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N. Averilla St., San Juan, Metro Manila

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe
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Justine Lauren C.
3.0 Stars

I’m a sweet coffee girl so it’s a no-no to their hazelnut latte. Chill ambiance but hoping for better coffee. Very accessible to my house but still, better coffee.

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Fried and Prejudice P.
5.0 Stars

The Imperial Pasta of Flossom is a lovely Oriental and Western fusion dish that I would definitely go back for. Sweet, salty, spicy... this dish has it all. You get al dente noodles coated in a generous helping of nutty and spicy sauce mixed with shiitake and shimeji mushrooms, peanuts, cherry tomatoes and bites of Chinese Kung Pao chicken. Fragrant leeks and onions top the dish, along with chili flakes for that mild spiciness that makes the dish come alive.

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Another day in Flossom. This place is one of my go-to places whenever I feel like working outside on weekends. I like how the place is so quiet during siesta hours. My work gets done just before the place gets packed with people for dinner. I always try to get the orange couch for my area because I like its homey and nature vibe.

During this particular visit, I was super hungry because I haven’t eaten lunch yet so I got something really filling. I ordered a Truffle Egg Croissant. The server said the croissant wasn’t available so they asked if I want it served on white bread or wheat bread. I chose the latter. The truffle egg “croissant” was good. It had the same creaminess as the regular egg salad but its more flavor is a notch higher because of the truffle oil. The truffle egg salad’s mixture was definitely a notch higher than any other egg salad sandwich. I also found it heavy, literally. Because of its density, the mixture made the bread a lot softer and hard to hold. If only they toasted the bread or used a “harder” bread, this would be avoided.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Such a small world since one of the owners is a friend of mine that I met in high school. It's been awhile since I last saw here and was happy to catchup a bit after all these years. Adulting time! 128514

Trash Can Nachos (Php 420) We love this crispy corned tortillas topped with corned beef (yaaas! So good), chili beef, caramelized onions, cheese, pico de gallo and flavorful sauces (onion cream and cilantro marinara). I like how light and crispy the nachos were and colorful it was too. We couldn’t help devour this baby.

Mushroom Truffle Risotto (Php 420 additional Php 250 for Salmon) and Truffle Lechon (Php 350) were on my top three favorite dishes that afternoon. I love creamy dishes and both satisfied my craving for it. I would certainly order it again on my next visit. Crispy lechon bits was a good addition to the pasta’s texture and taste.

Molten Lava Burger (Php 430) I found the patty bland despite having the melted cheese on top of it. I love my burger patty flavorful and juicy, it wasn’t able to hit that spot for me. Comes with potato chips and uses brioche bun.

Daddy’s Homemade Sisig (Php 300) Creamy sisig with crispy chicken skin. I love how the texture of this favorite pulutan that turned ulam with garlic rice and egg. I love sisig that is crispy more than overly oily in terms of preparation.

Cheesburger Bolognese (Php 320) Cheesy spaghetti? I’m a huge fan of cheesy dishes and this wasn’t as overwhelming which is a plus but it was a little too sweet though.

Chorizoo Croquetta Bombs (Php 250) Hello there! Chorizo bits and mozzarella for croquetta. Crispy on the outside and soft and gooey inside. Came with aoilo sauce.

Ube Champorado (Php 250) I love anything ube. I'm one of those people who enjoy eating a jar of Shepard's Ube Jam straight from the container. I was expecting it to be ube-er than it was, maybe it's just me. I love that it had salted fish flakes which balanced sweetness something salty. Topped with yema sauce and macapuno strings.

The only issue I have was the parking. It is limited, you can park on the street but it can get full most especially during peak hours. Take a grab or cab going there to avoid the hassle or call ahead of time if there are available parking slots. I would definitely bring my family and friends at this restaurant love the ambiance and how its pleasing to the eyes. I also recommend their Risotto and Truffle Lechon.

Thank you Roegan T for the invite 128588🏼

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Flossom Kitchen + Café in San Juan is probably one of the most popular restaurants this year with their IG-worthy food + cute place! True enough, I first learned about them through Instagram. Since then, I’ve been meaning to go here and was really happy to receive an invite from |ooloo for a rendezvoos! I immediately said yes!

The place, as expected, was really beautiful. It has a gardenesque feel to it and I love how the sunlight pours inside the café so effortlessly. There’s a “flossom” neon sign which makes for a very nice OOTD backdrop. 128516 We were served a wide array of dishes for this rendezvoos and it was honestly overwhelming. Though it’s a good kind of overwhelming and I’m not complaining! 128517 Below are some of my favorites —

Crispy tortillas topped with ground beef, tomatoes, cilantro, pico de gallo, grilled cheese, caramelized onions and corned beef. Corned beef! 128525 This was a hit with our group and everyone loved it! It’s the perfect pica pica while waiting for your mains.

I’m so in love with this. A small-sized brie cheese on a plate of olive oil and herbs. It comes with toasties and fig jam. This one is so “tita” and the tita in me absolutely enjoyed this! 128517

The one good thing that came out of me binge-watching MasterChef US episodes was me learning how a certain dish “should” be cooked. And as per our ever-favorite Gordon Ramsay, risotto should never be overcooked nor undercooked and you should get it exactly right. Flossom’s Mushroom Truffle Risotto didn’t disappoint. It was cooked perfectly and not grainy at all. I loved the huge Norwegian Salmon because it balanced out the heaviness of the truffle. This one’s a great pick for a main dish.

