Fire Lake Grill

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay, Cavite

Fire Lake Grill
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Most Recent Reviews

Loren L P.
5.0 Stars

We've been coming here for over 10 years. We've dined here several times and we've had good experience on all occasions.
I always order the ribeye but this time, my husband and I decided to try their Australian Strip Loin (350g, good for two plus 1 kid) and shared the fettuccine in black truffle with sausage and shitake mushrooms. The steak was surprisingly good! I love ribeye because of the marbling but since I have been trying to eat healthier- perhaps the strip loin is a good alternative. :)

Our server (I got his name but forgot to take note of it) was also very attentive and helpful. I am not one to crave for sweets but he suggested we try the Malibu Rum-poached pineapple carpaccio served with pink peppercorn, candied lime peel, and homemade coconut ice cream. It was also very good. :)

I hope their business continues to thrive as this has been one of our Tagaytay favorites all throughout the years.

  • No. of Comments: 7
Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Celebrating new year's with R's family was fun. There were several kids running around and their reaction to fireworks was priceless. I also learned a bit of mahjong which is a more sophisticated and complicated version of well-loved Filipino card game Tong Its (rummy-type game). When the clock hit 12 midnight, we all cheered for 2016 and also greeted cutie pie P a happy birthday. It must be fun to have the whole world anticipate your birthday with you. And to celebrate P's birthday, we all headed to Cliffhouse Tagaytay for lunch.

Hello, Fire Lake Grill!

It was drizzling when we arrived but that did not hinder us from enjoying the nice view Cliffhouse offers.

When we got settled, I realized that the P's parents already had everything prepared. All we have to do is choose between steak or salmon for our main course. R opted to get the grilled pepper-rubbed Australian strip loin steak while I went with the baked Norwegian salmon fillet.

First served was our Greek-style petite salad tossed with red wine-oregano vinaigrette.

Presentation-wise, it was like I plated it myself. The dressing had that slightly bitter after taste which I dislike. The greens though were fresh and I loved the tangy flavor brought by the small cubes of cheese.

A small cup of leek and potato soup in demitasse sour cream and chives was served next and it was probably the best leek and potato soup I have ever tasted! It was creamy and rich in flavor! I went to soup heaven when I got a taste of the sour cream that balanced off the saltiness of the soup. The only thing I did not like about this dish is that I could easily finish it in one gulp!

Our mains were served next and...

I was disappointed with my salmon fillet. It had a very fishy taste. The thick house tomato sauce tried to mask the taste but failed. In fact, it just murdered the dish even more by giving it an overwhelming taste.

What saved the dish, somehow, was the parsley-buttered noodles. It had a light taste that slightly offset the crazy flavored salmon. Poor salmon fillet. RIP.

R's steak was a lot better than my salmon though still just mediocre for me. The steak was not seasoned enough and made me crave for some Knorr seasoning.

The roasted garlic mashed potato though was good. It was fluffy and undeniably garlicky. Yum!

Dessert soon followed and it was just so-so too. The chocolate mousse tasted a bit different because it was infused with rum. I liked the sesame tuile though.

Overall, it was a decent lunch. But it's not good enough for me to go back for another full course meal. I'll probably head back though for the leek and potato soup. It was that good!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Peach L.
5.0 Stars

Going on a yoyo Looloo hiatus does not mean that I stop eating, too. See, I have an insatiable appetite for anything palatable. So whether or not I talk about it, I still eat it (and then take down notes for future writing) 128513

During our stay in Tagaytay last July (yes, President of BLA here!) for my birthday, I wanted to have lunch at Bawai's before heading back to the polluted cities of Metrow Manila. Bawai's is a small authentic vietnamese restaurant in Tagaytay. It was highly recommended to me by a friend so I just had to try it. Sadly, it was closed. They only have specific days opened. Too bad. 128533

So we went around the "sentro" of Tegeytey and looked for a good alternative (although, my tummy was dead set on eating vietnamese). We didn't want to go back to Balay Dako because we've already been there and I was firm in following the plan of having a "foodie birthday experience".

My bestbud and wife fetched us in our hotel and we carpooled looking for a good restau to silence the monsters growling inside our tummies.

We finally decided to try the Fire Lake Grill.

It didn't have an impressive ambiance. Just a small restaurant overlooking the Taal lake with walls of glass. It boasted of an award given by a famous magazine but I was already wise enough to know that that particular "award-giving body" (parang MMFF!), is not really very reliable in terms of food judgment, IMHO.

Suffice it to say, I was doubtful, with my brow subtly raised, we entered.

