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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Ready your Christmas, freezer burn offers new flavors and is now available starting today!

128204128525 simbang gabi
Whoa! Your favorite salted egg flavor is this composed dessert's ice cream! This is paired with a very soft bibingka. Could be a filipino favorite. And horay because this composed dessert will be available even after the holiday is over. The salted egg ice cream also tastes cheesy too.

128204128525 santa's fave
I personally like this composed dessert. This got salted cinnamon ice cream (which tastes milk and cinnamon) and paired with cookies. The "cookies" look like mini muffins, and it tastes great! It's crunchy at the sides and overloaded with a chocolate taste.

128204 white christmas
Mascarpone ice ceam that's paired with vanilla lava toast. For me, tge ice cream flavor is just okay, tastes similar with that of the salted cinnamon. What i love is the vanilla lava toast which tastes like "prima" toasts but this one is thicker and softer.

128204 peppermint candy cane
Peppermint candycane icecream paired with fudge brownies. This is the simplest and the easiest flavor to understand. Mint and chocolate. This one got the most christmas feel among the four flavors

Try their new milkshake-- salted egg milkshake!!!

Did you love their ketchup mayo and fries composed dessert as well as the butter ice cream and sticky pudding? Hurry up, they will soon eliminate these flavors from their menu!

Wait for the other flavored who gets to be permanent in their menu.

Great creation chef mikko 128513

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Aaand just like that, it’s Christmas time once again! A foodie’s favorite time of the year - to eat, drink and be merry! #hohoho

We were lucky enough to be invited to the preview of their holiday sweet treats. Chefs Miko and Kristine have churned out my new favorite flavors here in Freezer Burn. Every scoop was smooth & creamy, decadent and dense.


Here’s the menu for their Special Christmas Flavors:

☃️127873SIMBANG GABI.127873☃️
Salted egg ice cream, freshly baked bibingka.
Yum, yum, yum!!! I love everything salted egg and a Manila Christmas won’t do without bibingka. You can really taste the salted egg. Just right, not overly salty. I even prefer eating it with the salted egg on the bibingka. The banana leaf also gives it that distinct smoky bibingka flavor. I would love this as a milkshake. Oh wait… look below.

☃️127873SANTA’S FAVE127873☃️
Salted cinnamon ice cream with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
If you’re more of a “chestnuts roasting on an open fire kind of person”, meaning used to a West side kind of Christmas, you will love this. Cinnamon is the quintessential Christmas flavor, best smelled and eaten during this season. Chef’s favorite.

☃️127873WHITE CHRISTMAS127873☃️
Mascarpone ice cream with vanilla lawn toast.
They revamped their mascarpone with a better cheese. Very subtle cheese-y flavor.

Peppermint candy cane ice cream with fudge brownies.
When I was a kid I used to eat a lot of chocolate chip mint ice cream. This definitely brought memories back. Sweet and minty, this had a generous serving of chocolate chips.

☃️127873SALTED EGG MILKSHAKE127873☃️
Salted egg you ice cream blended with milk.
Wasn’t able to try this. But I will definitely come back for this.


Composed desserts are at 225/290, shakes at 250. Chef Miko said they might replace some of the existing flavors with some of the Christmas flavors after the holidays. On the chopping block is Ketchup and Mayo which I unapologetically love. I hope they still bring it out once in awhile in case this one gets nixed.

Overall, I’m loving the new flavors Freezer Burn has to offer. Happy holidays!

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Creativity comes in many forms and sometimes it is a person who lives and breathes creative.  I am talking about Chef Miko Aspiras,  the culinary genius behind some of the hippest and popular foodie destinations in the metro.  He is set to wow us again with the Christmas flavors of Freezer Burn. 

Here are the newest flavors fresh off the freezer. 

| Simbang Gabi.  Salted Egg Ice Cream and Freshly Baked Bibingka.   I am so Salted Egg-cited about this flavor.  As i am one of those foodies who got Salted EggTIFIED by this amazing flavor.  Man,  when Chef Miko said salted egg,  he is dead serious.  This is salted egg in the purest sense of the word.

| Santa's Fave.  Salted Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chocochip Cookies.   Think of this as an homage to St.  Nick's favorite snack on Christmas Eve.  I like the subtle cinnamon kick as it embodies the holidays.

| White Christmas.  Mascarpone Ice Cream with Vanilla Lava Toast.  Wow!  Just Wow!  This is hands down my favorite among all of the flavors in the Freezer Burn roster.  Creamy,  light and screams mascarpone.
| Peppermint Candy Cane.  Pepermint Ice  Cream with Hot Fudge Brownies.  Me likey this as i am one of the selected few who like mint ice cream.  The flavor is spot on,  the perfect marriage of chocolate chip and mint.   The candy cane makes it even better.