Farfalle pasta in a heavy truffle cream sauce with generous servings of meaty lechon. I can probably inhale this dish if you put it in front of me. The truffle taste isn’t too overwhelming and just right. Those cute, little farfalle pasta was cooked al dente.

These are little balls of awesome! It’s best eaten when freshly served. We got to eat this after all the photoshoot was done but it was still good albeit already cold.

It may look unassuming but this one is to die for! It’s a sweet and light snack. It’s custard wrapped in lumpia wrappers and fried to crispy goodness! 3 orders for me please! 128514

This dish was a happy accident according to the owner. Their chef one day brought his homemade sisig with his own recipe to the café. Everyone liked it so they decided to add it on the menu! I liked this one, it’s equal parts meaty and fatty and best paired with 3 cups of rice. Lol.

We also got to try their ULTIMATE ENGLISH BREAKFAST (which is super huge btw, it can be shared by 3-4 people), TRUFFLE EGG CROISSANT (amazing egg salad on this one), JAMON SERRANO PIZZA (really pretty pizza but could use more tweaking), BAKED MEATLOAF, MOLTEN LAVA BURGER, CHEESEBURGER BOLOGNESE, and UBE CHAMPORADO (it’s yummy and has a mild sweetness but could use more of the ube taste).

As always with |ooloo, it was a fun and filling rendezvoos. The food was awesome and the people of course are amazing! Thank you again, |ooloo and Flossom for the invite! I’ll be back with the tita crew in full force! 127802127804127800

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Many years back I used to live in San Juan, the hilly side of it. This city has transformed significantly since then, thanks to their progressive development coupled with a tremendous boost in the food industry.

There is indeed a great increase in restaurants now in San Juan. Commercial structures and even old houses paved the way for a number of food establishments. One example is Flossom Kitchen + Café’s existence out of nowhere.

You likely need the assistance of apps, Waze or google map to guide you here. Its location will be a challenge to find, away from the major thoroughfares. Flossom is situated in a private property, surrounding it are residential and loads of trees, giving diners a more serene and quiet environment.

Flossom can take in quite a number of customers at a time, they have the main dining, al fresco, and the glasshouse, which can be rented out exclusively for Php 20k for 4 hours.
They serve their own take on comfort food here, inspired from different cuisines from around the world. They got European, American, Mexican and some excerpts from our own local dishes.
The owners served us quite a stretch of their menu on this Looloo rendezvous, and I got to indulge in some of what they sent over. The Baked Brie with thyme and olive oil + Fig Jam, a mixture of cheesy goodness and sweet preserve was my ultimate fave amongst all I had. It was a symphony of delightful tastes all in one bite.

They served us the still popular truffle too. It was in the form of Mushroom Truffle Risotto, Truffle Egg Croissant and a uniquely prepared, Truffle Lechon Pasta. Am not really a fan of this strong flavor, but their preparations made it appealing to me.
If you’re the type that orders familiar pieces, I suggest getting their colorful and generously filled with toppings (like corned beef, pico de gallo and chili), Trash Can Nachos and Jamon Serrano Pizza which has salty Spanish Jamon as its star with bell peppers, garlic, and tomato sauce.
Flossom wows you too, not just on creativity but also in bundles. They got you covered if you love an all-day breakfast. Check out their Ultimate English Breakfast, it has two fluffy pancakes, smoked ham, must-have bacon, wild mushrooms, baked beans, sunny side up eggs over easy, potato wedges, grilled tomatoes, and extra baguette for your carbs.

For a lone appetizer I ate, Chorizo Croquetta Bombs is a surprise treat. It’s a Latin American staple made interesting to Filipinos. Don’t forget to dip it in a delicious brava sauce!

On other mains, Flossom Kitchen + Cafe has the usual burgers and pasta. They got the Molten Lava Burger using Angus with tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion, lava cheese, and a secret sauce. The Cheeseburger Bolognese, also uses Angus, adding mixed herbs, red sauce, garlic and of course, cheese.

If you’re not full yet with all that am sharing, how about some Baked Meatloaf? It’s actually more of an embutido. Flossom upgrades it with béchamel and mozzarella. They got Daddy’s Homemade Sisig as well, a tasty sizzling plate that could use more crunch.

On sweets, you gotta love their presence of Ube here! They have Ube Champorado with Daing (salty, dried fish) and Ube Cake. The former was a wonderful bowl of creamy sweet chocolate rice porridge and the latter was a light chiffon cake with a strong ube finish.

If you’re up for a unique dining gig that is nearby, Flossom should be in your next go-to list. Am excited for you, spot them at N. Averilla Street, San Juan City.

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

I have been wanting to visit this beautiful cafe perfectly hidden in the middle of Metro Manila for the longest time. I'm a sucker for places with good food, great coffee and amazing interiors. Luckily, I was invited by the Looloo Team for a Rendezvoos at lunchtime last week!

The place can accommodate up to 70 guests at max. It's floral interiors make it the perfect location for your next tita/tito brunch date. Janna of Flossom mentioned that they can also host parties and events. She said that the glasshouse is at 20k consumable for 4 hours. (The venue for your team Christmas party, maybe?)

My top 3 are the first ones in the photo set: (1) Mushroom Truffle Risotto with Norwegian Salmon Fillet - Heavenly! Definitely something I'd order again. (2) Daddy's Homemade Sisig - with lots of rice please! (3) Custard Fritters. Their Truffle Lechon Pasta comes in close at fourth but I wasn't able to take a photo.