The four of us ordered a conservative lunch:

128077128076Pan-seared Foie Gras and grilled fuji apple slice (825) - the rich smoothness of the foie was impeccably melded with the sweet-tarty flavour of the fuji apple. It delivered that pleasing contrast of flavours. I loved it. 128522

128076 Fettuccine Pasta in black truffle cream sauce with smoked garlic sausage and shitake mushrooms (360) - we also had pasta (of course!) And what better kind of pasta to order than truffled pasta? The dish wasn't overwhelmed with sauce but I must say that it lacked that truffle flavour, for me that is. Wouldve been better if it had that lingering truffle taste that shouldve lasted up to a week. Just kidding. 128513 it was good but It needed a little oomph, though. What can I say, Imma truffle lovah. 128055128022127812

128076128076128076Cilantro-cardamom marinated US angus beef kebab (780) - I wanted steak for lunch but to be honest, they're a lil expensive for casual lunch so I opted to have the beef kebab. Although I was a bit hesitant because the word kebab usually gives you the impression that it'll have strong meditteranean flavours, and at the time, I wasn't keen on it. The cilantro-cardamom tandem gave me hope, though. And my instinct was right, it was a really good meat! It's like eating a big, fat, flavourful and juicy steak in skewers! It was cooked as perfect as I wanted it to be. I liked the fact that it didn't have that strong persian flavour I was half-expecting, too!

The steak was the highlight of my lunch. And to top it all of, they gave me a slice of decadent chocolate cake compliments of the chef just because my sneaky friends told them it was my birthday. 128522

I may have been disappointed not being able to eat at Bawai's but Fire Lake Grill was definitely not a let-down.

The service was good as well... or was it because we were the only customer they had having lunch at 3pm? 128540

I'll definitely go back given the chance... or when cravings kick in. 128522128522128076

Oh! I'm writing not because of the #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway but hey! 128513128513128513


  • No. of Comments: 7
Sudhiira L.
4.0 Stars

No frill grill house 128512
Campari orange 128077
Beef salad 128077128077
Grilled salmon 128077128077128077
Service 128588
Ambience 128079

  • No. of Comments: 6
Pau N.
5.0 Stars

Excellent view. Ribeye steak was perfectly cooked :-) Lamb was also good. The chicken also! ;-) 128077128077128077128077128077

  • No. of Comments: 0
Jessica D.
3.0 Stars

It was pouring rain when me and my SO went here, thus there were no guests and they are closing earlier than scheduled.
Our server was extremely attentive trying to build rapport and suggest dishes for us to try though we ended up ordering the salmon and the truffle carbonara?? Sorry for the blurred photo btw.
Overall, the food was okay. It was lacking the "wow" factor and i almost emptied their parmesan shaker since the pasta was pretty bland. And the mango shake seems like it was short of ripe mangoes too..128532

Bad timing? I guess??

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Krisha Nishka P.
4.0 Stars

We got here around 4:00pm for late lunch and we were only allowed to dine in outside of the resto since it was reserved daw. But upon finishing our meals, no one came naman to dine. 128532

I got medium rare t-bone with mashed potato and Martin G got medium rare rib eye with 2 cups of garlic rice, and we both got a glass of calamansi juice each. 127830127865 When our orders came our, our server wasn't able to get the steak + sides right so it was a bit hassle pa for us to change plates 128549 But the steak was so good so okay lang what happened 128513

Our total bill was almost Php 2,500 and they don't issue Official Receipt. Our meal should've been free.... HAHA. We weren't able to ask why they don't have OR though, I guess they're under Cliffhouse Tagaytay...?

Service: 128048128048128048
Price: 128048128048128048128048
Food quality: 128048128048128048128048128048
Ambiance: 128048128048128048128048128048

  • No. of Comments: 0
Grace I.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Gerard N.
4.0 Stars

A must try is their salmon :)

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Jaydee C.
3.0 Stars

Ribeye was quite sturdy so so. Waiters were courteous despite demands from my daughter who wasn't feeling well.

  • No. of Comments: 0
Allen Q.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Francis C.
3.0 Stars

Just to try it out. It wasn't all bad. Decent bistro for steak. Price was generally ok.

  • No. of Comments: 2
TeeJai J.
4.0 Stars

Beef kebab was good! :) The Lamb shank was cooked the way we liked it. The garlic on the side went well with the lamb's flavor. Pumpkin soup was good too. :)

  • No. of Comments: 2
April Y.
4.0 Stars

Good food! 128077128077128077

  • No. of Comments: 6
Sergio A.
5.0 Stars

When I doubt, go for the flagship. From the fresh garden Tagaytay greens , to the silky smooth super rich pumpkin soup, fresh Home made bread, everything is fantastic. The piece de resistance is the angus porterhouse steak with tarragon butter. Just heavenly

  • No. of Comments: 5
Aileen P.
1.0 Stars

"Pare uod... One star 12802711088"

Despite their recognitions and awards posted on their glass door, I would give 1 star.