Freezer Burn never fails to amaze me withe their ice cream creations.  The expertise involved in mixing the flavors is truly admirable.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Haven't had freezer burn in a while so i came back to try a flavor i hadn't covered before... Goin' Bananas! Banana leaf and tonka bean ice cream with banana caramel turon tart bits. I have no idea what tonka bean should tastes like, but i did taste a whole lot of banana. And thats a good thing!

I'm not sure if its coz of the banana leaf that came with the arrangement or the ice cream itself, but i did notice a banana leaf scent. 128076 I love how they pulled that off and added that little twist instead of running with a plain banana flavored ice cream. 128077

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Freezer Burn.  At first the name sound strange as if the 2 words doesnt make sense, but one quick google shows that theres indeed a term called freezer burn and it involves damaging food due to oxidation and dehydration something i guess had nothing to do with this concept but on another note, this place indeed burn the social media feeds with its crafty and aesthetic ice cream and desserts. 128522

Freezer burn is always packed whenever i pass by, and since i prefer having the ice cream eaten inside the premise, my visit here was always deferred.  This looloo invite was my first time to step inside this place and special thanks to Peanut D we were able to try out different their original creations.

BBPPBB - brownie butter pecan + peanut butter banana. The name doesnt do justice on how good this is.  The butter pecan ice cream was really good and is of good quality. Though the waffle was not as soft as i expected it to be but then it was best if you'll dip in onto the ice cream.  Easily my favorite.

Ola - hello in spanish but at freezer burn its made up of bitter dark chocolate with strawberry cream churros.  And for all dark choc lovers out there like me this is an instant favorite.  And as for dark chocolate the bitter is always better. 128540

Ketchup Mayo Fries - ketchup flavored ice cream sounds weird but if you just give it a chance you might like this one.  Since i was late and had no idea that this was actually ketchup flavored, the ketchup flavor only sinks in after 5 secs.  Then it was better the second time when i pickup the thick salted fries and dipped in onto the ketchup mayo ice cream.

Chocolate shake + Cotton candy - cotton candy hanging on the side of this chocolate drink will certainly earn likes from your friends, wasn't able to taste the cotton candy but im sure those who has sweet tooth will love it.

The interior is hip and cool, every cute details certainly attracts millennials and women. 128522

To be honest i was hesitant at first to try this one out because of its price but one quick walk along high street and you'll realize one scoop of gelato will cost you around P120, coffee will cost you around P160-200, a slice of cake is around P220-240. And to have something as good as bbppbb, i dont mind paying a few bucks more.

Oh by the way, Christmas Special is coming out this week.  We were able to sample 2 variants.  The yellow one is promising.  So watch for reviews coming out this week. 128522

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Carving for ice cream? Why don't you fill that cone with novelty ice creams from freezer burn?

They time by time they produce new flavors so yo make sure you come back to this shoppe every now and then. I love as lucky to try the very intriguing flavors chef mikko has in store

128204128525 ola
This is dark chocolate with strawberry churros at the sides. I love tgeir dark chocolate flavor. Seemingly tastes like carousel's the dark side. As you can see, this immediately becomes my number one recommendation

Brownie butter pecan peanut butter banana. Hope i got that right! My second best! I just love combination like f banana and peanut butter!

128204 ketchup mayo fries
Holy Weird! It does taste like ketchup and mayo, it's just weird. What sorcery did they use?! I cant find it delicious. But bravo for the uniquness!!

128204 cookies and junk food
This one. Full of junk food. Marshmallows. Candies. Not my type. I guess I'm done with that age heehee.

128204 blood orange cinnamon
Sorbet. Too thin. I guess the fact that it's sorbet. But no. Not my type. Haha

128204128525 bacon and dark maple
Not my first time to try bacon in ice cream but the maple syrup does wonderful thing! Better than carousel's.

128204 rootbeer float.
We chose the butter root beer float. They say it has a medicine aftertaste but i find it okay. Lol. A little salty.

Thanks Peanut D for the invite and treat. Excited to try the new flavors for Christmas this Tuesday so stay tuned with looloo.

