Flamingoes Resort

Gen. Ordoñez Ave., Marikina Heights, Marikina, Metro Manila

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Flamingoes Resort
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Rhiza N.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Judy A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Ann Valerie R.
2.0 Stars

Hmm well it's a public pool kaya hindi ako masyadong nag.enjoy.

Place: kinda big but very crowded. (That's why its called public pool)
Staff: hmm what can I say it's kinda okay I was not the one infront of the staffs though
Price: very affordable cause it's cheap.

Enjoyed it as much as I could since it's a family gathering of my better half's side. Just that since we rented a two floor room without aircon, the room was sooo hot cause only 1 fab was in it. The first floor was for the food set, and restroom, I just hope there was a ceiling fan on it cause it was too HOT! Water in the restroom and the dirty kitchen are connected so it was very hard to wash yourself simply use the public shower room instead.

Whatelse? Oh yes the place where you can do your ihawan was big but it was a little kinda closed area (ventilation pls?!)

Parking was terribly small, as well as the garbage area was there (which is open) how I wished it was a close room para hindi naman sumisingaw yung amoy dba? Cleanliness of the place is very important.

Hmm that's all thank you

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Phlbrt J.
4.0 Stars

Great drinks and place :)

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Jacque B.
5.0 Stars

Summer is fast approaching and for sure everyone will go to the beach or resort to take a break and swim.

This resort in Marikina is one of our family's favorite because:
✅ it's near to our house, no need for a long drive
✅ we can bring our own food without the corkage except for alcoholic drinks.
✅ there is videoke for rent, so kanta all you want without thinking about 5 peso coin for each song, hehe.
✅ with several pools and very popular is the kiddie pool with Nemo slide.
✅ all sizes of cottages from 4-50 persons capacity are available. Studio type rooms, bungalow, duplex and town house-like facilities are also available. The area is so big, good for family and company outing.
✅ there is a life guard assigned in every pool, so safe.
During Holy Week, Greenwich, Jollibee & Zagu booths are present here.

I suggest if you will visit this resort during those days, be early because this is full.

Entrance fee ranges from 100-150 (it depends if it day or over night)
Cottages prices - from 150-2500 (the 2500 can accommodate 50 people)
Rooms and houses - from 1000 to 5000
Accommodations are more expensive if it's overnight!

By the way if you avail of room accommodations, they will give you a free pass that you can use immediately. The number of free pass depends on what room/house you rented.

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