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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a perfect "date night place" ? or ... A place to spend your anniversary, propose to someone perhaps or something fancy where you can spoil yourself and experience luxury cuisine- this is the place to go!

Price 1108811088110881108811088
I wanted to try their 6 course meal but I was still full after watching a movie... so I opted to go for their 3 course prix fixe menu priced at P800 pesos. It was a bit expensive but for me it was worth it. The price was reasonable

Food 1108811088110881108811088
▶️ Presentation was spot on
▶️ They knew exactly when to serve the next course
▶️ The breadsticks and appetizer were 10084128588🏻128525

☑️ Cipolla Caramellata- i'm speechless! I'll just put the description haha- caramelized onion, 24 months aged grana padano gelato, grana padano hot cream
☑️ Chicken Ballotine- the creamy polenta was spot on and the chicken jus was full of flavor, soft and juicy
☑️ Lemon Curd- this was my fave! That Lettuce gelato was a surprise. It tasted sooo good. I'll definitely go back to try their other desserts

Service 1108811088110881108811088
128079🏻 I like the fact that each food was explained by the chef
128079🏻 The ambience was perfect
128079🏻 Service was great!

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Joey G.
5.0 Stars

Had dinner with the family to celebrate the birthday of my eldest. It was a most satisfying experience as the place was nice, clean, well-appointed and oozed of high quality. The service was exceptional as well, as the waiters were very attentive and there was no need to ask in order to be waited upon.

As for the dishes, they had a six-course menu available that night (see pic) and everyone in my family was raving about each dish. Truly high quality, well-presented, and delicious. Will let the pictures speak for themselves. Certainly well worth the price too.

This fine dining place is worth recommending. Truly five stars!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Finally able to visit (and review) Foo'd by Michelin rated chef Davide Oldani! It was a pleasurable visit especially when I was able to avail of Citibank's promo - you can get their 4-course degustacion for only 1200php instead of 1800php.

It was a great start with with the Italian bread with wanton. The bread was dense yet tasty and filling. I loved the crispy wanton and curry seasoning on top. Next came their signature Cipolla Caramellata that i thought was a dessert at first. Its a perfectly cooked onion baked in a sweet and savoury pastry topped with cheese gelato. Totally good and the texture was amazing. The main dish was chicken and prawn and risotto. It was 'okay'. The chicken wasnt consistent and some were more cooked than the others. My risotto was pretty undercooked. I loved the flavour but it was inedible because of the grainy texture. I wouldve have asked them to replace it if we werent is a hurry. The white tiramisu dessert was a good mean ending. It wasnt just beautiful to look at, but the creamy texture and subtle yet pronounced flavours of the chocolate was a good palate cleanser.

Overall, the food was what i expected. Complex, unique, and of good quality. A few hit and misses but definitely worth coming back for.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

FOO'D for dinner with the Boyfriend. 128107127881

As always, days before our dinner, I browsed looloo and the www to read reviews just so we get to "maximize" our dinner experience. 128518 Reviews are mixed - some are super positive but there are also some that are not that impressed. The reviews were still helpful as it helped me decide which to order and not to order. Plus what to expect. 128077🏼

PLACE: Place is not as intimidating. Not as "Why am I here?! Omg, I can't be myself here!!!" type. Ony and I are not the most behaved human beings and surprisingly, we survived FOO'D. 128518 My one and only comment though is there were flies. 128557128557

FOOD: 4 course meal (1200) for Ony and 3 course meal (800) for me. The prices are not super bad because you get to experience "fine dining" at a pretty reasonable price. Win-win!! 128077🏼

While waiting, we were served with the complimentary bread. We loved the bread that we asked for refills! 128517128541

Antipasto: Cipolla Caramellata
- A unique and interesting starter. Loved how they made a way to make a simple onion into a yummy amazing onion. Sweet, salty, hot, cold, soft, and chewy. This was our favorite. 💯

Primo: Cacio E Pepe
- When this was served, Ony and I were both smiling because the smell of truffle was so inviting we can't wait for the Chef to explain it already so we can start eating. 128517 Also, they added pepper making us more excited. Sadly, with so much excitement, we weren't that impressed with this pasta. It was bland and pasta was not cooked al dente. If only it tastes as good as it smells.... 128533

Secondi: Iberico Pork Ribs && Chicken and Prawn
- Ony said that the pork was tender but bland. Tasted it and yup, it was tender and bland. 🤐
- The chicken, on the other hand, was not as bland. It was cooked perfectly, the gravy was a big help as it added that much needed "taste". The prawn was good, that I liked! 128521

Dolce: Lemon Curd, Dark Chocolate Mousse, && Fondant
- We were able to try 3 desserts! Yayy! The dark chocolate mousse was the prettiest and I liked the deep dark chocolate taste. It wasn't that sweet, as well. The fondant was just okay. Nothing extraordinary. My favorite was the Lemon Curd. Loved the combination of the flavors. The lettuce gelato was weird but after a while, I enjoyed the weird dahon aftertaste. 128518

Unlike most reviews, we found the serving size just right. It's not big big, but it's not small small (gets? Hahaha 128518). We were full after and our "plan" to eat burger after remained just as a plan.

SERVICE was excellent. Servers were all attentive and helpful. 128077🏼

3 stars only because ---- service was good but food was just okay. Nothing too extraordinary. 🤔

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

ANTIPASTO: Cipolla Caramellata (Caramelized Onion with Grana Padano Gelato)
What a great way to start a meal. Simple dish but full of flavors.

PRIMO: Cacio E Pepe (Spaghetti, Horseradish, Lemon, Pecorino Romano)
Nothing special about this pasta. At first, I thought that the serving was small but then as I finish it I realized malapit na ako mabusog haha! The serving was okay lang considering that this is a 4-course meal. But then again, the taste, nothing extraordinary.

SECONDO: I'm not sure what it's called but I think this is an A4 Wagyu beef dish. This is not the beef cheek dish.
The beef was sooooooooooo tender and flavorful! Nabitin ako actually. Gusto ko pa humingi ng beef haha!

DOLCI: I'm not sure din with the name of this dessert but it's delicious as well. Not too sweet. A perfect ending to my 4-course meal. 128523

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Lia B.
5.0 Stars

Wonderful resto! Good food, great service and nice interiors! Loved the mains Iberico Pork Ribs, Chicken and Prawn, the appetizers Cippola Caramellata and the desserts Dark Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Curd.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

Michelin Star Chef Davide Oldani Shares the Taste of Milan in Manila. The renowned chef and impeccable palate behind some of the world's most famed restaurants, Michelin Chef Davide Oldani finally came to Manila on January 18, 2017, to share his world of flavor. He recently opened his first concept restaurant outside Milan, FOO'D by Davide Oldani at Shangri-La The Fort, BGC. I was recently invited to experience a 3-course lunch in this Michelin Star Chef's restaurant.

Chef Davide Oldani, a well-respected name across all borders, honed his skills and his palate under some of the best chefs in Italy, including Chef Alain Ducasse, Michel Roux Jr., pastry chef Pierre Hermes and mentor Gualtiero Marchesi, the first chef in Italy to earn three stars from Michelin.