128204coconut lime
Dairy free. Sorbet. Weak lime taste. Overall coconutty

128204 burnt coconut husk.
Same as the coconut lime only without the lime flavor. Coconutty.

Find the prices too high? Hey you pay for the ideas. Don't complain. You only get this here haha! 128513

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

How do you choose which one? With so many awesome flavors and combos to choose from. Our group of 6 for today’s rendezvoos debated on several desserts until it was decided to get the following:

127846Ketchup Mayo Fries. 295/225.
Ketchup mayo ice cream + salt & pepper fries. Still my favorite here. I know it’s weird for some, and not everyone will like it. But I just love fries + ice cream, what can I say? The crinkle cut fries is the right shape and size for this. Sana a little crispier, and a little more fries for me.

127846Ola! 295/225.
Darkest of the Dark Valhrona chocolate ice cream + churros
I didn't try the churros. But this is a super chocolate ice cream any chocolate lover would love. Don’t forget to smile while eating this.

127846BBPPBB. 295/225.
Brown butter pecan + peanut butter waffle + caramelized banana
I prefer the BBP to be more buttery. Can’t go wrong with banana and ice cream.

127846Chocolate shake with caramel drizzled cream + cotton candy. 250.
I always said to myself I will not order any cotton candy ice cream as it would be too messy to eat. However I found myself dunking the cotton candy into the shake. New sweet tooth favorite!

127846Butter root beer float. 250.
The only item I didn’t like. Had a weird cough syrup flavor. I think I will enjoy this if they used a good can of American root beer.

127846Sample Bowl. 395.
4-scoop bowl with Corn & Cheese, Cookies & Junk Food, and Maple Bacon ice cream, and Blood Orange Cinnamon sorbet. If you’re unsure of what to get, just get a scoop, or YOLO with 4.

This sweet shop is hugely popular with kids and teens. No surprise there. The fun flavors and the whimsical store are a big hit to them. If you’re unsure of what to get, the crew is really extra patient in recommending and answering your questions. I prefer eating outside, they need a better exhaust. My only comment would be that I hope they bring their pastries in the composed desserts to the same level as Scouts Honor. Please?

I know some people find it pricey, but you pay not only for the ice cream, but are also rewarded with the imagination of Chefs Miko and Kristine. Add in the prime location, the small business model, the prices are just about right.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I got really giddy when i saw posts on Instagram about Freezer Burn's Christmas flavors.  Yes,  i am one of those freezer burn junkies.  I love their ice cream and i am a huge fan of Chef Miko.  He is a one of those brilliant minds who comes once in a while and blows everyone away. 

I got an invite from the |oo|oo fairy and what do you is for Freezer Burn!  Woo-hoo!  Talk about perfect timing eh?

Anyway,  two flavors were served but i have to keep mum about the flavors.  The official launch is on December 1st. Feel free to look at the photos and make a wild guess.  All i can say is that... It captures the yuletide spirit.   It brings the festive mood and eliminates the inner scrooge.

Mystery Flavor #1.  Oh look at that pretty shade of yellow.  This flavor embodies the whole Pinoy Christmas Spirit.  The first spoonful tastes like home.

Mystery Flavor #2. Think of this as the flavor that will remind you of the giddy feeling you had when you are anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 12mn. 

I will leave you will all the clues.  This i say as i bid you Goodnight.

PS. Nice to finally meet you Christina R Marti M

Nice to see you again Will C Jayson J

And thank you for the invite Peanut D

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Happy Halloolooween! All souls day na.

Walking into Freezer Burn you can't help but unleash the 6 year old in you. Chefs Miko and Kristine bring out the creations we probably only imagined when we were kids. I like that in here, it's ok to play with your food!

Ice cream scoops are reasonably priced at 90 for a single scoop. Composed desserts are a bit pricier, that come in solo and to share sizes. However considering their location, their smallish operation, and that everything is made from scratch, pricing is just about right.

Ketchup & Mayo! Plus a side of fries if you'd like, which I unapologetically like. You know that time in your life you liked eating a sundae with fries from Mikey Ds? Just saying.

Chef Miko's favorite flavor is the butter pecan, which is my favorite too! Imagine that. Naks. While I love another brands butter pecan, this one does not disappoint. I would like it with sweeter, chunkier, crunchier pecans.