First to be served was their Trashcan Nachos - corn tortillas topped with chili beef, corned beef, pico de gallo, cheese, onion cream and cilantro! Good for sharing up to 4 people.

The Ultimate English Breakfast was very overwhelming at first but I think I can probably finish this for breakfast to cure a hangover. With 2 pcs of thick pancakes, smoked gourmet ham, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, sunnyside-up eggs, potato wedges, grilled tomatoes and baguette, I think it can be shared up to 3-4 persons!

Other things that I liked were the Truffle Egg Croissant, the Baked Meatloaf and the Cheeseburger Bolognese.

The ube champorado and the ube cake were okay. I would prefer a little more ube flavor for both. I usually drink my coffee black but I decided to try the Coco Caramel Latte, which was a little too sweet. But if you like your coffee sweet then maybe this is a good match for you. 9749

Overall, Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is a place I'd definitely go back to for brunch dates and order the risotto or their pasta dishes. 128522

Thanks again to the guys and girls of Looloo and Flossom. 128588🏻

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Pretty things deserve your attention. A not-so-hidden-café anymore, Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is under everyone's interest because it exudes cozy and ig-worthy ambiance. This place became one of my must-visit neighborhood restaurants ever since I saw how charming it looks in the ig feed.

So, just recently, I received an invite that we were doing a looloo rendezvoos here! And I got so exciteeeeed! Thanks Roegan T and Jessica G for always inviting meee. 128525

The owner was so generous with everything that they served. We almost had all of their best sellers but here are my favorites:

▫️Trash Can Nachos
It has crisp corn tortillas, chili beef, corned beef, blended grilled cheese, pico de gallo, caramelized onions, cilantro, marinara, and onion cream. The term trash can nachos became a trend in the US where they put everything with nachos. I loved the taste of the onion cream that matched with the crispiness of the nachos.

▫️Mushroom Truffle Risotto with Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet
This may be expensive but once you tasted it, you'll know why. I liked how the salmon was cooked, it's smokingly good.

▫️Truffle Lechon
I liked how the taste of truffle was too subtle together with the pasta. It has the combination of truffle sauce, crispy lechon, tartuffata, and farfelle pasta.

▫️Baked Meatloaf
If you like a super homey dish, you should try this meal. It is made up of homemade embutido, bechamel, mozzarella, side veggies, and rice. I liked the meaty taste of the meatloaf with the sauce.

▫️Truffle Egg Croissant
A merienda meal that's super gooood! I liked the crisp croissant and egg salad that filled up my tummy.

▫️Custard Fritters
One of my faves! We all loved the custard wrapped inside plus it was so good when dipped with the whipped cream! This is totally a must try here.

▫️Ube Champorado
Not everyone's fave but actually, I liked this one! It was warm and not too sweet which I prefer.

▫️Ube Cake
Smooth cake slice with a subtle ube taste.

Apart from the dishes mentioned above, we also had the following:

▫️Ultimate English Breakfast
Breakfast is always the important meal of the day! So if you want a big serving, you could order this. It has two pcs pancakes, smoked gourmet ham, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, sunny side up eggs, potato wedges, grilled tomatoes, and baguette. Good for sharing up to three persons, I think.

▫️Baked Brie with Fig Jam
Light appetizer which is made up of softly baked brie, olive oil, thyme, fig jam, and baguette. Baked brie has a light flavor and I think, good to be paired up with wine.

▫️Jamon Serrano Pizza
This pizza looks appetizing but the taste was just okay. I just liked how crispy the crust was.

▫️Daddy’s Homemade Sisig
The usual sisig with the usual ingredients. It will be better if it was crispier.

▫️Molten Lava Burger
Smoky burger patty and best with the lava cheese to add some saltiness. This is actually big in person and could be shared up to two.

▫️Cheeseburger Bolognese
Spaghetti with ground Angus patty, mixed herbs, red sauce, garlic, and sliced cheese. The cheese made the spaghetti tastier!

Almost every one of us loved the ambiance of Flossom. They have spacious dining area, as well as glaa ss room, and al fresco if you want the outside vibe. I liked the flora and fauna displays that makes their restaurant even prettier. Your millennial heart will definitely love everything around here!

