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Kwokie K.
3.0 Stars

FOO'D by Chef Davide Oldani by the Fort Shangri-La restaurant row is surely on everyone's list of fine dining restaurants to go to. Just walking by outside, you'd get a feel of how 'upscale' the place is with the candle lit tables, wait staff strategically positioned to cater to the diner's requests, and of course - the pricing.

However, this iteration in partnership with Foodee Global is done with the help of their resident executive chef - Chef Carlo Miguel, as he knows the local palate better.  They describe their food as "Pop Cuisine," the way I see it, is taking modern and new ways of crafting dishes to the fine dining scene.  They take this to a new level by ensuring that nothing goes to waste, reiterating to us the use of a "presser" which squeezes all the juice out of the ingredient for use into the dish.

I mentioned that this place being a fine dining establishment, they curated the menu to apply with several pricing tiers -

| 3 courses @ Php1500 (Antipasti + Secondo + Dolci)
| 4 courses @ Php1900 (3 courses + Primo)
| 5 courses @ Php2700 (4 courses + another Secondo)

There are also some other add-on fees depending on the type of order.

On to the review, for full disclosure this is a sponsored review with the Foodee Group, together with|ooloo in exchange of the reviewers honest assessment of the food.

On to the review, first the antipasti - 

We were treated to a barrage of antipasti dishes!  Chef Carlo Miguel goes to our table and proudly explains to us how the food was prepared, and more importantly, how to enjoy each dish.  However, how I do it is I break the food down individually first, before I follow the chef recommendation for that explosion of flavor.

| Cipolla Caramellata (Caramelized onion, 24 month aged gelato, grana padano hot cream)
The specialty of the house, this really stood out for me since I have a love-hate relationship with onions, I don't like them on certain dishes, but when done right - I love them. I use green onions a lot when I cook, I use leeks which has the same flavor profile. It had crunch, flavor, something unique.

| Crab Cannelloni (Cucumber, horseradish, tomato sorbet, squid ink tuile)
- NA - (allergic) 🤐9996

| Mushroom & Egg (Confit egg yolk, mushroom, crispy prosciutto, truffle foam)
This is another one that stood out, likely because I also like eggs done right.  Full of flavor, then the truffle gives it an extra layer of texture!

| Duck Liver Parfait (Duck liver parfait, marsala gelee, cornichons, brioche)
Think liver spread, but done from scratch. Sadly, while you can obviously see that they took their time with this - it ended up as a regular liver pate for me.

| Smoked Duck Carpaccio (Applewood smoked duck, arugula, orange, beet puree)
This dish was perhaps my favorite, which I think the others didn't like as much, as I got to eat the remaining slices.  Nicely smoked, you can taste the smokiness, it has a fruity taste with the orange balanced with the bitter arugula.

| Foie Gras (Chestnut Puree, cranberry, brioche)
Foie Gras is another dish I have love-hate relationship with, lots of times, I find it "overly rich" that I can't have more than one bite. I always compare it to this restaurant we went to in Paris, the name of the place is "Au Petit Sud Ouest," and why I'm saying this is this is the place where I always compare the foie gras to.  They served it like it's freshly cut, they give you a toaster on your table and you toast your own bread and you spread the foie gras on it. To this day, and it's been 7 years since that trip - nothing has topped that version of foie gras.

| Cannelini (White bean soup, seared prawn, Rye Tuile)
- NA - (allergic) 🤐9996

| Mushroom Riso (18 month aged carnaroli, mushroom, truffle oil)
Done like how mushroom risotto should be done, with an extra splash of truffle oil for richness.

| Pressed Chicken Pasta (Spaghetti, pressed chicken jus, grana padano, chicken ballotine)
Chef Carlo Miguel came out again to explain to us how this was made.  On how they have this special press which "juices" the flavor out of the chicken. So with the high expectations, while the chicken was perfectly cooked, wasn't dry - the spaghetti ended up tasting rather "ordinary." Or I guess coming from the explosion of flavors of the appetizers - this was a little more subtle.

| Roast Pork Belly (Apple elderflower puree, bacon braised cabbage, thyme jus)
Now this was a truly special dish for me, it's like someone thought of - "Ok, we have slow roasted pork - how do we make it more special? Oh, let's make the cabbage taste like bacon." 

| Duck Pressed Two Ways (Maple leaf duck breast, duck leg confit, rhubarb, duck press confit)
Back to that French restaurant I was talking about, that was one of the best duck servings we've had too - sadly, that made this taste rather "normal" too.  One thing I can say though was this version, has that certain sweetness which makes it stand-out by itself.

| Halibut (Saffron potato veloutte, sicilian caponata, potato crisps)
The halibut is not your usual fish here in Manila, but you love it because of the silky texture it has when you eat it.  Served with potato crisps, it gives a different texture after you've eaten the fish.

| Tenderloin (US Angus prime tenderloin, cippolini, cauliflower puree, bonemarrow bordelaise)
Tenderloin, the usual issue with it, is it's normally dry. Unless you sous-vide it, so it becomes really tender, then add the richness of the bonemarrow as your "buttery flavor" to the beef.  This was a revelation too on how beef can be served.

| Dark Chocolate Mousse (Cacao crumble, raspberry, dark chocolate gelato)
| Lemon Curd (Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato)
| White Chocolate Souffle (Apricots, almond biscotti, Ammareto gelato)
| Raspberry Lychee Sphere (Rose glaze, coconut crumble, yogurt gelato)

Sadly, being the lactose intolerant person that I am, I couldn't have any of the desserts.  I did get to taste the lemon curd, which was ok for me to eat and that was a perfect splash of different flavors put together.

So, as we end this review.  I sum up my thoughts on the entire experience.  Whenever I think of fine dining, what comes to mind is Joel Robuchon.  He's been creating Michelin star fine dining spots in different parts of the world, perhaps the most well-known one outside of the celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and the like.  I've been to 3 of this restaurants, in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and each of them was exquisite.  Yes, each experience will cost you US$200 at least for a date with your significant other, but with my dining experiences there - I didn't feel like I was "cheated" out of my money.

While this is a sponsored experience, I still tried to put myself in the shoes of "like I'm paying for it."  I was at crossroads on how to finish this review because I did not end up having a "wow experience."  I even went back to Foo'd and tried some of the dishes again, just to see if I really did get it right. 9996

The service - top notch, the ambiance - probably as good as it can get with fine dining.  You feel like you just ate at Tapenade of Primea, or Finestra of Solaire.  So, I may end up getting the "firing squad" for this - but this won't be a 5 star review.

