Flour Jar

Unit C, Pilar Development Corp. Bldg., Rose Ave., Pilar Village, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Flour Jar
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Most Recent Reviews

Will C.
4.0 Stars

So... from molito went straight here, distance wise its not too far since im on south area might as well drop here but factor in traffic its a good 20 mins away.

Exterior of the place doesnt really stand out unless your really looking for it. Good thing i was able to call them up to confirm that they still had 6 pcs of their "elusive" donuts. I think monthly their flavor changes and this month its creme brulee, chocolate and blueberry.

Their creme brulee was too sweet. Probably not worth ordering to be honest as the sweetness overpower the taste of the creme inside and affects the texture of the donut itself, blueberry was another story, it was really good.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

And we’re back! After a grueling two hours at Bounce Ph we decided to drop by here at Flour Jar before calling it a day.

Kandyce was so hungry she immediately devoured the Oreoffee Crumble slice (P130). Luckily, I had the chance to save a bit for myself! It was so good! Every bit of it is just so really good!

We also got Flour Jar’s Truffle Cheese pasta (P240). We were happy already with Oreoffee Crumble, but this pasta made our visit here both satisfying and filling (was actually thinking of getting a pie and coffee only), but we just couldn’t contain our hunger.

Kandyce had to get the butterball (P20) and it was also good according to her. I didn’t attempt to try anymore as i was so very very full!

Of course I had my usual latte (P110). Still the best in this part of town!

Ps... couldn’t believe this is already my 500th review!!!! 128514

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Halloo it's me again 128513 chanced upon their delish donuts one night and was also able to try 2 new cakes - the Hawaiian Macadamia one and best friends something cake which is their super yummy version of banana cake.
Since it was a weekend it was pretty packed but we were able to get a table some minutes later. Good news though, they are expanding and might even open a new branch in Alabang 128522

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Finally tried it here Chili G! Thanks for recommending! We absolutely loved the place! Thank you too Dennis O!

The menu looks so inviting and we wanted to try out all the cakes and pastries.

Grilled Honey Bacon sandwich (@P220) is really good. The bread is so soft, thick and not soggy even if poured with honey. The bacon and egg serving is quite generous!

Kids got the Sundried Tomato Pesto pasta and they loved ot as well!

Vietnamese coffee was really good! We tried it as a
latte (P110). I also loved the price 128521 By the way, they say they source their beans from Toby’s Estate. Explains why it’s so good!

Wasn’t able to try out the Herb Chicken Sandwich that Espie got (@ P220) but she says it’s really good and worth the price! I guess I’ll have to try that one too, next time we’re here.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Flour Jar is one of the new place that opened in Las Pinas that have caught the instagram world with its crave worthy doughnuts. I have so far visited the place twice already. So here is my honest review for both visit combined.
The place is a beauty homey and chic kind of vibe. A place that the yuppies would love to have a photoshoot and chill. For best experience of lightings go for a morning visit. I visited the place both times at night so lighting wasn’t that good.

Food and drink wise I got a mix of good and bad on the quality. Bomba Nachos this was good and packed. Love the overall topping and cheese they’ve mixed. For the salad, we got the gwapa salad it was okay and serving size was also big. Refreshing and good. For the pasta, hmm this was a fail for me. We tried the brown butter carbonara and calamansi basil pasta. The pasta noodles for both visit was overcooked. It was not perfectly cook and when we try to tell the server that it was a bit overcooked she answered al dente po ba?. We just laugh at it. I think the pasta has a potential to be really good they just really need to cook it properly or change to a higher quality of pasta noodles. The strawberry acai smoothie bowl was again good. Love that it got a big serving and was not too overpriced at 180PHP. For the drinks the charcoal calamansi juice was refreshing good while the pink latte w/ gingerbread was not that good for me.

For dessert this where they excel! Their doughnuts are really good and a must try. Just be sure to call to reserve ahead of your visit. The cakes are really good love the Hokkaido Milk cheesecake. Not too umay and really good.

Overall if you are looking for a doughnuts and cake place this a good spot. Suggest eating somewhere for dinner and ending here for desserts.

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

I went to Flour Jar and it was okay...

I actually wanted to LOVE it but nah...

The place was rather small and when you go here when the sun is out, it's gonna be a problem coz it's so hot! Even with the aircon on, the sun hits the store directly. Though natural light is always welcome and makes pictures lovely LOL it can be annoying when it's intense. They should think about putting shutters.

Their donuts are not available everyday. You can pre-order and pick them up there or there are lucky days when they just decide to make some and sell them.

