwich! The Kare-Kare was good with a rich peanut sauce.

For dessert, we had the Banana Fritters a la Mode which was nothing special. Best to get one of their cake slices for dessert.

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner! Learned a lot about the company and how they have expanded their brand. I would love to go back for their sandwiches though and maybe try their fruit smoothies!

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

It's been a while since my last |Rendezvoos. This one is at the heart of Makati, my closest invite yet! YAY! 128525

As a kid, I had this notion of Figaro being really high-end expensive. Coffee shops were not as prevalent during the early 90s, there were no Starbucks during these times and hanging out at coffee shops were unheard of. But here was Figaro in Glorietta with a few tables always occupied with people in suits in a meeting or sipping coffee with a newspaper in hand. No kids, teens, college students can be seen here. It was like the big boys' table, my early-teens-self thought. It wasn't til the Coffee Shop boom in the late 90s that I had the chance (and enough allowance 128513) to try it.

Wala lang nai-share ko lang 128514 bahala na kayo magcompute kung ilan taon na ko 9996128514

So there! I was surprised at the |invite because I never knew that Figaro had Entreés like Kare-Kare?! Sandwiches were a staple but I just had to try their new menu items. 128513

🌮Mexican Taco Salad (P125) – Honestly, I thought it was Nachos. Well, nachos are essentially deconstructed Tacos anyway. 128513 Again, not something you would find in a café as you would have a hard time pairing it with coffee but I believe their cold beverages does the job.

🧀Quattro Formaggio Mac & Cheese (P285) – Mac and Cheese that's not on the salty side, quite surprising considering all that cheese. 128525

127829Five Cheese & Garlic Pizza (P225) - ANG SARAP NITO!!! But I didn't get the chance to try it. 128514 Crowd Favorite!

127829Sweet Hawaiian Holiday Pizza - This I got to try. Didn't like it. Or maybe too generic.

127837Pasta Ala Carlo (P235) – Loved this light tomato Basil Pasta with Tuna. Another Crowd Favorite 128077

127838BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (P280) – loved the sandwich. A bit light on the Smoked BBQ flavor though, or probably too much greens in there that leveled the flavor. The sprouts give it a subtle nutty tone.

127835Adobo Flakes Kare-kare (P269) - The much awaited dish of the night. I mean, Kare-Kare at Figaro? Hmmm 🤔 I don't know why they would call it Adobo Flakes when it is clearly Pulled Pork Adobo. Flakes are supposed to be crunchy this has pulled pork textures. Nonetheless, it pairs very well with the Kare-Kare Sauce that comes with some vegetables mainly Banana Heart, Beans, Eggplant, and some Leaves. And if you're asking, it doesn't come with Bagoong. The Adobo Flakes are flavorful enough to give character to the Peanut Sauce. I ate 2 plates of this. I would've eaten more if I had more time. But the Parking Lot is about to close at 10pm 128557

127820Banana Fritters a La Mode (P160) - Banana Fritters or "Turon" is supposed to be crunchy but I guess anything that gets soaked with Ice Cream becomes mushy128513 so I don't mind. Banana Turon with Langka, Ice Cream, and Caramel Drizzle. A perfect ending that is still a decent pair with Coffee. 128077

Sadly I had to rush out because of the Parking situation while everyone else are still finishing off the food.

Thanks to Figaro for Sponsoring the Food, and to Peanut D and the |ooloo Crew for Organizing a |ooloo Rendezvoos in Makati 128525

And to my fellow |ooloo reviewers, til the next Rendezvoos! Di ko na kayo iisa-isahin ang dami natin eh 128514

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Yay for another looloo rendezvoos!

Their coffee still remains to be a goodie! I could really taste the almond in their Almond Latte (Regular at P130) as well as the kick of espresso. Nice latte art on this one too. 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed their Asian Chicken Salad (P219). I liked the paired vinaigrette on this as it balanced the whole salad. It wasn’t that acidic too which I liked.

As much as I want to be healthy, their Mexican Taco Salad (P225) won me over. I liked the flavor on the ground beef and slight heat I got from those jalapeños.

Some mac & cheese tend to be cloying. This one wasn’t. Their Quattro Formaggio Mac & Cheese (P285) was very light in the sense that I could have more bites (and I did). I did have trouble in getting my share for the cheese was gooey. But cheese is cheese. 128512

They definitely didn’t scrimp on the bacon on their BLT Croissant (P225). It paired well with the butter croissant, lettuce and tomatoes.