This is a sin in restaurant business even if your steak is good or you have been given numerous awards or the ambiance is perfect it is unforgivable to find a worm in your food.

Would not go back here again.

  • No. of Comments: 11
Avery M.
3.0 Stars

Mother's day lunch.

We stayed in Tagaytay over the weekend to celebrate Mother's day.

We checked-out at 12. We wanted to go to Amoroma's. It's nearby and it has good reviews in Looloo. Unfortunately, it was full. Another choice was Antonio's but it was too far. Then we went to Darwin P's recommendation (I forgot the resto name) but it was full too. Then we went to Olivia's but it was closed. Then decided to just eat where there was a space.

It was traffic on the main road and we could see all the parking was full in different restaurants.

We saw a pig being butchered on the side road. Not really a pleasant view before lunch. I told them I wanted to be a vegetarian from now on.

So we ended up here since in Buon Giorno we were 13th on their waitlist. It was around 2 already. Not really in the mood to eat na.

The place was clean looking with white paper on a white linen table top. It has on open kitchen separated with glass. My sister kept on peaking on how the chef were cooking. She wanted to know how to grill the steak. It didn't have a smoky smell inside the restaurant too.

So here's what we've got:
Us angus ribeye 220 grams
Us angus tbone 350 grams
Bbq pork loin
Asparagus and mushroom risotto with home-made sweet fennel sausages
Mango prawn salad (it was on the menu of the day)

The head waiter doubted our order.

Waiter: "Eto lang po ma'am?"
Me: "Sa tingin mo ba hindi kasya?"
Waiter: "Pang-1 person lang po kasi."
My mom said we'll just order additional if we're still hungry.

Eh kung diet kami o nagtitipid o walang gana. Yan lang gusto naming order eh. 128548

Hindi na tuloy kami umorder ulit.

My husband and I shared the Tbone and risotto. My mom had the pork bbq. My sister Aileen P and his hubby Darwin P shared the ribeye. The steak was good for 2 persons as it was huge! The mango prawn salad was teeny-tiny but was bursting with flavors. I loved that salad! The risotto was yummy too. And of course the steak was perfect at medium well. Maybe the head waiter was correct, coz I think I could finish the tbone.128523

Enough with the vegetarian dream. Will pursue that later in life.

Unfortunately, nothing they offer that my kids liked. My daughter just ate rice and bread. My son ate bread too.

Everything we ordered were so delicious! It was almost perfect EXCEPT for their side vegetables. Not fresh. Makunat. And my sister found a worm on her carrots! 128561And the funny thing was when told to the head waiter he said, "Ano pong gagawin natin dito, ma'am?"

I was thinking, "Palagyan ng sauce yung worm, bland eh."

Instead we said just remove the vegetables. Sayang din naman kung itatapon ang steak coz my sister just ate a few bites before she saw the worm.

Food good. Experience not. 128542

My 100th review? I didn't realize I could reach to 100.

  • No. of Comments: 14
Trina H.
5.0 Stars

Omg! Food is a bit pricey, but oh man, its worth it! High end eating in Tagaytay.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Howard G.
3.0 Stars

No pictures. Why? Food took so long I was too hungry to take the time to take a shot.
And the food was not worth the wait.
I hate their fish chowder (the soup of the day) which was good and the lamb shank which was bland (which just shouldn't be for anything lamb).
Worst part is they removed their four cheese pizza with truffles from the menu. Practically one of two reasons I come back here.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

Who told you that guys are not good on surprising girls? 128525128525

I thought that he forgot that its our 4th month being a couple because we're still not in good terms. 128557128557128557

He asked me if I still want to fix things up, eh hello choosy pa ba ko? 128513128513128513

So yeah, he brought me here because he can still remember the things I wanna do with him. One of those is

(Look at the picture from left to right by row)

I wanna go to Tagaytay with special someone and enjoy this view from day to night have dinner here. Dip this hot and soft complimentary bread into this invigorating bowl of fresh pumpkin soup topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and chives (PHP145) then also have some fettucine pasta in black truffle cream sauce with smoked garlic sausage and shitake mushrooms (PHP360) cooked perfectly and priced reasonably and also enjoy a succulent 220g of US Angus Ribeye (PHP995) rubbed with pepper then end the scrumptious meal with an interesting dessert like a plate of Malibu-rum poached pineapple carpaccio served with pink peppercorn, candied lime peel and homemade coconut ice cream (PHP220) and end the meal by drinking a glass of Lychee Martini (PHP220).

So it happened! And yeah, we fixed things up already. 128525128525128525

Feels so good man! 128536128536128536

Oh Tagaytay! 128541

  • No. of Comments: 9