Oldani is well-known for his innovative approach to Italian cuisine through his distinct Cucina Pop style, which masterfully weaves together incredible flavors into simple but surprising dishes. Cucina Pop follows a humble philosophy that all aspects of the meal - and not merely the food that is prepared - should be executed to a level of excellence and with passion. Everything is considered down to the finest detail. From the types of table, glassware, and utensils - each in their simplicity and elegance must help elevate the meal and create a memorable experience for the dinner. His concept of pop cuisine also includes creating high-end dishes without being very expensive. He was able to achieve that by using ingredients that are in season for it to be cost-effective.

Sharing our fine dining experience at FOO'D:

They serve complimentary bites and bread that are made fresh every day. Even the complimentary bread is really very good. What I love about this restaurant at this point is that the chefs are the ones who serve the dishes and explain the meal to you. After all, they know it best because they are the ones who made it.

We had a three-course meal which is composed of an Antipasto (Starter), Secondo (Second/Main Dish), and Dolce (Dessert).

Cipolla Caramellata. Caramelized onion, 24 months aged grana padano gelato, grana padano hot cream. It's so good, definitely the best onion I ever had in my life! Not kidding about this. I love the contrast of temperatures, from the hot onion to the cold gelato. There is puff pastry underneath the onion which makes it more indulging.

Riso Chicken and Prawn. Spring chicken, veal jus, spicy raisins, scent of thyme, creamy carnaroli. This is their default primo-secondo for the two and three-course meals. Basically, FOO'D is an Italian restaurant so instead of serving it with rice, they serve it with risotto. Which is almost the same thing, except it's Italian. lol.

Other options for the Primo-secondo are some of the following:
Riso Cochinillo. Roast pork, porcini sauce, raddish, shimeji mushrooms.

Riso Iberico Pork Ribs. Compressed pork rib, porcini sauce, liquorice. Topped with mascuvado bread crumbs. Good and tender.

Beef "All'olio." Wagyu beef cheek, borderlaise, asparagus, trout caviar. This was what I chose for my primo. The beef cheek was really thick, it's a good serving that can sate you. You don't have to worry about it being thick, though. The beef cheek is so tender that it melts in your mouth. I also love the caviar. Absolutely delicious.

Cheesecake. Ricotta mousse, sable strawberry, basil. I find this really cute because it looks like a rose. You have to eat this with all the portions to be able to appreciate it well. I like how it wasn't too sweet, it was just right. The petals on the plating is also edible.

Dark Chocolate Mousse. Cacao crumble, framboise powder, dark chocolate gelato. Just perfect for me. This was what I ordered for my dolce. Again, eat it with all portions included.

Lemon Curd. Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato. I love how this was plated and the lettuce gelato was amazing. Again, you have to mix both when you try it. I feel bad about destroying the plating once we tried it, though.

Overall, I would say that the dishes in FOO'D have a contrast of texture, flavors and temperature. They also focus on good proportions and has that signature of a delicate style. You definitely appreciate the Michelin Star in this one.

FOO'D offers two and three-course menus during lunch time, and three to five-course menu at dinner time.

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Christian C.
3.0 Stars

*Cipolla Caramellata
This is for me the highlight of the entire meal, and I call it by far the best onion dish I ever had, for an onion to have a light and sweet taste, sitting in the warm crispy puff pastry, and covered with melted sugar topped with Grana Padano gelato providing a savory taste in a form of dessert

* Cacio e Pepe
The dish that I never waited, maybe I am looking for something more with this kind of dining experience. Just to give you description on this, pasta that providing clean simple taste, giving a focus on the taste of Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper.

* Iberico Pork Ribs
Protein dish has amazing description in the menu that failed me, the fact it was Iberico pork so I expect a more intense pork taste combined with earthy and sweet tone from sauce from Porcini sauce and liquorice, but I tasted nothing on any of my expectation

* Beef All’ olio
Snake River farm Wagyu beef cheek, with bordelaise sauce, ok maybe I am born and raised on a food with strong flavor, giving this a small hint of consideration because of the trout caviar and the melt on your mouth experience, but overall I want more flavor on the bordelaise sauce just to accentuate the beauty of the protein

* Lemon Curd
One of the two dishes that save me from the dining doom experience, second time to see this dessert (I tried it first in CAV) but it has more finest and playful flavor that catches my attention, setting aside the fact it was instagram worth dish it has component that will be mesmerizing you, like curry almonds which I was never tried it before and the lettuce gelato that I never thought it could be done deliciously

Let me start on the positive side of this dessert, first it was intragam worth dish, second the milk gelato was really good slowly melt on the top of warm chocolate fondant. Now on the not so good part it was not as good as Lemon Curd, where all components works together to give me that WOW sensation, each component work separately with this fondant dessert, I would suggest to try to eat first the gelato then the warm fondant then finished it with the seeds.

Food (3/5) it was based on the fact I expect more flavor but I also give the consideration that was affordable fine dining experience, maybe I raised the standards with its fellow fine dining restaurants

Service (4/5) they have very attentive set of food attendant, giving a very good inputs. Each dish was presented properly explaining the components and how it should be eaten

Ambiance (4/5) simply sophisticated, but would love if they just removed the white table clothe (maybe im not a fan)

Wine (3/5) all wines are limited to Italian brands

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Treated our mom to somewhere fancy for Mother's Day. We got their 3 course meal for Php800 per person. The ambiance was simple yet elegant great for family gatherings.

They served us appetizers bread with seafood zest and cream cheese.

1st: Cipolla Caramellata - caramelized onion slice
2nd: Chicken and Prawn - falling off the bone tender chicken
3rd: White Tiramisu - not too sweet but it was good 128522

You can customize your meal at additional cost. 🙂

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Nicole C.
3.0 Stars

Had our CNY fam dinner here.
We got..
-Cipolla Caramelata, or Caramelized Onion with 24-month aged Grana Pedano Gelato, and Grana Pedano Hot Cream: we had mixed emotions regarding this one. We do love the crispy outer layer, but once you dig in and eat up, the layers become soggy and the taste can get quite overwhelming. We did like the gelato on top, and the hot cream really stood oht for me too.
-Cacio e Pepe pasta: This has to be both my mom and I's fave. I love the simplicity of this dish.
-Milanese D'O: lol what is this dish, is it risotto or. whatever it is I didn't enjoy or like it lolol.
-Iberico Pork Ribs: didn't get to try this one but it did look really tender!
-Seabass D'O: this is what my mom got and she liked it well enough. Didn't try this also as I don't like fish.
-Wagyu Beef Cheek with Bordelaise, Asparagus, and Trout Caviar: It was alright, the texture of the beef was so soft, like melt in your mouth soft! But it didn't really amaze me, it was, again, just okay.
-Fondant. Chocolate fondant, Toasted Seeds, Milk Gelato: Not too sweet, so I actually liked this dish! Anyway, when I cut the brownie in two, chocolate overflowed.. Yum. Problem is, I didn't like the texture of it - it felt reheated for me, huhu. I really, really enjoyed the milk gelato though.