I feel that the entire dining experience wasn't consistent, with some being exceptional but some tasting rather "just ok." Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for the place to be great and successful, I love places that push the boundaries with new and innovative ways of doing the dish - but we have to remember that it still has to taste really, REALLY, really good at the end.  Another train of thought was "maybe because they got us to sample more than the normal number of courses, that's why the flavors got all messed up." I was expecting EVERY dish to be spectacular / mind-blowing / surreal - because I've had that kind of an experience with these places.

I'm sure that there will be another occasion where I'll find myself back at this place for sure, whether it will be with my wife or with a group of friends - but having built a small reputation amongst my friends as the person to ask where to eat - I would temper their expectations prior to recommending this place for the time-being.

- kwokie -

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I like to consider myself as a risk taker when it comes to food. I am willing to try different cuisines when i get the chance. Suffice to say that when a new restaurant opens, i make time and i pay ‘em a visit. This is not the case for Foo’d though. I heard rave reviews but for some reason i never “made time” for Chef Oldani’s baby. Why? I have no idea...maybe albeit the rave reviews, not one stuck to my brain and i never had the time to do my research. Yeah, mispronouncing a foreign sounding dish strikes the fear in me.

The wonderful human beings of |ooloo and Foodee Global Concepts came to my rescue and invited me for my nth #RendezvOos! Woo-hoo!

Before i bore you with my excessive use of adjectives, here’s the lowdown of Chef Oladani’s Tasting Menu.

| 3 Course Tasting Menu (Php 1500). 1 Antipasto, Secondo and Dolce
| 4 Course Tasting Menu (Php 1900)
1 Antipasto, Primi, Secondo and Dolce
| 5 Course Tasting Menu (Php 2700) 1 Antipasto, Primi, 2 Secondo and Dolce

I am not familiar with Italian Cuisine, what i know starts with pasta and ends with tiramisu 🤓. Good thing Chef Carlo Miguel graced us with his presence and explained all of the dishes served. Man, the stuff he is saying is straight off Masterchef! I was caught in a foodie trance.


🦀 Crab Cannelloni
127812 127859Mushroom and Egg
🦆 Duck Liver Parfait
🦆 Smoked Duck Carpaccio
🦆 Foie Gras
🦐 Cannellini

As you may have noticed, we had abundance of duck for starters. Gah! Do not get me started about the foie. Top honors goes to....(Foie is not included as it is part of the Hall of Fame) Mushroom & Egg! I love the play in different textures - confit egg yolk, mushrooms, prosciutto and the flavorful truffle foam.


127812 Mushroom Riso
127837 Pressed Chicken Pasta

The risotto is the best thing that ever happened to rice. The first spoonful is like receiving a call from Benedict Cumberbatch - yasss! It is that good. Truffle Oil x shrooms make a wicked good combination. Each spoonful entices your palate and leaves you wanting for more.

The pasta is a chicken extravaganza.... i know it doesnt make sense...allow me to shed some light. Chef explained that the spaghetti is infused with chicken flavor..., you ask? Chicken Jus, y’all. The process entails extracting all the flavors from the chicken and using it to flavor the pasta.


128055 Roast Pork Belly
128031 Halibut
🦆 Pressed Duck Two Ways
🥩 Tenderloin

The pork belly is roasted to perfection - tender x juicy x flavorful. Add some apple elderflower puree, bacon roasted cabbage and thyme jus....and you have a medley of flavors.

Onto the Halibut. This is one deserves top honors 🎖. The fish is cooked to perfection - light and satisfying dish. And oh, the potato crisps is a nice touch as it adds the crunch factor and i love potatoes.

Let us talk duck! This is the best tasting duck dish I’ve had ever. I ain’t exaggerating, it takes a high level of finesse and expertise to cook this meat. Same technique used with the pasta - it is duck jus this time around.

Last but not the least...the awesome Tenderloin. US Angus Prime Tenderloin Steak cooked medium rare with cippollini, cauliflower puree and bone marrow bordelaise. This is one of those dishes that will discerning foodies quiet. I am utterly speechless, no amount of adjectives will best describe how good this is.


127851 Dark Chocolate Mousse
127819 Lemon Curd
127874 Cheesecake
127851 White Chocolate Souffle
127848 Raspberry Lychee Sphere

Always have room for dessert especially when dining at this mighty fine establishment.

My favorite is the Lemon Curd! Sorry, you got me at Dehydrated Meringue and Lettuce Gelato. This is a sophistication at its finest.

Oh, the Raspberry Lychee Sphere is good too. I like to finish a lavish meal with a light x refreshing dessert.

Thank you |ooloo crew for the invite. Massive thanks to Foodee Global Concepts for your generosity.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Chef Davide Oldani’s FOO’D brings to life beautiful moments though “pop cuisine”. Chef Oldani himself defines “pop cuisine” as an accessible, or rather affordable luxury cuisine with Italian roots. Chef Carlo Miguel, resident chef of Foodie Global Concepts, is an embodiment of Chef Davide Oldani’s “pop cuisine” scene by taking the simplest (locally sourced, organically grown) ingredients and turning these into a beautiful dish.

FOO’D by Davide Oldani has been with the BGC community since 2016, at the ground level of Shangri-La At The Fort. This is also the first venture of Chef Davide Oldani outside of Italy.

I could easily associate the “pop cuisine” concept to fine dining - with a modern, ecological or even utilitarian art, as real as fine dining could be. Chef Carlo Miguel evangelizes the advocacy that each ingredient is optimized such that there is minimal waste in preparing the dishes.

In going to fine dining, it’s quite exciting to see each dish as it is served. FOO’D has an open kitchen where one can witness the entire process. And it is really worth knowing that each dish takes a whole lot of time and effort to prepare. I couldn’t believe m that some dishes even take 24 hours to prepare!

I had to do a lot of Googling and a bit of Ratatouille flashback to really appreciate the experience and truly understand the art and science behind it. As fine dining is associated with specific dedicated meal courses, the repertoire served that night were conceptualized around mushroom and duck.

By the way, you may opt for these packages that FOO’D offers:

A Three-Course Tasting Menu (@PHP 1,500). You can choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Secondo and 1 Dolce

A Four-Course Tasting Menu (@PHP 1,900). You can choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Primo, 1 Secondo and 1 Dolce

Or a Five-Course Tasting Menu (@PHP 2,700). Choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Primo, 2 Secondo and 1 Dolce

FOO’D has also partnered with Citibank so that all Citibank cardholders can enjoy a six-course menu for only PHP 2.100 (regular price of PHP 3,000) until November 30, 2018

I’ll do my best to walk you through and share what I can about this unique experience. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the invite of Roegan T and Jessica G of |ooloo, and Ms. Arianne Vilanton of Foodie Global Concepts. No less than Mr Eric Dee, COO of Foodie Global Concepts also graced our evening.