I wanted to love their BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (P280). I really do. The pork was good and tender. And overall, the sandwich was good. But I was looking for that tangy BBQ taste which I find to be lacking. Or maybe my portion of this didn’t have much sauce. Hmm…

Since I had to leave early that night, I wasn't able to taste the other dishes. But with the ones I was able to try, I wouldn't mind dropping by their nearest branch. It's one of those good old cafes that never fails to please one's palate. I like how they are very inventive too not just to be one with the trend but also to please their customers both new and old. 🙂

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Mei O.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to Looloo's invite (and to Ate Peanut D) for a rendezvoos, I have finally gone to Makati again to set foot inside a cafe.

Welcome to Figaro! I used to frequent the Wilson branch and bought their flavored coffee beans (hazelnut and butterscotch) so I was excited to be reacquainted with this place. I'm going to save you the history as Bernisse C and Sandy P have given us quiz bee-worthy of information.

For the coffee lovers - 128075🏻128556
> Caffeine runs through my veins and so when they told me to order something off the drinks list, I tried out something I know I won't order on a regular day - a Cappuccino Frappe. 128563

Why make a cold (or iced) cappuccino? But then again, let's elevate my question more - why do we have a Cappuccino Frappe?? I just thought it would still give me the taste of coffee (vs the other frappes) which it thankfully did. I guess this is Figaro's take on the classic cappuccino. It's a good treat on a warm day.

They have also started offering single origin beans (I saw they have Ethiopian and Colombian beans) but the only method they offer aside from the espresso machine is through a french press. You have to ask for availability. :)

For those who want to grab a grub:
> Pasta ala Carlo is their herb and oil-based sauced pasta. It's their pesto pasta and I almost forgot to share when I was devouring this. 128526

> Five Cheese and Garlic Pizza 128538
You can't go wrong with cheese. And what is something that has 5 kinds of cheese? You call that The One. 9757🏻128536 This Five Cheese is The One.
Just like that.

> Taco Salad and Asian Chicken Salad
I might be biased here but taco salads have always been a favorite of mine because of the distinct and exciting taste. This is something I will order again (and again) and again.

The Asian Chicken salad was just served right at around Php200. It had nothing new though if you're expecting something but it serves right into comfort food category.

> Mac and Cheese
I got to taste the mac and cheese when it has already cooled down so it can probably utter a twisted Popoy-inspired (One More Chance) line at me, "They had me at my best, you had me at my worst. So I'm going to break your heart." 🤷🏻‍♀️

> Adobo Flakes and Kare-Kare
Since Figaro started in the Philippines, no one should be surprised that they are now offering rice meals. And so, they introduced 2 panalo Filipino ulams in one go - adobo flakes and kare-kare! It's served with java rice but you can order it with plain rice if you don't like lots of flavors having a fiesta in your mouth. I asked the girl next to me (aka Bernisse) and she said that the flakes had absorbed the taste of adobo and it's just tender enough to enjoy.

The kare-kare was just right. No need to add bagoong but it will still make you want to eat more.

> Banana Fritters
It was also not a good day for the banana fritters. The fritters were not at their best self and I'm not sure how it can go wrong since you have ice cream and caramel sauce, but apparently it's possible. 🤦🏻‍♀️

What this trip made me realize is that Figaro is a good stop/option if I am waiting for traffic to pass or if I want a place I can work at and still have decent food without depriving myself of my favorites (salad, pasta, and rice haha).

It does not boast of a creative menu nor a thorough coffee selection but it wants to be your go-to place if you're in the mood for the classics and the familiar.

After all, with all the new places and food twists, sometimes we just want what's familiar and reassuring. Figaro hits that spot with a homerun.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Figaro Coffee was founded in 1993 and now with 95 outlets worldwide. I just knew that it was established by 7 friends, headed by Pacita Juan and Reena Francisco with the objective of delivering excellent service and serving good coffee to customers.

It’s very seldom that I visit this coffee shop so thank you Peanut D and | team for the invite! I was able to appreciate and understand its uniqueness among other coffee places.

About the food:

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (P280) – Good thing I was able to eat a piece of this, everyone loved this! I like its consistency, how the savory pulled pork blended with bbq sauce.

Adobo Flakes Kare-kare (P269) - This has classic pork adobo flakes served with kare-kare soup and Java rice. They mentioned that they cooked the adobo flakes as soft as it is on purpose, not the usual crispy flakes because they want that the flavor would be more consistent. This is also good and a must try!

Pasta Ala Carlo (P235) – The main reason why I love this is because it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. It’s made with light tomato basil sauce, tuna chunks, black olives and olive oil. This is also their best seller.

