Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant

14-16 Otek St., Baguio, Benguet

Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant
3.5 Stars

6 Reviewers

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Reopens: 10:00a - 10:00p


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    • 10:00a - 10:00p
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Most Recent Reviews

Toy G.
4.0 Stars

Was invited for dinner
Lapulapu 5stars
Xiao (ong bao- huge 4 stars
Mushrooms sotanghon 5 stars
Brocolli 4 stars
Snow balls 5 stars - must try this
Buchi 5 stars - huge
Fried rise 5 stars
Peas veggies w casuy 4 stars

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Benjie G.
4.0 Stars

Food was great! Treat my in laws for lunch.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

Delicious chinese food and very nice interiors. My 1st time to try a fortune seafood resto branch. Their birthday song performance was sang in chinese words and the staffs' dance to the beat of the chinese song was like how chinese kids perform during elementary presentations which was cute and nostalgic haha!

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Rocky R.
3.0 Stars

I'm a glutton when it comes to Peking Duck, so I'm always on a lookout for a Chinese restaurant that serves it. More often than none, I end up traveling to Manila to satisfy my craving. But to travel to Manila is costly. The round-trip bus fare, cab fare, hotel cost--it's pretty ridiculous to go to all that trouble for duck, right? 128517

Luckily, Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant opened in Baguio two years ago. It's a pretty snazzy restaurant. They offer decent Chinese food at a somewhat high price. And guess what they have! PEKING DUCK!! 128521

[insert irony] Unfortunately, their Peking Duck is not what my tastebuds were searching for. It was okay, but it was too dry. During the times I've eaten this dish at other places, I've always anticipated the taste and texture of how the fat from the duck melts into its skin to give it a moist, and flavorful taste. Though I didn't get what I was searching for from that dish at this restaurant, it won't deter me from ordering it again.

Try their abalone dishes! Abalone, if you're not familiar, is a shellfish similar to clams that have tough meat. It's a difficult dish to cook due to its toughness, but the way they treated it, it became soft and tender. It's delicious.

Fortune is good for Baguio. There are a few establishments that claim to have Chinese food, but more often, you'll find those restaurant to be more of a Fil-Chi rather than it being authentic.

**Side note:
If you wish to have Peking Duck at this establishment, you will have to order it 2 days in advance.

Happy eating!!!

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Surprisingly big, can probably fit 300 comfortably

Serving typically Chinese cuisine .. Good service

Peking duck was ordered in advanced... It came out dry & they agree to gv my friend another one when they dine in on their next visit

Lumpia Shanghai was the best I've tasted ever

Beef ribs was fork tender , meaty & tasty

Dimsum lovely specially the beef balls came out steaming hot & very bouncy

Double boiled soup flavorful with delectable meat & perfectly seasoned with Chinese herbs

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Rice & carbo overload ... Yang chow was typical but good

Chinese sausage rice was just okay ... A little on the bland side till we asked for more sauce/drippings that they readily obliged

Eel was surprisingly fresh & cooked with perfection... its bouncy & meaty

Century roll was unusual , nicely plated & delicate with each bite pillowy , mixed with the crisp outer batter was simply lovely to the palate

Squid like calamari was so plump & fresh , flavorful with the perfect crunch ... A dish we enjoyed immensely

But the star of the meal was the lamb stew cooked in a fire pot infront of us... Piping hot... Soft & tender succulently tasty lamb meat

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Cai J.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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