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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

A tribute to Manila's neighborhood eateries and diners of yesteryear. Twists on comfort all-day dining classics focusing on Filipino BBQ & Pugon cooking. This is your Happy Food!

Last October 14, hubby and I shop at BHS and after that we end up eating dinner here at Friends and Family Restaurant. They are under Raintree Group of Restaurants.

The ambience was very homey. Then we ordered the following:

128204 Palabok - it is my number one Merienda meal . I know it’s sounds wierd to order it on dinner time but it tell you , you should 128077 It is included in their All Day Merienda and Breakfast Menu. Topped with fried tofu , crispy petchay, fried garlic , dried squid ,scampi onion , calamari,and a 6 minute boiled egg for 295 pesos only and good for sharing . It’s not just an ordinary palabok , palabok with a twist!

128204sizzling Bulalo steak and US Beef Belly with gravy - smothered with pepper beef gravy , served with potatoes 🥔 carrots 🥕 cabbage , Baguio pechay, and green beans . We just got the Friends good for two and perfect for sharing . Price is 550 pesos while the Family is good for 4 persons for 995 pesos . This is their best seller and I liked it so much . Again this dish has a twist also .

Loved the ambience and the food but serving time is slow so that’s why I’ll just give them 4 127775127775127775127775

Located at GF Bonifacio High Central . Opens from 11am to 11pm

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Third stop of the “Restaurants Against Hunger X RainTree” food crawl was here at Friends & Family. I heard nothing but great reviews since they opened this year and it made me feel more excited to give this a try.

Friends & Family has a classic 80’s vibe with a concept that will remind someone of their early years in the province or living in their grandparents’ ancient house. One thing that’s also noticeable is the font they use to depict the early decades. Friends & Family pays tribute to Manila’s neighborhood eateries and diners of the yesteryears!
We started with Crispy Ukoy and Crispy Tofu & Mushroom while having our own choice of refreshers – I got the Calamansi Lychee soda, which I thought was good and a perfect thirst-quencher after a long exhausting day.
Crispy Ukoy
Their version of shrimp fritters is much crispier, in which I love! It’s paired with Sinamak or Ilonggo’s recipe of spiced vinegar which perfectly jive along with each piece of the ukoy. Also, this is Friends & Family’s solidarity dish for the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign, so be sure to get one so you can help and support the campaign to fight hunger and malnutrition in the country!
Crispy Tofu & Mushroom
The universe knows how much I love tofu next to chicken, and this is totally a hit for me! I like how the tofu was cooked just right to pair with the mushroom and crispy kangkong. I almost finish the entire thing because this is just too good! Be sure to pair it with rice!
Birthday Spaghetti
Whether it’s your birthday or not, you deserve this special spaghetti that’s served with hotdog and marshmallow on the side! Party of flavors or even memories – as this simply reminds me of how we cook our spaghetti at home every time we had a birthday celebration! I almost thought it’s my special day until someone asked me for a portion of this.
7-Kinds of BBQ Isawan Platter
A platter heaven for street food lovers! This includes BBQ Pork Tenga, Isaw Bilog, Isaw Manok, BBQ Betamax, Special Pork BBQ, Chicken Skin Inasal, and Chicken Ass Inasal. BBQ lovers will surely love this! I didn’t try it all and just sampled the Pork BBQ and Chicken Ass inasal; and I like both, particularly the Pork BBQ that’s very juicy and perfectly charred.
Sizzling Bulalo Steak & US Beef Belly with Gravy
Beef shanks and marrow bones smothered with Peppered beef gravy, and then served with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, Baguio pechay, and green beans. I can still remember how much our eyes instantly turned into all hearts when the beef gravy was being poured over and the aroma was killing us and try to resist! The meat was so tender I could just pinch it off from the bone. I also like it that the veggies weren’t overcooked which is always a plus for me.
Aside from classic Filipino comfort dishes, Friends & Family offers daily specials – in which they serve specialty dishes that. We got to try two of these specials, and this made me want to leave my workplace in Eastwood during lunch time.
Lauriat is their Monday special which includes 1 stick of Special Pork BBQ, a serving of F&F Pancit, Lumpia shanghai, Crispy Kangkong, Garlic rice, and a soup on the side. Super sulit meal for just PHP 295! Perfect for your next lunch out meal!