Thank you Flossom Kitchen + Cafe for the heartwarming looloo rendezvoos! ♥️

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Flossom Kitchen + Café is a garden-inspired restaurant tucked in a private compound in San Juan. I’ve been meaning to visit this place as its beautiful interiors and homey ambiance are making raves online. I’ve finally checked this place out last |ooloo rendezvoos, and I discovered that this is more than just an instagrammable café. It serves good and satisfying food that are worth coming back for.
The location of the café is good if you want a sudden escape in the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it can be difficult to commute going to/from here as it’s not easily accessible by public transpos. It’s best to bring your own car, but a grab or taxi can be an option as well.
Before I go to the food, let me first emphasize how beautiful the café is. It has three main sections such as the main, al fresco, and the glasshouse. The main restaurant has a nice and comfortable ambiance. I like the tables in the corner near the wall accentuated with plants. It’s just so relaxing. The glasshouse, where the |ooloo group spent lunch is classy, and bright. Janna from Flossom said that this can be rented for 20Kphp consumable for 4 hrs for parties and events. The Al fresco one is a typical dining area where customers can smoke.
Now let’s go to the food!
We had a lot during this visit and everything is really good. I have a lot of favorites such as Mushroom Truffle Risotto, Truffle Lechon Pasta, Baked Brie with Fig Jam, and Trash Can Nachos.
Mushroom truffle risotto with grilled Norweigan salmon fillet. This dish is made with different types of mushrooms such as Shiitake, button, and Shimeji. Every bite was glorious. I like how the salmon fillet was cooked. It was soft, and its grilled taste complemented well the exquisite truffle taste of the risotto.
The Truffle Lechon Pasta is probably everyone’s favorite here. Their version is creamy, and flavorful. I’m used to having rice (3 cups please) with my lechon but now I discovered an alternative. A good, and addicting alternative.
Baked Brie with Fig Jam is actually a starter but I wasn’t able to stop myself munching on this even after the mains. The softness of the cheese partnered with olive oil, thyme and jam is just perfect with their baguette. It’s simple, but it surely hit the spot.
Their Trash Can Nachos will never be too much for anyone who loves big starters. Everything you can think of to put in nachos is here – chili, beef, grilled cheese, onions, cilantro, marinara, onion cream, and pico de gallo. BUT Flossom’s version has one not-so-secret ingredient to level up their nachos game. It’s corned beef. And who’s not even a fan of corned beef???
We also had the following.

*Ultimate English Breakfast – 2 pancakes, smoked gourmet ham, bacon, wild mushrooms, baked beans, sunny side up eggs, potato wedges, grilled tomatoes, and baguette. One order can actually be shared with 4 people, in my opinion. It’s just too heavy. The mushrooms were good, as well as the ham and bacon.

*Chorizo Croquetta Bombs – minced chorizo, croquettas, mozarella, brava sauce. If you like croquettas, then this is a must-try. Their dipping sauces are good!

*Truffle Egg Croissant – truffle bits, egg salad, fish roe, bacon, croissant. I actually like this too! Anything truffle is good, and I was surprised that egg salad can be a good pair for croissant. It’s a unique find here at Flossom.

*Jamon Serrano Pizza – Spanish jamon, bell peppers, garlic, tomato sauce. This is one beautiful pizza, in my opinion. However, the taste of this one is just normal for me. This can be improved by having more cheese, and sauce.

*Baked Meatloaf -  homemade embutido, bechamel, mozzaerella, rice. This is one cheesy dish that’s unique in Flossom.

*Daddy’s Homemade Sisig – sisig doesn’t need much of description. Their version is actually good, and it could easily be on my top favorites. However, I would prefer a crispier version.

*Molten Lava Burger – Angus beef patty, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion, lava cheese, Flossom sauce. This is served in a brioche bun with potato chips on the side. This looks really good, but too sad I wasn’t able to taste this one.

*Cheeseburger Bolognese – ground Angus patty, mixed herbs, red sauce, garlic, cheese. Why do I have this impression that all pasta dishes in Flossom are good? I enjoyed this one even though I’m not a fan of red sauce pasta dishes.

*Custard Fritters – custard egg rolls, yema sauce. This. I. Love. The sweetness level is just right, and I love its ‘crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside’ texture.
*Ube Champorado – everyone knows I love ube so this must be something I would love. And this was actually pretty good! However I agree with some of the reviewers that it needs more ube flavor. But if you want a new twist with the classic cocoa champorado that we all love, this is something worth trying. 128156

*Latte – I was quite surprised that they also serve good coffee. Their latte is so good, do get one if you’re planning to order coffee here. However if you opt to have their flavored coffee, be sure to tell them to lessen the sweetness. Thank me later!

Overall, I enjoyed everything that I had here in Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. I would definitely be back to try their other pasta dishes.

Flossom has the vibe and ambiance of a third wave coffee shop - warm, homey, and close to the heart. 128153

Thanks again Flossom and |ooloo for the invite! It’s always great to see you guys Roegan T Cindy S AlwaysHungryPh P Herl C Julie L Patrick V Charlzz C Aileen L Manila E! And it was nice to meet you, FoodventuresByFrapao T! 🙂

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe 127800127811

An Instagram worthy 128247 place cafe at the heart ❣ of San Juan.

Tuckled in the heart of San Juan City, this cafe exudes the feeling of being a hidden garden , surrounded by green plants and fresh flowers.

The founders of this cafe were inspired by their childhood dream to open up their own restaurant. Getting inspiration from their travels abroad and passion for food ,they were able to create a menu that serves modern comfort food with a twist that can cater to all ages . Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is your neighbourhood comfort place .

Thanks to the hardworking Looloo Team for sending me this invite and who would say no to it because Flossom is my food place bucketlist! So I said YES!

The Rendezvoos started this afternoon at around 1pm. Flossom is located at N. Averilla St. San Juan. You just pass by Wilson Street and then right to P. Guevarra then turn left to N. Averilla , near Rustans then you will see the Flossom Place already.

Here are the exciting dishes given to us:

127800 we had beverages first . I chose the Mommy B’s Iced Tea . It was so refreshing . Price is 80 pesos.

127811On their espresso bar menu you will see White Mocha 9749️ Hot is 150 pesos and Ice cold will be 170 pesos .

127800 For our appetizers, we had this Trash Can Nachos - their best seller and my fave dish here . Crisp Colourful Corned Tortillas,chilli beef , secret ingredient was the corned beef that’s why it was so unique , blended grilled cheese , pico de gallo, caramelised onions ,cilantro marinara and onion cream for 420 pesos .

