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Freezer Burn
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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Freezer Burn is one ice cream heaven! It has some of the most unique ice cream flavors in the Metro. Mayo and Ketchup, Junk Food, Maple and Bacon? Take your pick! Aside from offering scoops/s of ice cream, they also have "composed desserts" that combine cold and hot elements - cold ice cream x hot food - living up to the name FREEZER BURN.

Coming here for dessert, you should be prepared to eat some more. Their Composed Desserts are good for sharing so if you wanna try more than one, you need to prepare your tummies and your pockets. Good thing Freezer Burn thought of coming up with smaller sizes! Solo Size for their composed desserts and Small Scoop if you want just the ice cream goodness.

The Solo Size is perfect for your cheat day, if you're flying solo or if you wanna try more than one at a time. It's priced at 225Php vs. the regular size that's pegged at 295Php. It has a small scoop of ice cream and a smaller portion of the "hot" sides. Got the chance to try their new flavors in solo sizes through an invite - Freezer Burn x looloo!

Launched early September, these three new flavors will leave the shelves mid November to give way to their Christmas Flavors. Ube, Tonka Beans and Coconut, each one had it's own charm.

The Good Shepherd: Baguio Ube with White Straciatella + Warm Cheese Muffins

The Ube flavored ice cream was mixed with white Straciatella and served with warm cheese muffins. If you're thinking Ube + Good Shepherd = Baguio famous purple pasalubong, then, you got it right! They use nothing but Good Shepherd's Purple Yam which is undeniably one of the best in the market. The result? A rich and thick ice cream with all the great flavors locked in. It was rather sweet though and if you'll ask me, I still prefer the original, scooped out of the bottle. Don't get me wrong, this ice cream will satisfy the ube lover in you, I just found it a little heavy in my palette. The cheese muffins were like those mini colorful "puto" that you usually get from Goldilocks but these were the leveled up version. Warm, soft and packed with cheesy goodness, I kinda wished these were available for take home lol

Goin' Bananas: Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream + Banana Tart Turon

This came in as my surprise favorite. I didn't have any idea of what Tonka Bean was until I searched Google. Found out that it's being used as a substitute for Vanilla. Not only that, I found out as well that when consumed in higher quantities, it can cause serious health problems thus, it's use is being regulated in some countries. Interesting. Now, back to Freezer Burn's ice cream flavor, there was a certain lightness to it - a hint of banana plus this refreshing flavor that's probably coming from the Tonka Beans. It delighted my taste buds and it felt like a breeze of fresh air under the summer sun! lol Seriously, it was that refreshing! This scoop was paired with equally good "Banana Tart Turon" which was more like a deconstructed turon. The turon wrapper was made into these little rectangles, deep fried, crisp, light and then topped with small banana slices that have been drizzled with caramelized sugar syrup. Everything went so well together!

What's Up Coconut: Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream + Calamansi Curd Ensaymada

I love anything coconut! It instantly gives me this summer pick-me upper feeling when gloomy days arise. The Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream had a subtle coconut flavor, some nutty notes and some texture from the toasted coconut strips that it was topped with. I loved this one too! The Ensaymada was soft and warm but the calamansi curd was a little too sour and sweet for me. Not really a perfect match, I must say.

They also offer milkshakes pegged at 250Php. You can choose whichever ice cream flavor you want and they'll whip it up for you! Thick and creamy, adorned with a cotton candy cloud, I'm sure there's a generous heaping of ice cream in each cup!