For our visit last Friday, we were invited to try the special secret Halloween flavor, which is only available at a limited time from 10/29-11/20. The reaction of my toddler upon seeing the gory creation was priceless - a mix of confusion, awe and repulsion. Yep, I heard "that's gross!" several times. I, on the other hand, was gobsmacked with the imagination it took to come up with it. Graveyard, dirt, tombstone, maggots, and a severed and bloody mestizang white lady finger. Come on! That crunch on the almond was my favorite part, since I love almonds, but gross if you can't keep a dirty, kadiri fingernail out of your head.

My daughter Z only eats vanilla ice cream, for now. Just ask for it if it's not on display, which they offered when they heard my daughter ask for it. I did not ask for a complimentary serving and I paid for her ice cream.

The melt factor here is 5 stars. As in, tagal to melt! Unlike *cough, cough* Z took maybe 15 mins to eat her ice cream as she was playing with other kids, and it still wasn't mush when I ate what she left. Dont judge. Sayang no. Also after all the photos we took, the graveyard still held its shape.

Seating is very, very limited. At night you can grab a spot in the park to enjoy your ice cream. They need to work on the exhaust too. Since they offer composed desserts, with components they all make inside the store, you can smell food being cooked, like fries, verses the sweet, intoxicating, heavenly scent of an ice cream only place.

It was great to have Chef Miko explain Freezer Burn to us with a lot of gusto and passion, including the exciting opening of their newest baby, a patisserie in Megamall. It's great how they can come out with concepts we can all be proud of. He envisions their restaurants to be must visit places for travellers, in the same way we make a go to list when going abroad. He also stayed behind the counter and talked to most of the customers placing their orders, especially those that needed help deciding, and boldly asked for feedback, good and bad.

Thanks for the invite | and Freezer Burn!

Thanks for all the recos!128522

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Trina H.
5.0 Stars

Known for its different take on desserts, the 5 month old sweet shop welcomed food bloggers to try their latest offering for the Halloween (available from October 29 to November 20).

Simplicity is not an option for this dessert as it presents a cool and colorful take on a bloody Halloween dessert.

It's not just the 'special ice cream' covered in chocolate, but also the 'sweet cookies' that surrounds it that got me hooked. Both the finger and the tombstone 'cookies' were perfect for the said dessert. They were not that sweet and they reminded me of my aunt's famous shortbread cookies. I love how they added a syringe, full of what's supposed to be 'blood', for a nice touch. I felt the Halloween craze with this dessert and it's so cute!

This is the bomb guys, sobrang Instagrammable ng Freezer Burn from their shop to the desserts! Oh and it was really an honor to meet Chef Miko Aspiras, nakaka inspire siya magkwento. Kudos to you Chef!

Cheers to that amazing night with my fellow reviewers; Christina R, Midz S, and Unisse C. Thanks again Freezer Burn and Peanut D for inviting me!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

With halloween being one of the most celebrated occasions not just in the Philippines, but also in other countries, there's no reason as to why restaurants wouldn't have their own special way of celebrating it with their loyal customers. And what is it that they do? Well, they release sweet and halloween themed surprise items on their menu!

Freezer burn is a dessert shop dedicated to creating fun, innovative and not to mention instagram worthy desserts by none other than Chef Miko and Chef Kristine.

They invited us to a sponsored, dessert tasting last Friday night to try their newest halloween flavor, which will only be available from October 29 to November 20, 2016.

The dessert has a chocolate soft shell, 2 syringes of bloody red sauce, a tombstone cookie, a finger cookie with a nut for a nail, and a thick, secret flavored ice cream to complete this hauntingly delicious dessert. I enjoyed deconstructing each part of it to unveil all the different tastes.

Do you have any guesses on what the ingredients are? Whatever it is, I assure you, there is no room for tricks here, just treats.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

A lot of people have been hyping about Freezer Burn for sometime already but I haven't gotten around to trying it until Peanut D suddenly asks us if we're free on a Friday to try out Freezer Burn's new limited flavor for Halloween! After checking if it was okay to drop by later in the evening, we were all set to visit this cute little ice cream shop along BGC High Street.

The place is quite small. It can seat about 10 people inside with a few more tables outside. The place can get packed pretty quick post dinner so I would suggest to go during dessert non-peak hours. Haha! 128514 The lot of us (Christina R, Trina H, Midz S plus Christina's adorable daughter) were lucky enough to grab the seats by the wall inside.

