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Most Recent Reviews

Maureen S.
3.0 Stars

Was excited to try Flat Iron, but it punned out instead 128514 Mark O and I ordered their House Special Brisket 6 and the beef was tough and dry - just as if it was ironed out hehe. It was an ok dish, but definitely not worth 800php. Maybe half the price would have been forgivable. We also had their garlic and rosemary fries - which tasted good.

3 stars for their staff and interior. I love their powder room btw hehe

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Marco P.
2.0 Stars

Salad with pomelo very boring , spaghetti carbonara was good , the flatiron burger very dry 128078128078128078128078128078the brisket ...boo.. 10 times better italianis ...sorry I forgot potato full of oil ..

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Lia B.
3.0 Stars

Tried their seafood chowder and beef brisket, their specialty. Both were ok.

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Joey G.
5.0 Stars

Every single dish (pictured) we ordered was excellent in presentation and taste. The service was also exceptional. It was as if each and every staff was on the lookout for diners that may be in need of something. Far cry from the usual waiters that avoid eye contact in order not to be called.

Don't miss the Brownie Burger. Despite the name, it's a dessert, not an entree. It's good for 4 people, maybe more, depending on the appetite.

This restaurant is definitely a five-starrer! A must try!

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

We just finished lunch at Shaburi so only had cakes for desserts. We got coffee pie and the other one I forgot the name. Yum!

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

After Papermoon Cafe, Denise A and I went here to have another sweet treat. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a warm smile from the one of the servers. We were given an option where to sit, and we chose the couch.

I immediately ask for their menu, and asked for their best seller. Yup, it's the Rose Noire. I ordered this and a cup of cappuccino. Denise on the other hand said she was still full, and we're just gonna share the cake. While waiting for our orders, her bf called. She had to go. Our orders arrived soon after. The Rose Noire was delicious. I loved its texture. It's not too sweet. The cappuccino was okay. Enough for my daily caffeine fix.

It's just so weird that I ordered these all with a companion, and I was all here eating alone - with 2 sets of fork and knife, two plates, and two glasses of water. Reality bit me and sudden rush of realization came after. I'm single.

P.S. They also have Coffee Pie, which is interesting as this is Chateau 1771's signature dessert as per the menu.

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

How can you not miss their resto haha basically the whole mall is flooded with their posters and signages haha soooo Why not give it a try!

Me and my cousin headed here for merienda. We had their Rosemary Fries, Pizzaoila Pasta and Coffee Pie.

I am a big fan of their Pasta! It is just genius !!!! I seriously felt like I was eating a slice of Pepperoni Pizza but Nooooo.... You are eating pasta! That's exactly how I would describe the taste! Ugh! So darn goood! The serving is huge! 3-4 people can share this dish! Woah was not expecting that. Perfect name for this dish!!!! Hahaha

Coffee Pie. Oh my. Goodbye Diet. I super super love love love this dessert! I would come back just to eat that pasta and this dessert! Yummm tasted like Salted Caramel with a crunch and a kick of coffee. Heaven in a bite! It also melts in your mouth!

Service is pretty fast too and orders came in quick. Please have more branches !!

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Toy G.
2.0 Stars

Well, the poster of their flatiron brisket looked really appetizing so we dropped by after the movie for a late lunch after the movie, still partly full from the popcorn.
Ok so J ordered mushroom soup P200
And mushroom burger P460+!
L and I decided to share the house specialty which was the flatiron brisket supposed to be good for two ( we asked ) P850 !
My first thought - oh pricey ha

After my first bite - hmm pricey talaga
What they served looked quite different from the picture , the meat was dark as if already re-re- reheated .
The gravy was too salty . Really.
The meat was tender but long stranded , not cut across the grain, but that may be the way a flatiron cut really is, i am not sure.
The meat wasn't smoking but it was quite hot inside , right, spent a few minutes in the microwave , i thought . The heat that could burn your tongue , but the surface was just warm . That kind of microwaved revelation when you put it in your mouth . Oh! Init ! Microwaved !
Well you would expect a freshly cooked well seasoned meat at P850 .
The veggies were 3 lonely pieces of baby corn and 4 small slices of cucumber.
The rice , brown, not bad .
I thought " hey , this is the same beef as their sinigang corned beef, which they baked instead of boiled in sinigang broth. Why did I think that ? Because there was not much flavor in the meat itself just like the sinigang corned beef which masks the blandness of the meat with extra sour sinigang broth of sentro 1771 which I think is a sister restaurant . Well sadly their signature Flatiron brisket dish was just 127775127775 for us .

The mushroom soup 127775127775127775127775
The mushroom burger , this quickly broke into pieces and was also underseasoned and was really pricey . The mushroom burger at Starbuck's 127828 beat this hands down , so
127775127775 for the mushroom burger .
But i liked the fries 128077127839that came with the burger .
The mushroom soup was good 127775127775127775127775

The service was good ! 10024100241002410024
The ambiance was great ! 1002410024100241002410024
Unfortunately , just those two, do not, a good restaurant make .