If you fancy premium ice cream and desserts, Freezer Burn is the right place for you. Grab a chair and indulge the sweet tooth in you! Kids will surely love this place too.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Goin' Bananas is easily my favorite among Freezer Burn's Special Flavors. The combination of all its components wasn't as heavy as the other flavors. And the new Solo size (PhP225) is just perfect for cheat days. Or for anything, actually. 128517

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

To cool off the spiciness from Hey Handsome, I went straight to Freezer Burn to try another hype. It was a rainy night so when I got there, the glass doors of Freezer Burn were fogged. I thought to myself, "Wow. It really is a freezer in there" 128514

While glancing through the menu, I didn't like the idea of having a hot dessert along side my ice cream. So I went for the big scoop single. Before ordering, I asked if I could taste some of the flavors - Brown Butter Pecan, Bacon and Dark Maple, and Butter something (can't remember). But anyway, I didn't like the Maple and Bacon one. It just tasted weird for me. I think there was something wrong with the bacon.

So I went ahead and ordered the BROWN BUTTER PECAN CARAMEL + COTTON CANDY (this is considered as 2 toppings already because of the pepero stick used as the stick to hold the cotton candy) for my topping. I liked how the cotton candy complemented the ice cream but I couldn't help but feel ripped off. To be honest, their ice cream tasted normal. There are several places out there that sell way better ice cream/ gelato for the same price (or even lower). P180 just for an average ice cream? No way am I coming back again 128514

Sorry to say, but Freezer Burn is way overhyped.

On a side note, I did like how the place looked. It was so colorful and vibrant that instantly brightened my mood. It's a bit awkward to stare at yourself while eating though because of the mirror. But the place still looks so cute!

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Abbey A.
3.0 Stars

Too much hype... I felt ripped off huhu I really liked the Junkfood ice cream flavor and Nutella doughnuts but other than that there was just too much going on with their desserts.. and not all good 128584

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Steff S.
3.0 Stars

Couldn't decide which Composed Dessert to get so we ended up having single ice cream cups (also considering the disappointing reviews about them). The Best Mint flavor tasted like Andes chocolate mints. It was good at first but then the chocolate chunks become bitter in taste from the overpowering minty flavor. Honestly, not worth the P150. But props to the overall presentation!

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Eileene C.
2.0 Stars

Overpriced, NOT delicious- ice cream is so so, forgettable. The brownies did not seem to be fresh from the oven nor chewy or fudgy like they claim in an interview over at a cable channel. Too bad. Concept and packaging seems promising. So disappointing. Will not go back. :(

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

I definitely feel the burnnnnn!!! Here we have ice cream + dessert creations only a mad scientist bordering on genius could put together. And i mean that in the most positive way possible.

I honestly dug everything here and can say that you can't go wrong no matter what you order. But for me these one's stood out:

Ketchup & mayo ice cream with a side of fries... are you kidding me??? I know it sounded really weird at first, but this ended up as my favorite amongst the bunch. The ice cream tasted sweet and creamy (like sweet vanilla mayo) with a slightly sour aftertaste (the ketchup) that surprisingly blended well together. And the fries are seriously good enough to merit and eat on their own! In essence, you've got your ketchup and fries. But no, you've also got ice cream to dip your fries in. No wait, you've got both! In. One. Dish... Crazy, clever, and delicious!

Junk food ice cream with nutella donuts. Oh wow, a mish-mash of cookies, m&m's, pretzels, nuts, chocolate, and whatnot into a single ice cream flavor. I remember the times i used to watch tv and surround myself with sweets and snacks (and ice cream), then semi-consciously stuff bits of anything and everything in my mouth. THAT is what this tastes like. Kuhang kuha 128076

I don't know if this one's going to be a permanent fixture on their menu, so better try it out while it's up there. Guys, Burnt Coconut Husk ice cream and calamansi curd ensaymada. Uhhmmm... say what? Yes, it tastes like coconut. And no, hindi lasang sunog. I think the burnt part stems from the fact that there's a grey hue to the ice cream. The toasted coconut pieces and "injectable" calamansi curd made for a nice complimenting touch. But what made the whole thing stand out for me was the bite sized ensaymada donut pieces stuffed with the same calamansi curd. Very munch-worthy!

I really hope this place sticks around and goes as far as their creativity and mad genius takes them. And wherever that is, i'll be there!