Service was okay, every time a dish was served a chef would come by to explain it which adds to the ~fancy~ feel to the place lolz. ambiance was okay too, but the place was too dimly lit for our taste lol. They have their own bathroom and wifi - but their wifi didn't work when we were there lol.

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Had the chance to try the 4 course tasting menu of Foo'd. Paid around 1800 since I upgraded the pork to beef. Let's clear things: a tasting menu doesn't intend for you to feel full. Serving size is on the lighter end. Quality is good bough. Almost everything was good. The sweet starter will get you going. The pasta in a way cleanses your palate from the starter. The main hits the spot. I'm not really a dessert person so I can't really comment on it.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Ever since they opened, I have always wanted to try this place out mainly because of the positive reviews and the price. It's still pricey but when compared to other places, this one's really affordable. I was just waiting for an occasion so I can suggest this place to Ony or my family but apparently, I don't need to wait that long anymore!! Yayyy! 9786128513 Thank you ABE (Hi, Abe C) for the invite. Hihi.

Together with Clarissa P and Marjorie G, we all had dinner here one Wednesday night. And also, hi Mary Love S 128518

FOOD 127860

FAUX EGG. Cauliflower Velouté, Cauliflower Tabbouleh, Carrot and Orange Sphere.
- This is a unique and interesting starter. I am an egg lover so I was hoping this dish to taste like an actual real egg. Though not entirely the same, this was good - smooth, creamy, and yummy. It's like eating a creamier version of a cauliflower soup. 128517 I liked the yolk part the most. Although the taste of the carrot wasn't that evident, I still enjoyed the tangy taste c/o the orange.

SURF & TURF. USDA Wagyu Beef Cheek, Lobster Jus, Horseradish.
- The beef was so tender you don't need knife anymore. I'm not very good with identifying different flavors and describing them as detailed as possible but this dish was very tasty. So much flavor, I CAN'T EVEN!! The prawn was also good -- juicy and was done well. Portion size is just enough for me but for guys, this might be too small.

- A suprise dish as we were only supposed to try 3 dishes. It's my first time trying something like this and it was good? I don't know how to explain it (again 128517) but it was "refreshing". I liked the hint of citrus. Also, I was able to enjoy this more since this came after the steak. The steak was too rich and very flavorful that this somehow brought me back to the normal world haha! 128518

And last but will never ever be the least -- dessert!!!

WHITE COFFEE TIRAMISU. Coffee Mousse, Dark Chocolate, Dehydrated Meringue.
- At first, you wouldn't even be tempted by this super plain looking, all-white dessert. It doesn't look appetizing BUT surprisingly, despite the plain and oh so simple presentation, this was pretty good plus it's not too sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed my first dining experience here at FOO'D. I cannot wait to go back again and try the other dishes!!! 128513128513

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Back at Foo'D for it's media launch on a Wednesday night! Went with Ruth S & Marjorie G this time, thanks to our very generous friend Abe C for extending the invite! I think I have the best foodie friends - always fun, chill and always finding ways to share! Right? Right?!?

I was a little excited when we found out about this because 1) Chef Davide Oldani will be there and 2) they have new items in their menu!! When we got there, we were joyfully greeted by Eric Dee himself - welcoming as always! After a round of hi and hellos we were offered an assortment of appetizers and wine.

The appetizers were nothing grand but with the ambiance - dim lights with candles on every table, wine, upscale setup - a simple serving of fried wantons and noodles dressed with honey and spices seemed so sophisticated. They also served steamed bread with Parmesan that were like English Muffins.

Chef Davide Oldani then graced the night by doing a cooking demo of his signature dish - Milanese D'O. It's not everyday that you get to see a Michelin Star Chef cook right in front of you so it was quite an experience!

Our four course tasting menu then started with the first dish - Faux Egg. Served looking like a sunny-side up egg, the "white" part was Cauliflower Veloute - mashed cauliflower, flour, butter, stock, salt & pepper - and Tabbouleh. It was like baby food - smooth and almost velvety in texture, tasty and creamy with a good butter flavor. The "yellow" part was made up of carrots and orange and I loved the subtle hint of citrus.

Second course was the Milanese D'O. It was a very simple risotto dish with just the carnaroli and saffron. Unlike the usual arborio used by restaurants that tends to get mushy, the small rounded pieces of carnaroli were still intact giving each spoonful a nice bite. The dish had an overall tangy flavor, with subtle hints of the saffron.

For our main course we had the Surf & Turf which I absolutely loved! The USDA Wagyu Beef Cheek was so tender, almost melt in your mouth, with a good portion of fat. It was made lovelier by the Lobster Jus it was smothered with. This was also topped with crisp asparagus and caviar which exploded with a characteristic saltiness in my mouth! Amazing dish! The prawn included was just a bonus, IMO. The Beef Cheek can very well do without it but then it was a welcome addition - succulent and juicy, it was perfectly cooked!

For dessert, we had a White Coffee Tiramisu. Not your usual tiramisu made with layers of cream infused with coffee and liquor, mascarpone and lady fingers, this version of Oldani was simple! A dark chocolate base that wasn't too bitter and sweet, topped with white coffee mousse and garnished with a stick of dehydrated meringue. This was just okay for me coz I think it's difficult to surpass the "wow" factor of my favorite Foo'D dessert - Lettuce Gelato & Lemon Curd.

Overall, it was a nice experience and a good dinner. Chefs were still explaining each dish though I would love for them to explain jargons too. And oh, I love the white wine that they served, not sure what it was but it was smooth and wasn't strong.

PSA: Book your lunch today or tomorrow and let Chef Davide Oldani cook for you! It's a once in a life time chance, at a very affordable price so go grab it

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

FooDee Global Concepts - the same people behind Todd English, Sunnies Cafe, Tim Ho Wan and many others has finally brought Michelin Star Chef Davide Oldani's pop cuisine concept in manila!

Chef Davide is known for his philosophy on Cusina Pop which translates to "Affordable Luxury" - a belief that world class cuisine should be available at reasonable prices.
Cucina Pop concept is to create something good that is accessible. It focuses on giving importance on the balance of contrasts of the food. Playing with textures, temperature, taste, colors and harmonious ingredients that will make one simple meal be on its full glory.

I was invited by Peanut D to attend FOO'D (also pronounced as 'Fu-Do') x Looloo Rendezvous a few days ago and honestly I felt a little nervous before going to the event cause I rarely (once a year to never) dine in a fine dining restaurant. My boyfriend and I rarely go on fancy dates for reason that it's pricey and the serving isn't as filling when compared to eating out on Burger Joints or Pizza Place which will literally give you food coma. I am still excited though cause it's something new, another food venture and discovery!

Foo'd is located on the ground floor of Shangri-La Fort Hotel BGC, just alongside Pinks Hotdogs and Sugar Factory. It's a
50-60 seater restaurant designed elegantly. The lighting is dim with yellow accent lights which gives it an upscale feel. They also have an elevated private area which is a nice place for intimate gatherings or reunions.

