190-A 21st Ave. cor. JP Rizal Ave. Ext., East Rembo, Makati, Metro Manila

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Reopens: 12:00p - 6:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Heart Attack Burger @ P100

• 2 quarter patties • tomatoes • lettuce •

Generous. Affordable. Delicious.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Cams M.
3.0 Stars

Affordable gourmet food. Food presentation's okay, we ordered English breakfast (Php75.00) and Hungarian Salpicao, and a to go of their Heart Attack burger (Php100.00), got a little disappointed with the burger though. 128532 but i like how they design the place. Park at your own risk coz it's along the street, literally. 128513

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Yna N.
4.0 Stars

Foodever21 is one of the rare gems around Makati South Area. They serve Burgers, Sizzling Meals and Pasta. One of their expertise is serving 100% pure beef burger with a whopping burger BBQ dressing. One of their top line burger is the Heart Attack for only Php100.🤗128077🏻 Pasta is ok also, I order carbonara with sunny side up egg at the top and bacon 128523128077🏻, but I forgot to take a picture because I'm starving..128540

The Ambience/Service - A small place with no AC, wherein you can dine beside the roadside. They used numerous of chairs that enough for a couple. Most of the staff are nice and hard working and they will immediately attend to your concerns in no time. Seems that the cashier has poor customer service trait as she will not smile at the customers.

No security personnel and CCTV found in this place.
Parking is a risk and its better that you'll visit there by commuting.

If you'll just looking for a fabulous burger this is the place that you can visit. Overall experience is still a positive note for me. The burger saves the day!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Chaps V.
3.0 Stars

Cheap burgers and pasta, affordable burger dishes with italian style pastas :)

  • No. of Comments: 1
Camille Grace B.
4.0 Stars

FOODEVER21 got the best patties and pasta!!! Ohhh, they got some catchy names there btw! They named their burgers with Sexy B, Judgemental and Heart Attack 128514128514128514

We ordered Bacon Beef burger, Heart Attack and Judgemental, and I'm telling you they're so perf! The patties are so yummy! And the barbecue sauce over the bacon beef is so surreal. Of course you can see their platings are great. They offer your burgers over a wooden chopping board with a bread knife and fork! The carbonara was also mouth watering as it is topped with egg and bacons.

We also ordered additional French Fries, Nachos and Mojos and it's all worth the try and not your ordinary american snacks! 128076🏻

FOODEVER 21 is a High Quality street-located restaurant which will make you come back for more!!!! It may look like a "carinderia" but its taste is really classy! #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Pearl R.
4.0 Stars

Located at 21st Avenue East Rembo, Makati City. Open Mon-Sat from 12nn- 6pm (or until supplies last). Serves Burgers, Sizzling Meals and Pasta.

Saturdate is pigging out day with my baabs. We ordered Carbonara with Bacon and Egg (65php), the taste is okay and the sauce is very creamy. The bacon and egg, ahmm just okay.

Poseidon (65php):
We really like it. The pasta, herbs and the seafood is a perf combo.

Heart Attack (100php):
We love burgers so much, so we try this one. Consist of 2 quarter pound patties with lettuce, tomato and bbq sauce. I love the food presentation, very artistic. For the taste it was good, not bad for 100php

We also tried the Fries overload, so yummy. I just can't figure out the taste is it adobo or what? Hahahaha.

Though the place is not so cozy and a little bit small. I must say that the food is good. The price is very very affordable.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Marvin S.
3.0 Stars

Tried this burge, carbonara & sizzling fish fillet. The place is okay sana kaso road, polluted pero okay yung outdoor setting, the food was okay.. The taste is not for an high-end store, the burger is just "usual" i mean, when you blend all the ingredients of each burger, you'll know how already its taste, no element of surprise, the carbora wasn't good. Its just like a pasta with milk. Hahaha lol, presentation for burger is very good. But i wonder, if i will just slice the burger on how it is presented, how will i eat the other side of the bun? So i decided to put it together then slice! Hahaha! Great value, great service. :)?

  • No. of Comments: 2
Justin J.
3.0 Stars

The next possible Kanto Freestyle? Could be FOODEVER 21!!! Call it clever or just couldn't think of anything to name the place, but it sure is catchy and hilarious! 128514128514128514

I had no idea about this little place until out of boredom, I stumbled upon a blog post about chocolate burgers. Yes. Chocolate burgers. They have burgers with chocolate sauce. But I wasn't brave enough to try.

I saw the photos and the review of the place and I was in awe. I immediately said to myself that I need to give this place a try. Especially it's within my vicinity.

So I gave up #Wildwingswednesday at Garage88 to try out Foodever 21.

As I've heard, this place gets packed so I made sure I was there before they opened. It was around quarter to 12 when I arrived. I was already third in line. A few minutes before they opened, the line was almost up to 15.

I ordered the "Heartattack" (P100) - 2 quarter pound patties, topped with lettuce, tomato, some special sauce and bbq sauce. I know, pretty basic. Given the name, I was expecting something really oily or had lots of bacon or whatever. But nope. Didn't feel unhealthy at all. Haha. I really loved the soft bun and the barbecue sauce though.

To my surprise, I wasn't full!! That was half a pound of beef I just downed!!! Maybe because I didnt eat breakfast just for this?

So I lined up again and got a Egg and Bacon Carbonara (P65) - this was so bad. I mean tasteless. I dont know if it had something to do with the egg or what, but it was bad. Very disappointing.

A few more comments:
- I was disappointed that fries wasn't available. How could you serve burgers without fries? Come on.

- Seats. The place didnt have enough seats at all. They even set up tables at the carwash next door. (I guess it's a positive thing still because who wouldn't want a lot of customers)

- Operation. They're only open from 12nn-6pm. But I hear they close earlier if stocks run out. I sure hope they can operate as early as breakfast time or maybe 24 hours.

- Next Kanto Freestyle? Has potential. Can't compare much cause Kanto serves mostly breakfast food while Foodever21 offers Burgers, Pasta and Sizzling meals and at a slightly cheaper cost.

Although the Carbonara wasn't up to my standards and I'm not happy with the hours of operation, I still can't complain given how cheap it is! Will still go back for some more. maybe the Choco Loco burger next time. hahaha.

  • No. of Comments: 6