127811Ube Cake128156127856 - 140 pesos . It was good 127856 not to sweet

127800milkshake - wasn’t able to try coz I have a cough

127811Baked Brie with Fig Jam- I think this is good to eat when paired with wine 127863 chefs recommendation. Soft baked Brie , olive oil ,thyme , fig jam, baguette 🥖 350 pesos . Good for sharing

127800molten lava burger 127828 another Chef’s recommendation 128104127859.Angus Beef patty, tomato , lettuce , lava cheese 🧀,caramelised onions, Flossom sauce ,brioche bun,fresh potato 🥔 chips . Price is 430 pesos. For me it was just okay .

127811Cheesburger Bolognese- Chefs recommendation 128104127859 Ground Angus patty , mixed herbs , red sauce ,garlic , sliced cheese spaghetti for 320 pesos . This taste like my favorite Papa Johns spaghetti so liked it127837

127800Chorizoo Croquetta Bombs-minced chorizo , croquettas,mozzarella and bravo sauce. Loved this when I dip in the aioli sauce . Price is 250 pesos . I really really liked this appetizer.

127811Truffle Lechon - chefs recommendation and I’m so happy that I’ve tried this dish.- creamy truffle sauce ,crispy Lechon , tartufatta,farfalle pasta for 350 pesos . I loved truffles !

127800 Jamon Serrano and Aragula-127829 Spanish jamon,sautéed bell pepper,tomato sauce, onions, mozzarella for 550 pesos . It’s a thin Crust pizza perfect for sharing .

127811 Baked meatloaf - homemade embotido, bechamel,mozzarella, side vegetable and rice .320 pesos with a very generous serving.

127800Mushroom Truffle Risotto- I enjoyed this dish specially because it has salmon on top. Shitake mushroom,button mushroom , shimeji
Mushroom .tartufata, chicken stock ,Parmesan cheese . If you wish to add grilled Norwegian salmon filet , 420 plus 250. Salmon is rich in Omega fatty acid and good for the body .

127811original recipe , Daddy’s Hone made Sisig - it has minced pork belly , mayonnaise,garlic rice , chicken skin bits , finger chilli egg. Price is only 300 pesos and I’m a Sisig lover .

127800Ultimate English breakfast- breakfast is the very important meal of the day . So make sure you’ve got the best breakfast to keep you going like this huge meal with 2 pancakes 🥞 smoked gourmet ham , bacon 🥓 wild mushroom, baked beans,2sunny side up eggs 🥚 potato 🥔 wedge ,grilled tomatoes 127813,baguette 🥖. Price is only 650. On their menu it’s good for two but for me it can feed 4 people.

127811 All Day Breakfast and much awaited Ube 128156 Champorado-Ube rice stew,salted fish flakes ,macapuno strings ,yema sauce for 250 pesos only and it’s super yummy 128523

127800 Custard Fritters - chefs recommendations.128104127859custard egg rolls , Yema sauce,whipped cream , powdered sugar for only180 pesos. I love custard !

127811 Truffle Egg Croissant 🥐- truffle bits , egg salad ,fish roe,flaky croissant,bacon and fresh potato chips . Price is 300 pesos.

I loved all of them 128523128523128523 I’m so overwhelmed with the plenty of dishes served to us . Serving was very generous !

They don’t only have good food but a very cozy ambience. Very peaceful and no need to get out of Manila .

Staffs are friendly and accommodating. Prices are reasonable.

They have parking , WiFi connection, accepts credit card 128179:

Store hours is 8am - 10pm Mon-Thurs
8am to 11pm Fri to Sunday.

A go to place for dates , family and friend gatherings.

Thank you Roegan T Jessica G for the invite and also to Ms. Janna Arceo of Flossom Kitchen + Cafe for being such a gracious host l. Nice to hang out again with my Co-Looloo Reviewers whom
we shared the same love and passion for photography, food writing and eating 🍽

Not only that they are also selling beautiful orchids ,phalaenopsis. 127800127800127800

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Tucked in the baffling winding roads of Greater San Juan.Flossoms is a neighborhood kitchen and cafe that serves exquisitely made and quality comfort food .Their cuisine varies from different influences from Manila to the other side of the continent without being over the top or pretending too hard.

The first impression of the place was a bit intimidating yet upon entering you can feel the coziness with the floral accents and illuminated mostly with natural light. Quite fitting for some coffee and contemplating moments.

The dishes served:

128024Trash Can Nachos- crisp multi colored tortillas,blended grilled cheese,corned beef,chili beef, caramelized onions,pico de gallo,onion cream , cilantro and marinara sauce.The name is catchy a bit odd but who cares about the name I went here for food.Its a hodgepodge of nice things, an awakener of the taste buds .

Truffle Egg Croissant-egg salad, truffle bits,fish egg roe,bacon in a flaky croissant served with side of potato chips.The rich combination of ingredients is so filling.

Jamon Serrano Pizza thin crust pizza, mozzarella, arugula, Jamon Serrano,sauteed bell pepper,garlic and tomato sauce.Its like a pizza Margherita lavished with the luxurious Spanish touch of the Serrano.What I liked about this is the crust, nice and chewy textured

Molten Lava Burger- brioche buns, Angus Beef patty,Flossom's secret sauce,blended melted cheese , tomato, lettuce served with potato chips.Should be eaten with the melted cheese,it brings out the best of the beef patty.