Our sumptuous evening started with an exciting serving of Amuse- Bouche. Amuse-bouches are quite different from appetizers as it is not included in the menu and are served for free. The chef himself usually chooses what particular dish to serve. After being served, Chef Carlo Miguel came and personally introduced the repertoire for the night.

We had Crab Cannelloni as starter for Antipasti. Cucumber (cut so thinly) was cleverly used as wrapping for the tasteful crab meat, along with horseradish, tomato sorbet. Despite its black net-like appearance, the squid ink tuile becomes not only a visual accent on the dish but rather an accent of taste for its subtle saltiness.

Next up was the Mushroom and Egg. Confit egg yolk, mushroom, crispy prosciutto and truffle foam make up this delicacy. Confit is usually used in modern cuisine to mean long slow cooking in oil or fat at low temperatures. The confit yolk accompanies each mushroom while the truffle foam simply provides a sweet ambiance.

The Duck liver parfait served comes with a distinct texture. Some would coin this as glorified liver spread made with duck liver. The serving is topped with marsala gelee (or wine gello). Yum.

Our adventures with the duck continues with the Smoked Duck Carpaccio. Coined from the famous Applewood smoked bacon, this dish is unique in itself, as it duck, with arugula, orange, beet puree.

Our sumptuous evening wouldn’t be complete without Foie Gras. Chestnut puree, cranberry brioche. Not really into Foie gras but somehow I loved this one. Perhaps the cranberry made me love it!

Cannelini came next. White Bean Soup plus Seared Prawn, Rye Tuile. Really good. The prawn made an impression on the white bean soup which was enhanced by the rye tuile. prawn to the soup.

Onto Primi.

We were served with Mushroom Riso. Oh and 18 months aged carnaroli was really good. Googling why it has to be aged, the starchy components of the rice grain become stable, thus becomes more structured and solid, it releases less proteins, vitamins and starch in the cooking water and absorbs the condiment more easily... to realize a Gourmet risotto! The added mushroom and truffle oil just makes it magical.

Pressed Chicken Pasta. Spaghetti was used as pasta which matched the pressed chicken perfectly. Nothing was spared from this chicken. A specialized press was was used to infuse special herbs and spices into the chicken. Achieving that unique taste. Grana padano (very similar to parmesan but is slow-ripened). The sauce is so good and the chicken, very tender and tasteful.

Second, Secondi.

Roast Pork Belly plus apple elderflower puree, bacon braised cabbage, thyme jus. Lechon lovers will surely love this. The roast pork belly was so soft, juicy, not to mention that the skin is really crispy. The thyme jus and apple elderflower puree served their purpose well by making this pork taste fruity, and less “porky” of you know what I mean.

The next dish was quite surprising. Pressed Duck Two Ways. Maple leaf duck breast and confit duck leg, with rhubarb, duck press jus. Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re having prime meat, or even a high grade steak. Imagine having prime meat. Chef Carlo Miguel surely does what he does best with duck.

Halibut was served with saffron potato veloute, Sicilian caponata, potato crisps. Halibut is also called “isdang lapad”. The halibut is so soft, prepared so tender that it actually melts and leaves a subtle taste behind. I just love how it was dressed with the potato crisps.

Next up, US Angus Prime Tenderloin Steak was served, cippollini (little onions in Italian), cauliflower puree, bone marrow bordelaise. Bone marrow bordelaise gets its delectably rich flavor from the demi-glace and bone marrow which we Pinoys love to sip in bulalo. The bone marrow bordelaise is usually added to accentuate the beef. Chef Carlo used red onion, which he made into a gem in the performance, like that solo violinist in a classic repertoire.

Ahhh, Dolci.

The most classic of desserts, I think is the Dark Chocolate Mousse. Served with cacao crumble, you’ll feel the bitter-sweet coarseness of real cacao. The raspberry becomes the centerpiece, and a dark chocolate gelato will surely entice you for more!

Oh, the Lemon Curd with cutesy. Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds. Add to that there’s lettuce gelato. I would suggest to have them like an orchestra, where you’ll appreciate the entire ensemble if you hear them all playing. Grab a bit of everything and mix all it in your mouth!

The White Chocolate Souffle with Apricots, almond biscotti, and the pretty amaretto gelato. I just love the amaretto gelato. Amaretto is basically nuts. Er, I mean, Amaretto is usually associated with almonds which of course matches the white chocolate souffle perfectly!

Finally, a Raspberry Lychee Sphere with Rose glaze, coconut crumble, yogurt gelato finishes off this concierto with subtlety and finesse, enough for you to bring all good memories of this very fine repertoire home.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

It's been a while since my last |ooloo rendezvoos 10084️ It's so good to be back in Manila and eating good food!

FOO'D is an Italian pop cuisine by Chef Davide Oldani which prides itself in being an accessible fine dining restaurant. Accessible because you can get a 3-course tasting menu for only PHP 800.

But for tonight's food tasting, we were able to try their new menu for the season by Chef Carlo Miguel. His inspiration for the food comes from what is available in season. The main ingredient for the night: duck 10084

Here's some info on the prices of the new menu:
128073🏻3 Course Tasting Menu: PHP 1,500
Choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Secondo and 1 Dolce

128073🏻4 Course Tasting Menu: PHP 1,900
Choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Primo, 1 Secondo and 1 Dolce

128073🏻5 Course Tasting Menu: PHP 2,700
Choose 1 Antipasto, 1 Primo, 2 Secondo and 1 Dolce

Cucumber, Horseradish, Tomato Sorbet, Squid Ink Tuile
❣️The cucumber-wrapped crab meat is so fresh and clean! It's a light start to a meal and it also does not overpower your palette with extra strong flavors.

Confit Egg Yolk, Textures of Mushroom, Crispy Prosciutto, Truffle Foam
❣️It's for those mushroom lovers out there who love mushroom and that truffle flavor. Although it's still a great dish, there were others that came out stronger than this.

Duck Liver Parfait, Marsala Gelee, Cornichons, Brioche
❣️This is a good antipasti to share if you're eating with someone else because it's a pâté style dish where you have the duck liver topped with marsala gelee for an extra layer of texture and in-house made brioche bread.

Applewood Smoked Duck, Arugula, Orange, Beet Puree
❣️This is my favorite antipasto from the ones that we were able to try during the rendezvoos! The smoked duck was absolute perfection and everything on it complemented the duck very well. I could eat the whole plate myself!