We didn't enjoy the main meal enough to warrant trying their desserts which were also pricey at P250 127856127854 per slice of cake .

This is the kind of restaurant you go to, to deliver bad news, where the people will have no appetite to eat, so the quality of the food wont matter . And its pricey so the receiver of bad news will feel, at least pinakain ako ng mahal na meal, sayang hindi ko masyado nalasahan , kahit iba yung napromote, or nabasted ako or nawalan ako ng trabaho , you get the idea, pa consuelo . 128122

We should've scampered across to Tim Ho Wan insted. Oh well , lesson learned .

  • No. of Comments: 3
Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this one out!

After a very stressful morning, I dedided to treat myself to a nice lunch.

I ordered the Chicken Piccata. It was a little too tangy for me but I liked the chicken. The serving of the pasta wasn't big but the chicken breast were three HUGE pieces! (I was only able to finish one piece then half of the pasta)

We also got the Pizzaiola Pasta which was good! I loved it although I think I would need to share it with someone. (Ka-date ganyan.)

The salmon burger wasn't good for me. It did not taste like salmon at all. I liked the baked salmon better. It tasted fresh and really good.

For dessert, we ordered the Coffee Pie and Rose Noire. The coffee pie was OK. The Rose Noire, was heaven. The Valrhona dark chocolate and the crunchy crust was so good! I could probably finish two servings! Hahaha. 128525

Overall, it was OK. The dessert was probably the savior.
Planning to visit again and try their house specialty! 128522


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4.0 Stars

Checking the newly open restaurant Flatiron by 1771 at Uptown Place Mall in BGC. I tried the RV Dip for Php180.00. RV stands for Roasted Vegetable according to the server, it is a combination of grilled pepper, toasted onion, tomato and eggplant with extra virgin olive oil whipped together into a sumptuous dip served with focaccia crisps. 127813127814127825127838

RV Dip - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Flatiron by 1771 is located at the Ground Floor of Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Carlos L.
4.0 Stars

House specialty Flatiron beef brisket is tender and tasy though a bit expensive and comes a brown rice. Gambacho pizza thin and crispy crunchy quite good not too oily unlike shakeys. Pizzaoly pasta was also good, pizza toppings on your pasta, quite a novelty but good. And more loke a lasagna pizza with ribbon pasta

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Sorry, I don't remember what this is called128540

We came in for dessert, after dinner in Ippudo, being so close to it. Large windows encase the restaurant, and it allowed a beautiful view of the colorful Uptown fountains, sans the several the creepy fire explosions.

We were the 2nd of 2 tables dining in on a weeknight when we arrived around 8pm. We just really wanted dessert. I did bring home a chicken dish which I was not able to taste so I can't comment on it.

This chocolate dessert is creamy, almost mouselike. One was enough to satisfy the 4 of us that came in. I guess we were just super busog with ramen too.

Service was great. We were attended to for all our needs in our short stay. The corner table where we sat was so comfy. I loved their water glasses.

I love their wine list. It's grouped into categories which makes choosing one a little bit easier.

Thanks for the reco guys!

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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

Try the Rose Noire! This layered dark chocolate ganache, meringue, and hazelnut praline, topped with chocolate glaze is a winner!

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

The true test of a kaladkarin is when a couple of friends extend a casual invite at the last minute and you drop (almost) everything - within reason, of course - to get there.  Though it's not much of a hardship when you're just a 10-minute Uber ride away and it's a place you haven't tried before. I didn't have any second thoughts when Dennis O and Elaine O asked if I wanted to try out Flatiron. 

128046 Flatiron Brisket - I was super late and the entrees had to reheated when I got there. But the brisket was still tops. I also loved the sides especially the red rice.

127829 Pizzaola pasta - the concept was interesting, pizza and italian pasta do share similar flavors. I like my pasta creamier with a bit more sauce than this dish, but it wasn't bad at all. 

127856 Rose Noire - the biggest hit for me. Silky dark chocolate ganache is already a winner, but having all these other elements such as the meringue at the base really tied up the dish nicely.

Apart from the brisket, which came with a hefty tag, our orders were fairly priced.  Not for your everyday but maybe for that once-a-week indulgence.

  • No. of Comments: 12
Abby M.
3.0 Stars

I don't know why this is is called "urban food for comfort". It's too pricey! The baked salmon, although it tastes good, is so not worth the P520 I paid. The place, even facade, looks all out expensive. The burger is also roundabout P525, but it looks plain. Not sure how it tastes, but i'll let Khaimah Fe B be the judge of that.

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

Uptown Mall is fastly being populated with left and right openings of restaurants and stores and since we want something new, we decided to try the newly opened FLATIRON. This restaurant has the same owner as SENTRO 1771 and CAFÉ 1771 and as per the staff that we had a chat, the concept is from the Flatiron District of New York.

The restaurant has a great selection of food and drinks to pair it with and even dessert from their sister company, Café 1771.