Ultimate English Breakfast- pancakes,gourmet ham,bacon,wild mushrooms,baked beans,sunny side up eggs,cherry tomatoes, potato wedges and sliced baguette.
This platter can satisfy three individuals, favorite items of this compendium of items are the mushrooms,ham ,eggs and of course the bacon.Sulit! **I just hope that they include the British blood sausage to have that authentic English Breakfast character.**

Chorizo Croquetta Bombs-minced chorizo, mozzarella served with Brava dip.A crowd favourite cheesy , savoury fun bites.

128024Baked Brie - Brie cheese, baguette cuts,thyme and fig jam.Nice notes of fruity and some earthy flavors on the cheese ,didn't tried the fig jam .The aroma that the thyme provided added more dimension to this simple food item.

128024Baked Meatloaf-embutido bechamel, mozzarella served with veggie rice.My favourite ,the embutido is not the run of the mill type,it was well structured ,nice smoky taste ,the bechamel made it perfectly balanced.

128024Mushroom Truffle Risotto- creamy risotto,shitake, button and shimeji mushrooms, chicken stock , parmesan cheese.truffled sauce a.ka. Tartufata. I'm not a fan of truffle infused dishes because I believed not all dishes should be added with such,however truffle on risotto is always an exception it's like a marriage made in heaven and with the shimeji mushrooms it's top notch.

128024Daddy’s Homemade Sisig - minced pork belly,mayo,chili,crispy chicken skin bits, egg served with rice.New take on the popular Pampanga dish.Their version is good.

Truffle Lechon Pasta -farfalle pasta,tartufata ,lechon and cream sauce.Piles of rich flavors and textures conjunct in one plate,a bit too rich for my liking.

Cheeseburger Bolognese- ground Angus beef,red sauce,cheddar cheese , spaghetti.A bit ordinary in my humble opinion.

128024Custard Fritters custard wrapped in rice paper dust with confectionery sugar,with yema sauce served with whipped cream.Way better than the "crispy leches flan "I've tasted elsewhere,probably the best version in the metro."Hindi tinipid sa custard".

Ube Champorado - traditional rice porridge dish,flavored with ube based sauce,topped with dried fish flakes ,macapuno and drizzled with yema sauce.The consistency of their version is perfect not watery nor too runny as the other "overrated version" that I've tried from other restaurants.I liked the type of dried salted fish that they added and not the "danggit" which can ruin the whole dish especially when you've reached the bottom of the bowl.Innovative conceptualisation of adding macapuno and yema sauce instead of the usual evaporated milk.Add more of that distinct Ube flavor and their version would be phenomenal and can be the best in the metropolis.

Price points maybe on a medium to high level yet it's worth with regards to the quality, ingredients and their attention to detail. Can't wait to come back for coffee time or even dates.

Thanks Flossoms and Looloo team for this fantastic experience.


128024-top picks


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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

08 November 2018
Thursday, 1:00PM-3:00PM

Sometimes I like peace and quiet. I felt beyond blessed to be invited for a looloo rendezvoos to try one of San Juan’s most sought after neighborhood cafe, Flossom Kitchen + Cafe.

Served With:
Ultimate English Breakfast P650
Trash Can Nachos P420
Chorizo Croquetta Bombs P250
Truffle Egg Croissant P300
Baked Brie with Fig Jam P350
Jamon Serrano Pizza P550
Baked Meatloaf P320
Mushroom Truffle Risotto P420
Daddy’s Homemade Sisig P300
Molten Lava Burger P420
Truffle Lechon Pasta P350
Cheeseburger Bolognese P320
Custard Fritters P180
Ube Champorado P250
Ube Macapuno Mousse P150
Cafe Mocha (Hot) P150

At full capacity, cafe can accommodate up to 70 guests. It represents quaint, vibrant and any Tita of Manila would agree this is a good place for an afternoon cup of tea or coffee. A few guests can also enjoy dining al fresco style. We also had a quick tour of their basement filled with orchids which I find amusing. Janna Arceo of Flossom happily gave us insights and fun facts about proper handling and care for the orchids. (My Mom would love this!)

FOOD: Menu is equipped with a wide selection of breakfast and comfort food which I somewhat find overwhelming. Despite that, I liked the fact that they serve their dishes topped with edible flowers and in our case, blue peas a.k.a. asian pigeonwings. I make it a point to try as much as I can, but listing my favorites below.

Must Try (Good for 4pax):
Trash Can Nachos
Truffle Egg Croissant
Baked Brie
Mushroom Truffle Risotto
Ube Champorado

PRICE: For an average spend of P600, you’ll manage to eat a lot. Taking into consideration the ambience and overall presentation of food served, I won’t mind going back.

SERVICE: It took us a while before our food was served, but as explained by management, they had to prioritize orher walk-in customers having lunch during our visit - so it’s understandable. I just wonder if the other previous comments from other guests of having “so-so” food offerings and slow service have been addressed.

Overall it has been a pleasant visit. Thanks looloo for the invite and can’t wait to be back. I will definitely bring my Mom with me!

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

They always say that life is too short, so I always see to it that I should be adventurous and try something new once in a while. For this foodventure I discovered a stunning restaurant in San Juan City. (Thanks to Looloo for the invite of course! 128512 )

The place is spacious, well-lighted with their big glass windows, pretty interiors with the mix of wooden furnitures, colorful chairs, and they even have this cute wall of flowers. This resto is like the Garden of Eden, a paradise of relaxation and great food!