We were greeted by Eric Dee, The President of Foodie Global Concepts, and his very humble and all-smiling wife Kidd who gave us a little intro on the dishes which were going to be served during the night. He emphasize on the idea that every ingredient from the most humble to the most expensive deserve the same respect and treatment - the main goal of FOO'D.
Side Note: I thought he won't remember me but I was so happy he did cause we met already last time during the Sunnies Cafe x Looloo Event. Yey128525

The menu consist of 18 items which is priced reasonably at P800 for a 3 course meal and P1200 for a 4 course meal.
Everything is made in-house. As told by Eric, on regular store hours, the Chefs will personally come, drop the food and explain what is served. Amazing huh!!!

Now onto the food, we were served a 4-course meal:

127824 Aged Grana Mousse, Balsamic Pearls, Caramelized Pear and Aged Grana Foam
I like the lightness of this dish. The Aged Grana Mousse has a strong cheese flavor which melts in the mouth; reminds me of the cheese froth topping on most milk teas but thicker and fuller in taste - all that contrasted the lightness of the foam. I like the play of texture here. The crunchiness of the biscuit emphasized the sharpness and the Mousse highlighted the softness.
TIP: Try the bits and pieces one at a time, then eat them all together and you'll definitely experience an explosion of flavors.

2. CIPOLLA CARAMELLATA (Caramelized Onion)
127858A caramelized onion placed on top of a tart served with aged Graba Padana Gelato and Hot Grana Padano Cream. Grana Padano is a type of cheese from Italy comparable to Parmesan Cheese.

The dish takes 3 days to prepare for the reason that it wont give the desired caramelized effect if the process of steaming and drying it won't be prolonged.

The tart was too sweet plus it bothered me a lot cause it keeps getting stuck in my teeth, good thing the saltiness of Grana Padano Cheese contrasted the overall sweetness.
I really like how the onion was prepared! It was heavenly!
The Cold and Hot cream infusion is remarkable!

127830Iberico Pork Ribs with Porcini Sauce and Liquorice
This dish reminds me a lot of liempo but liempo + crispy pata combined! The meat was thinly sliced and was so tender, it melts in your mouth... yum!!! Eric emphasized on the tenderness of the pork meat and it was AMAZING! This is my favorite on the savory category. The tangy liquorish Porcini Sauce had a deep rich flavor which was well-liked by everybody.

127846This dessert look so strange when I first looked at it. The yellow lemon curd covered in dehyrated meringue perfectly paired with the green lettuce gelato. Yep! That's lettuce gelato.
At first I tried the lemon curd by itself and the lettuce gelato. Honestly didn't make an impression. I was so curious about the lettuce gelato and kept eating it by itself but it didn't resembles like anything i've tried before, But when April told me to try and it eat all together with the cacao crumble and almonds beside it, MAGIC HAPPENED! It was heavenly! Definitely a must try when visiting this restaurant.

127851Cacao Crumble, Framboise Powder, Dark Choco Gelato
Dark Chocolate on a bed of Cacao Crumble. I'm a chocolate lover and I liked this but nothing is really SUPER SPECIAL about it. The serving is surprisingly big I wasn't even able to eat all of it. The Choco Gelato is home-made and it's a good idea they added Maldon Salt to contrast the sweetness of the Ice Cream and Mousse.



128184PRICE: 5/5
5 star quality food worth P800 to P1300 for a 3 or 4 course meal IS TOTALLY A GREAT DEAL. I remember having a conversation w/ my boyfriend a few months back, I was forcing him to have a fancy dinner date but we both CAN'T AFFORD it so we'd stick to the usual. Having FOO'D in Manila is a blessing cause the boyfie totally got no excuse not to bring me some place fancy! 128527

128591🏻SERVICE: 5/5
I remember the servers were literally changing our utensils every change of dish. Lakas maka-sosyal. They were also very attentive to our needs.

Foo'd has No Ala Carte Meals - They only have 3 or 4 course meals but with an option to upgrade to switch other entrees with an additional cost around P200+ per dish.

128076🏻Final Verdict:
Though the food portions may look deceivingly small in the end I still felt full. The attention to detail, presentation per se of the plated meal made everything look luxurious. Playfulness with ingredients, textures, flavors even temperature is something you wouldn't just find anywhere, it's something i'd go back for.

Yes, It's cheap and affordable for a fine dining quality meal but it didn't taste any less!128076🏻

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

Joke lang....

Get ready for a new dining experience Manila!

Davide Oldani, renowned Michelin-starred chef, partners up with FooDee Global Concepts to bring us an experience like no other. Mr. Eric Dee with a celebrity chef: this is an equation for a sure fire hit, that had been proven in the past.

And now, we have FOO'D by Davide Oldani...

Let me introduce you to the chef's philosophy of Cucina Pop-- utilizing both humble and expensive ingredients, treating them with utmost respect, and finding a balance between contrasts. This results in a cuisine that is both familiar and unexpected, simple yet elegant, and above all, harmonious in all it's elements. His philosophy extends beyond the kitchen, as they empower their staff to make sure each guest is well taken care of while in the restaurant. Their overall vision is to make fine dining accessible to everybody-- making sure the prices don't turn off regular joes like you and me.

Last Wednesday, we were welcomed by the gregarious Eric Dee and his gorgeous wife Kidd. I promise you, it is always a pleasure to be in their company. They immediately put everyone at ease as they filled us in about their new concept. We were told to expect unique, elegantly plated dishes, with each dish being explained by the chef. Not just for the rendezvoos, but for all the guests that drop by everyday. Love that touch!

The restaurant itself echoed the philosophy of Pop Cuisine-- high end without being stuffy, beautiful yet functional; basically elegant in its simplicity. The place seemed perfect for romantic dates and even a friendly get together. It was dimly lit, using bookshelves as dividers of an otherwise open space. Personally, I love open kitchens-- I find the transparency very appealing. I take this as a quiet invitation to the guests to witness how their dinner is transformed from its raw state to veritable edible art. At FOO'D, you can watch the chefs perform their choreographed dance-- the slicing, mixing and plating that usually happens behind the scenes is front and center here. Can I also just mention that the kitchen is gorgeous! Clean lines with a great flow, highlighting functionality. Noice!

So, the basic menu consists of either a three course meal for P800 or a four course meal for P1200. From the basic menu, you can upgrade to other dishes that may catch your fancy. Note that it is an upgrade from the set menu and not an additional dish. With the nitty gritty aside, let's get on to the elegantly presented dishes that were served.

The evening started off with the Bagoss Mousse-- a mousse made from Grana Padano, accentuated by foam with the essence of the same cheese. It comes with caramelized and dehydrated pears, and balsamic pearls. This dish was just excellent-- the whole thing was super light and perfectly balanced. It was suggested that we include all elements in one bite to taste all the flavor profiles of this dish. When you do drop by, I suggest that you try each component separately then together. You will definitely taste a transformation in the flavor from just the individual ingredients. I thought every single thing on the plate served a purpose and contributed to the elegance of the dish.

The Cipolla Caramellata is their signature dish and the antipasto that is included in both set menus. I found it impressive-- how the simple onion was elevated from its' usual supporting role to being the star of the dish. At first glance, you will not think that this is a savory dish, let alone a humble onion. The caramelized onion sits atop a pastry shell that anchors it and gives it a bit of muscle. The sweetness is enhanced by aged Grana Padano gelato and Grana Padano hot cream. I thought this dish was a study in contrasts, not just in terms of taste but also texture and temperature. All the ingredients served to put a spotlight on the sweetness of the onion. It is a great example of what a Michelin starred chef can conceptualize.