The secret Halloween dessert from Chef Mico Aspiras was really great! 10084️ Make sure to drop by on or before November 20 before this limited menu item is gone! The ice cream flavor is a secret but it's not from one of their existing exotic flavors. But rest assured, it's quite unique as the others.

This is their first all cold dessert at Freezer Burn since all other desserts they have are a mix of cold (ice cream) and hot (churros, fries, etc) desserts. 128077🏼 I was pretty intrigued by the flavors they had displayed. Imagine a ketchup mayo flavored ice cream!!! 128561 say what?! But when I read the menu above and saw it was served with fries, it all made sense! 128077🏼

The secret Halloween dessert is made of a scoop of the secret flavored ice cream with chocolate coating and two different cookies - one designed as a tombstone while the other is a finger with an almond. Looks creepy already right? But you see those two syringes filled with red liquid? That's actually part of the experience, take those out and squeeze out the syrup around the ice cream. Now it looks like there's blood all over. 128514 Amazing right? This concept was really well thought!!

One other thing I love about going to |ooloo rendezvoos-es is you get to talk to the owner or the marketing representative of the restaurant and get to know more behind the scenes. Chef Mico's a very passionate chef and entrepreneur who's brought us Freezer Burn, Scout's Honor and Le Petit Souffle! 128525 And there'll be more soon! So watch out for more new brands!! I can't wait for the new restaurants that will come!! 128513128513128513

I'll also come back to Freezer Burn to try the other combinations. They're pretty interesting! 128077🏼128516

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Trick or treat, Halloween parties, an excuse to wear slutty costumes, and horror-themed episodes on TV. These are some of the things that we love about Halloween. But what if I tell you there's another reason to love this season of pumpkins? That's right Loolooers, Freezer Burn is giving us another reason to be excited by concocting a Secret Halloween flavor just for this occasion.

The Secret Halloween flavor is named so because the Chef is not willing to divulge the ice cream flavor that he uses for this treat. Not that we're complaining, if you ask me, the veil of mystery makes this flavor more interesting than it already is. In keeping with the Halloween theme, the ice cream is covered in chocolate, topped with a cookie that is designed as a gravestone and another cookie that looks like a witch's finger. It comes with two syringes of red-colored syrup that gives the impression of a blood when released to the dessert. This dessert is to die for so make sure to grab it before it's taken off the menu. You've got until November 20.

I had a chance to sample flavors also like the Cream of the Crop (PHP 225) toasted honey cakes with cornicks. The Chef said that their composed flavors are always hot and cold; in this case the ice cream being the cold and the honey cakes as the hot treat. I have never honey cake as good as this and it complimented the cheesy and corn-flavor of the ice cream well. I noticed bits of corn on the ice cream itself adding texture to this dessert.

I was also able to try two Special Flavors (PHP 295), first is the Goin' Bananas. It has tonka bean ice cream, banana tart turon, small slices of of banana, decorated with banana leaf. Freezer Burn seems to know how to do the flavoring down pat because as it promises, it does taste like banana. I don't think I've tried a banana flavor ice cream before; it was always just ice cream and then real banana so having an ice cream that actually tasted like banana was a pleasant surprise.

The second special flavor that I tried and a personal favorite of mine is The Good Shepherd. Remember that famous place in Baguio where you can buy everyone's fave pasalubong, ube jam? Yes, that should give you enough clue why this flavor is named as such. It has Baguio ube white straciatella with warm cheese muffins and meringue. I say if you're craving for that Good Shepherd ube but couldn't go there anytime soon, this is a good alternative because it does taste like the ube that we all love.

So you can try different flavors be sure to bring in the whole gang. I assure you that you will love Freezer Burn's take on everyone's favorite dessert.

Special thanks to Abe C for inviting me to this event and of course to Chef Mike Aspisas. Happy to meet you Clarissa P, EJ B, and Reich T. Hope to see you guys next time!

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

The ultimate fright night is just around the corner and the hype is undeniably everywhere! Traffic? Trick or Treats? Costume parties? They're all happening! Restaurants, dessert stops and even coffee shops have released their Halloween 2016 items.

Freezer Burn, the artisanal ice cream shop offering premium ice cream, also joined the buzz and came up with a SECRET HALLOWEEN FLAVOR! We got the chance to try it yesterday in a sponsored event.

