Fortune Island

Nasugbu, Batangas

Fortune Island
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Rian K.
3.0 Stars

FORTUNE ISLAND is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Just a 2-3hrs drive from Manila. 128205

Overnight stay is allowed but we prefer to visit on a Day tour only that cost us Php 300.00/entrance fee plus Php 3,500 for the boat transfers divide 6 persons. We arrived late in the afternoon and had lunch in one of their kubo's.

What I disliked about this island is the poor service of the locals, no clean washrooms or changing area, just a plain island nothing special except for the a piece of greece inspired structure on top. And lastly, THERE'S A LOT OF TRASH IN THE SHORELINE. Nakakaloka as in! Parang gusto mo na lang mag clean drive session. 🙄

So honestly, what makes me happy despite of all the negative things about this island is the CLIFF DIVING SPOT! Had my first cliff jump here and it was so awesome! it's one of my #2017Bucketlist 128076🏻

Ayan kaya WAS OKAY lang yung rating! Pero sana next time maayos at malinis na siya. 10024

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Jon B.
4.0 Stars

One of my friends will get married soon so he asked me a favor if I can take photos for PreNup. He wanted their prenup close to nature at the same time picturesque without spending a lot of money. I recommended some of the places just around the area since he is from Batangas. He picked this island because it is a picturesque place perfect for PreNup.

Yey! Walang Tao masyado! That’s exactly what I said because every time I go here, it is always crowded. So literally, we owned the entire island that day. I noticed that some of the structures are damaged and campers threw their garbage everywhere.

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Pauie P.
4.0 Stars

My expectations didn't meet the reality. There where just a section of the island where the columns are but good thing we were satisfied that there was a cliff diving spot. Hays. Talk about summer season, there were many people in the island, i guess because the boat ride is cheap in group.

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John S.
5.0 Stars

Summer is near so me and my friends decided to go on an overnight adventure. 3 hours travel by land from Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas and from there 1 hour travel by boat to "Athens Greece look like" Aka Fortune Island where the so called The Ruins is the main attraction. You can do snorkel and discover the colorful underwater, greek style photo-ops, explore the batcave if the waves are friendly and the Cliff jump approximate 30-40 feet high not so sure about it. "Magbaon ng maraming pusa para hindi ka daga-in" if you want to attemp

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4.0 Stars

Fortune favors the brave!

If you want pristine waters, white sand, and an unadulterated adventure, I suggest you put a trip to Fortune Island on your bucket list this summer. 128526

You get a feel of Greece in the PH with the mini Parthenon (10min hike from the beach front) and you get to soak up the heat in a good way. 128166

Let's face it, this INTENSE heat is only acceptable when you're at the beach. Am i right or am I right?128521

Just some words of caution:
- the white sand here is not as powdery as that of Boracay
- lots of stones on the shore so best to wear aqua shoes
- try not to eat a lot as there's no CR
- no amenities or electricity so bring your own stuff and try not to bring so much stuff
- this a only good for a day trip, unless you're up for a camping session

To set expectations, it's not the most accommodating location. It's a bit hard to go to (2-3 hours from Manila to the port and 1 hour boat ride to the beach itself) and it's not as clean and developed (I believe systems must be in place to control people traffic and to ensure cleanliness in the area). Also the remnants of the Leviste house are still there so everything is just in ruins, medyo panira sa virgin beach look. BUT if we're taking just about the water quality, the view of the ocean, the waves, the serenity of the place, and the reprieve from the city, this is a solid spot. It's simple and such a cowboy place to be in. If you like to be more in touch with nature and wind down, I say visit this place.

Despite the cons, I still thing it's a place worth visiting. 128588🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 3.5 yums
128073🏼️️️ Convenience: 2 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 1.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 3.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

ChubbyPeroHappy #FortuneIsland

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Karla D.
5.0 Stars

Two of my college friends and I went to Fortune Island last week. We avail the Fortune Island tour of the Outreach Travel and Tours for only Php1900 which is good for 2days and 1night.

11088️Van Transfers (Manila-Batangas-Manila)
11088️Boat Transfers
11088️Food (Day1: Dinner; Day2: Breakfast, Lunch)
11088️Drinking Water with Ice
11088️Entrance Fee
11088️Beach Tent
11088️Cliff Diving Assistance
11088️Event Pictures and Videos

It was our first time to join a huge group of strangers. Hahahaha we actually thought that "wala ata tayong magiging friends sa kanila" and we were wrong. We ended up talking, cracking some jokes and hugot lines, and sharing some life experiences with them.

