Flow House Manila

Molito Complex, Molino Blvd., Bacoor, Cavite

Flow House Manila
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4.0 Stars

There are lots of beautiful, fun and exciting places in Metro Manila and its near cities and provinces. One of those places is The Flow House Manila, a flow rider park with bar and restaurant. Flow House Manila is situated at Bacoor, Cavite. From Manila we went to Alabang and pass by Daang Hari Road to arrived in our destination. But before that we have a side trip at Vista Mall located at Daang Hari Road to eat.

When we arrived to our destination before 4PM in the afternoon, we need to register and set for a schedule. We choose 5PM to 6PM schedule.

We changed to our surfing outfit before our turn. And relax for a while in their restaurant beside the small pool. And watched the playing children around the pool area.

When its our turn, I am super dooper nervous to try the flow rider thinking the strong waves will splashed me in the wall. And I am a little ashamed of myself if I cannot or I will not try it because the kids with the same schedule as ours can really do it.

First the staff teach me to put the surf board to my chest and lie down with it and try to balance strong flow of the water. My first attempt was perfect, I made it and try again for 3 times. Second, I need to stand with the board while holding the rope and need to balance myself with the strong flow of water. The first attempt in standing position... Toink! Failed! I was splashed at the end of the wall with the strong flow of the water. LOL 128514128514128514 Then another try and try and try until I got one finally... Hahaha. But it is not perfect.

After 1 hour of flowing and riding with the strong flow of water. My energy was drained and need to grab some snacks at the bar. I got Nachos with meaty toppings 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 and a soda.

Try to visit Flow House Manila to try different and fun adventure. 12851510084127940🏼127946🏼


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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

Enjoy safely the thrills of surfing, bodyboarding, by flowriding at FlowHouse Manila which just started few months ago.

So last Saturday morning we went at Flow House Manila to finally try this new water craze sports with my family127940

Well for most of you who didn't know what Flowboarding is, it is a popular sports now worldwide.Flowboarding uses the boards similar to wakeboarding looks like you are surfing is standing or body / boogie boarding when lying down.

This Flowrider attraction is essentially a ride that generates a thin sheet of water that flows in a form of endless , perfect ocean swell and is made of composite membrane that absorbs fall at all times. The resulting wave like shape permits riders of all ages to experience the thrill of riding waves. It is very safe since you won't get drown in inches of water and you fall into a soft membrane like a cushion.

Some of the Flowriders destinations are Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore , San Diego and the latest addition to the list is this Flow House Manila which just started last April 1 of 2015.

FlowHouse is located at Season Mall in Molino boulevard Cavite. We had hard time finding it because there were not much signs going there and the place is beside a construction building so you won't notice it and we got lost twice before we reach the area. I did call the reservation to help me get through there for two times. We took the way from Alabang I thought it was a short distance but I suggest that you take the Cavite route if your familiar with the area coz it's more nearer.

Flowriding is 650 per hour. They open from 10am to 10pm and be sure to have reservation just like what we did. Our time sched is 11am and thank God we arrived on time inspite we got lost.

There was a huge space parking area since few people were there. We put our things first on our preferred seats then paid the entrance fee. Hubby and my son did not want to try since they are not feeling well so I just paid 300 for each of them as entrance fee but they can use the 300 for food. For the Flowriders like me, mom and my daughter it's 650.

We had a brief orientation at the reservations area, no jewelries, wear proper attire like rashgard and boardshorts. Before we started we had a picture taking of course. A bit nervous before we try it. We had an instructor there and reminds us of safety guidelines. What to do and not to do and I will no longer discuss it, just see for yourself.

Honestly it's really not easy for me to balance on water but my daughter does. She really has a talent and no doubt because she have tried wakeboarding in Camsur already. I got wipeout many times and bump into the walls. It hurts a little but it was fun, sabi ng coach ko : Si Solenn Heusaff nakaya kaya magagawa mo din, whooah that was my motivation and eventually before our session ends I was able to balance myself on kneeboarding. By the way many celebrities went here already. It was a one of a kind experience. Some of the riders were cheering for us too pati mom ko May fans na coz at age of 58 she can do this kind of activity .

The sport of Flowboarding delivers both challenge and reward which translates to a solid base of repeated riders.

Before heading home I felt the body pains and a day after it's hard for me to move but it's rewarding because I was able to challenge myself that I can do it and I did , hope you too.

So guys and gals from the South, you may check this out.

#flowhousemanila #flowhouse
#flowlife #flowmovement #thebreakishere

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