Quattro Formaggio Mac & Cheese (P285) – Because BACON. Period. Lol! It has bacon bits, mozzarella, cream cheese and pizza cheese. I like that it has a lot of cheese though I think it’s better to eat when hot cos it’s gonna be a bit harder later on.

Five cheese & Garlic (P225) – We we’re drooling when this was served and I like that it’s perfectly mixed with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cream, Pizza and Sharp Cheddar cheeses and flavourful garlic sauce. Medyo bitin yung isa for us and I think we can finish a whole, each. Haha

Mexican Taco Salad (P125) – this is also good! It has jalapeños, cheddar cheese, beef, salad greens, tomato salsa and black beans.

Banana Fritters a La Mode (P160) - since i was so full, I wasnt able to try this! But they said it’s good. It has vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce with white chocolate.

Overall, I like how Ms Joanne patiently managed us cos we were all hyper that night. Lol! She really took time to explain and discuss the history, current market status, sales performance, management, events and all the important info about Figaro. She’s been with the business for 15 years and she knows best already. The staff were very accommodating (Special thanks to Kuya Vin for letting me borrow his apron and for his VERY prompt action! Haha) Thank you to the chefs as well for explaining the dishes. It was really a fun and full night!

It was nice meeting you guys Mei O Clarissa P Eboy D Mae A Vinny L! Great to see you again Bernisse C Kristin A Marc M 10084️ Til next time!

Thank you for all the giveaways from | and Figaro! 🤗

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

When I think of Figaro I think of the Figaro of my childhood (naks!). When all they served was a page full of different sandwiches and pastas to pair up with their locally sourced coffee. They had the third wave going even before the hip coffee shops had the slight thought of what single source is. In an effort to bring Figaro to a new generation of Coffee and Cafe loving crowds of Manila and beyond, they streamlined their menu and introduced seasonal items to cater the varying tastes of a very decerning market. Sadly, my favorite Grilled Eggplant Sandwich did not make the cut and was left out of the menu for good. Here's what we had:

Asian Chicken Salad - dressing served on the side. This light crisp salad is a great starter to any meal. I like the mandarin segments thrown in for color and sweetness. I think i tasted some carameled nuts too. The nutty cheese is a nice addition but nothing Asian about it.

BLT Croissant - thick cuts of bacon ham with a generous helping of tomatoes and lettuce, this soft buttery sandwich is good enough for two or one hungry sandwich fiend.

Adobo Flakes Kare Kare - i was pleasantly surprised by this dish. The adobo flakes was soft and paired really well with the Kare Kare sauce. The vegetables was crunchy and lend a nice healthy twist to a heavy meal. I happily finished the cup of rice. I will be back for this.

Mexican Taco Salad - the taco meat is the star of this salad.

Quattro Formaggio Mac and Cheese - light white cheese on macaroni. Topped with chopped up thick bacon / ham bits.

Five Cheese and Garlic Pizza - Pizza Cheese! That is a new discovery. Generously slathered with five different kinds of cheeses, each distinct and delicious.

Pasta a la Carlo - a crowd favorite retained from the original menu. Good to share.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich - another surprise sandwich that i enjoyed. The pulled pork was seasoned beautifully and the alfalfa sprouts gave it a distinct freshness.

Sweet Hawaiian Holiday Pizza - not a fan but kids may enjoy the sweet tangy barbeque.

Banana Fritters - smaller version of turon topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.

For my drink i tried the Macademia Frappe. It has that "almost" Holiday season taste to it.

An appeal to Figaro - please reconsider putting back on your menu the Grilled Eggplant Sandwich because it is the only (almost) vegetarian friendly dish you have. With the NEW dishes on offer, there is a reason for you to rediscover this proudly Filipino Coffee Institution.

Disclaimer: Meals sponsored by Figaro. Thank you Figaro Management and Peanut D for the invite.

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TheMitch M.
4.0 Stars

First of all, thank you for the invite!

The Looloo Rendezvoos with Team
Kaladkarin and Peanut and Eboy was eye opening!

I do not know where these people put all that food they eat.

Guys, pro-tip from a newbie.

If they invite you, do not eat the meal before the rendezvoos.

These are pros you are with!!!

Let's get to the food!!!!

As always, Figaro is a classic.

Kasabayan ng Starbucks but this is a LOCAL company.

Founded by a couple of buddies who loved coffee.

They started out as a stall in Glorietta. Way back nung may Quad pa. (hello oldies)

The name back then.. "F". O dibs. How mysterious. How fun. How forward thinking. How fyutiful.