Their coffee is so so and they've got the worse Cold Mocha in town! It was too small for it's price, weak coffee taste and it's basically cold coffee with sugar and cream and a slab of thick (very thick) milk chocolate something that looks like milk chocolate spread. I don't know how that works, tbh it's not like the usual Mocha where the chocolate has been incorporated. Here, you have to mix the slab of chocolate into the coffee. Still, it didn't make it Mocha-ish! It only made it SUPER SWEET, sakit ulo levels! I didn't even finish it and the chocolate started to settle at the bottom.

The owner was there just three steps away from our table when my friends asked me why my mocha looked so weird. Then I started complaining and she looked but she turned a deaf ear. SUPER MAJOR TURN OFF IM SO SORRY FLOUR JAR or wait I'm not really sorry at all LOL

I got their Carrot Cake and this one I love! It's huge for the price, moist with a good cinnamon kick. The cream cheese filling and frosting was lovely! Perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. I would recommend that you try this.

My daughter wanted a Unicorn Cake and it was a pretty one. Colorful frosting, a layer of cheesecake and chiffon - this was too sweet but not bad at all. Eye candy for sweet little girls. My only problem with this cake was the serving time. I mean, we needed to follow-up several times for it! Over and over and they kept pointing at each other! Mind you, the place was not crowded because how can a place with just about 4 small tables get crowded LOL When I got super annoyed already, I asked them to cancel this order and to my surprise, THEY STILL SERVED IT! SMH!

Then I also got their Matcha Bar. Two brownies filled with Matcha in between, topped with more matcha powder and served with whipped cream on the side. It was good. Brownies were moist and chocolaty, Matcha was strong but this can get cloying.

My daughter also asked for a Cotton Candy Shake which was a cotton candy-bubble gumish flavored drink that was ice blended. It was topped with cotton candy. The staff cautioned us that the cotton candy was made up of bubble gum. But it wasn't lol maybe she was referring to the flavor.

Overall this was an okay visit. My expectations were high and with a cafe this small with the owner present, I expected a better service and customer service. I'm willing to visit again to try their smoothie bowls and maybe chia pudding but it's not something worth the traffic coz going to Pilar is so hard! Lol

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Got lucky one day and chanced upon a fresh batch of their elusive donuts! We were meeting some friends that night and it'd be like our Christmas gift to them. The available flavors were milk chocolate, strawberry and blueberry. Got all 20 donuts available 128513 they prettily prepared it in 5 boxes w four donuts each.
The milk chocolate and strawberry were TDF, our friends also loved them!
They've no particular schedule on when they'll make donuts but you can pre order (2 days advance notice) 128522

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars


Right after our dentist appointment, I suggested we have our late lunch here. Since Ony doesn’t really have a choice, he just agreed. Haha. #thingsyoudoforlove 128540128154

PLACE. It’s not that hard to find this place. It’s along Rose Avenue in Pilar. You can easily waze them. 128521 They have parking space but I think they only have 2 slots available. I wanna go here for breakfast but they open pretty late huhu (1pm till 9pm).

The place is just small, can fit 15 or less customers inside. But despite being small, the place is still very very beautiful. Small but terrible. The design is simple and very nature-y. Pastel colors, fresh fruits, plants everywhere, and wooden tables. And the cakes!! So hard not to look and want to try them!!! 128525128539128563128517 Very chill and relaxing.

FOOD. 127860

128129🏻‍♂️: Herb Chicken Sandwich (215php) and Flat White (110php).

| 🥪 and 9749️: I wasn’t able to try his sandwich anymore but according to Ony, it was good and was very filling. Coffee was also good. They use Toby’s Estate coffee, btw.

128129🏻‍♀️: Strawberry Acai Bowl (180php) and Matcha Latte (90php).

| 127827: The smoothie bowl is probably the best tasting smoothie bowl in Manila. 💯 I really enjoyed my smoothie bowl because it wasn’t overly sweet and there were a lot of fruits on top (banana, orange, papaya, strawberry, and mango) plus granola, dried fruits, pistachio nuts, cacao nibs, and almond butter. My bowl was super yummy and refreshing! I cannot! 128525128525128525

They used fresh fruits so you can really taste the “realness” of the bowl (unlike those that also uses ice). I also like how sulit and affordable the bowls are. Nothing more than 200 pesos!!! 128588🏼 No need to travel to LU just to get my smoothie bowl fix. 128155

| 127861: 90 pesos matcha latte? OHHYASS!!! And it’s also gooooood!!! Just the right level of sweetness and bitterness. I liked this better when it was still hot but because I was not able to drink and finish it right away, instead of drinking the “not hot anymore” latte, I asked for ice and surprisingly, the iced version was also good. 128154

| For dessert, we tried 2 cakes.
🥕 The BEST Carrot Cake (125php)
- Indeed the BEST TASTING CARROT CAKE! Omg, legit!! The cake was moist, the cream cheese frosting was not too much that you don’t get to enjoy the cake anymore, and the whole cake itself wasn’t too sweet. So good and very affordable. Must must must!!! 💯 (Trivia: Toby’s Estate chocolate and carrot cakes are from Flour Jar).