Our main dish was the Iberico Pork Ribs. Ribs are a staple menu item in many restaurants. What they did was to make this so tender that it falls off the bone with little resistance. Paired with a porcini mushroom sauce, licorice, and sprinkled with muscovado crumb, this cut becomes something more elegant and memorable. I also found it surprisingly filling for the serving size.

For dessert, the group was served with either the Lemon Curd or the Dark Chocolate Mousse. Being true foodies, we all shared and everyone was able to try both dishes. The Dark Chocolate Mousse looked heavy initially, but one bite proved me wrong. I thought the different textures of the Mousse, gelato and crumble played off each other well. But my favorite dish has to be their Lemon Curd. Desserts are an excuse for whimsy and a flight of the imagination. This plate is a definite showcase of skill-- the lemon curd covered by delicate meringue, sitting beside a scoop of lettuce gelato set on top of a bed of cacao crumble and curry almonds. You must get a bit of everything in a single bite to understand the picture Chef Davide was trying to paint. The phrase "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" truly applies to this piece de resistance. I find it difficult to describe how the individual tastes combined suddenly creates something fresh, complex and harmonious. I can't say anything more, I just have to urge you to try this dish during your visit.

Service was impeccable; fit for a fine dining environment. Everyone was very polite and sensitive to the guests. I love the confidence of the staff, who of course, trained at TE Food Hall. I bet their newly opened Singapore branch will be just as lovely and with a very well-trained staff. They won't settle for anything less. So, you are getting a taste of world class dining right here.

Degustation dinners are not for everyone. I was not attracted to the idea in the past because of the smaller portions and the set tasting menu. FOO'D is still about fine dining, but I daresay in a more modern (read: not stuffy) way. They give you the freedom to go off script and are more flexible in terms of dietary restrictions or individual preferences. The degustation dinner is not about an individual dish but about the story the chef is trying to impart using his creations. It's about creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of beauty and veering away from tradition. This place changes the Philippine food scene with its thrust of affordable luxury and its collection of 18 unique dishes. I definitely can't wait to see what else they will come up with.

Thanks Peanut D!!!128536

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Have you ever tried having dinner or maybe lunch in a fine dining restaurant? Well dressed tables, sets of utensils, formal wait staff and an overall sophisticated elegance that'll make you feel a little stiff and conscious. A three course meal, or maybe four? And if your pocket is feeling a bit more pumped, you can end up getting an eleven (or maybe more) course meal. Talk about degustation at it's finest. Most are intimidated by these types of restaurant concepts mainly because of the price tag associated. Fine dining is equated to pricey so most would shy away from it.

Until there's this Michelin-starred Chef from Italy who broke the rules - Chef Davide Oldani. Known for his "Cucina Pop" Philosophy, this belief plays on the context of "affordable luxury" where world-class cuisine should also be available at prices lower than the usual. This was his signature that made him well-known not only in Italy, but the world beyond.

With the opening of FOO'D (pronounced as FooDo, brought to us by FooDee Global Concepts - same brilliant minds behind Todd English Food Hall, Pound, Sunnies Cafe and llao llao among others, the collaboration was built on the same "Pop Cuisine" principle. The focus was the play on proportion and contrast, simple ingredients turned into world-class creations, top notch execution creating flavors like no other! With the cheapest set menu pegged at 800Php for a three meal course, FOO'D brings to our local food scene a concept like no other and definitely the first of it's kind here - affordable fine dining. The promise includes all the glitter and glamour of fine dining services, great food, fine dining ambiance in a bit more relaxed setting all rolled into affordable packages. You can get the most basic set menu or upgrade to the most expensive one - your choice.

Got the chance to experience what FOO'D has to offer through a sponsored invite -- FOO'D x looloo!

When I got there, the mood was already set for a one of a kind dinner - dim lights, candles gracing each table, music set to a relaxed rather than formal tone, wait staff ready to do their job. I was amazed how elegant the place looked like! Lots of shelves dividing the space, giving some room for those wanting a little more privacy, sliding doors, books and some other simple trinkets, modern light fixtures, an open kitchen where you'll see the chefs do their magic. A few minutes later, the ever energetic Eric Dee and his lovely wife Kidd joined us and gave us some intro of the concept, the food and more facts about Chef Davide Oldani. He also took us through each dish, explaining each one and told us that his chefs were also trained to do the same to give a more personal touch.

We started our four course dinner with some hors d'oeuvre - sliced bread served with butter and olive oil with balsamic vinegar. They also had these thin and long bread sticks. Eric redesigned our 4 Course Tasting Menu that night. Instead of having an Antipasto followed by a Primo then Secondo and Dolci, he had us try two Antipasto, a Secondo and a Dolci.

Bagoss Mousse was our first course. Aged Grana Padano Mousse topped with balsamic pearls, chunks of caramelized pear, pieces of biscuits and finished off with Aged Grana Padano Foam. I loved the play of textures and flavors -- the soft mousse with sharp cheese flavor, the sweet chunks of pear that gave a solid bite, the salty biscuits with a nice crunch, the light foam to counter the rather heavy mousse and the tinge of balsamic that tied everything together. The secret to enjoy this appetizer to the fullest is to get a little bit of each component and enjoy the medley of flavors altogether!

Then we had the Cipolla Caramellata - a signature of Chef Davide Oldani. It's amazing how Chef Davide transformed an unassuming ingredient into something wonderful. Never did I imagine that onion can take the center stage like this - caramelized and seated in a puff pastry cup. I love puff pastry that's why I instantly liked the crunchy and sweet version of this appetizer but there was a little too much sweetness from the puff pastry and the onion combined. To elevate the flavors of this appetizer, the entire thing was lined with Grana Padano Hot Cream and topped with Grana Padano Gelato. If you're not a fan of onion, like me, the Grana Padano gelato and cream would help you get your way through the onion. This got a little cloying to me though and I wasn't able go finish the onion - take note, just the onion lol

For our main course, we had the Iberico Pork Ribs, sourced out from Spain. Served on a bed of Porcini Sauce and topped with muscovado sugar mixed with licorice, this dish is a winner! The meat was super tender, almost melt in your mouth, and tasty on it's own. The Porcini sauce went well with the meat and had a good mushroom flavor. Loved the addition of muscovado with licorice which gave additional flavor dimension, breaking any monotonous saltiness - sweet and a hint of sourness.

Then came our dolci. We got to try two - Lemon Curd and Dark Chocolate Mousse.

The Lemon Curd blew me away! Get this when you visit FOO'D because it's something that I'm sure you haven't seen anywhere else! The lemon Curd itself was the common part but what it was accompanied with was insane - LETTUCE GELATO! Yup, you heard that right! Can you imagine how a Lettuce Gelato would taste like? It actually tasted good but became out of this world good when consumed with all the other components. So there's cacao crumble with curry almonds that served as the bed of the Lettuce Gelato scoop then a spiky stuff plated beside it which was the lemon curd itself pecked with small dehydrated meringue. Nice tartness from the soft curd, a welcome sweetness and some crunch from the meringue, a refreshing flavor with a smooth creaminess from the gelato and an added dimension from the cocoa - this dessert was so light and refreshing, it's THE DESSERT OF THE YEAR for me!