I forget why it evolved into Figaro but I hope it has a connection to The Bohemian Rhapsody.

I digress.

So, imagine a start-up business back in the early 90's. Fighting against the likes of Starbucks.

They must have done something right to still be here.

What is that something right?

Good coffee and good food in a place you'd love to stay in.

The ambience kind of makes you so relaxed thT the coffee balances you out.

The food..oh the food!

It's no longer your cookies and cake and coffee shop.

Figaro serves kanin!

Aside from pasta and bread and pizza but mehn..kanin!!

Try out their 4 cheese pizza or was it 5? Any more than 4 and I know you'd be dizzy.

The pulled pork sandwhich was divine. I wanted to pocket it and take it home.

Parang OFW na may pasalubong.

Pero ubos. As in ubos!!!! Sa isang iglap wala na.

Now, I'm going to tell you about one of their dishes na baka may magalit.

Wag muna magtaob ng lamesa ha..wait lang.

Yung Kare-kare nila walang..walang bagoong.

Pero sis..bes..mars..easy lang.

Ang sarap.

It worked. Para siyang anak ng dalawang panget pero ang ganda ng labas.

Kare-kare na may Adobo flakes. W.T.F. Di ba? Naramdaman ko yung galit ng mga ninuno ko na nag sakripisyo ng buhay nila noong panahon ng Kastila. Alam mo yung feeling na yun?

Pero, yung hindi dapat mag-work, nag-work.

Di na kailangan ng bagoong.

My favorite though was the pasta Ala Carlo.

Yun, masarap. Hitsura pa lang. As in di ka ma shock boogie na masarap siya.

Would defo come back to Figaro.

Remember guys.. LOVE LOCAL EAT LOCAL!

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Way before all these hipster cafes joined the bandwagon, Figaro was already present. Frankly speaking, I never would have imagined that Figaro was a local brand so I was quite surprised when Joanne gave us a brief history about it. Founded in November 1993, a group of coffee lovers started a small kiosk in Glorietta mall of Ayala, Makati selling fresh ground coffee and tea paraphernalia. Their first outlet was called the "F" store. After a few months, the owners decided to give the coffee shop a name. The name Figaro was thought of by the owners as an idea to complete the European concept. They wanted to come up with a name that is widely recognized but not commercially and commonly used. The "Opera: Barber of Seville" has the song "Figaro" which popularized the name, thus Figaro was born.

It’s been a while since my last | rendezvous so I was really excited when I saw an invite from Peanut D! When we got there, Figaro’s marketing manager, Joanne, was very accommodating and informative about their business. She shared her experiences with their customers such as surprise wedding and boyfriend-girlfriend proposals in their cafes! It was really fun to hear stories how Figaro was able to bring two people together and share happiness for the rest of their lives. She also shared which drinks and dishes were the best sellers and which ones we should try depending our preferences. I got a Green Tea Frappe and enjoyed it. 127861

Based from my previous visits with Figaro, I never came across hot plates so I was intrigued when they began serving pizzas, pastas, and even kare-kare! Here are some of my top picks based on what they served:

BBQ PULLED PORK SANDWICH Php280 1108811088110881108811088
I really liked this one. It’s something I would recommend to anyone who wants a filling and flavorful sandwich. A generous serving of tender, sweet and savory pulled pork with special barbeque sauce, fresh greens and coleslaw on batard bread. The meat was not dry compared to some I’ve tried in the past. Really good!

PASTA ALA CARLO Php235 1108811088110881108811088
Sweet and spicy medley of flavors, light tomato basil sauce, capers, tuna chuncks, black olives and olive oil

I think this has to the crowd’s favorite since it was in everyone’s top 3 dishes for the night. It’s not something I have not tried elsewhere but it’s nicely executed. This dish was actually named after one of the seven owners – Carlo. I guess he either conceptualized it or it’s a favorite of his.

FIVE CHEESE AND GARLIC PIZZA Php225 1108811088110881108811088
Figaor’s cheese pizza comprises of – mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese, pizza cheese, sharp cheddar and flavorful garlic sauce. It has everything a good cheese pizza should have – crust, cheese and flavor. The cheese serving was very generous. One bite was all it took for the harmonized cheese flavors to dance inside my mouth. Cheesy goodness! 🧀

One thing did strike my curiosity – what is pizza cheese? Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Apparently, pizza cheese melts evenly as it get cooked and doesn’t burn! Unlike cheddar and mozzarella, it doesn’t leave a mark that it melted just on that spot. I was fascinated. Next time I hit the supermarket, I’m checking out the cheese section for pizza cheese.