Grilled Pork Belly Dinakdakan is the “Thursday in the North” special. It’s their own take of the famous Ilokano which I find good. Their take of Dinakdakan is very much close to its traditional approach which is a bit spicy and filled with onions, green peppers, and then soaked in calamansi extract.
For some sweet endings, we had Ube Champorado, Mango Cream Icebox Cake, and Crispy Turon Banoffee Pie.
Crispy Turon Banoffee Pie was a bit sweet for my taste, might be because of the crispy turon chips on top, but still good.
Ube Champorado was heavenly good! This is one of Raintree’s most-acclaimed recipe which originated from ChaCha’s in Boracay. I like it because the broth is thick, and the ube flavor is prominent which I really like. I will surely go back for this. Just a note that the famous Ube Champorado is also available at other Raintree restaurants such as Providore, and Museum Café. 
Mango Cream Icebox Cake is another masterpiece you should try when you visit Friends & Family. Literally, every layer of this mango cake is a piece of heaven that it almost left me speechless!
TOP 3 favorites:
-       Birthday Spaghetti tied with Sizzling Bulalo Steak & US Beef Belly with Gravy
-       Ube Champorado
-       Crispy Tofu & Mushroom
Inviting our friends & family to participate and support the “Restaurants Against Hunger” campaign by dining in and choosing the nominated solidarity dish(es) by the restaurant. It’s the dish that feeds more – cause every purchase of the nominated dish will give a profit to the campaign to fight hunger and malnutrition in the Philippines.

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5.0 Stars

Starting October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, I will include Crispy Ukoy in every Daily Meal/s I will get to support the Restaurants Against Hunger Campaign.

Friends and Family Restaurant supports Action Against Hunger to fight against child malnutrition in the Philippines. For every order of Crispy Ukoy a portion is donated to Restaurant Against Hunger campaign.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

They recently launched their Daily Specials which you can take advantage when you’re craving for something on that specific day:

Monday’s Lauriat (Php295) – This includes 1 stick F&F Pork BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, F&F Pancit, Crispy Kangkong and Garlic Rice. It’s a fully loaded meal already. The Pork BBQ was tender and well-marinated. I love that it has that a bit of sweet and savory flavor in it. Pancit was topped with lots of vegetables and meat, too. Kangkong was really crispy and I must say that I enjoyed this a lot.

Tuesday Takaw! Beef Pares, Rice and Soup (Php295) - Beef Pares was fork-tender. Its soup was thick and I must say, there’s a lot. It’s also a good thing that there’s only minimal star-anise used.

Wednesday Hump Day – Inihaw na Ulo ng Salmon with Atchara and Special Soy (Php475) - This Salmon was really fresh and good! It was grilled perfectly. Atchara and the soy sauce helped removed that fishy taste in it.

Thursday in the North – Grilled Porkbelly Dinakdakan (Php250) – it has some chopped with chili, onion and cilantro. This would probably be my favorite here. I mean, the pork was crispy yet tender, its sauce was just so good. I was not able to clarify if they used pork brain in here but I can surely taste some mayonnaise.

Friday Yah Yah Yah! – Pinaputok na Hito (Php295) – fried to perfection Hito with homemade atsara and vinegar.
Chinatown Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken (Php350) – sweet and sour with crispy fried chicken.

Saturday with Friends – Homestyle Paksiw na Lechon (Php295) - It tasted a bit sweet, a little spicy yet savory, just how I wanted Paksiw na Lechon. This is one of my favorite Filipino dishes and I must say that I really liked the way they cook it.

Family Sunday – Sizzling Roast U.S Beef with Mushrooms and Gravy (Php550) - Another favorite! Even the potatoes on the side tasted great! The Roast Beef was definitely smoking goodness!

For drinks, I ordered Yema Crema which was too sweet for me.

Have you visited Friends and Family lately? Tell me what’s your favorite. :)

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

Raintree Group of Restos tied up with Action Against Hunger and started a campaign called “Restaurants Against Hunger”. The Campaign is to fight against child malnutrition. For every order of participating dishes, a portion is donated to the Restaurants Against Hunger Campaign.