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Elise C.
2.0 Stars

Disappointing! It's probably one of those go big or go home places. I guess when you visit these kinds of places you really should go for the scary sounding desserts rather than the safe ones. I didnt know what to get so I just asked for the JUNKIE which is the cookies and cream and junk food + nutella donuts with caramel, because it sounded safe to me..

I hate to say this but it really isn't worth it. I mean if you're thinking of ordering JUNKIE.. you could get the same taste somewhere else. Cheaper maybe. 295 is just a huge price to pay for something like that. It's not that special. I guess it's my fault I ordered the safest combo, maybe I should've went for the ketchup and mayo one. I really wanted to like it and I was so excited for it but....

But then again, I don't want to go all negative here because the presentation is of course nice and cute. Place is squeaky clean. Staff's friendly.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

They say that ube is the new matcha given the hype it gets abroad. I have to admit, it really is one of the biggest craze to date as a lot of dishes, specifically desserts and drinks suddenly turned purple. It’s just funny how it suddenly became one of the must eat treats when it has been around for decades. Well, I’m not complaining as I am a big fan of ube. And when Peanut D messaged us asking if we want to try Freezer Burn’s latest Pinoy creations, we quickly said yes with the assumption that one of the flavors to be released is ube. And we were right!

Hello again, Freezer Burn!

We were warmly greeted by Chefs Miko and Kristine who were carrying some supplies for the hottest ice cream store in Manila. We all went inside the store that looks like a fridge and had a chat with the brilliant minds behind the innovative concept.

After a while, we were asked to order whatever we want from the menu. It sure was tempting to order everything but we had to stop ourselves from doing so as we all know how heavy one order could be.

Some of us ordered Junkie (PHP295), BBPPBB (PHP295) and Ketchup Mayo Fries (PHP295). I decided to just take a spoonful from each order as I wanted to focus on the special flavors—The Good Shepherd, What’s Up Coconut, and Goin’ Bananas (PHP295 each). Chef Miko insisted though that I at least try the drink so I went Thick Mints Milkshake (PHP250) and The Good Shepherd Milkshake (PHP150). Others also tried the Butter Root Beer Float (PHP250), Orange Cream Soda (PHP250) and Richest Hot Chocolate (PHP200).

First served was Junkie and I have to admit, I’m not really excited to try this one as its description alone makes me feel like it’s bad for me. The ice cream base was a combination of cookies and other junk food hence its name. I was surprised though that it wasn’t that sweet at all. In fact, it was pretty good. But the Nutella donut with caramel sauce stole the show from the ice cream as it was simply divine! It was soft and made heavenly by the caramel sauce on top. I wanted more of it but I had to resist as it was not my order.

The BBPPBB or what I call a tongue twister was served next. Chef Miko is proud of this one as he created the browned butter pecan ice cream out of frustration that there are only a few good butter pecan ice cream available in the market. Served with peanut butter waffle liege and banana, this reminded me of breakfast… a sinful one at that. Sadly, it didn’t leave much of an impression. I guess I’m just not a fan of butter pecan. I enjoyed the waffle though which used the same mix as the donut from Junkie.

Soon, the stars of the night were served.

The Good Shepherd had an Instagram worthy look with its purple cotton candy and lovely contrast of the ube ice cream and cheese muffins which I thought to be puto.

The ube taste wasn’t very strong but still evident with every spoonful. I liked that it wasn’t very sweet, despite indulging in a spoonful of ube ice cream with merengue bits, making it a great treat for the oldies and oldies-at-heart. I also enjoyed the fluffy cheese muffin which further downplayed the sweetness of the ice cream.

Goin’ Bananas was served right after and we were quickly mesmerized by its lovely green color.

Taste-wise, it was light and refreshing. The tonka bean gave it an interesting vanilla caramel taste on top of the familiar banana flavor. It was something I’d love to order during a hot or humid day. The banana tart turon I got though was slightly burnt making it a bit too bitter.