Anyway, let's go back to my review. Haha just like what the other wrote in their reviews, the island does not have fresh water that we can use to wash ourselves or for us to take a bath. There was no decent bathroom/toilet as well. And of course there was no electricity at all. So if you're kinda afraid of trying to experience the cast away kind of life for 2days and 1night, I recommend you to go there for a day tour only which is from (7am-4pm).

Things to do/try:
10084️Pictorial-Take a lot of pics in the acropolis with a cute outfit when you get there. Haha
10084️Cliff diving-Must try! You can have an unlimited cliff dive for free! If you're not that confident in your swimming skills you may asked an assistance and wear the life vest.

Overall, the experience was really great! We enjoyed the view, the activities and the company of our new found friends/travel buddies. I think that was the magic of fortune island. You'll see yourself fortunate even if lot of things were missing and lacking. We're fortunate cause we're alive, breathing, laughing and seeing the beautiful world that God has made. 128522

So what are you waiting for?? Beat the heat and go to Fortune Island! 128515

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Ynah M.
5.0 Stars

Such a beautiful island!128525128525128525

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

Who wouldn't love Greece?

But Greece in the Philippines?! That's amazing isn't it?!?

An hour boat/ banka ride from the shores of Nasugbu, Batangas.

Clear blue waters and white sandy and yeah a lil bit of corally shores. You can swim, bathe and dive. You can climb the top of the hill/bangin to get to the columns and get the sight of the endless sea.

Though lots of people get to hang there at the island, one good place to spend the summer. 1277549728

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Jon B.
3.0 Stars

After the successful Mt.Talamitam Climb, we picked this island as our side trip. It used be one of the most expensive resorts before but now its abandoned sinking after some political issues regarding Former Governor Leviste's ownership. Since then, it has been opened for public to somehow have a taste of what it feels like be an elite.

I rented a small boat to get here. As per Kuya Bangkero, he recommended to visit the island during morning and afternoon only because there are no trees in this island where you can hide to avoid the heat of the sun. I called this island" Survivor Island" coz there's no signal, no water, no electricity.And the funny part is no decent restroom so if you want to unload, just do the "Pawikan Moves" and you're free9786

I was just disappointed because of the trashes left by visitors in the island. They could have brought it back para malinis. I paid 350 pesos for the landing fee excluded in the boat rental fee. The woman in the registration hall said that there's a caretaker here but I really dont see someone taking an extra step in collecting the trashes left by the campers.Don't expect too much of this island. The corals were dead, some structures were damaged, houses were destroyed by previous typhoons. One of the main activities here is cliff diving, of course I tried it! Ako pa ba papahuli haha _97869786

If you are planning to visit this island, you may want do it as soon as possible while the pillars still standing on top of the hill. I just noticed that some of the structures starting to dilapidate compare to what I saw on the internet due to numerous typhoons that passed by. You need to bring more water, garbage bag (leave no trace) , sunblock, and waterproof dry bag. The island is also perfect for overnight camping.Bring your snorkel and you can see teeming marine life not so far from the shore.

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Lara M.
4.0 Stars

A taste of Ancient Greece in Nasugbu, Batangas. Though Fortune Island is an abandoned island, the parthenon-like ruins and wrecked statues still brings out the beauty in it.

If you are planning to visit the island, be sure to know before hand the "what to expect", "what to bring" and "what to do".

Here's some what to expect - not to spoil anyone's excitement but the island doesn't have water supply, no electricity and functioning restroom/shower area. Can hardly get signal, too. Brace yourself also on sun's heat esp at noon. Feels like you are getting a sauna in edsa (Wut). On the brighter side, the island has a clear turquoise water, semi-fine sand and has terrific view up from the ruins.

Here's some essentials to bring - Water! (We brought a gallon when we went here. Hehe.) Food and Tent! Whether you are just staying for a day or overnight, you shall bring them. Powerbank, just in case you run out of batt and want more selfies. Sunblock, though sometimes you have trust issues in them. Camera of course and flashlight, if you'll go overnight.

Here's the fun part - there's so many things to do in the island but what I enjoyed most is the cliff diving! Never did I expect that I can float on water without vest. Lol. Such a fun that I did jump many times. You can go swimming and snorkeling too and have some photo ops in the ruins and lighthouse.