I got invited to a Food Crawl courtesy of Raintree Restaurants and Friends and Family was one of the resto we visited.

We sampled their Crispy Ukoy, Crispy tofu & mushroom, 7 kinds bbq platter, Birthday spaghetti, Sizzling Bulalo, and their famous ube champorado.

Be sure to order their Crispy Ukoy to help the Fight Against Hunger Movement.

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Rusophotography P.
5.0 Stars

Enjoy the taste of comfort classics and flavorful Filipino dishes at Friends and Family in thier Daily Specials. .
Monday’s Lauriat - Php 295.00 - 1 stick F&F Pork Bbq, Lumpia Shanghai, F&F Pancit, Crispy Kangkong, Garlic Rice
Tuesday Takaw! - Php 295.00 - Beef Pares, Rice and Soup .
Wednesday Hump Day - Php 475.00 - Inihaw na Ulo ng Salmon
Thursday in the North - Php 250.00 - Grilled Porkbelly Dinakdakan, chopped with chilli, onion and cilantro
Friday Yah Yah Yah
Pinaputok na Hito - Php 295.00
Chinatown Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken - Php 350
Saturday with Friends - Php 295.00
- Homestyle Paksiw na Lechon
Family Sunday - Php 550.00
- Sizzling Roast U.S Beef with Mushrooms and Gravy
128205G/F Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
For Reservations contact: +632-621-3222 or +632-621-3111
F&F is open from 11:30am to 12:00mn
Special thanks to @friendsandfamilyph @raintreerestaurants EJ B
#rusophotography #happyfood #friendsandfamily #raintreerestaurants #ilovetoeatph #sinopinaseats

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Friends and Family was our third stop for the Raintree Restaurants Foodcrawl. Thanks EJ B for the invite. ♥️

Friends and Family has been talked of the town eversince it opened in BGC. This restaurant caters typical Filipino dishes that will remind you of Filipino celebrations. Alongside with other Raintree Restaurants, Friends and Family tied up with Action Againsts Hunger to provide a portion that will be donated to Restaurants Against Hunger to fight againsts child malnutrition in the Philippines. So every solidarity dishes that you order, it will go to the said foundation. For Friends and Family, their dish is Crispy Ukoy.

Their version of crispy ukoy is crunchy, tasty, and doesn't have the pointed head of the shrimp. It is best to dip in spicy vinegar! Aside from these, Friends and Family was very generous to serve us their best sellers.

Main Dishes:
▫️Isawan Platter
Tasty bbq and isawan platter! I love the bbq which reminded me of the typical "kanto" taste.

▫️Sizzling Bulalo Steak & US Beef Belly with Gravy
Not the usual bulalo because this one is sizzling hot! I loved the tender meat that could easily cut.

▫️Birthday Spaghetti
Nostalgic taste! This greatly reminded me of my old neighborhood birthday party spaghetti - sweet, saucy, and came with hotdog on stick!

Chinese platter composed of pork bbq, lumpia shanghai, pancit, crispy kangkong, and garlic rice

▫️Crispy Tofu & Mushroom
I loved the crispiness of the ingredients! Mushroom was surprisingly good.

▫️Superior Chopseuy
I Iiked the thick consistency of the sauce. The veggies were fresh and crunchy.

▫️Mango Cream Icebox Cake
▫️Crispy Turon Banoffee
▫️Block Sanbo
▫️Ube Champorado

Their line of desserts were all the best! I couldn't hardly remember any bad taste on all of these. I super loved the Ube Champorado that was something new to me because I usually taste the chocolate one. 🤤

The ambiance of Friends and Family simply reminded me of classic home. The green colors are very friendly to the eyes. The place is spacious and can accommodate small to large groups. Staff were also welcoming when we dined in.

By the way, if you want to know more details about Actions Againts Hunger, kindly visit ♥️

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

We ordered for take out to eat at home sometime last April. Called in our order, and after a few checks if we’re allowed to do so, they started writing down what we wanted.