What’s Up Coconut was served last and was pretty good! This was the flavor I was most interested to try and it did not disappoint. Aside from its attractive ash grey hue, the burnt coconut husk flavor was something I would love to reward myself with after a tiring day at work. I was just not too crazy about the calamansi curd ensaymada. The texture was different from what I’d consider ensaymada and the tangy taste of the curd didn’t seem to complement the burnt coconut husk ice cream.

While getting some insider information about the dynamic duo’s future projects as well as Freezer Burn’s expansion internationally, my milkshakes were served.

My cup of Thick Mints Milkshake was handed first and as a person not fond of mint chocolates, I enjoyed this one. The mint taste was not off at all. It didn’t taste like I was eating toothpaste or slurping mint candies. It had a refreshing light taste perfect to beat the heat.

The adorable ube milkshake was served last and it sure looked photogenic.

Its taste was lighter compared to its ice cream version as the ice cream base was mixed with milk. If enjoyed without cotton candy, I’d find this to be a bland drink. But if you’re the type who likes to get your money’s worth and get your hands (or cheeks) sticky, then the light flavored milkshake would be perfect as it is balanced by the sweet fluffy purple cloud.

And after all the sweets we have consumed that night, I could not resist munching on the salt and pepper fries of the Ketchup Mayo Fries. I think this should be available a la carte.

Expect more of Freezer Burn’s creative flavors every quarter. Their next specials will be available just in time for Christmas.

P.S. If you plan to stop by for dessert, make sure you had a light meal or plan to share your order with someone.

It was fun getting fat with you guys, Reich T, Abe C, Norman Lester T EJ B and Midz S! 10084

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Jude N.
4.0 Stars

So expensive but good for instagram.. 128514128514128514 hehe
But honestly the tatse is good
The presentation is simple.
Not so unique in design.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

A fridge is the most common appliance in every nuclear family household.   This is one of the basic necessities when you want to play house while pretending to be a responsible adult.  I have one,  his name is Fred. 

Why am i talking about refrigerators,  you ask?  No,  i dont have plans of starting my own nuclear family.  I am here to talk about the prettiest fridge I've seen in my lifetime - Freezer Burn.   I came up with my conclusion after i spent x number of minutes scrutinising every inch of the store.  The pastel hues,  the magnets,  pastel hued decor (eggs,  vase,  cans,  bottles),  the light on each shelf. 

Too much digression again, my bad.  I received a random message from the |oo|oo fairy asking if i am willing to try Freezer Burn's new flavors.  I said yes for obvious reasons. 

* I can't say NO to ice cream
* I can't say NO to ze |oo|oo fairy

No one in their right mind would say NO to Freezer Burn.   I mean,  come on!  They make the meanest butter ice cream in the planet!  (see previous review for more details)

We had the pleasure of talking to Chef Miko and Christine prior to trying out their wicked creations.  I've always been a fan of Chef Miko,  i consider him as one of the daredevils in the Pastry Scene.  Ever heard of Scout's Honor?  Nod twice for Yes and skip the succeeding sentences.   Nod one for No and read on. 

I knew he was an innovator after i had my first sip of the Bamboo Charcoal Milk at Scout's Honor.  I knew he was a perfectionist when i took my first spoonful of the matcha soufflé at Le Petit.  I had an inkling that he is very passionate about his craft.  Calling him passionate is an understatement.  Linguists should come up with an adjective for him.  He shared bits and pieces on how Freezer Burn started,  from the conceptualization of the flavors down to the ingredients they use.

Anyway,  I'm gonna stop here as i might end up writing more.  Let's talk about the ice cream,  shall we?