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is located along the streets of N. Averilla in San Juan City. Apart from the Cafe they also have a salon, a boutique, and an orchid flower room in their compound.

Now, on to our foodventures!

Flossom has a wide variety of foods to offer.

If you're not much of a morning person, be glad because Flossom offers all-day breakfast in their menu. We tried their Ultimate Breakfast Platter. It has pancakes, bacon, mushrooms, potatoes, egg, tomatoes, pork and beans, and ham. All of our breakfast faves in one!

Ube is a trend in the culinary world these days and Flossom has a fair share of it. They have their version of Ube Champorado. It's purple yam rice with toppings of dilis, macapuno and yema sauce. It's a nice salty-sweet combination.

If you love cheese and bread then you must try their Baked Brie with Fig Jam. It's softly baked brie with olive oil and thyme partnered with Baguette and Fig Jam as a spread.

Chorizo Croquetta Bombs
It has mixed chorizo, croquettes, and mozzarella. Dip it in the Aoili or Salsa it will be perfect!

Trash Can Nachos
Crispy Colorful Corn Tortillas, chili beef, corned beef, blended grilled cheese, Pico de Gallo, caramelized onions, marinara sauce, topped with onion cream and cilantro.

Truffle Egg Croissant
Flaky croissant with truffle bits, egg salad, fish roe, bacon and fresh potato chips on the side.

Jamon Serrano and Arugula Pizza
Thin crust pizza with Spanish Jamon, Sauteed bell pepper, garlic tomato sauce, onions, mozzarella cheese and arugula.

Baked Meatloaf
Homemade embotido, topped with mozzarella and bechamel sauce.

Mushroom Truffle Risotto
Mixed of shiitake, button, and shimeji mushrooms topped with parmesan cheese in Tartufata sauce.

Cheeseburger Bolognese
Spaghetti pasta with ground angus beef patty, mixed herbs, garlic, topped with sliced cheese in red sauce.

Truffle Lechon Pasta
Farfalle pasta in creamy truffle sauce with crispy lechon.

Daddy's Homemade Sisig
Minced pork belly, mayonnaise, chicken skin bits, finger chili and egg.

Molten Lava Burger
Angus Beef patty, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onions, lava cheese, flossom sauce in brioche bun and fresh potato chips on the side.

And for our sweet endings, we had Custard Fritters.
Custard egg rolls, yema sauce, drizzled with powdered sugar and whipped cream on the side.

Ube Cake
Moist and fluffy purple yam cake with sweet white cream in between.

My top faves are the ones with truffle in it. It's super good!

Truly Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is not just a place of great food but also a place to make oneself feel at home.

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars


This is a separate review from the rendezvoos ,a review of their White Mocha .

As a fan of strong ,forceful coffee flavor,Flossom's White Mocha hit the nail on the head,spot on.The bitterness of the beans was subtle yet poignant aThe irony of a good cup.Very good artsy design a fantastic froth on the brim .Their white mocha is the counterpoint of the famous flat white.

The place is cozy,well lit "maaliwalas", spacious and relaxing.Perfect for an afternoon read or muni muni moments.

An alternative coffee stop and a great hideaway from the stressful metropolis.


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Fried and Prejudice P.
5.0 Stars

Today's afternoon snack is a light fare of Chorizo Croquetta Bombs paired with Hazelnut Coffee. Hoping the fresh and naturey feel of the place helps keep the creative ideas coming, while I try and get some writing done.
128055 Chorizo Croquetta Bombs: these crunchy deep-fried balls come packed with tons of flavor— from the creaminess of the potato filling paired with the smoky flavors of the chorizo sausage bits, to the crisp panko coating that encases the whole thing. Dip it in your choice of creamy tomato salsa or yogurt, though I recommend the tomato option for an added sourness that cuts across the richness.
9749 Hazelnut Coffee: ah, sweet sweet coffee. Perfect for keeping me up like no other. This version is a treat for all the senses. Aesthetically, stunning with the traditional coffee art. Strong whiff of hazelnut, check. And when you finally take a sip, you get creamy goodness paired with nutty flavors and the slight bitterness of coffee. Warm, hearty and cozy... Perfect!

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Mei O.
4.0 Stars

Parking in Wilson area is kind of a hassle but Flossom has parking! Yay! The guard will assist you, too, so no problem with that now. The place has flowers all over - unleashing the inner “tita” in you or okay fine, your inner botanist. Lol.

Went here with a friend in the area who was craving for pasta. We ordered Cheeseburger Bolognese but she requested to have the cheese removed. Hahahaha they served the cheese separately and with garnish/edible flowers/petals! The other order is the Chicken Pesto Pizza. Both items were good but the pizza is something I’d order again.

Service is okay. No issue with the place save for the price. 🤭

Note: Credit card is accepted. And they also have an area you can reserve for private functions. :)

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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

Forced (yes forced guys) the boyfriend to go to Flossom with me instead of a regular coffee shop. I’ve always wanted to go because of their interesting interiors.

True enough, the interiors bring out the personality of the place. It’s modern and stylish but still very relaxing.
We shared an order of Creme Bruleé which I found really milky sweet. The taste profile has a big resemblance to our usual leche flan but less caramel flavor strength. I didn’t enjoy the slices of sugar on top because it was suuuper sweet. I also got an order of Iced Hazelnut Latte to go with it. First sip and you’ll immediately taste the hazelnut flavor which made it really sweet. I have high tolerance for sweetness in my coffee so this was okay for me.

