Filio Bistro

HI-5 Arcade, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, Rizal

Filio Bistro
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Reopens Sun: 10:00a - 11:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

SherieAnn O.
4.0 Stars

Been wanting to visit this place because of the good reviews and finally had the chance to drop by. We were greeted by a live acoustic band as we went here around past 9pm already. The ambiance was relaxing since not so many people were here. Interiors were covered with artful pieces you would fall in love with. All walls has paintings or art pieces mounted on it, really interrsting to see.

Tried out their grilled chicken pesto pasta, was good but not as much as impressive as i was expecting. It does taste good dont get me wrong but i thought it was too dry. Their grilled porkchop with rice was served with just the right amount, meat was cooked right and seasoned well. Their cheesy wings were enjoyed and consumed right away by the kids.

I guess the most unforgettable experience here would be their cheesecakes, their oreo cheesecake was perfect, cheese was packed, firm and smooth and was worth it. The sansrival was a so so, i like my sansrival crunchy with a merengue like texture but this one wasnt any of those. I felt i was eating a spongecake, was so soft and soggy already-didnt get to enjoy it.

Still giving it a 4 because of the ambiance, except for the sansrival the rest were still really good. Affordable too, pruce range from 250 to 300 per plate.

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Pilar M.
5.0 Stars

Best place to hang out with good food and ambiance.

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

I was searching for Filio bistro on my looloo app when I found out that it was not yet included. 128546I thought my phone’s GPS was just acting up while searching for it but no!!! It was really not included, so I immediately sent a request for them to add this restaurant.

Hi Looloo team, thanks for adding this place. 128588 I always recommend this to my friends whenever they ask me where to eat when in Antipolo.

This is one of the first restaurants I’ve tried when we transferred in Antipolo. The place was very welcoming, well-lit and spacious. They have several tables to fit small to big group of hungry customers. Aside from their air-conditioned dining area they have an al fresco for those who want to smoke or just want to feel Antipolo’s breeze especially at night. They also have a function room where you can have private meetings or celebrate occasions etc. Though I’m not sure how much will it cost. I also noticed that they change their wall paintings every once in a while depends on current trends/holidays/occasions. Their female restroom was clean and there were two toilet bowls, 1 with normal size and the other's smaller, perfect for the chikitings. 128521

This is a place where you and your friends can have a long chismisan session, where you can bring your laptop and do whatever unfinished tasks you have while enjoying good food and nice ambiance or for family lunch/dinner. Everyone will definitely have a good reason to come back here.

The staffs were attentive and nice. They answer all our questions regarding their menu and good job for knowing the details of what they serve. Though there were instances wherein they did not know what meals are not available during the day. Took them like 5 mins before getting back to us advising that a certain dish was not available. (hirap kaya mag-isip ng kakainin. HAHAHA) Also, it always takes them a while to serve our orders. 20-30mins tops! Ubos na drinks wala pa food… pffffttt. Sound-tripping nalang muna para makalimutan gutom. They have good playlist though. Modern but on the mellow side.

For the food we ordered:

128055 Ariston’s buffalo wings (149php) – homemade buffalo sauce

  Consist of 6pcs wings. The wings were small, BUT, savoury, no need for some add-on dips. Perfect appetizer while waiting for the main meal.

128055 Buffalo shrimps (209php) – panko crusted shrimps tossed in buffalo sauce

  New addition to their menu. This became an immediate favourite. The shrimps were big and tasty. The coat was not that thick just enough to cover the shrimp. I really don’t know what’s in their buffalo sauce but it’s addicting. This dish was finger-licking good!!!! I almost forgot, it included a dip and vegetable sidings.

128055 Chicken quesadillas (159php) – pita bread, grilled chicken and taco seasoning

 This one’s made of thin pita bread filled with grilled chicken with spices and taco seasonings topped with sliced tomatoes and mangoes. The pita bread was soft but just enough to hold the fillings. Also, hooray for the mango bits on top. It added a distinct flavour to the quesadilla though it was only placed on one side so you have to scoop mangoes every bite. They should have scattered it all over like what they did on the sliced tomatoes.

128055 Basil pesto with grilled chicken (159php) – penne pasta, pesto sauce, grilled chicken breast

 I find this too oily, though the pesto sauce was rich in flavour and the grilled chicken was superb. I think they use same grilled chicken on their quesadillas. A plus also as the penne pasta was cooked al dente.

128055 Seafood arrabiata (159php)- shrimps, clams, mussles, mushrooms, chilies, penne pasta

 We were advised that they do not have clams and mussels at the moment as it was low tide. But still chose this one and jokingly asked the server to add more shrimps. HEHE ohhhh they put 5 large shrimps which really tasted fresh, sulit na for the price (Thanks Kuya for the additional shrimps, if any) . Penne pasta was cooked al dente, I was laughing the moment I saw sliced chilies. I was extra careful not to eat even a single slice. I did not notice any mushrooms at all. Nasan ang hustisya!!! Di rin ba season ng mushrooms??? The pasta was spicy, really spicy…. And mehh tasted bland. I was wondering if it was not spicy how terrible would it’s taste might be. Good thing the shrimps saved this pasta. Nevertheless, I don’t think I will order this again.

128055 Filio’s cheeseburger (199php) – flame grilled all beef patty

  I’m not a burger type of person unless it tasted homemade. Haha this one already is on my burger list. (Though my ultimate fave burger still goes to sweet ecstasy but still have to try The Beef’s burger). The beef patty was delectable oozing with cheese sauce topped with lettuce and tomato slices. The bun used was soft. It also included hefty serving of French fries and dip. I’m really happy whenever I find places which serve good burgers.

128055 Firestarter (249php) – juicy sirloin burger patties smothered in buffalo sauce, topped with jalapeno slices and finished off with blue cheese dressing

  This one was ordered by my brother-in-law. Saw in his face the excitement once he took a bite. It was spicy and flavourful. Still not finished but told us that he will order this the next time we dine in here and…. He did, but was not available the next time. Saw the disappointment on his face and I,too, was disappointed as I really wanted to have this but to no avail. Check check agad ng inventory pleaseeee. Naubusan daw. NO!WHY?NO!!!!!

128055 Home style barbecue ribs (289php) – spice rub ribs, baked and mopped with homemade barbecue sauce served with 2 sides

 The very first meal I ordered here. I was curious as it only cost less than 300php and already with 2 side dishes. The ribs were tender and the fat was so soft (mild putok-batok moment). I really loved the flavours blending in together and with a subtle spicy kick. But I can’t resist to still putting on some of their hot sauce. HAHA Already tried their rustic mashed potatoes, curly fries and dirty rice. The dirty rice was good on its own. The umay factor kicked in when I paired it with the ribs. Plain rice will be a better choice. The curly fries were crispy and reminded me of mcdo’s curly fries minus the fast-food kind of taste. The rustic mashed potato was…. Forget it! Mas masarap pa mashed potato ng KFC. hahaha

128055 Mixed berries smoothie and banana choco smoothie (150php)- both were refreshingly good! Served in a mason jar with a bendable straw. The mixed berries smoothie was drizzled with tiny rainbow colored candies and cherry.

They also have cakes. Tried they sansrival and it was good. It was creamy, soft with lots of nuts toppings. J Also tried one of their cheesecake but forgot what flavour it was. Hahaha

They are also open till midnight and Thursday, Friday and Saturday is their acoustic night. 127908127925127926

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