✔️FOIE GRAS (+400)
Chestnut Puree, Cranberry, Brioche
❣️Foie Gras is an expensive commodity! I liked this particular pairing of the foie gras with the cranberry and brioche. However, if I were a paying customer, I wouldn’t really spend an extra PHP400 for the appetizer course. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a huge fan.

White Bean Soup, Seared Prawn, Rye Tuile
❣️This white bean soup is quite good as well. I like the added texture of the prawn to the soup. Though I’m not sure how heavy the soup will be if I had it all to myself.

✔️MUSHROOM RISO (+200)127775
18 Months Aged Carnaroli, Textures of Mushroom, Truffle Oil
❣️Risotto and mushrooms are two of my favorite things, so there is a level of bias here but I really loved this. It has the same flavor profile as the Mushroom and Egg antipasto.

Spaghetti, Pressed Chicken Jus, Grana Padano, Chicken Ballotine
❣️The pasta is cooked perfectly! Al dente! 128076🏻 But the star of this dish is the chicken and the sauce of the pasta!!! They have a press (a huge one from what Chef Carlo Miguel explained) which they used to extract all the juices and flavor from the whole chicken carcass! Nothing wasted from that chicken! 128076🏻

Apple Elderflower Puree, Bacon Braised Cabbage, Thyme Jus
❣️The roasted pork belly had a crispy skin (which I love a lot!) and the braised cabbage was a mix of healthy and sinful because of those bacon bits! It’s a good dish to share for tasting though it’s not going to be as filling.

Maple Leaf Duck Breast, Confit Duck Leg, Rhubarb, Duck Press Jus
❣️Another dish using that press that extracts all the juices from the duck! It’s even more flavorful because you really taste the duck from that jus! I was only able to take a small bite from this dish but I took a small piece of bread and cleaned the plate with it 128514

Saffron Potato Veloute, Sicilian Caponata, Potato Crisps
❣️The halibut was tender and really easy to eat. Pretty light and a good choice for those avoiding meat. 128077🏻

✔️TENDERLOIN (+300)127775
US Angus Prime Tenderloin Steak, Cippollini, Cauliflower Puree, Bonemarrow Bordelaise
❣️The tenderloin was really really TENDER! So soft! This dish comes with their signature caramelized onion which is also equally awesome.

Cacao Crumble, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Gelato
❣️One of my favorite desserts mainly because it’s dark chocolate plus sea salt on top! The sea salt really adds an extra flavor profile when you take a bite! PLUS THAT RASPBERRY! Chocolate is usually very rich and thick so adding that raspberry add an extra tangy flavor to help you finish the whole thing!

Dehydrated Meringue, Cacao Crumble, Curry Almonds, Lettuce Gelato
❣️This is one of the most peculiar dessert dishes ever made (as far as I know). Where have you ever had a LETTUCE GELATO? The trick to this dessert is to eat the lemon curd with the lettuce gelato TOGETHER. IT WORKS. If you eat it individually, you might think that the lemon curd is too sour and the lettuce gelato is gross (though I liked it even on its own, reminded me of those Chinese herbal medicine I used to take when I was younger...)

Apricots, Almond Biscotti, Ammaretto Gelato
❣️The soufflé with the tangy apricots and that ammaretto gelato works! But I like mousse type desserts more than flour based ones. Still really good though!

Rose Glaze, Coconut Crumble, Yogurt Gelato
❣️This is one of my favorite desserts too because of its sweet and tangy notes. I also love the addition of the floral flavor of the rose glaze. I love lychee so I could be biased.

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

FOO'D is an Italian pop cuisine owned by an Italian Michelin Chef Davide Oldani. They have extensive wine and liquor display. It has a very classy ambience since it is located in Shari-La Hotel, an appropriate dress is necessary.

I was invited to a |ooloo Rendezvoos last week and I'm too ecstatic to try the New Menus here.
Everyday they serve a 3, 5 or 8 course meals. Prices are P1,500, P1,900 & P2,700 accordingly.
Servers are courteous and polite. 10% service charge is excluded in the Course prices.


Crab Canelloni
has Cucumber, Horseradish, Tomato Sorbet, Squid Ink Tuille
A different texture in one dish makes it interesting.

Mushroom & Egg
Confit egg yolk, Textures of mushrooms, Crispy Prosciutto, Truffle foam. The egg white foam will make you really curious about this dish. It's very light and unique.

Duck Liver Parfait
I personally like the texture and taste.

Foie Gras
Chestnut puree, Cranberry, Brioche
Better to have it all at once and enjoy the different flavors in your mouth.

Smoked Duck Carpaccio

White bean soup, seared Prawn, Rye Tuile


Mushroom Risotto
it is perfectly al dente, very flavorful that is good for sharing but since it's heavy you might wanna share it. Try this its soo good, I bet you'd not! 128514
It is topped with 2 textures of Mushroom, Tempura and Roasted Chili Shrooms. Yum!

Pressed Chicken Pasta
pressed Chickens, cut in chunks and roasted with tomato, Rosemarie, onions, thyme. I suggest for a stronger taste and flavor though plus the chicken breast tastes bland to me.


Roast Pork
Crispy skin roast Pork. The apple and Elderflowerpuree, Bacon braised Cabbage that is so smooth to the mouth with its flavor and brushed oil mixed with Thyme jus.

Sicilian Caponata, Saffron potato Veloute, Potato Crisps

US Angus Prime Steak, Cippollini, Cauliflower puree. Used a red onion tart, less sweet. Bone Marrow bordelaise, red wine sauce.
Tender soft and deliciously good!

Pressed Duck two ways
Maple leaf duck breast, confit duck leg Rhubard, duck press jus
Truly an amazing, classy dish.


Lemon Curd
Meringue, Almonds, Gelato
The texture and presentation is amazing and unique.

Dark choco Mousse
dark choco gelato lovers. But I personally loved this!

White chocolate Souffle
Apricots, Almonds Biscotti and Gelato

Raspberry Lychee Sphere
Rose glazed, Coconut , Yogurt gelato
Truly an art of work gelato. Perfectly round sphere and delicious too. Mostly the fave of the group that night.

Thank you so much once again @looloo |
Roegan T
Nice meeting everybody and Ms. Jessica of course.
I'm very grateful to be part of this fine dining experience. Thanks FGC. Mr. Eric Dee.

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the interesting rendezvoos (sponsored event) that i had so thank you Roegan T for the invite.

Fine dining is something i (havent had in a long time/ not used to) and im more confused with the plethoria of spoon, plate and fork type than mathematical expression. But then if theres something that gravitate me towards to its good tasty food and i find it that night at this place...