Flatiron Brisket 6 is the house specialty, it is slow cooked for 6 hours to achieve the tenderness of the meat. It is served with buttered red and brown rice with cucumber and carrot slaw which are equally good. 128077128077

Pizzaola Pasta
The bowtie pasta is cooked al dente and the flavor of the napolitaine sauce, bacon, bell pepper, salami and cheese complimented well thus creating a pizza pasta. 128522

Rose Noire
I usually skip desserts but with this one I can’t resist the temptation and the calories. 12815410084128154

The food is a bit pricey but the serving is generous.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

It was my mom's birthday yesterday and we celebrated it at my aunt's place who prepared a seafood feast. Since the feast was for lunch, I invited my mom for a part two celebration at Flatiron.

Hello, Flatiron!

This was my second time visiting this restaurant. I went last week but no dish caught my interest. Also, their bestseller beef brisket was out of stock that time. Luckily, it was available last night.

We sat at the table with the Uptown Mall fountain as our view. The small lights on top of our table seemed busted and kept on flickering making us dizzy and disoriented. We requested for it to be turned off before one of us pukes or something. They obliged but turned the lights on again after a few seconds. The on and off of lights happened thrice and it made me snap and told them with a very firm voice to turn it off. And they finally did and kept it off throughout our meal.

We ordered Garlic and Rosemary French Fries (PHP180), Flatiron Beef Brisket (PHP850), Pizzaiola Pasta (PHP395) and Chicken Piccata (PHP450). Since the prices of the drinks are unreasonable, we didn't order any and just had filtered water.

Our order of fries was served first and it was quite good. It was crisp and dashed with rosemary. It also went really well with the thick garlicky dip. Serving size seemed to be a bit stingy for its price.

The mains arrived next.

The Flatiron Brisket came with a few thick cuts of U.S. beef brisket slow-cooked for 6 hours then seared on the griddle , red and brown rice, baby corn and shredded carrots and cucumber.

My mom was worried with it being too dry given that it didn't come with gravy on the plate. But it was delightfully juicy and flavorful. R enjoyed the baby corns while my aunt who was also with us ate the shredded veggies. It was a good dish. It would have been great if it was not too salty and if there were no burnt parts. Some of the sides and the smaller cuts were burnt. 128293

The chicken piccata, thinly pounded and breaded chicken in butter and lemon juice with lightly seasoned pasta, was tangy! And i loved it! The strong tangy and buttery taste of the chicken was offset by the blandness of the pasta. My sister hated it though as it was too tangy for her. If you're health conscious, try to dab off some excess butter from the chicken as this dish is really buttery.

The bowtie pasta topped with napolitaine sauce, bell peppers, salami, bacon and cheese was the answer to foodies' request for pizza pasta. Can't decide if you want pizza or pasta? Then this is the dish for you.

This dish was the best one that night. It wasn't too salty and the pasta was cooked al dente. However, it lacked the gooey cheesiness goodness of pizza.

Before heading out, my mom was given a complimentary Salted Chocolate Ganache Tart and it was great! It was smooth and had a rich and slightly dark chocolate taste. The tart was nice and crisp and we enjoyed it with the caramel syrup on the side.

Overall, it was a good meal. But I don't think I'll go back anytime soon. I'll let a few months pass and give them time to adjust their recipes and hopefully beverage prices.

-1 star for the flickering lights issue

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Another new resto opened in Uptown BGC. Flatiron is a new resto by the 1771 resto group. This one is inspired by Flatiron district in New York. We initially tought flatiron as plantsa 128517.

This place offer great variety of delicious comfort foods. Their house specialty the Flatiron Brisket is so good! Slow cooked for 6 hours gave the meat just right amount of tenderness. The meat with thin layer of fat was very flavorful and got that steak like delicious flavor. Served with brown and red rice which is a good healthy compliment to the sinful beef brisket. 128522

Another dish that we tried was the Pizzaiola Pasta. It was a bowtie pasta baked with pizza style toppings like bell pepper, salami and bacon. I also love this dish it was a refreshing take for two all time fave, pasta and pizza.128077

For dessert they serve cakes from their mother company, Cafe 1771. Must try is the Rose Noire a dark layered chocolate ganache with meringue at the bottom. It was so good you'll ask for more.128586

Overall I love the food in here. It was a little pricey but the food that we ordered are good for 2-3pax.128522128077 As a sneakerhead I was also amazed that all waiter were wearing black adidas superstar. Wow thats a nice part of their uniform!128077

Nice dinner again with other foodie Elaine O and Kristin A 128522

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Serena M.
4.0 Stars

Cool! Another newly opened restaurant in Uptown Mall called Flatiron by 1771. It just had their soft opening on May 20, 2016(Friday).
We ordered their house specialty which is the Flatiron Brisket 6 with brown rice and vegetables on the side, Giant Gambas, Lamb Shank, Mushroom Soup and Seafood Chowder. They taste good except on 1 thing, we saw plastic in the seafood chowder we ordered and immediately told the manager. Good thing is that the manager and staff are so accomodating, courteous and apologetic. They even gave us complimentary dessert... Good job! They really know how to handle customer's complaint! Very quick in action...128077🏻128079🏻128077🏻

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