The Dark Chocolate Mousse was also good. Overshadowed by the Lemon Curd but that's just because this dessert is somewhat common. It's more like an hybrid of Sunnie's Cafe's Choco Hoe and Todd English's OMG but it had it's own charm. Dark Chocolate mousse on a bed of cocoa crumble, topped with dark chocolate gelato and finished off with framboise powder. It had a rich chocolate flavor, thick and a nice creamy texture. It's a chocolate lover's heaven!

Overall, I'd rate the food 4 out of 5 but the overall experience, the service and the ambiance made me push for a perfect 5!

Since they just launched on Dec. 03, they still had a lot of adjustments and improvements to make but IMO, nothing major needs to be changed. Eric Dee likewise shared that they will soon offer a more affordable lunch set with a dining room setting that's more relaxed, no table cloth, nothing fancy. This is to cater to those who would just like to have some quick lunch.

Can't wait to go back with the hubby!

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Affordable luxury from FOO’D [Foo-dô]. If there actually is such a thing, this is the place to experience it.

Davide Oldani is a Michellin-starred chef at the forefront of contemporary Italian cuisine. His first international restaurant is right here in the heart of cosmopolitan BGC, in a perfect location by the beautiful park on the ground floor of the Shangri-la Hotel. At the helm of the local operations are the powerhouse restauranteurs that brought in Todd’s, Tim Ho Wan and Sunnies.

Well known for his Cucina Pop, I truly admire Chef Davide and his philosophy with food - one of which is that “every ingredient, from the most humble to the most expensive, deserves the same respect and treatment”. There is a lot of technique in the food here. I must say, I enjoy dining in places where I can’t easily replicate a dish at home. A degustation menu that starts at 800 is as affordable as it gets.

We were treated to the 4 Course Tasting Menu (1200.00) with the Cacio E Pepe replaced with the Bagoss Mousse. Every dish was art on a plate, 4-dimensional if you like smelling your food too. Loved the mouthfeel, the contrasting flavors, temperatures and textures on every dish, especially the cippola and the lemon curd. Each dish made right before it was served. A bite with all the components on the plate is recommended, necessary, to best enjoy the food. What I forgot to ask was if the upgrades are meant as an add-on or a replacement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aged grana mousse, balsamic pearls, caramelized pear, aged grana foam.
The foam alone was so tasty. You can actually taste the sharp cheese in the foam. Pears were crisp and slightly sweet, perfect with the tangy grana mousse. I could barely taste the balsamic in the pearls though.

Caramelized onions, 24-month aged Grana Padano gelato, Grana Padano hot cream.
Stellar. A feuilletage covered with granulated sugar, encasing sweet onions, topped with a creamy gelato of Grana Padano. The pastry is very similar to Eric Kayser’s version of the kouign amann. If they decide to sell the gelato on its own, I’d line up for it. Grana Padano is a cheese that is very similar in taste to a Parmigiano Reggiano.

Compressed Iberico Pork Rib, Porcini Sauce, Liquorice.
Very tender. The porcini sauce was delicious, you can taste the wine in the sauce. There was a hint of liquorice on the sugar, which only a few of us detected.

Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato.
This one is still on my mind. It was the perfect dessert to cleanse the palate and satiate the senses. You still need to eat a little of everything in one bite. Imagine it with me - crunchy meringue, tangy lemon, cold gelato. Aaaah. And who makes lettuce gelato? They do. Never been happier to eat my veggies.

Cacao crumble, framboise powder, dark chocolate gelato.
If you like chocolate, this is what you should get. You can taste the contrasting flavors from rich and dark chocolate. The raspberry liquor was very subtle.

Dry, white wine. I still cannot believe they serve wine cheaper than most casual restaurants. Thank you to our waiter who kept refilling my glass!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The restaurant looks very posh with its contemporary+modern design. Modern light fixtures beg you to look up or highlight the almost bare walls. The sleek book cases have just the right amount of accessories to make it a little homey. An open kitchen full of busy chefs in their pristine white coats are a sight to see.

Serious foodies or avid home cooks are in for a treat, whose palates are sensitive enough to recognize flavors and appreciate the layers in every bite. This place isn’t for everyone, especially not for those who prefer family style meals. Portions are really just good for one. Because I like having unhurried meals, like tasting different elements of food, like a chaos free restaurant, I really enjoyed this place. Food I rate a 4.5.

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

I don't think I can top off Abe C's well thought out and detailed review. I can practically taste the 4 course dinner our group had last night just by reading it. Here is my humble take on this new kid on the Shangri-La block. Coming from the team that brought in international heavyweights such as Tim Ho Wan and Todd English, we can expect another stellar restaurant in the making. Foo'd by Davide Oldane (pronounced Foo Doe) opened in a low key fashion, no bells and whistles urging people to line up which in a way is in keeping of what Chef Oldane is trying to preserve, perhaps a sense of casual luxury to those who want, to simply dine in without the maddening crowd eager for what's hip and new.

In an attempt to beat the rush hour traffic i arrived early at the restaurant 30 minutes before our 7pm call time. I was quickly ushered in a semi enclosed dining hall, dimly lit with exposed bookshelving units serving as dividers. They certainly maintained a high standard on even the minutest of detail. From the bag hangers underneath the table to the crisp table napkin and the aromatic votive candles. Our gracious hosts for the night is no less than Eric Dee and his lovely wife Kidd, of the Foodee Global Concepts. We had a 4 course meal which included the following:

Two Appetizers: Bagoss Mousse which is a beautifully plated Aged Grana Mousse, Grana Foam, Balsamic pearls and Caramelized Pears. The crunchy strips are dehydrated pear skin, if i recalled correctly. This is a very light course but packs full of flavor thanks to the cheese and pear. This is what Chef Oldane is espousing - Pop Cuisine. Elevating seemingly ordinary 'everyday ingredients' and giving it the due respect it deserves.

Which bring us to my favorite dish of the night - Cipolla Caramellata. Eric Thomas (not to be confused with his younger brother with the same namesake) Dee's wife Kidd ethused with glee that this is her favorite and would be eating it every day if not for the advise of her OB Dr to slow down on the sugar. As Eric put it, Chef Oldane takes the humblest of vegetables relegated to the sidelines as a mere 'pang-sahog' and brings it to the forefront. I am amazed on the combination of flavors but also of temperature. The sweetness came, not from the cream but from the onion, and the savory taste from the cream. Quite unexpected. One must experience it. The pastry hugging the onion was equally good but i had to fight it over with my knife before i could cut it.

Main: Iberico Pork Ribs. Again a winning dish playing on flavors and textures. I would have wanted another plateful of it.

Dessert: Lemon Curd and Lettuce Gelato. Yes! Lettuce. It was very light and the acidity from the lemon curd complimented the gelato. The meringue was dehydrated which gave it a defined crunch. We also had the Chocolate Mousse which was very heavy perfect for chocoholics.