We just stayed here for a day. I can't imagine going on an overnight here but still want to experience it (kinda). 128513

Btw, on the boat we just paid 3.5k instead of 4k. Natawaran since we're only 6 but still I find it really expensive for a back and forth ride. 128546

#loolooexplorerpackgiveaway 10024

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

It took almost 2 hours to get there. The boat renting fee from the hotel I stayed to the island is a bit expensive. I went there at 10 am and reached at around 12:00 noon so it is so hot. If you guys are planning to visit the island, you should go there like morning or camping overnight is also cool if you have a tent. As per Kuya Henry, our bangkero, they temporarily closed the island for public because some statues were damaged by previous typhoons.

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

On the edge photo?
Try going to Fortune Island to have a Greek photo experience and on he edge posing.
one hour boat ride from Nasugbu Batangas

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

Fortune Island is one of the best locations to do your pre-nups and photo shoots. And in here you will have the ultimate Greek experience.

The island is one hour away from Nasugbu town proper via boat ride.

Boat ranges from 4000-6000 pesos depending if you're going to stay for a day or over night, the boat can accommodate 8-10 persons and you just need to divide the cost.

There are no water and stores in the Island so you need to bring everything when you jump in.

At the back of the Island there is a spot for cliff diving which is very amazing, there is where I did my first cliff jump and learned that i know how to swim in an open water scenario coz I have this fear for a long time that I was only removed when I jump in the water.

i was hypnotized by the beauty of the clear blue water maybe that is why I forget all my fears..

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Audrey C.
4.0 Stars

An abandoned luxury hotel & resort on an island which has been a tourist spot in Nasugbu, Batangas. According to some blogs it was established in 1992 and was owned by a former governor of Batangas. Only members of the said resort are allowed. The resort features a salt-water swimming pool, clubhouse, cabana, basketball court, helipad, a reptile zoo for snake, it also has an acropolis Grecian pillars and statues on the edge of the mountain overlooking the sea. It has also a museum dedicated to the San Diego, a Spanish warship that sank off the island. After the operation shot down in 2006, the island was leased and reopened for public last 2013 by a group of Korean National Businessmen.

It's a more or less 3 hours drive from Manila. From the Nasugbu town proper you have to pay for an environmental fee which costs P300 per person for day tours and P450 per person for overnight.. You also have to ride a boat that will take you to the island which costs P4,000 for a maximum of 10 persons(day tour) P5,500(overnight). Traveling time for the boat is 1 and a half hour depending on the waves. The island's sand was a bit rocky because of the broken coral reefs and shells. There was no sources of clean water and functioning restrooms that's why expect it to be dirty. You better bring you own food and water. You can also rent for a tent which costs P500. The island is better for travel enthusiasts and also for barkada getaways. You will surely love the island because of its natural beauty. By the way, the island also caters scuba diving which costs P2500 per person with instructor. For cliff diving, you should be careful because there are no life guards, life jackets, the rocks are so edgy, the waves and current are strong. Cliff dive on your own risk. All in all, out trip to Fortune Island went well and we enjoyed visiting the island. It is a must try for adventurers and surely a check off on your bucketlist.

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Chrislyn F.
4.0 Stars

Fortune Island, Nasugbu Batangas - Greece Of The Philippines. It used to be a luxury resort owned by former governor Leviste of Batangas city. There are portions of the beach with powdered white sand, rough white sand and shells abound in the shore. It’s been abandoned, and although it is still private property, the place is not maintained nor developed. I did enjoy our stay in the island even though we don't have enough water and FOODS.

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

Ruined and abandoned: no electricity nor source of fresh water, not even a clean and functioning comfort room, no proper place to comfortably stay, rest, and sleep in, the list goes on. But while this island can easily be your version of hell, it's one, precious place for me.

I first heard of Fortune Island while doing a research for a magazine I'm currently doing my internship with. It is situated in Nasugbu, Batangas which is a 3 to 4-hour drive from Manila. And just about 5-minute drive from the town proper, you'll reach their office where you'll pay entrance fee of 300php for day tour and 400php for overnight. There, you can also arrange a boat ride to reach the actual island which is around an hour, usually 4000php for a boat (good for 6-8 persons, to and fro). It's best to arrange your boat ride beforehand, though (it can be a bit of a hassle) especially if you're going alone like me. You wouldn't want to shoulder that 4k by yourself, would you? Here's the number of Mang Ernie, 09217676316, the oh-so-kind bangkero who arranged my boat ride with some of his guests. I only paid 500php (to and fro) and also rented a tent from him for another 500. Make sure to arrange to your bangkero what time they'll pick you up. But there's signal naman in the island so no worries, you can always text them in case you change your mind or whatever.