Ive also learned that fine dining doesnt really needs to be super expensive. It still expensive as far as price is concern but not to the extend of P2500++ for 3 or 4 course meal. And if the quality of the food is good... the more better it is. This place offers 3 course meal as low as P800. But im pretty good with the P1500++ for the slight upgrade of the cheapest set.

The line up of dishes that was served to us was delish and generous. Given that i'm only going to point out those that leave memorable impression on me, lets start with anti pasti (to be fair to the others dishes that was served, all were very good and based on antipasti ive aready decided my rating for this visit).

Anti Pasti:
Smoked Duck Carpaccio - Perfect thinly sliced of curated duck meat with arga with orange and beet puree. The presentation was sleek, everything you could imagine from a cooking show.

Foie Gras - i seldom had foie gras coz of its high fat content, expensive and suffering of the duck in the process but maybe once in a while wont hurt. :) perfectly prepared with chestnut puree and cranberry.

Mushroom and egg - this antipasti itself is more complex than it sounds, confit egg yolk + texture of mushroom + truffles.

Mushroom riso - 18th month age Carnaroli, interestingly very good. Who doesnt love truffle oil.

Pressed Chicken Pasta - this was the chefs favorite and i couldnt agree more. The local chicken essense taste with pasta rolled presented how it should be.

Roast Pork Belly - Apple elderflower puree, bacon braised cabbage and thyme jus. I know its not the usual thing that we had and sounds sosyal but it taste really like a filipino dish cooked meticulously.

Pressed duck 2 ways - duck breast and leg, no matter how many ways they cook it. It was really good.

Halibut - i personally think that this dish is like a minature fish and chips that taste really delicious.

Tenderloin - probably the dish that is a must for every one visiting here. Angus tenderloin steak was probably cooked medium rare. With the interesting onion that leaves me speechless (dramatic)


Seriously every item was so good. But the standout was the dark choco mousse tjat is perfect with raspberry.

Perfect place was for treating oneself, celebration, or just want to appreciate finest food at the lowest cost imaginable.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

Glad to be back at FOO'D! This time, for a looloo app rendezvoos, to try out their new menu.

It's not the first time that I blogged about FOO'D. Check out my previous review for more details about this restaurant as well as other dishes on their menu (I'll only be covering new dishes on this post).

FooDie Global Concepts, one of Manila's largest multi-brand food group, with over 30 years in the industry, has a new Corporate Executive Chef, Chef Carlo Miguel. With Chef Carlo onboard, he introduced new dishes on the menu as well as some twists from Davide's original recipes, making it more appealing to our Asian palates.

To start our dinner, we were served with their signature complimentary bread, and a choice between red or white wine. I chose red wine. They serve my favorite type, Merlot.


-Crab Cannelloni. Cucumber, horseradish, tomato sorbet, squid ink tuile. The plating is fancy, I don't want to ruin it, but it's best eaten with one of everything. Delectable.

-Mushroom and Egg. Confit egg yolk, textures of mushroom, crispy prosciutto, truffle foam. Break the egg yolk in the middle, let it ooze and mix with the mushroom and truffle foam--it's indulging. The prosciutto gives it a contrast of texture.

-Duck Liver Parfait. Duck liver parfait, marsala gelee, cornichons, brioche. The parfait has foie gras in it; on top is the marsala gelee. At first, I thought it was a viscous fluid because of how the gelee reflects the light, but it's more of a spread and is really good. This is one luxurious liver spread. Top it on the brioche and add some cornichon.

-Smoked Duck Carpaccio. Applewood smoked duck, arugula, orange, beet puree. Reminds me of a good honey cured bacon but it's actually a duck. Delicious.

-Foie Gras. Chestnut puree, cranberry. brioche. Foie gras is my weakness--I love this dish. It's the first time I'm trying it with cranberry, though. The cranberry relieves you from the "umay" factor when you eat the fatty goodness of the foie gras. I find it a perfect combination.

-Cannellini. White bean soup, seared prawn, rye tuile. A good appetizer. From the texture to the taste, I really like it.


-Mushroom Riso. 18 months aged carnaroli, textures of mushroom, truffle oil. I love this. It tastes so good.

-Pressed Chicken Pasta. Spaghetti, pressed chicken jus, grana padano, chicken ballotine. Italian style spaghetti, the sauce is good, also very different from the usual spaghetti--you can taste the chicken jus, it's delectable yet light. The chicken on the side is so tender.


-Roast Pork Belly. Apple elderflower puree, bacon braised cabbage, thyme jus. The roast pork belly is so juicy, not to mention that the skin is really crispy.

-Pressed Duck Two Ways. Maple leaf duck breast, confit duck leg, rhubarb, duck press jus. This is probably my favorite among the dishes served for the night. It felt like having steak, but it's a duck. Tender, juicy, rich in flavor. I love it.

-Halibut. Saffron potato veloute, Sicilian caponata, potato crisps. The halibut is so tender, it breaks down once your utensil touches it--melts in your mouth and goes well with the veloute. The potato crisps give it a crunch. It's good.

-Tenderloin. US Angus Prime Tenderloin Steak, cippollini, cauliflower puree, bone marrow bordelaise. The Tenderloin is just so good, cooked medium rare. On the side is a caramelized onion tart. For this dish, Chef Carlo used red onion. I must say that the best onions that I ever had in my life are still at FOO'D.


-Dark Chocolate Mousse. Cacao crumble, raspberry, dark chocolate gelato. The dolci is best eaten with all portions included. Their dark chocolate mousse has been revamped--it now has raspberry at the center and it tastes even better. I've learned Chef Carlo Miguel's philosophy on dessert is that a dessert should have a contrast of flavors between three things: sweet, citrus, and salty. With these three combined, you have a good contrast of flavors that will make you go back for another bite--and that's what you can expect from their dolci.

-Lemon Curd. Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato. It's weird when you try it by portion, but definitely makes sense and tastes great when tried all together.

-White Chocolate Souffle. Apricots, almond biscotti, amaretto gelato. I love the amaretto gelato. The white chocolate souffle tastes great, it wasn't too sweet and it's topped with passion fruit for a sour contrast.

-Raspberry Lychee Sphere. Rose glaze, coconut crumble, yogurt gelato. This dessert tastes refreshing and light, yet indulging. I love it.

**FULL REVIEW, Complete and HD PHOTOS, and COPY OF THE MENU on my blog.**

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a perfect "date night place" ? or ... A place to spend your anniversary, propose to someone perhaps or something fancy where you can spoil yourself and experience luxury cuisine- this is the place to go!