Officially launching today, this spooky ice cream flavor is all dressed up! Made up of a big scoop of rich, thick and definitely delicious ice cream, dark chocolate shell, some edible "dirt", an edible finger, a tombstone cookie and some "blood" - this dessert will surely complete your fright night!

I promise you that this ice cream flavor will leave you wanting for more! It's also amazing how all the components of the dessert went well together. Generously smother the entire thing with the "blood" and you're in for a surprise!

Get this Secret Halloween Flavor from Freezer Burn before it's gone! Available from today (Oct. 29, 2016), 2PM onwards, until the 20th of November!


Also got the chance to try another composed dessert in the new Solo Size - Cream of the Crop! Made up of Corn and Cheese ice cream with toasted honey cake on the side, some popcorn and a fluffy cotton candy. The ice cream was so good! Loved the rich flavor of the corn that went well with the hints of cheese. The toasted honey cake was amazing! Soft, moist and sweet!

Thanks, Chef Miko and Chef Kristine for being ever so generous!

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Its a pleasure to be one of the first people to experience freezerburn's Halloween Treat. This sweet spooktacular treat will be available starting tomorrow (Oct 29) Its actually my first time on my birthday leave on a Friday! Wow! After struggling the traffic for more than 2 hours (fresh from Fairview), Its all worth it.

Freezerburn's store is so so cute. Pastel colors of cute stuff is all over. Its a small place yet its an eye candy. Fellow looloo buds are there when I arrived. It was so nice to meet Chef Mico 128522

Finally the Halloween special was served in few minutes. Lovely presentation! The syringe that has strawberry syrup, Halloween cookie, beneath is the vanilla ice cream covered by "chocolate magic shell" , the merengue below is surprising.. it melts in your mouth! Can't get enough of it.

I enjoyed this new flavor. Everything is just so good, the vanilla ice cream balances the sweetness that surrounds this dessert. 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼

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5.0 Stars

I am too excited for the new flavor of Freezer Burn for Halloween season. Chef Mico introduced to us the new flavor for limited time only as they called it the "Secret Halloween Flavor" to be unveiled tomorrow October 29, 2016 which we can enjoy the Instagram worthy ice cream until November 20, 2016.

127846Composed Dessert (Php225.00 for Solo; Php295.00 for Share)

Secret Halloween Flavor - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I cannot resist the sweetness of this ice cream. It is so addictive, once I've taste it, I'll come back for more."

Other flavors:
The Good Shepherd (Baguio Ube) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Always be my favorite. The combination of cheese muffin and ube ice cream... heaven!"

Goin' Bananas (Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The flavor is so light"

Cream of the Crop (Corn and Cheese Ice Cream) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127846Ice Cream (Php90.00 per scoop; Php150.00 with cone)

Corn and Cheese - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Baguio Ube with White Stracciatella Crispy - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Burnt Coconut Husk - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Cookies and Junk Food - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

The Best Mint Stracciatella - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Thank you Chef Mico for having us.

Thank you Peanut D, Reich T and Clarissa P for the invitation.

Nice meeting you Marjorie G and Sandra Y.

The event was paid and sponsored by Freezer Burn.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Rumor has it that Chef Miko is churning a new ice cream flavor and this will spook your tastebuds (in a good way).  And we got dibs on the newest flavor. 

Here lies the prettiest ice cream I've met to date.  I can't divulge the flavor yet as this will be released officially tomorrow.  But if you ask nicely,  I'd tell you but i have to kill you after. 

This ice cream flavor is insanely delicious.  I think lost my mind a lil bit.  It's creamy,  light and extremely addicting.  Don't let the black and red discourage you.  Trust me when i say that it is really really good. I think i saw dancing unicorns after the first bite.

I'd let you be the judge.  Take a long hard look at the lovely cup.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Freezer Burn is one ice cream heaven! It has some of the most unique ice cream flavors in the Metro. Mayo and Ketchup, Junk Food, Maple and Bacon? Take your pick! Aside from offering scoops/s of ice cream, they also have "composed desserts" that combine cold and hot elements - cold ice cream x hot food - living up to the name FREEZER BURN.

Coming here for dessert, you should be prepared to eat some more. Their Composed Desserts are good for sharing so if you wanna try more than one, you need to prepare your tummies and your pockets. Good thing Freezer Burn thought of coming up with smaller sizes! Solo Size for their composed desserts and Small Scoop if you want just the ice cream goodness.