The island is not heaven like what I expected, I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, it was far from what I've researched. Instead of sand, pebbles and dead corals welcomed me. But it's a serene place and past all the expectations, it's a beautiful ruins, a definition of tranquil and winsome wreckage.

The sea is clear and has an amazing underwater scene (bring snorkel or goggles!), also, for some reason, it wasn't as salty as the others I've been to (which honestly is a good thing for me). And when you swim, often times, you swim with small fishes and an occasional small sharks (or was that small butanding?).

I spent most of that day swimming but off the water, the heat can be really unbearable so make sure to bring water and hydrate (I had like 3 liters during my stay, 1 liter was my baon and bought the other two at the office). There are no vendors around to buy your meals too so bring packed foods. I don't suggest cooking your foods there because of the heat, just make sure your foods will last for your whole stay. And as I've mentioned, don't expect a clean comfort room because there's none, also, there's no source of fresh water so be prepared. (You can wash up when you're back at the "office" though. They have shower rooms and comfort rooms there that you can use without fees.)

Cliff jumping is a hit here too! But never jump on the cliff in the front side of the island because there are big rocks on the water plus it's not so deep for cliff jumping. The perfect side is at the back which you'll reach upon climbing the stairs to what looked like Greek styled pillars which I must say were the ones that got me when I was researching. Turn right when you reach that point and you'll see more stairs going up, go up there and then go down to the stairs going down and that'll lead you to the cliff I was referring to. I wasn't able to jump. Loser, I know. I regret that later so I'm planning to go back before the summer ends! The friends I made there though said it's really surreal. It's a bit intimidating at first but don't get intimidated and just tryyyy! Tthere's a rope at the side where you'll have to climb up the cliff too so don't worry.

If you want to explore more, you can trek to the lighthouse too but it's usually locked so you won't be able to go inside.

At night, the moon is your only light unless you bring flashlight. I suggest pitching your tent near the beach (the wind is cooler there) but far from the cliff. Some campers transferred because they found a snake on that part. So be careful.

I woke up around 5am and a beautiful sunrise welcomed me to the brand new day.

All in all, this was a great experience. It wasn't perfect but probably the best summer getaway for me yet. This island taught me a lot of things, made me experience a real unforgettable adventure and made me appreciate small things that may not be beautiful to me the first time I saw it but will eventually reveal its true beauty as you look past through its face.

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

Spent my birthday last March on this beautiful island of fortune in Nasugbu.

This gorgeous island is just 4 hours away from Manila.

Who would think something of this kind would be here in The Philippines?

To give you a brief background, Fortune Island was once owned by former Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste. It used to be a high end hotel and resort. Mala-Balesin daw ata eh. Then I dont know what happened. It eventually got sold to Koreans.

How to get there:
🔘Take a 3 hour bus rise from Buendia to Nasugbu
🔘5minute Trike to their resort in Nasugbu
🔘1 hour boat ride to the Island.

For our group of 9pax we shelled out 2k each. All in. Food, transpo, everything. You can check the breakdown of expenses in some blogs.

What to see/do:
🔘Photo ops at the greek inspired pillars and other stone structures.
🔘Visit the lighthouse
🔘Visit the old shipwreck on the shore.
🔘Check out the remains of the young woman who comitted suicide. Yes. Bones and all. Cased in a glass altar/shrine. And because there are so many visitors, people had to start pitching tents next to the remains. Creepy.
🔘Swimming and Cliffdiving!

Things you need to know:
🔘No electricity
🔘No water source
🔘No restrooms
🔘Limited shelter

Since staying the night at the island seemed to be an inconvenience. We decided to go on a daytrip instead. And chose to spend the night at a beach resort in Nasugbu.

You can still choose to go survivor mode and spend the night if you wish. Just make sure to buy all your provisions at Nasugbu before heading to the Island.

Although there are some cons, Fortune Island is still One of the best summer destinations that's very accessible from Manila. Highly recommended! 128077128077128077

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