I enjoyed the Seafood Bicol Express. It’s very similar to what we always order in LZM.

The Lechon Manok Special was such a disappointment. Not sure if it was from the previous night as it was dry, from the way it looked to how it actually tasted. My brother was looking forward to eating this.

The Crispy Turon Banoffee Pie was bigger than I expected. I think I prefer a pie without the fried turon.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Anyone who went to ChaCha’s or at Boracay or Providore Cebu is familiar with the Ube Champorado by chef kalel. It was unfortunate that Boracay has to shut down for some months; but a blessing in disguise, the Ube Champorado is now here at Metro Manila! It was first introduced at Providore Aura, but just this day at F&F!

128204128525 Ube Champorado @195PhP
Who says champorado cant be eaten at night? Here at F&F, as long as it is available, you can have it even at 11pm! Knowing it’s champorado, you’ll probably be looking for chocolatey taste, but then it’s Ube (purple yam)— so yeah, no chocolate taste. It taste like Ginataan with hints of purple yam. It tastes somewhat coconut milky just with the glutinous rice. It’s a unique dish, so i loved it. If I may just suggest yo add more ube taste in it. The danggit has a soft body consistency but a crunchy head.

128204128525 Guavalicious @120PhP
This one is a guava smoothie. At first, I was afraid that it might be icy because i was expecting a shake like consistency. But i was delighted that it has a very smooth consistency. The taste is really good! Sweet pink guava, that has the essence of lanka (jackfruit) it has some sweetened plantain on top. Another unique drink!

I also love the place because it’s spacious, and most importantly, available power outlets! Service went well and fast. The background song is always throwback hits! Giving this a five for this two entrees and experience!

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

One of the best things about restaurants is they bring you back memories when you try out their food and this is what RainTree Restaurant is aiming for when they conceptualized Friends & Family. On this Looloo rendezvoos, we walk back through the years to taste Filipino comfort classic and favorites shared by the family. The special menu they created for us offers the best dishes they offer. From pica pica to desserts, it is a feast for the whole group.


This rendezvoos is unique as they created a set menu for this event. It is quite overwhelming so I will focus on the top 3 food that I enjoyed.

| EMBOTIDO [Php 220] - who would not love this classic Christmas offering? Haha. I did. I also love that they also included a gravy like sauce to go with it. And if I will be visiting this place again, I would ask if they could fry it! Yeah, weird request!
| BIRTHDAY SPAGHETTI [Php 250] - the hotdog on stick with marshmallow sold it! Haha. Kidding. It was really reminiscent of my 7 years old party home. It was sweet, lots of ground pork topped with CHEESE!
| SIZZLING BULALO STEAK [Php550 Friends • Php995 Family] - if you are a native from Tagaytay, bulalo would be your comfort food. But they created so differently which makes it more interesting. The serving is also great and perfect for... of course FAMILY & FRIENDS!

Since it is a big menu here are some of the items that was served and would definitely be part of my order next time.

| Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops [Php 375]
| Bagoong Rice [Php 195]
| Beef Tadyang [Php 795]
| Banoffee Pie [Php 195]

You should definitely have this try out as they really tasted good. So, if you want to have some awesome memories while you are eating, Friends and Family is definitely a good choice. Reasonable price and great ambiance.

Jya Mata Ne!