Price 1108811088110881108811088
I wanted to try their 6 course meal but I was still full after watching a movie... so I opted to go for their 3 course prix fixe menu priced at P800 pesos. It was a bit expensive but for me it was worth it. The price was reasonable

Food 1108811088110881108811088
▶️ Presentation was spot on
▶️ They knew exactly when to serve the next course
▶️ The breadsticks and appetizer were 10084128588🏻128525

☑️ Cipolla Caramellata- i'm speechless! I'll just put the description haha- caramelized onion, 24 months aged grana padano gelato, grana padano hot cream
☑️ Chicken Ballotine- the creamy polenta was spot on and the chicken jus was full of flavor, soft and juicy
☑️ Lemon Curd- this was my fave! That Lettuce gelato was a surprise. It tasted sooo good. I'll definitely go back to try their other desserts

Service 1108811088110881108811088
128079🏻 I like the fact that each food was explained by the chef
128079🏻 The ambience was perfect
128079🏻 Service was great!

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Joey G.
5.0 Stars

Had dinner with the family to celebrate the birthday of my eldest. It was a most satisfying experience as the place was nice, clean, well-appointed and oozed of high quality. The service was exceptional as well, as the waiters were very attentive and there was no need to ask in order to be waited upon.

As for the dishes, they had a six-course menu available that night (see pic) and everyone in my family was raving about each dish. Truly high quality, well-presented, and delicious. Will let the pictures speak for themselves. Certainly well worth the price too.

This fine dining place is worth recommending. Truly five stars!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Finally able to visit (and review) Foo'd by Michelin rated chef Davide Oldani! It was a pleasurable visit especially when I was able to avail of Citibank's promo - you can get their 4-course degustacion for only 1200php instead of 1800php.

It was a great start with with the Italian bread with wanton. The bread was dense yet tasty and filling. I loved the crispy wanton and curry seasoning on top. Next came their signature Cipolla Caramellata that i thought was a dessert at first. Its a perfectly cooked onion baked in a sweet and savoury pastry topped with cheese gelato. Totally good and the texture was amazing. The main dish was chicken and prawn and risotto. It was 'okay'. The chicken wasnt consistent and some were more cooked than the others. My risotto was pretty undercooked. I loved the flavour but it was inedible because of the grainy texture. I wouldve have asked them to replace it if we werent is a hurry. The white tiramisu dessert was a good mean ending. It wasnt just beautiful to look at, but the creamy texture and subtle yet pronounced flavours of the chocolate was a good palate cleanser.

Overall, the food was what i expected. Complex, unique, and of good quality. A few hit and misses but definitely worth coming back for.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

FOO'D for dinner with the Boyfriend. 128107127881

As always, days before our dinner, I browsed looloo and the www to read reviews just so we get to "maximize" our dinner experience. 128518 Reviews are mixed - some are super positive but there are also some that are not that impressed. The reviews were still helpful as it helped me decide which to order and not to order. Plus what to expect. 128077🏼

PLACE: Place is not as intimidating. Not as "Why am I here?! Omg, I can't be myself here!!!" type. Ony and I are not the most behaved human beings and surprisingly, we survived FOO'D. 128518 My one and only comment though is there were flies. 128557128557

FOOD: 4 course meal (1200) for Ony and 3 course meal (800) for me. The prices are not super bad because you get to experience "fine dining" at a pretty reasonable price. Win-win!! 128077🏼

While waiting, we were served with the complimentary bread. We loved the bread that we asked for refills! 128517128541

Antipasto: Cipolla Caramellata
- A unique and interesting starter. Loved how they made a way to make a simple onion into a yummy amazing onion. Sweet, salty, hot, cold, soft, and chewy. This was our favorite. 💯

Primo: Cacio E Pepe
- When this was served, Ony and I were both smiling because the smell of truffle was so inviting we can't wait for the Chef to explain it already so we can start eating. 128517 Also, they added pepper making us more excited. Sadly, with so much excitement, we weren't that impressed with this pasta. It was bland and pasta was not cooked al dente. If only it tastes as good as it smells.... 128533

Secondi: Iberico Pork Ribs && Chicken and Prawn
- Ony said that the pork was tender but bland. Tasted it and yup, it was tender and bland. 🤐
- The chicken, on the other hand, was not as bland. It was cooked perfectly, the gravy was a big help as it added that much needed "taste". The prawn was good, that I liked! 128521

Dolce: Lemon Curd, Dark Chocolate Mousse, && Fondant
- We were able to try 3 desserts! Yayy! The dark chocolate mousse was the prettiest and I liked the deep dark chocolate taste. It wasn't that sweet, as well. The fondant was just okay. Nothing extraordinary. My favorite was the Lemon Curd. Loved the combination of the flavors. The lettuce gelato was weird but after a while, I enjoyed the weird dahon aftertaste. 128518

Unlike most reviews, we found the serving size just right. It's not big big, but it's not small small (gets? Hahaha 128518). We were full after and our "plan" to eat burger after remained just as a plan.

SERVICE was excellent. Servers were all attentive and helpful. 128077🏼

3 stars only because ---- service was good but food was just okay. Nothing too extraordinary. 🤔

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

ANTIPASTO: Cipolla Caramellata (Caramelized Onion with Grana Padano Gelato)
What a great way to start a meal. Simple dish but full of flavors.

PRIMO: Cacio E Pepe (Spaghetti, Horseradish, Lemon, Pecorino Romano)
Nothing special about this pasta. At first, I thought that the serving was small but then as I finish it I realized malapit na ako mabusog haha! The serving was okay lang considering that this is a 4-course meal. But then again, the taste, nothing extraordinary.

SECONDO: I'm not sure what it's called but I think this is an A4 Wagyu beef dish. This is not the beef cheek dish.
The beef was sooooooooooo tender and flavorful! Nabitin ako actually. Gusto ko pa humingi ng beef haha!

DOLCI: I'm not sure din with the name of this dessert but it's delicious as well. Not too sweet. A perfect ending to my 4-course meal. 128523

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Lia B.
5.0 Stars

Wonderful resto! Good food, great service and nice interiors! Loved the mains Iberico Pork Ribs, Chicken and Prawn, the appetizers Cippola Caramellata and the desserts Dark Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Curd.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

Michelin Star Chef Davide Oldani Shares the Taste of Milan in Manila. The renowned chef and impeccable palate behind some of the world's most famed restaurants, Michelin Chef Davide Oldani finally came to Manila on January 18, 2017, to share his world of flavor. He recently opened his first concept restaurant outside Milan, FOO'D by Davide Oldani at Shangri-La The Fort, BGC. I was recently invited to experience a 3-course lunch in this Michelin Star Chef's restaurant.