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Airah E.
4.0 Stars

This place is so pretty! 128525 My friend and I went on a Friday afternoon and thankfully there were only a few people, perfect for a tita catch up. 128514 I wasn’t looking for a big meal so I just ordered the chicken tenders: bite-sized spicy buffalo chicken served with carrots, celery, and blue cheese dip. True to its name, the chicken was tender and had just a hint of spiciness; and it was good with or without the dip.

Although it is a bit pricey here, there are so many interesting things in the menu I’d like to try, so I’ll be coming back. If you’re looking for a cute place to hang out with the girls, Flossom is worth a visit. 128522

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

It was one Saturday morning when The KTG had our brunch get-together at Flossom Kitchen. Sharing our Flossom experience here.

Flossom is located in Flossom Place, 187 N. Averilla Street, Greater San Juan, San Juan City. The interiors give a very homey feel--great for brunch gatherings with family and friends.

Here are the dishes that we had:

Truffle and Egg Sandwich. Truffle bits, egg salad, fish roe, croissant, potato chips, bacon. This sandwich is absolutely indulging. I haven't thought that roe and bacon would go so well.

Buffalo Mac and Cheese. Buffalo chicken, spicy cheese sauce, blue cheese drizzle, macaroni. This is good, though, I'm not a fan of blue cheese.

Spicy Shrimp Pasta. Fresh shrimp, chili flakes, white wine, garlic butter, cherry tomatoes, basil, linguine. I believe it depends on your tolerance when we talk about spicy dishes--In my case, I find it just a little spicy. I love pasta dishes with shrimp so I enjoyed this a lot.

Honey Chorizo Pasta. Tierra chorizo hubad, spiced honey, garlic confit, bell peppers, red sauce, linguine.

Mushroom Truffle Risotto with Salmon. Shitake mushroom, button mushroom, shimeji mushroom, tartufata, chicken stock, parmesan cheese, topped with grilled Norwegian salmon fillet. The salmon is tender and good while the risotto is absolutely delectable. The salmon is a good complement to the risotto, though, I could say that the risotto is good enough to stand on its own.

Chori Shrimp Pizza. Tierra chorizo de bilbao, fresh shrimp, caramelized onions, garlic tomato sauce, mozzarella. Crispy thin crust, I like the fresh shimp and caramelized onions.

Jamon Serrano and Arugula Pizza. Spanish jamon, sauteed bell pepper, onions, garlic tomato sauce, mozzarella.

Asian Chicken. Marinated chicken thigh, pico de gallo, rice, onion cream, side salad.

Baked Meatloaf. Homemade embutido, cream sauce, mozzarella, side vegetables, rice. This embutido is the best I ever had in my life (as of 2018--in case I find something better in the future)! Before I had it, I just thought, "Hey, meatloaf. Okay." I'm not a fan of embutido especially when it has raisins. The moment I had my first bite, things changed--foodgasm! Soft, delicious embutido, topped with that creamy good sauce and mozzarella cheese, it's heavenly.

Ultimate English Breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, ham, wild mushrooms, baked beans, sunny-side-up eggs, potato spuds, grilled tomatoes, baguette. This serving is good for sharing.

Ube Champorado. Ube rice stew, salted fish flakes, macapuno strings, yema sauce. This is something new to me since champorado is normally chocolate-flavored. The ube champorado did not disappoint. It was delightful and I enjoyed the contrast of flavors coming from the sweetness of the yema sauce and macapuno and the saltiness of the fish flakes. Delicious!

Tiramisu. Mascarpone cream, espresso lady fingers, cocoa powder. I like how it looked like it was placed in a pot. The tiramisu is very soft and I like how it isn't too sweet.

Chocolate Ganache Cake. Indulging especially for chocolate lovers.

Brownies. I love it. From the texture to the flavor.

Carrot Cake. This is also good, my friends also love it. I'm not a fan of carrot cakes, too, though.

FULL REVIEW and Complete HD Photos (uncropped by looloo) on my blog.

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Felina Katrina Kaye A.
4.0 Stars

We were able to visit Flossom Kitchen and Cafe on a Saturday morning. The place was jampacked and all tables were reserved so we had to wait for about 10 minutes or so before we were seated inside. It was just a short time so it wasn’t a big deal for us. Not sure if that’s always the case. But to save you from unexpected waiting, MAKE A TABLE RESERVATION.

The cafe is so beautiful, well-lit, and well-ventilated. I love the interior design. It gives a very homey/cozy vibe, with flowers as Flossom’s main decor. The service’s good. The staff was very welcoming and attentive.

The following are the food we ordered:

1. Smoked Salmon Pasta PHP 320 - Yummy, creamy, and cheesy! It’s served with toasted bread
2. Cobbler Fish Sandwich PHP 290 - Delicious burger served with crispy chips
3. Autumn Salad PHP 300 - A hearty bowl of greens with balsamic dressing
4. Americano PHP 100
5. Ube Champorado PHP 280 - I really enjoyed this version of champorado. It’s topped with yummy tuyo flakes and caramel sauce. I was really surprised with how awesome it tasted. This is a must-try!
6. Coco Caramel Latte PHP 150 - This reminded me of the Coconut Coffee I tasted in Vietnam.

Take note that VAT is excluded so expect a service charge and tax to be added on your total bill.

I recommend this place and the food too. This is something you should add to your list of must-try cafes!

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