Instagram: @nonfoodienetwork | @itsmebrie_

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

They say first impressions always last but that’s not the case for Friends and Family, at least not for me. When I got an invite from Peanut D for a looloo rendezvous at Friends and Family, the first that popped into my mind was a typical American diner (aside from feeling giddy inside when you see that Peanut messaged you 128518). Oh boy did I have it wrong 180 degrees because their dishes yell classic Filipino comfort food – really good Filipino comfort food I must say.
Here’s the list of what was served (if not already their menu because what we had was a feast!)
128205The Classic Sisig [Php225 Friends • Php350 Family]
Crispy pork, tenga, face, liver, mayo and butter
128205Putok Batok Platter Php350
Isaw manok, chicharon, kropek, chicken skin, isaw bilog, mama sita’s sinamak
128205Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops Php375
Topped with breadcrumbs, calamansi and garlic parsley butter
128205Crispy Catfish & Buro Platter Php375
Homemade buro, mustasa leaves, green mango salad, red onions, fresh ginger, ground peanuts, hibi, calamansi, patis, garlic and fresh chilies
128205Roasted Chicken and Tinapa Russian Salad Php220
Roasted chicken bits, tinapa flakes, peas, carrots, potatoes and baguio beans dressed with tartar sauce
128205Sizzling Bulalo Steak | [Php550 Friends • Php995 Family]
Smothered with peppered beef gravy, served with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, baguio pechay and green beans
128205Barbeque Platter Php850
Pork barbeque, grilled liempo, atchara and sauces
128205Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka | Php220
Chili tops, crispy alamang, creamy coconut milk
128205Claypot Humba Rice P395
Braised pork belly topped with banana blossoms and grilled pineapple served with fried banana
128205F&F Lechon Manok Special [Php220 Half • Php550 Whole]
128205Bagoong Rice | Php195
128205Embutido | Php220
128205Birthday Spaghetti Php250
128205Salted Egg, Tomato and Onions Php95
128205Pickled Ampalaya Php75
128205Isawan Platter Php550
128205Beef Tadyang Php795
128205Banoffee Pie | Php195
128205Yema Cake Php175
I won’t go into detail for each since there’s like twenty items on the list but I will share my insights on those that I would recommend.
Top Five:
| Sizzling Bulalo Steak [Php550 Friends • Php995 Family]
I’m speechless – this was literally love at first bite.  Beef was really tender – spoon tender (because fork tender is an understatement), flavorful and just heavenly. I could recommend this to my father (the worst food critic I know) and am confident that he wouldn’t complain about it.  With this on the table, expect silence because everyone would be too focused on eating.  Yes, that good.
| Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka Php220
For the love of coconut milk and crab fat. I have nothing negative to say about this dish. By far, the best Gising Gising I’ve had. I would come back just for this – a definite must try! Thank you, F&F.
*Best paired with plain rice to really appreciate the flavors.
| Bagoong Rice Php195
When in doubt, go for anything with bagoong. What differentiates F&F’s version with the typical ones is that F&F has friend egg floss all over. This provided that added texture and flavor you normally wouldn’t get. In-love with this! 128149
| Embutido Php220
This had mixed reviews among looloo representatives that night but I’m grouping this under my favorites. It just screams lola’s signature cooking – homey and comforting. Others argue that it was too soft and almost fell apart when you bite into it but I that didn’t bother me at all.
| Banoffee Pie Php195
I must say, they did a very good job in elevating the classic banoffee pie. I liked how they infused the whipped cream with banana flavor and topped it with banana and wonton chips for that added texture. Sweetness level was just right and banana serving was generous. Another order please! 128069
Crowd favorites (not mentioned above but definitely worth discussing):
128077🏻 Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops Php375
What’s not to love about this one? Cheesy. Garlic. Butter. Scallops. Enough said.
128077🏻 Claypot Humba Rice P395
Really, really tender and flavorful pork meat. Reminds me of my dad’s Kiampung (Rice cooked in Chinese Adobo) but a bit more saucy and tender.  The pineapple was a wise idea as it contradicts the richness of the sauce (to avoid that umay flavor).
128077🏻 F&F Lechon Manok Special [Php220 Half • Php550 Whole]
Juicy, tender and flavorful. What more can you ask for with lechon manok?
128077🏻 Birthday Spaghetti Php250
Everyone loved this but I thought it was just slightly above average. Go for it if you want that nostalgic childhood spaghetti dish.
Loved the interiors – modern with traces of traditional features.  Black and white accents with a touch of green fill the room.  Plates and utensils are arranged in a traditional way wherein these are piled on the side for the head of the family to distribute once lunch/dinner is ready. It provides a reason for people who dine together to interact with each other rather than stare at their phone (sadly, this is a curse of the 21st century).  Music selection is good too! 127908
So would I come back? That’s a definite YES. This place screams good comfort food – perfect for catching up with friends and family! Bring your enemies here and you’ll be friends afterwards 128521
Thank you again, Peanut D for the invite and to fellow looloo reviewers for new found friends!
P.S. Sorry for the late review and my months of absence here in looloo. Been really busy. Hehe 9996🏻️

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Friends and Family is the newest addition to the growing number of restaurants under The Raintree Group. They occupy the space where Stella used to launch her Rockets #GoFigure. Anyway, i got a last minute invite |oo|oo rendezvooz y’all. This is my nth invite and i still get giddy.