We got one of the regular flavors and the new ones to share. 

| Ola.  Chocolate Ice Cream and Churros.  This is rich,  decadent and oozing with chocolate flavor.  Bitter notes from the dark chocolate and the creamy texture.  This is wow on every spoonful.  Think of it as La Lola's chocolate dip in ice cream form.

| Junkie.  Cookies and Junk Food Ice Cream. Nutella Donuts and Caramel Sauce.   This is the one of two flavors i haven't tried.  My tastebuds are prepared for the onslaught of sugar - they are in fighting mode.  I was pleasantly surprised that it is not too sweet.  For sugar junkies,  use the syringe for a dose of caramel sauce to achieve tje right amount of sweetness.  The Nutella donuts is killer! These babies are soft and best eaten with a spoonful of the ice cream. 

| Bbppbb.  Browned butter pecan ice cream.  Peanut Butter wWaffleliege and  Banana.  Chef Miko's favorite.   This is one of the prettiest among the bunch.  The waffle cone is statuesque and makes the ice cream ten times yummy.  I highly recommend this for caramel lovers out there - rich, cream and sinful.

| Ketchup Mayo Fries.  Ketchup and mayo ice cream,  salt and pepper fries.  First,  trust me when I say that this is yummy.  Try to disregard an image of Heinz and Kraft in your head and keep an open mind.  They use vanilla as base with very subtle ketchup and mayonnaise.  This is one of the flavors that got featured on ABC,  so yeah...this is worth a try. 

New Flavors.

| The Good Shepherd.  Baguio Ube White Straciatella and Warm Cheese Muffins.  The decision to launch this flavor is due to the popularity of purple yam in the international scene.  Good Shepherd is a household name when we talk ube and this the main ingredient of this frozen treat.  The Baguio delicacy is so wicked good, imagine that in ice cream form.  Got the image?  Good.

This is the best tasting ube ice cream in my humble opinion.  Ube has a strong flavor to begin with,  they toned it down by making the ice cream easy on your tastebuds.  Yes,  it is not too sweet!  No cloying factor.  Best eaten with the cheese muffins.  Gah!  This is so good,  i want one now.

| What's Up Coconut.  Burnt Coconut Ice Cream with Calamansi Curd Ensaymada.  An homage to the versatility of the coconut tree.  This caught my eye while i was gawking at the counter - lovely grey hue.  This sports an interesting flavor.  The coconut flavor is not too prominent.  Nutty,  creamy and refreshing.

| Goin Bananas.  Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream and Banana Tart Turon. 

I know what you're thinking... Tonka what?  I took it upon myself to use Google for everyones enlightenment. 

Tonka Beans are commonly used in French Cuisine.   This is used as a vanilla substitute,  the Frenchies use em in desserts and stews.  Some say that dem beans are really aromatic - vanilla,  cherry,  almond and something spicy (think cinnamon).   When served cold - like in ice cream form,  it's like vanilla caramel with dark honey.  When served hot,  it's leaning towards spiced vanilla.

Trivia.   Did you know that Tonka Beans are illegal in the US.  All foods that contain Coumarin are deemed illegal in the Land of Milk and Honey.  Tonka Beans are a major source of the aforementioned chemical compound.  It's a misunderstanding,  really.. as the FDA mistook Coumarin as Coumadin.

Back to the ice cream, it's very light and refreshing.  Like vanilla with subtle hints of banana.  This flavor is ideal after a very rich meal, it cleanses the palate.  Everyone in the group liked this. 

We got to try some of the drinks too. 

| Orange Cream Soda
| Hot Chocolate
| Milkshakes
| Rootbeer Float (not the exact name,  please refer to EJ B 's review)

Overall,  we had a grand time at the prettiest freezer in BGC.  Apart from the awesome ice cream,  we enjoyed sharing ideas and stories with Chef Miko and Christine.   And oh,  we got some insider information on the opening of Le Petit in Mega.  This got me giddy as this is the only branch that will feature pastries!  And oh,  they will open a doughnut shop too! 