Chef Davide Oldani, a well-respected name across all borders, honed his skills and his palate under some of the best chefs in Italy, including Chef Alain Ducasse, Michel Roux Jr., pastry chef Pierre Hermes and mentor Gualtiero Marchesi, the first chef in Italy to earn three stars from Michelin.

Oldani is well-known for his innovative approach to Italian cuisine through his distinct Cucina Pop style, which masterfully weaves together incredible flavors into simple but surprising dishes. Cucina Pop follows a humble philosophy that all aspects of the meal - and not merely the food that is prepared - should be executed to a level of excellence and with passion. Everything is considered down to the finest detail. From the types of table, glassware, and utensils - each in their simplicity and elegance must help elevate the meal and create a memorable experience for the dinner. His concept of pop cuisine also includes creating high-end dishes without being very expensive. He was able to achieve that by using ingredients that are in season for it to be cost-effective.

Sharing our fine dining experience at FOO'D:

They serve complimentary bites and bread that are made fresh every day. Even the complimentary bread is really very good. What I love about this restaurant at this point is that the chefs are the ones who serve the dishes and explain the meal to you. After all, they know it best because they are the ones who made it.

We had a three-course meal which is composed of an Antipasto (Starter), Secondo (Second/Main Dish), and Dolce (Dessert).

Cipolla Caramellata. Caramelized onion, 24 months aged grana padano gelato, grana padano hot cream. It's so good, definitely the best onion I ever had in my life! Not kidding about this. I love the contrast of temperatures, from the hot onion to the cold gelato. There is puff pastry underneath the onion which makes it more indulging.

Riso Chicken and Prawn. Spring chicken, veal jus, spicy raisins, scent of thyme, creamy carnaroli. This is their default primo-secondo for the two and three-course meals. Basically, FOO'D is an Italian restaurant so instead of serving it with rice, they serve it with risotto. Which is almost the same thing, except it's Italian. lol.

Other options for the Primo-secondo are some of the following:
Riso Cochinillo. Roast pork, porcini sauce, raddish, shimeji mushrooms.

Riso Iberico Pork Ribs. Compressed pork rib, porcini sauce, liquorice. Topped with mascuvado bread crumbs. Good and tender.

Beef "All'olio." Wagyu beef cheek, borderlaise, asparagus, trout caviar. This was what I chose for my primo. The beef cheek was really thick, it's a good serving that can sate you. You don't have to worry about it being thick, though. The beef cheek is so tender that it melts in your mouth. I also love the caviar. Absolutely delicious.

Cheesecake. Ricotta mousse, sable strawberry, basil. I find this really cute because it looks like a rose. You have to eat this with all the portions to be able to appreciate it well. I like how it wasn't too sweet, it was just right. The petals on the plating is also edible.

Dark Chocolate Mousse. Cacao crumble, framboise powder, dark chocolate gelato. Just perfect for me. This was what I ordered for my dolce. Again, eat it with all portions included.

Lemon Curd. Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato. I love how this was plated and the lettuce gelato was amazing. Again, you have to mix both when you try it. I feel bad about destroying the plating once we tried it, though.

Overall, I would say that the dishes in FOO'D have a contrast of texture, flavors and temperature. They also focus on good proportions and has that signature of a delicate style. You definitely appreciate the Michelin Star in this one.

FOO'D offers two and three-course menus during lunch time, and three to five-course menu at dinner time.

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Christian C.
3.0 Stars

*Cipolla Caramellata
This is for me the highlight of the entire meal, and I call it by far the best onion dish I ever had, for an onion to have a light and sweet taste, sitting in the warm crispy puff pastry, and covered with melted sugar topped with Grana Padano gelato providing a savory taste in a form of dessert

* Cacio e Pepe
The dish that I never waited, maybe I am looking for something more with this kind of dining experience. Just to give you description on this, pasta that providing clean simple taste, giving a focus on the taste of Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper.

* Iberico Pork Ribs
Protein dish has amazing description in the menu that failed me, the fact it was Iberico pork so I expect a more intense pork taste combined with earthy and sweet tone from sauce from Porcini sauce and liquorice, but I tasted nothing on any of my expectation

* Beef All’ olio
Snake River farm Wagyu beef cheek, with bordelaise sauce, ok maybe I am born and raised on a food with strong flavor, giving this a small hint of consideration because of the trout caviar and the melt on your mouth experience, but overall I want more flavor on the bordelaise sauce just to accentuate the beauty of the protein

* Lemon Curd
One of the two dishes that save me from the dining doom experience, second time to see this dessert (I tried it first in CAV) but it has more finest and playful flavor that catches my attention, setting aside the fact it was instagram worth dish it has component that will be mesmerizing you, like curry almonds which I was never tried it before and the lettuce gelato that I never thought it could be done deliciously

Let me start on the positive side of this dessert, first it was intragam worth dish, second the milk gelato was really good slowly melt on the top of warm chocolate fondant. Now on the not so good part it was not as good as Lemon Curd, where all components works together to give me that WOW sensation, each component work separately with this fondant dessert, I would suggest to try to eat first the gelato then the warm fondant then finished it with the seeds.

Food (3/5) it was based on the fact I expect more flavor but I also give the consideration that was affordable fine dining experience, maybe I raised the standards with its fellow fine dining restaurants

Service (4/5) they have very attentive set of food attendant, giving a very good inputs. Each dish was presented properly explaining the components and how it should be eaten

Ambiance (4/5) simply sophisticated, but would love if they just removed the white table clothe (maybe im not a fan)

Wine (3/5) all wines are limited to Italian brands

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Treated our mom to somewhere fancy for Mother's Day. We got their 3 course meal for Php800 per person. The ambiance was simple yet elegant great for family gatherings.

They served us appetizers bread with seafood zest and cream cheese.