I always pass by High Street Central and i had a clue that a new restaurant will open. How? Well, i am observant and whenever i see a new signage, i stop on my tracks and i spy with my little eye.

Clue # 1. They used a retro font that resembles old 80’s sitcoms...uhmmm...American Comfort Food


Clue # 2. I saw the photo of a woman rocking a vintage Vilma Santos do...Bam! It is Filipino.

Yup, F&F is a Filipino Restaurant that offers classic Pinoy dishes. Think food served during Holidays and Fiesta or something that your Abuela would cook on your birthday. The interior is a marriage of classic with a lil bit of modern. It sort of brings the homey vibe and yass!!! they play good music too.

Our generous host served a FEAST (yup, all caps para intense)

Top Three

| Gising-Gising with Taba ng Talangka. Cos i am a firm believer that anything cooked in coconut milk is awesome. I love how rich this dish is - the coconut milk x crab fat is match made in gising-gising heaven! Some say it is spicy but i cant taste any, fret not, i have a super high tolerance for anything spicy.

| Claypot Humba Rice. The pork belly is fall-off-the-bone tender. The meat is seasoned well, a perfect mix of sweet and savoury profiles.

| Sizzling Bulalo. We were unanimous i saying that dem bulalo is the shiz! The beef is oh so tender and oozing with bulalo goodness. We were in awe when this was served. I think everyone fell silent when the sauce was poured...the sound of the sizzle is music to my ears.

The Honourable Mentions
Embutido. A sudden rush of nostalgia on every bite. This tastes like home.

Cheesy Butter Scallops. Scallops is always a good idea - add some butter and cheese in the equation and we got ourselves a keeper.

Sizzling Pork Sisig Rice. Hmmmm...two of my favourite things. I think i have never had mixed rice like this before...wait, guess i had but none was as memorable and delicious as this one.

Lechon Manok Special. Roasted Chicken is the quintessential “handa” in every Filipino household. F&F’s version is cooked perfectly - juicy and flavourful.

Roasted Chicken & Tinapa Russian Salad. I like this dish as it brings a wonderful flavour contrast, who knew that tartar sauce would work well with tinapa flakes.

Those i will not rate
| Beef Tadyang
| Sisig
| Putok Batok Platter
| Isawan Platter
| Barbeque Platter

The skewered meats and deep fried stuff has the makings of excellent dishes. We took our sweet time taking photos, you know how it is. These dishes are best eaten after they are served not one hour after.

Birthday Spaghetti. I prefer my spaghetti traditional, i was was never a fan of the sweet ones. The others liked it though, so yey!

Salted Egg, Tomato & Onion. This is F&F’s take on Caprese. Instead of using mozzarella, they used good ole fashioned salted egg. If you ask me, this is deconstructed ensalada as the ingredients are not mixed together.

Pickled Ampalaya
Crispy Catfish & Buro Platter

Nope, not a fan of bitter gourd nor catfish so i skipped these two. I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough.


Banofee Pie. This is happiness on a plate! I like how they made it not overly sweet and let cinnamon and banana do the job! The crispy thingy on top are a lovely concoction of banana and wonton chips.

Yema Cake. Who doesn’t like yema? Soft and pillowy chiffon cake drizzled in yema sauce. I mean, come on!!! This is a crowd pleaser.

Okay, so what are my thoughts about F&F after i tried some of their dishes? Well, two words - Comfort Food.

This is the kind of place wherein you can bring anyone (even the picky eaters) and they will leave with a smile on their face.

Peace Out!


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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

It’s my 4th time here and I am still a huge fan. I will always recommend Friends & Family to my officemates & friends as i really loveeee their food and their service.