Thank you for your generosity,  Freezer Burn

Thank you for the invite Peanut D

Fun times as always Abe C Mary Love S EJ B Midz S Norman Lester T

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

So we went to Freezer Burn to try their new flavors: the good shepherd, the what's up coconut, and the goin' bananas. But aside from this, we also got to try the other items on their menu:

🎗NEW! The Good Shepherd: Baguio Ube Straciatella + Warm Cheese Muffins - We loved this one. Of course, it's probably because the chefs only used the best main ingredient: The Good Shepherd's ube. It goes with the cheese muffin. What's noticeable with the cheese muffin is the hint of lime (lemon? Not sure but there's a hint of acidity in there).

🎗NEW! What's up coconut: burnt coconut husk ice cream + calamansi curd ensaymada - One of my favorites! (Maybe because I love macapuno). The macapuno wasn't too sweet, and it's a new take on ice cream!

🎗NEW! Goin' Bananas: banana leaf & tonka bean ice cream + banana tart turon - also my favorite 128518 what I liked about this dessert is that it tasted different. I was intrigued about the taste. I kept thinking what it reminded me of and of how I can put into words what I just tasted. I just really like it when I have that experience when tasting food.

Basically, I can say that all these three new flavors are well thought of. It's something that's truly Pinoy, enjoyable and just a labor of love.

127846Ketchup Mayo Fries - I promised myself I'd gather the courage and guts to return to this shop and try this, and so I ordered it. It's not actually as weird as it sounds. It goes with a side of fries that are good, but when you pair it with the ice cream, that's when you'll get the taste of the ketchup and mayo, and it's just amazing. It's also a cool concept for me since we all love dipping our fries in our sundaes in fast food chains.

127846 BBPPBB - Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream + Peanut Butter Waffleliege and banana - The ice cream was good, but what I really remembered about this dessert is the waffle. I liked the combination of soft waffle, the sweet, riped banana and the peanut butter. You can really taste all the elements and it was delicious.

Oh and they also have drinks! Some of us had the sodas and milkshakes. (I didn't get any though 128542). But those milkshakes looked soooo cute and soooo yummy, with a cloud of jiggling cotton candy just above it that'll eventually melt and look like droplets of rain 128525

We also met chefs Miko and Kristine, and they explained to us the concept of their desserts and how they came up with the idea, and they were just so inspiring and passionate about giving their customers a memorable experience with their desserts. This is probably why their staff was able to get the same attitude with their customers.

Overall, my visit to Freezer Burn yesterday was the highlight of my day. I'd definitely come back for more of their desserts, and will definitely definitely come back for those milkshakes! (Already on my list!!!) 128522

Credits to EJ B for the photo idea for the ube milkshake and Norman Lester T for the other milkshake 128522128522128522

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

The best time for ice cream is always.

Yes, that's the mantra for last Saturday's | rendezvoos. Who doesn't like ice cream, anyway?

The Mint Stracciatella is my top favorite ice cream at Freezer Burn until I tasted their newest offering, The Good Shepherd. It is actually Baguio Ube White Stracciatella ice cream. This is one of the three new ice cream flavors available at their store today. Chef Miko Aspiras, one the geniuses behind Freezer Burn, told us that they're planning to have 3 new flavors every 3 months. For now, they're presenting 3 Filipino favorites such as the following.

1. Baguio Ube White Stracciatella. As the name implies, this is ube flavored. They used what they think is the best ube in the country - the one from Good Shepherd. Hence, the composed dessert version of this is named as The Good Shepherd. This is partnered with warm cheese muffins. For me, the muffins looked like puto but tasted really good. The ube ice cream was really delicious. It's not too sweet, it's flavorful and creamy. This became my instant favorite.

2. Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream. The composed dessert version is named as What's Up Coconut and paired with calamansi curd ensaymada. I loved how I can taste real coconut chunks in the ice cream. Though I didn't find the ensaymada good, I still enjoyed this one.

3. Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream. This was interesting. I've never heard of tonka beans before tbh. Chef Miko let us see what the beans look like. These can actually be used as a vanilla substitute. Anyway, I found this ice cream refreshing. It was creamy, not too sweet, and really delicious. I kid you not. The composed dessert version is tagged as Goin' Bananas as this is paired with banana tart turon.

Overall I enjoyed all the 3 new offerings of Freezer Burn. I love the fact that all three are not too sweet, thus eliminated the umay factor.

Chef Miko and Kristine were very generous that they let us order their original composed desserts. I ordered Ola! (Chocolate ice cream + churros). The ice cream was so thick that it can actually be a churros dip. I'm sure hardcore chocolate fanatics will enjoy this treat.

I've also tried Junkie as this was Reich T's order. It's made of Cookie and Junk Food ice cream with Nutella donuts on the side. I liked this one also especially the donuts! We've also tried Chef Miko's personal favorite, BBPPBB. It's Brownie Butter Pecan ice cream + Peanut butter waffle + banana.

During my first visit at Freezer Burn last July, I told myself that I'll try their Ketchup Mayo Fries composed dessert the next time I'll be here. Good thing Midz S ordered this one. I enjoyed the fries! It's salty, but it's what I need after eating a lot of ice cream in this rendezvoos.

P.S. Each Composed Dessert is priced at 295php.

P.S.S. The place is really cute and picture-worthy!

Thanks Peanut D as always! 128077🏻 See you around Mary Love S Abe C EJ B Midz S Reich T 128517

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5.0 Stars


This time is for FREEZER BURN. My second time to visit the ice cream place. Thanks Peanut D for the invitation.

Norman Lester T, Reich T and Mary Love S are having a good conversation with Chef Mico when I arrived at FREEZER BURN after a few minutes Abe C arrived too. Jam-packed! Hello weekend feels! Customers are lining-up and waiting for their orders. Thinking the challenge of how will I provide a good photos with lots of customers inside?

While waiting for Midz S, Chef Mico asked us if we can start to try the new ice cream flavors and the other flavors plus the drinks he recommends. Finally, they have beverages. Yehey! 128077🏼128516

New Flavors (Php295.00):

The Good Shepherd (Baguio Ube with Straciatella + Warm Cheese Muffins) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This is one of my favorites last night, how ube turned to UBElicious ice cream... ANG SARAP! And the cheese muffins, oh my... I don't even know what is the right word but... ANG SARAP talaga"

Goin' Bananas (Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream + Banana Tart Turon) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Chef Mico's Banana Leaf combined with Tonka Bean from France is really an innovative one. How can you think of that combination? The combination is so refreshing and light. The pastry puffs turned into Turon and the candied bananas... HEAVEN!"

What's Up Coconut (Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream + Calamansi Curd Ensaymada) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Just think of Macapuno Ice Cream that is not so sweet."

Other Flavors (Php295.00):
BBPPBB ((Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream + Peanut Butter Waffleliege + Banana) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Chef Mico's favorite and recommendation"

The Junkie (Cookies and Junk Food Ice Cream + Nutella Donuts + Caramel Sauce) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Ola! (Chocolate Ice Cream + Churros) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Ketchup Mayo Fries (Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream + Salt and Pepper Fries) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Butter Root Beer Float (Php250.00) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Chef Mico's goal is to provide happiness in every dessert and treat it as a luxury.


#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Khaila C.
3.0 Stars

Yeah! Instagrammable dessert here.
Good enough to try this one and I guess there is least chance that I would come back especially without companions. For a price of P295 for each composed dessert, we find it a bit pricey. Good thing that I was able to share it with my friends and ordered for 2 flavors:

127846Ola! 110881108811088
This is waaaay too sweet for me tho I have high tolerance for sweets.

127846Junkie 11088110881108811088
Liked the ice cream itself but the sides(Nutella donuts) didnt matched my taste.