1st: Cipolla Caramellata - caramelized onion slice
2nd: Chicken and Prawn - falling off the bone tender chicken
3rd: White Tiramisu - not too sweet but it was good 128522

You can customize your meal at additional cost. 🙂

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Nicole C.
3.0 Stars

Had our CNY fam dinner here.
We got..
-Cipolla Caramelata, or Caramelized Onion with 24-month aged Grana Pedano Gelato, and Grana Pedano Hot Cream: we had mixed emotions regarding this one. We do love the crispy outer layer, but once you dig in and eat up, the layers become soggy and the taste can get quite overwhelming. We did like the gelato on top, and the hot cream really stood oht for me too.
-Cacio e Pepe pasta: This has to be both my mom and I's fave. I love the simplicity of this dish.
-Milanese D'O: lol what is this dish, is it risotto or. whatever it is I didn't enjoy or like it lolol.
-Iberico Pork Ribs: didn't get to try this one but it did look really tender!
-Seabass D'O: this is what my mom got and she liked it well enough. Didn't try this also as I don't like fish.
-Wagyu Beef Cheek with Bordelaise, Asparagus, and Trout Caviar: It was alright, the texture of the beef was so soft, like melt in your mouth soft! But it didn't really amaze me, it was, again, just okay.
-Fondant. Chocolate fondant, Toasted Seeds, Milk Gelato: Not too sweet, so I actually liked this dish! Anyway, when I cut the brownie in two, chocolate overflowed.. Yum. Problem is, I didn't like the texture of it - it felt reheated for me, huhu. I really, really enjoyed the milk gelato though.

Service was okay, every time a dish was served a chef would come by to explain it which adds to the ~fancy~ feel to the place lolz. ambiance was okay too, but the place was too dimly lit for our taste lol. They have their own bathroom and wifi - but their wifi didn't work when we were there lol.

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Had the chance to try the 4 course tasting menu of Foo'd. Paid around 1800 since I upgraded the pork to beef. Let's clear things: a tasting menu doesn't intend for you to feel full. Serving size is on the lighter end. Quality is good bough. Almost everything was good. The sweet starter will get you going. The pasta in a way cleanses your palate from the starter. The main hits the spot. I'm not really a dessert person so I can't really comment on it.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Ever since they opened, I have always wanted to try this place out mainly because of the positive reviews and the price. It's still pricey but when compared to other places, this one's really affordable. I was just waiting for an occasion so I can suggest this place to Ony or my family but apparently, I don't need to wait that long anymore!! Yayyy! 9786128513 Thank you ABE (Hi, Abe C) for the invite. Hihi.

Together with Clarissa P and Marjorie G, we all had dinner here one Wednesday night. And also, hi Mary Love S 128518

FOOD 127860

FAUX EGG. Cauliflower Velouté, Cauliflower Tabbouleh, Carrot and Orange Sphere.
- This is a unique and interesting starter. I am an egg lover so I was hoping this dish to taste like an actual real egg. Though not entirely the same, this was good - smooth, creamy, and yummy. It's like eating a creamier version of a cauliflower soup. 128517 I liked the yolk part the most. Although the taste of the carrot wasn't that evident, I still enjoyed the tangy taste c/o the orange.

SURF & TURF. USDA Wagyu Beef Cheek, Lobster Jus, Horseradish.
- The beef was so tender you don't need knife anymore. I'm not very good with identifying different flavors and describing them as detailed as possible but this dish was very tasty. So much flavor, I CAN'T EVEN!! The prawn was also good -- juicy and was done well. Portion size is just enough for me but for guys, this might be too small.

- A suprise dish as we were only supposed to try 3 dishes. It's my first time trying something like this and it was good? I don't know how to explain it (again 128517) but it was "refreshing". I liked the hint of citrus. Also, I was able to enjoy this more since this came after the steak. The steak was too rich and very flavorful that this somehow brought me back to the normal world haha! 128518

And last but will never ever be the least -- dessert!!!

WHITE COFFEE TIRAMISU. Coffee Mousse, Dark Chocolate, Dehydrated Meringue.
- At first, you wouldn't even be tempted by this super plain looking, all-white dessert. It doesn't look appetizing BUT surprisingly, despite the plain and oh so simple presentation, this was pretty good plus it's not too sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed my first dining experience here at FOO'D. I cannot wait to go back again and try the other dishes!!! 128513128513

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Back at Foo'D for it's media launch on a Wednesday night! Went with Ruth S & Marjorie G this time, thanks to our very generous friend Abe C for extending the invite! I think I have the best foodie friends - always fun, chill and always finding ways to share! Right? Right?!?

I was a little excited when we found out about this because 1) Chef Davide Oldani will be there and 2) they have new items in their menu!! When we got there, we were joyfully greeted by Eric Dee himself - welcoming as always! After a round of hi and hellos we were offered an assortment of appetizers and wine.

The appetizers were nothing grand but with the ambiance - dim lights with candles on every table, wine, upscale setup - a simple serving of fried wantons and noodles dressed with honey and spices seemed so sophisticated. They also served steamed bread with Parmesan that were like English Muffins.

Chef Davide Oldani then graced the night by doing a cooking demo of his signature dish - Milanese D'O. It's not everyday that you get to see a Michelin Star Chef cook right in front of you so it was quite an experience!

Our four course tasting menu then started with the first dish - Faux Egg. Served looking like a sunny-side up egg, the "white" part was Cauliflower Veloute - mashed cauliflower, flour, butter, stock, salt & pepper - and Tabbouleh. It was like baby food - smooth and almost velvety in texture, tasty and creamy with a good butter flavor. The "yellow" part was made up of carrots and orange and I loved the subtle hint of citrus.

Second course was the Milanese D'O. It was a very simple risotto dish with just the carnaroli and saffron. Unlike the usual arborio used by restaurants that tends to get mushy, the small rounded pieces of carnaroli were still intact giving each spoonful a nice bite. The dish had an overall tangy flavor, with subtle hints of the saffron.

For our main course we had the Surf & Turf which I absolutely loved! The USDA Wagyu Beef Cheek was so tender, almost melt in your mouth, with a good portion of fat. It was made lovelier by the Lobster Jus it was smothered with. This was also topped with crisp asparagus and caviar which exploded with a characteristic saltiness in my mouth! Amazing dish! The prawn included was just a bonus, IMO. The Beef Cheek can very well do without it but then it was a welcome addition - succulent and juicy, it was perfectly cooked!

For dessert, we had a White Coffee Tiramisu. Not your usual tiramisu made with layers of cream infused with coffee and liquor, mascarpone and lady fingers, this version of Oldani was simple! A dark chocolate base that wasn't too bitter and sweet, topped with white coffee mousse and garnished with a stick of dehydrated meringue. This was just okay for me coz I think it's difficult to surpass the "wow" factor of my favorite Foo'D dessert - Lettuce Gelato & Lemon Curd.

Overall, it was a nice experience and a good dinner. Chefs were still explaining each dish though I would love for them to explain jargons too. And oh, I love the white wine that they served, not sure what it was but it was smooth and wasn't strong.

PSA: Book your lunch today or tomorrow and let Chef Davide Oldani cook for you! It's a once in a life time chance, at a very affordable price so go grab it

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