Friends & Family is part of the RainTree Restaurants group. If you haven’t heard about them— it’s the group behind Saboten, Museum Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen, Providore and Izakaya Sensu.

Looloo and Friends and Family organized another awesome looloo rendezvoos. The restaurant created a special menu for us and we were able to taste their best dishes! Thank you 128536128536128536 Peanut D Roegan T

Food & Price 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ The Classic Sisig P225/ P350 depending on the size
➡️ Putok Batok Platter P350
➡️ Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops P375
➡️ Crispy Catfish & Buro Platter P375
➡️ Roasted Chicken and Tinapa Russian Salad P220
➡️ Salted Egg, Tomato and Onions P95
➡️ Pickled Ampalaya P75
➡️ Isawan Platter P550
➡️ Barbeque Platter 850
➡️ Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka P220
➡️ Claypot Humba Rice P395
➡️ Beef Tadyang P795

All were okay (good) for me but I would like to focus more on my favorites 128536

511088️ F&F Lechon Manok Special- half for P220 and it’s P550 for 1 whole chicken. It’s really juicy and ang sarap!
511088️ Sizzling Bulalo Steak P995- it’s actually huge! Ang lambot sobra ng meat and i’m in love with their peppered beef gravy. Good for sharing- perfect for the barkada!
511088️ Embutido P220- i always order this. Still my #1 fave!
411088️ Birthday Spaghetti P250- i like the concept! It brings back your childhood days— the hotdog and marshmallow on a stick. The best talaga ang spaghetti pag madaming hotdogs!
511088️ Banofee Pie P195- this was a surprise for me! I tasted a lot of banofee pie and I didn’t like most of them. But this was one was different! I love the banana chips, the biscuit base and hindi overwhelming yun whipped cream and di tinipid ang bananas.
411088️ Yema Cake P 175- at first I didn’t like it because of the sponge cake. But the second one they served was better. The cheese, the cake and the yema 🤤🤤🤤

I tried several of their Con Hielo and it’s perfect! I hope to try their Yema Crema soon (lagi kasi di available)

Ambiance & Service 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ I like their silverware.
➡️ Also how they arranged their seats. They really understood how to maximize the place
➡️ it’s very homy and relaxing. Good job to all their staff!

Brie K Reich T Bea Patricia J Bernisse C Charlzz C Kwokie K Odessa G may namiss out ba ako? Thank you to new found friends!

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Bea Patricia J.
5.0 Stars

Eto naaaaa! 4yrs in the making 128517 4.18.2017 | My first #looloorendezvoos was memorable because of three things (F4!) :
1. new foodie FRIENDS I met that night;
2. the dishes we got to try that are reminiscent of FAMILY mementos; and

Coincidentally, all three things perfectly fit what this restaurant is all about!

One might mistaken this for a Johnny Rockets brand, a diner, or a cozy board/card game lounge because of the name and vibe. To my surprise, it’s a homey, retro restaurant serving comfort Filipino favorites that trigger nostalgia and prompts to stroll along memory lane! #thatfeeling

***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** ******
128261SIZZLING BULALO STEAK P995 (family platter as seen on the photo) 🥢 with peppered beef gravy, potatoes, corn, carrots, cabbage, baguio pechay, and green beans

❗️MUST not miss this. We all swear by it!!!

The drool is strong in this one. We were like hungry hyenas waiting to prey on the star of the table while the peppered gravy was being poured over. Ohhhh the ecstatic smell of everything in that big, black sizzling plate!When we finally got to eat, I had this first and I kid you not —— it’s the best you’ll ever have! Incredibly tender beef, and slurpy buttery bone marrow tucked in every bulalo chunk; lavished with velvety peppered sauce that accentuates the meat. . . Ahhhh. Reminds me of my lola in heaven who made us the best bulalo soup when we were kids!