Paired with white wine. Service: Quick and attentive. I had to call the attention of one of the wait staff when something fell into my drink. She was quick to change my glass but did not refill. Someone else took care of it. Overall, it was still outstanding service relative to the standards they set.

Thank you Peanut D for the invite and nice to finally meet you! Still waiting for our group photo. No pressure. LOL. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored Looloo Rendezvoos by the Foodee Global Concepts.

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

POP CUISINE, or Cucina Pop in Italian, is a highly associated term with Davide Oldani, if not an outright creation by this Italian chef. Pop Cuisine reflects Chef Oldani's belief in making simple ingredients very well made, thus elevating the food experience while making it fairly accessible to people. I certainly found this in Foo'd, where the hero of one of the dishes was... drum roll... the humble onion. Foo'd is the latest restaurant to open at Shangri-la at the Fort, in the area between recently opened Maisen and Toby's Estate. Geographically, it's walking distance from Boni High Street to one side, and Burgos Circle / Mind Museum to the other. Closest parking is, of course, Shang itself, but if you find parking there a tad scandalous, there's newly opened Three Parkade along 30th and Lane A, across Boni Central Square.

Backtracking a bit, Chef Oldani, after working with renowned chefs such as Chef Marchesi of Italy (the first chef in Italy to earn 3 Michelin stars), Chef Herme of France and Chef Ducasse of Monaco, opened his own restaurant "D'O" in Cornaredo, a small town just outside of Milan, back in 2003. With the objective of serving simple, humble and high quality cuisine that the locals can afford, D'O would eventually earn its own Michelin star. The 40 seater restaurant has had as much as an 8 month waiting period. Seriously. To dine, people needed to reserve 8 months in advance??? Then again, if an Italian only had to cough up the equivalent of $14 (PhP700) then for a 2 course Michelin star meal in Italy, it would be a no-brainer, wouldn't it?

This is a sponsored Looloo Rendezvoos, by the way. Side note, it's been some time but it's great to see Peanut D back in town. Welcome back, Pea! Many looloo'ers missed your energy, warmth and, haha, smile! 128513 Now, back to the review...

Entering Foo'd, I found the restaurant was well designed and elegant yet welcoming. Fine dining feel with a modern design. I particularly liked the slim bookshelves full of different items which divided sections of the restaurant, the sleek lighting fixtures, and the open kitchen at the back where one can see the high tech (read: expensive) kitchen equipment and the many chefs preparing the dishes to be served.

We were welcomed by FooDee Global Concepts group's Eric Dee and his lovely wife, Kidd, to Foo'd, and they gamely stayed with us throughout the evening while explaining the background of Foo'd, the story of Chef Oldani, the challenges hurdled in building Chef David Oldani's first restaurant expansion outside of Italy, and the description of every dish of the four (4) course meal we enjoyed, plus how best to enjoy each dish. Eric also dished out a few insider anecdotes of his restaurant ventures, which was cool.

Consistent with Chef Oldani's Pop Cuisine is the base price for a 3 course meal, PhP800, and even PhP1,200 for a 4 course meal. For less than P1,000, you can taste a 3 course Italian meal conceptualized by a Michelin Star awarded and world renowned chef. Nice. Or if you're game for a heavier meal, go for the 4 course meal, which adds a Primo (first dish) between the Antipasto (appetizer) and the Secondo (second dish). For each course, however, one can opt to "upgrade" to a nice list of choices in the menu (with corresponding add-on prices per upgrade). Quite workable and not an obscene incremental price.

Before the dishes arrived, there were breadsticks and toasted wholegrain bread on the table served with an olive oil and balsamic dip, plus butter. Both bread were made in-house, which was pretty impressive. And I loved how the bread sticks were very thinly done, yet sturdy and crunchy. We also were served with white wine, which was nicely dry and refreshing to start the evening while we were waiting for the others.

Once the group was complete, we started with their Bagoss Mousse, which was Aged Grana (Padano) Mousse as the main highlight, with Balsamic Pearls for zest, Caramelized Pear for the sweetness, a lightly sweet and crunchy thin pastry for crunchy texture, and topped with Aged Grana (Padano) Foam for that airy contrast to the creamy grana mousse. I've truly come to appreciate Grana Padano cheese, which is comparable to my favorites Parmesan Reggiano and cave-aged Gruyere cheeses. What a fine start to the evening. I'd rate this a 5/5, because I love cheese and I give respect to the combination of all these ingredients that formed a very well made appetizer. Try it without the pear first, but make sure you get all the other ingredients especially the thin pastry and the two grana's in every serving. Then try all ingredients together, which is how it's best enjoyed, according to Eric.

The second course was another appetizer, a signature Chef Oldani dish, the Cipolla Caramellata, or the aforementioned onion, which is a Caramalized Onion, placed inside a sweet puff pastry exterior that's lined with Grana Padano Hot Cream and topped with a mildly sweet Grana Padano Gelato. As a fan of both cheese and puff pastry, I also loved the experience of this. I like the crunchy texture of the crust with the soft sweet caramelized onion and the creamy gelato. Probably the only change I'd suggest is to lessen the sweetness of the puff pastry as the sweet pastry and caramelized onion makes for a double sweet combo, balanced out only slightly by the grana padano gelato. Between this and the first appetizer, though, I'd stick with the Bargoss Mousse. Still, I'm impressed with this (one wouldn't normally think of an onion as the main feature of a dish), as this is very much in keeping with the use of simple everyday ingredients that's just elevated with the use of the pastry and grana padano gelato and grana hot cream. Rating: 4/5

The third course, or technically Secondi, is the Iberico Pork Ribs. The Iberico pork is, of course, flown in from Spain, and is placed atop Porcini (mushroom) Sauce and topped with muscovado sugar and licorice so that adds the crunchy texture with a sweet and lightly salty sour taste. The iberico pork, though only 4 cuts, was enough, and it was oh-so-tender. Perfect sauce with the porcini base, which is a good mushroom flavor, and reminds me of a more subtle shiitake... I could not get enough of this sauce. Wow. 5/5

For the Dolce (dessert), we got to try the Dark Chocolate Mousse and the Lemon Curd. Let me tell you, both desserts could not be more contrasting yet equally compelling to eat.

The Lemon Curd had the nice tartness to it, with small bits of Meringue for sweetness and crunch, then when you mix that with the Lettuce Gelato (yes, LETTUCE gelato) on top of a bed of Cacao Crumble and Curry Almonds (though the latter was not as apparent), it just worked. The tartness, sweetness, creaminess and crunchiness all blended well together for that light and refreshing dessert. What a combo. Rating: 5/5

While I'm not usually going to select chocolate-based pastries or cakes primarily, I also enjoyed the Dark Chocolate Mousse, with its Dark Chocolate Gelato topping, Cacao Crumble and Framboise Powder, it's a rich, chocolatey dessert that will satisfy those who appreciate chocolate based dessert. I also tasted berries, I believe to be dehydrated raspberries. Nicely designed and quite a rich dessert. 4/5

Service was impeccable. The wait staff made sure all dishes were served at the same time, our plates were cleared in between courses quickly, our drinks refilled fast and proactively. Very professional and well trained in only their 7th day of operation. Eric also said a unique feature of this resto is that the chefs will bring the dishes to the people themselves and describe or talk about the dish. Something I experienced in a fabulous and incredibly popular restaurant in downtown Toronto last October. It's a personalized approach that struck a chord with me then and I hope that they deliver the same to diners of Foo'd moving forward. Shout out also to the chef's for the impeccable plating of the dishes. All well done except perhaps for the Cipolla Caramellata which had its challenges with the hot and slightly uneven onion, thus the melting and sliding off of the grana padano gelato.