ADOBO FLAKES KARE-KARE Php269 1108811088110881108811088
Classic pork adobo flakes, served with Java rice and kare-kare sauce
If you’re looking for crispy adobo flakes, this is not for you. Figaro’s version is almost like pulled-pork adobo. I liked the texture of the meat since its strands were nicely separated and the meat itself was flavorful - mix of saltiness and a slight tangy taste of the classic Filipino adobo. The kare-kare sauce, on the other hand, had a beautiful roasted peanut flavor which complemented the adobo flakes very well. No need for bagoong here! Recommended for those who are looking for a more fuller meal.

We were also served other dishes which I found were just okay:

BLT CROISSANT Php225 11088110881108811088
Layers of honey-cured bacon, fresh lettuce and ripe red tomatoes on freshly baked butter croissant
This is actually quite good and the bacon was thicker than usual too. I just wished the bacon was cooked a bit more since I prefer a more crispy texture.

QUATTRO FORMAGGIO MAC & CHEESE Php285 11088110881108811088
Mozzarella, paremesan, cream cheese and pizza cheese
I couldn’t include this on the top picks list since there was something missing which I could still not point my finger on 🤔 It’s cheesy but not the type of cheese flavor I’m looking for when I think of mac and cheese.

MEXICAN TACO SALAD Php225 110881108811088
Fresh salad greens, ground beef, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, corn and black beans

ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD Php219 110881108811088
A medley of crisp greens, red tomatoes, grilled chicken, sesame seeds, candied walnuts, parmesan cheese and sweet tangy Asian vinaigrette

A special blend of three cheeses with sweet ham, pineapple chunks and bacon on a tangy texas barbeque sauce
Sorry to say, this is not good. The sauce just did not compliment it well. There’s just something really off.

Last but not the least, we were served their BANANA FRITTERS for dessert! It's like mini turons with caramel sauce and ice cream on top. I found the turon to be a bit soggy and chewy though.

Overall, I really enjoyed the night. Nice meeting and seeing everyone again Sandy P, Marc M, Kristin A, Vinny L, Clarissa P, Eboy D, TheMitch M, Mei O, and Mae! Thank you to Joanne of Figaro as well for the invite and giveaways 128149

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Christian S.
4.0 Stars

Try this macho green tea frap, not bad i can say 128513

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

Pasta and Sandwich with coffee to have our dinner with my bestfriend. Post bday celeb also for her.
This is nice and quiet place. Wide space also.
We enjoyed the promo card she have.
Nice service. Clean restroom and good ambience.10084

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Maureen S.
4.0 Stars

Just wanted something to munch on and good thing, Rochelle C and I have been dropping by Figaro every now and then. So we did! 128522
Had chicken quesadilla and Little Oscar, which was basically sansrival 128536 oh i just loved it! The sansrival was a little chewy but nonetheless good 9786

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Bernie J.
2.0 Stars

Seriously? 185 pesos for a poorly cooked rice, 2 tablespoons of barely sautéed corned beef, a microwaved egg and a sad looking vegetable relish? Their watery coffee didn't help a bit. No wonder this once proud local coffee place is on the decline. I should have crossed the street and ate at Tapa King :(

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Rb G.
4.0 Stars

Another cute latte art on my cup of cappuccino. Nice place, nothing to rave about. Almost bland and boring.

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Triza O.
4.0 Stars

They have pasta, salad, sandwiches and rice meals here. If you have a great ideas card you can avail of their buy 1 free 1 promo

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Bernie J.
3.0 Stars

As much as I want to champion this local coffee chain, I simply can't. :(

Their coffee is either too diluted or too bitter. And it is comparatively more expensive than the other coffee chain that must not be named (clue: it starts with a "star" and ends with a "bucks"). The food looks fancy but tastes mediocre. The only thing good about this place is its Corned Beef and Rice breakfast combo.

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3.0 Stars

Not a fan of Starbucks coffee nor any type of coffee from other coffee shops. Since SB is a bit overrated, my friends and I tried Figaro during our office break. I was looking for Green tea craze similar to that of SB's as is it is my fave. Friend promised there's one in Figaro, but ended up seeing milk tea in Figaro's menu list. Eventually ordered strawberry milkshake. Pardon me once again if I did not order coffee. LOL! At the end of the break? I must say I am coming back for their cheese muffin. Haha! Been craving for cheese muffins and I find theirs best tasting. And oh, anyway, shop has wifi enabled, in case you would need wifi access for sorts of stuff. Next time I visit, I will write another review and post a photo of the place. It is near my workplace, so it is very convenient. :)

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