The Solo Size is perfect for your cheat day, if you're flying solo or if you wanna try more than one at a time. It's priced at 225Php vs. the regular size that's pegged at 295Php. It has a small scoop of ice cream and a smaller portion of the "hot" sides. Got the chance to try their new flavors in solo sizes through an invite - Freezer Burn x looloo!

Launched early September, these three new flavors will leave the shelves mid November to give way to their Christmas Flavors. Ube, Tonka Beans and Coconut, each one had it's own charm.

The Good Shepherd: Baguio Ube with White Straciatella + Warm Cheese Muffins

The Ube flavored ice cream was mixed with white Straciatella and served with warm cheese muffins. If you're thinking Ube + Good Shepherd = Baguio famous purple pasalubong, then, you got it right! They use nothing but Good Shepherd's Purple Yam which is undeniably one of the best in the market. The result? A rich and thick ice cream with all the great flavors locked in. It was rather sweet though and if you'll ask me, I still prefer the original, scooped out of the bottle. Don't get me wrong, this ice cream will satisfy the ube lover in you, I just found it a little heavy in my palette. The cheese muffins were like those mini colorful "puto" that you usually get from Goldilocks but these were the leveled up version. Warm, soft and packed with cheesy goodness, I kinda wished these were available for take home lol

Goin' Bananas: Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream + Banana Tart Turon

This came in as my surprise favorite. I didn't have any idea of what Tonka Bean was until I searched Google. Found out that it's being used as a substitute for Vanilla. Not only that, I found out as well that when consumed in higher quantities, it can cause serious health problems thus, it's use is being regulated in some countries. Interesting. Now, back to Freezer Burn's ice cream flavor, there was a certain lightness to it - a hint of banana plus this refreshing flavor that's probably coming from the Tonka Beans. It delighted my taste buds and it felt like a breeze of fresh air under the summer sun! lol Seriously, it was that refreshing! This scoop was paired with equally good "Banana Tart Turon" which was more like a deconstructed turon. The turon wrapper was made into these little rectangles, deep fried, crisp, light and then topped with small banana slices that have been drizzled with caramelized sugar syrup. Everything went so well together!

What's Up Coconut: Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream + Calamansi Curd Ensaymada

I love anything coconut! It instantly gives me this summer pick-me upper feeling when gloomy days arise. The Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream had a subtle coconut flavor, some nutty notes and some texture from the toasted coconut strips that it was topped with. I loved this one too! The Ensaymada was soft and warm but the calamansi curd was a little too sour and sweet for me. Not really a perfect match, I must say.

They also offer milkshakes pegged at 250Php. You can choose whichever ice cream flavor you want and they'll whip it up for you! Thick and creamy, adorned with a cotton candy cloud, I'm sure there's a generous heaping of ice cream in each cup!

If you fancy premium ice cream and desserts, Freezer Burn is the right place for you. Grab a chair and indulge the sweet tooth in you! Kids will surely love this place too.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Goin' Bananas is easily my favorite among Freezer Burn's Special Flavors. The combination of all its components wasn't as heavy as the other flavors. And the new Solo size (PhP225) is just perfect for cheat days. Or for anything, actually. 128517

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

To cool off the spiciness from Hey Handsome, I went straight to Freezer Burn to try another hype. It was a rainy night so when I got there, the glass doors of Freezer Burn were fogged. I thought to myself, "Wow. It really is a freezer in there" 128514

While glancing through the menu, I didn't like the idea of having a hot dessert along side my ice cream. So I went for the big scoop single. Before ordering, I asked if I could taste some of the flavors - Brown Butter Pecan, Bacon and Dark Maple, and Butter something (can't remember). But anyway, I didn't like the Maple and Bacon one. It just tasted weird for me. I think there was something wrong with the bacon.

So I went ahead and ordered the BROWN BUTTER PECAN CARAMEL + COTTON CANDY (this is considered as 2 toppings already because of the pepero stick used as the stick to hold the cotton candy) for my topping. I liked how the cotton candy complemented the ice cream but I couldn't help but feel ripped off. To be honest, their ice cream tasted normal. There are several places out there that sell way better ice cream/ gelato for the same price (or even lower). P180 just for an average ice cream? No way am I coming back again 128514

Sorry to say, but Freezer Burn is way overhyped.

On a side note, I did like how the place looked. It was so colorful and vibrant that instantly brightened my mood. It's a bit awkward to stare at yourself while eating though because of the mirror. But the place still looks so cute!

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