Firefly Coffee

112 Sto. Domingo Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Firefly Coffee
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Open: 9:00a - 11:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Reginald B.
5.0 Stars

Need your coffee fix? Head on over to Firefly Coffee shop and get a taste of their specialty coffee.

I had the Dirty White - ristretto shots over chilled milk. While I would normally enjoy something sweet, I enjoyed the coffee without any added sweetener. Goes to show how good their coffee beans are - perfectly roasted and with little acidity.

They have a comfy place where you can work or study, and there’s wifi as well. I have yet to try their cakes and snacks.

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Third wave coffee shops are slowly getting known in the Philippines.It's only a matter of time til people can fully appreciate it.

When I was in college, I remember seeing this coffee shop in campus. I was able to order one before. Back when I was in college, If I could recall, I ordered their mocha hot espresso. I enjoyed my order & I could see that they have the potential to grow in the industry. When I found out that they have an actual place already, I decided to pass by & try their other beverages with my cousin.

I love the minimalist approach of the place. Black and white are the color themes of the coffee shop. Their bar is an open type which makes communication between the barista and the customers conducive.

The name of our barista is Webster. He's a pretty funny guy. He was also informative in regards with third wave coffee shops & coffee in general. He practically explained the entire menu to us. We found out that this coffee shop started out as a thesis project. Eventually, the owner decided to expand. The idea of the logo came from a NBA team which has the logo of a bee. Also, the owner wanted to be different from other third wave coffee shops. Thus the name, Firefly.

Our first order was the Dirty Milkshake. It consists of 2 shots of espresso, a splash of milk and the rest is house made vanilla ice cream. It's actually good but too heavy. I suggest you share this drink with someone.

Next is the cold brew. Yirgacheffe coffee bean was used & steeped for a day. It develops this bitter taste the longer the brewing process is.

Our last order is Sambuca Craft Soda. It consists of lime, star anis & carbonated water. It's actually very refreshing. It washes up the taste of the coffee. With the two coffee drinks we had, this cleared up the taste of our palate. It's worth ordering again.

Firefly Coffee is worth going back to. If you had a bad experience with third wave coffee shops, I urge you to give this a chance. I am definitely going back to try their pour over coffee 128522

P.S. They are still on soft opening so they don't have that much food they can offer. More on desserts & drinks as of the moment


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