Foo'd is a perfect new addition to the line-up of restaurants opened by FooDee Global Concepts, like Tim Ho Wan, Todd English & Pound, plus Sunnies Cafe and Mesa. According to Eric and Kidd Dee, their vision is to bring quality food and ingredients that delivers taste and dining experience with bang for your buck, which is, in many ways, aligned with the Pop Cuisine idea by Chef Oldani when he started Cucina Pop 13 years ago.

Food wise I'd rate my experience a 4.5/5, which I'll round up nicely to a 5/5 when I consider the value for money's worth, a true testament to the accessibility promise by Chef Oldani and FooDee. Plus it's always a good thing when I'm looking forward to coming back here with my wife. For the return trip, I'm already eyeing the Wagyu beef cheeks (having tried Le Jardin's awesome version) or Chilean Seabass for my upgrade, plus the choices of Risottos among their Primi upgrades. I liked the review of Mary Love S on her risotto, which was actually the first review of Foo'd on looloo.

Thanks again to Looloo for the invitation and to Eric & Kidd. And great opportunity to reconnect with April H (congrats in advance and I hope to see you active again), Peach L (grabe mga orig tayo't matagal na rin tayo nag-sabay sa looloo), Clarissa P (basta hatakan tayo sa food trip dai), Denise A (anak!128514), Christina R (my neighbor and fellow Maroon) and nice to finally meet Eboy D and Yina M. It's admittedly my earliest review from a Rendezvoos, Peanut D, by far (only hours after) Hehehe. Bawi lang.

They'll have lunch specific courses soon, like maybe priced P500, so you'll get the Gastronomical experience, high class ambience and Italian next level cuisine at reasonable prices. Meantime, have a nice P800 meal. I promise the experience will be worth it.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

Foodee Global Concepts is at it again in bringing new brands that elevate local dining experience. This time around, they introduced to the market FOO'D by Michelin-starred chef Davide Oldani.

Hello, FOO'D.

I was greeted by a very simple looking dark door with a minimalistic restaurant signage. The exterior alone exuded understated elegance. Stepping inside further reinforced the restaurant's sophisticated ambiance with its dark hued interiors and yellow lighting.

I was greeted by Foodee Global Concepts' Eric Dee who gave me a quick tour of the restaurant and shared with me the overall concept of FOO'D.

Eric mentioned that FOO'D remains consistent with Chef Davide Oldani's passion to provide affordable luxury food with Italian inspiration. True enough, its full course meals are indeed affordable at PHP800 for a 3-course and PHP1,200 for a 4-course meal. They also offer some upgrades for antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce at reasonable prices ranging from PHP150 to PHP550.

Going back to interiors, FOO'D also has a private dining area (enclosed by a well decorated open shelf and tinted glass, with one serving as a sliding door) where diners enjoy an exclusive section of the open kitchen. There are also designated staff to wait that area. The (semi) enclosed area could accommodate around 20-30 diners at a time.

While choosing between three and four course meals, I was greeted by Ariane, the awesome marketing head of Foodee Global Concepts. She noticed that I was alone and decided to keep me company throughout the evening. She also helped me choose my antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce. Yes, I ended up choosing a 4-course meal because I spotted risotto as one of the upgrades there which is not available in the relatively lighter course meal.

While waiting for my appetizer, we were given some bread and breadsticks to munch on. Ariane pointed out that these were prepared in house. I took a few bites of the bread and breadsticks and both had light flavors making it nice wait snacks.

Soon, our antipasto arrived. I chose Chef Davide Oldani's signature Cippola Caramelatta, a caramelized onion topped with a 24 months aged Grana Padano gelato and Grana Padano hot cream.

I was very impressed with how Chef Davide Oldani turned a usual ingredient for additional flavor or garnish as the highlight of this dish. I loved the contrast of flavors between the sweet caramelized onion (which requires two days to be prepared), on a sweetened puff crust and the slightly tangy aged Grana Padano cheese. The combination of hot and cold also made my tastebuds jump with glee. I never thought that onions could taste this good!

I ordered Milanese D'O (+PHP200) as my primo after hearing that this is again another signature dish of Chef Davide Oldani.

This simple bowl of risotto is a combination of carnaroli (instead of the usual arborio) and saffron. I was actually expecting a dish with a bit more ingredients and was surprised with the simplicity of this dish. Described as a more Italian risotto compared to the highly recommended Riso Marsala, this dish had the characteristic tangy taste Italian cuisine is known for. And it was love at first bite for me!

It was the comfort dish I would love to have during a cold rainy day to warm me up. I loved that the carnaroli wasn't mushy or seemingly pre-chewed like how other restaurants serve it. Here, you could still see the mid-sized grains intact. Its slight tangy flavor tickled my tastebuds and made it yearn for more. I also liked that the serving size of this course was generous. I was starting to feel full halfway through this dish hence deciding just to finish half of it to give room for the main course and dessert. However, because it was just too good, I ended up finishing my bowl of risotto.

My main dish was served soon after and I was surprised that it didn’t look like your usual ribs. It was not swimming in BBQ sauce. Instead, it had porcini sauce, liquorice and topped with muscovado sugar.

The Iberico pork rib was very tender and packed with flavor. It didn’t even need to be covered by sauce for it to be enjoyed. I also liked the crispy sides of the rib which reminded me of the classic liempo which I love. The muscovado sugar also added texture to the dish.

Ariane made me try her Beef All’Olio (+PHP480) which was really good as well. The wagyu beef cheek was very succulent. I didn’t even have to exert any effort in chewing it. The bordelaise sauce gave the wagyu a beautiful sweet flavor and it was well complemented by the trout caviar and asparagus.

I was excited for dessert as Ariane kept on telling me how impressed she was with FOO’D’s Lemon Curd.

When it was served, I thought that the lemon curd covered with small dehydrated meringue was paired with some vegetable. Well, the green looking bell pepper is indeed a vegetable, but it is lettuce gelato. Yes, you read it right, lettuce gelato.

I’ve never had lettuce in ice cream form and it sure was interesting. It didn’t made me utter wow on my first bite but when I combined the lemon curd, cacao crumble, meringue with the peculiar gelato, magic happened. It was a harmonious play of different textures and flavors, balancing each other while at the same time letting each flavor shine. I also love the tanginess of the lemon curd which made it refreshing and the perfect treat to end a superb dinner.

Will I go back? Definitely! But I might stick with a 3-course meal as I was so full after this one.

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