I wish there's an option to have it interchangeable of combinations of ice cream with sides. 128541

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

One of the actual reasons why we held a Holiday foodcrawl that day was to try this newly-built ice cream craze in BGC called Freezer Burn. Located at the heart of the Bonifacio High street, Freezer Burn is serving a number of ice cream flavors which are quite the unusual from the common and then paired with sets of snacks and munches to fully enjoy the dessert experience! Ketchup & Mayo ice cream, anyone?
The place was actually small, which I believe could only accommodate less than 10 people inside and about 4 outside. The interiors were cool and mostly composed of colored-plastic figures which suits the freezer theme of this ice cream place. Another worth mentioning here is the lighting aside from the picture-perfect corners where you can take a snap of your ice cream!

Our group were still undecided which box set to try so I decided to get first a single scoop of Cookies & Junk Food ice cream, no toppings for 150 bucks. It was sweet and it has chunky bits of chips, and cookies which makes it a bit more remarkable though it'll left you cloying the more you have it.

So for the composed dessert box, we tried the Cream of the Crop, and The Thick Mints (both priced at 295 each). Both are actually good in their own ways. Cream of the Crop for its corn & cheese ice cream which I think is my most favorite flavor so far, and then paired with toasted honey cake and cornicks. I like the pairing of the ice cream with the honey cake but not much with the cornicks. I prefer to eat it alone or with a bottle of beer. The Thick Mints, on the other hand, was a grower. The mint ice cream didn't get me on the first try, but I have to admit that I love the moist brownie so much! Apparently, the pair was just perfectly good together! It reminds me of my all-time favorite mint brownie from Tipsy Beans. So between the two composed sets, this one's my favorite! I have yet to try the BBPPBB because of the Peanut butter!

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Julienne S.
5.0 Stars

For the love of sweets! 128525 this place will be heaven for sweets lovers. I absolutely love this place and food. Finally i can able to tried after several attempts because this place always a jammed pack of people which u cant blame them why 128522

Is a must try and instagramic photoish place 128522

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Maye D.
4.0 Stars

Visited Freezer Burn to find out for myself what the hype's all about and figured aside from the fact that it's new, they're different from other ice cream shops. From the flavors to the presentation. I mean there are other ice cream shops that sell exotic flavors but Ketchup and Mayo? C'mon. We asked to try it and although it kind of works I still wouldn't dare eat an entire scoop of Ketchup and Mayo ice cream. We went for their composed desserts and I'd like to say major props to the chefs for the creativity. Love how everything is well put together. This one that I ordered is called Junkie-- Cookies and Junk Food Ice Cream with caramel sauce and nutella donuts. It was actually really good. Although I'm glad I shared this with someone because I couldn't finish all those sweets on my own. I also think it's quite pricey (Php 295).

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Elaine O.
3.0 Stars

This new dessert place has already been buzzing days before it opened thus the curiosity and the excitement of many foodies and the high expectation.  A new creation from the brilliant minds of Chef Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla, expect an avant-garde take on desserts. Flavors are quirky and not the usual so I’m very much excited how each flavor complements each other.

We tried the Thick Mints and the Cream of the Crop. Both desserts are ok, each with different texture and contrasting flavors that complimented well but nothing is special for me except the presentation, so picture worthy.    

Place is small, décor lovely, refreshing color palettes and definitely attractively unusual.

Service is fast and staffs are friendly.
Food is expensive.

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Mika L.
4.0 Stars

Loved the crazy ice cream flavors. I made sure I tasted all of them. Have you ever tasted Ketchup and Mayo in ice cream? Sounds disgusting huh. But damn it works. They serve it with fries they said. I wouldn't know because I ordered their best-seller Cookies and Junk Food. They're basically a myriad of everything sweet and salty. Salted caramel pretzels, burnt marshmallows on a peppero stick, crushed meringue, caramel sauce, Nutella-filled fried donut balls and of course the Cookies and Junk food ice cream. There were just so many accessories to the ice cream but everything worked! I don't know if I'm still willing to pay P295 for one though. I feel like there were so many elements but they could've put more ice cream too.

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