127851 Milk & Chocolate Cake (125php)
- Chocolate Mousse cake but yummier and better. Yes, it’s sweet but omg it’s good. So worth the calories! Haha! Creamy chocolate mousse + moist chocolate cake. I cannot!! 128539128557128588🏼

SERVICE was excellent!! Staffs are all nice and friendly. They know their menu very well, they answer questions well, and they are always ready to help/assist us. 128513128077🏼

Definitely coming back for the grilled cheese sandwich, and the honey bacon sandwich, the breakfast menu, the other cakes (Hokkaido Cheesecake!!!), their bestselling DONUTS, and for the OMG I CANNOT EVEN SMOOTHIE BOWLS!!!!!!!!! 128155128155128155

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

This is a collective review of about four or so visits in the last month 128516 this is srsly one of the best things that happened in 2017! I never really had a sweet tooth (more of a meat tooth for me I think) but this place almost kinda changed that! It's become our go to for dessert or a simple meal. All of the cakes and brownies I've tried were super good!
So if you're from the south and you haven't tried this place yet, you're totally missing out!

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Since falling in love with this place I've been here maybe 3 or more times since my last review and everything that I've tried has been so good, srsly. Whyyyyy u so gooddd??
I've tried a couple of their sandwiches - the one with bacon and the chicken sandwich (I've forgotten the names as usual) and they were both really good and fresh. They don't scrimp on ingredients! The bread they use is also delicious in itself. The French exit fries were also good but I really liked their nachos both the chicharrones and the bomba variants.
Hubby and I shared their banana split shake which was awesome in so many ways. They blended the banana first then the strawberry then the chocolate ice cream so you can really see and taste the different layers all for ₱125!
For the cakes, 'the best carrot cake' was really a standout and I think it's pretty hard to top! Brownies were absolutely delicious and a steal at ₱45. Was also lucky enough to try their donuts since they don't have them all the time! The glazed was only ₱20 and the TDF chocolate filled was ₱40! They go perfectly with their coffee too! My personal fave is the iced mocha 128522
Love this place so much and I think I've already told all my friends about it! Loolooers in the south do give it a try!

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

If I had to eat here for the rest of my life, I'd probably be diabetic and overly plump but I'd certainly be as happy as a clam as the food and dessert here is just deliriously good!
Had a dinner date with my tita friends and the titas in us were so happy with the food and prices! My friend tried their brown butter Carbonara which was divine with just the slightest hint of truffles. My other friend tried their loaded fries (sorry I forgot the name!) which was I guess their version of animal fries. Really good too especially with their garlic sauce! I ordered their grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and onion jam which I forgot to take a picture of cos I was so excited to eat it 128517
The three of us also shared two slices of cake - the milk chocolate cake which was pretty much like a chocolate mousse with cake and mousse layers but with a yummy chocolate top. So good srsly gone in 60 seconds. The red velvet must be one of the best I've had, creamy and moist that went so well with the cream. Ughhh why so good! We also ordered a glass of iced cappuccino and iced mocha for me.
The best thing about it is, our total bill was like ₱1000! A thousand bucks for all of that goodness OMG! Planning when I can go back next 128513

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

After our weird experience at THIS burger, the cool, bohemian - tropical inspired interiors of The Flour Jar was truly a welcome respite! Tastefully up cycled furniture went well with the subdued colors and prints scattered all over the cafe. It was love at first sight for me!
Their display was chock full if yummy cakes, pies and brownies. They even had those cookie shots that you can drink milk from. Immediately regretted our dinner 128517 they also serve real food like sandwiches, pasta and smoothie Bowls which I'll try next time.
Their best seller was the Hokkaido cheese cake so we got a slice of that and also a slice of their Mango Cheesecake. Prices aren't bad all, I think slices for from ₱95-₱125. They also have a wide coffee selection. Too bad it was already night time and I already had my cold brew that day.
The cakes were just DIVIIINNEEE!!! the Hokkaido Cheesecake had a layer of cheese that resembled and tasted like the filling from Tokyo milk cheese but not as sharp. It also had a layer of chiffon that complemented the cheese well. The Mango Cheesecake was also TDF! it was not heavy or heady and the Mango taste is really there. The slices were big and we had to take them home!
Srsly cannot wait to go back to try their coffee and red velvet cake!

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