Not really a fan of starters like this but boyyyy did it make my eyes big after my first spoonful! Although it isn’t too spicy for me (as a benchmark, think Ramen Nagi level 4 as just ok for me), this thick and creamy soup was perfect with crab fat! Lasang lasa talaga yung taba ng talangka, hindi nakakaumay, at magigising ka sa sarap! 🤤 Ramen Nagi should’ve had this kind of limited edition variant instead of binagoongan hahaha swearrrr ang sarap nito 128557

For me, almost everything fried or grilled is perfect with bagoong na alamang! Since we had bbq and isaw platters, bagoong rice is king! What’s WOW though about their bagoong rice is the added texture because of the FLOSSY EGG 128517 (that I thought was okoy of some sort) The usual bagoong rice has egg strips, but THEIRS really gave me a wow moment. // SISIG RICE is a bolder option to try if you’re going for other mains on the menu like crispy pata or ... anything fried 128517 Reminds me of college days at Agno where the best sisig of my life was served 128524

One of the most delightful treats from the sea 128149 reminds me of family boodle fights back in the 90s! Uhhh baked tahong, butter garlic shrimp, huge crabs and THIS 128524

128261 BEEF TADYANG (P795)
Fried to death! It’s a crazy risk to pull off BEEF, that’s TTFN and crispy at the same time! Hands down! 🤤 *see TTFN meaning at the end of my post

10024 TASTE TEASE 10024
***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** ******
10024 Beverage : GUAVALICIOUS SMOOTHIE (P175) // *my preferred drink; others had sago’t gulaman, lychee calamansi refresher, etc

❗️DO NOT get this as a drink with your meal. Get this as a DESSERT if you’re feeling adventurous! My mistake to have it served right away 128517 I got a bit full cause it was like pink frozen yogurt milk shake/jamba juice white gummi bear bbbbut with chunks of sweetened guava + sweetened saba on top! Really a #tasteTease! I like it!

10024 Sauce/Dips/Sides
* Special Peanut BBQ - came with the bbq platter (P850) and isaw platter (550). Adding this to grilled meat swerves you to pad thai 128517 It’s an awesome #tastetease
* Buro - if you like atchara, or kimchi, this is a #tastetease for you! It’s part of the CRISPY CATFISH & BURO PLATTER (P375) 🥢 served with mustasa leaves, green mango, red onions, nuts, ginger, garlic and chili! I found it a bit bland though, and sticky 🧐

***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** ******
🗯 when you order. . .
🥢 isaw manok, chicharon, kropek, chicken skin, isaw bilog, isaw baboy

Ha! “Texture here I come!” Crush (or take a few bites of) the crispy isaw bilog or isaw manok or chicken skin for an extra crunch in between mains! It’s my ultimate pang tanggal umay tip!

Best PAIRED with their CLASSIC SIZZLING SISIG(P350 / P225). Crush emm and mix with sisig —- Uhhhh sarapp! Crispy/sizzling hybrid mannnn!

🥢 braised pork belly topped with banana blossoms and grilled pineapple served with banana
OK, the braised pork belly was just OHHH SO TENDER and definitely slow cooked! Light gummy skin + juicey meat = humbalicious! Would be better though to ask for extra humba sauce you could pour over 128517 so the rice won’t soak it all in. You’d love it more!!! // or maybe im just really a sauce/dip person

🥠 CRISPY CATFISH & BURO PLATTER (P375) Use the leaves as a base, add bits and pieces of everything, and ROLL IT LIKE A SOFT TACO!

🥠 ISAWAN (P550) or BBQ PLATTER (P850)
The above mentioned special BBQ PEANUT dip comes with this platter! + achara, suka, calamansi, of course! Dip your skewers here once a while for a thai twist! 128517 I find it surprisingly good, actually!

DON’T attempt to slice a lot as it will easily break 128517 Treat it like maki! *I couldn’t taste the raisin that much thus the lack of a sweet kick but I still found it delicious! Definitely a childhood staple for baon days 128517 I even had mine wrapped in aluminum foil 🤣

***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** ******
▪️Skip the bbq platter, and have the classic sizzling sisig + isawan platter instead! For me, the bbq platter was a bit too ordinary for P850! Had it been saucier, jucier, and tastier, I’d go for it but nope 128547 Same is true for the Isawan Platter though. It’s surely clean, but IS dry and toasty 128517 Easy to spot on my photos actually! BETTER YET, mag sizzling bulalo steak ka nalang for P995!

▪️Yema cake is good, but not for P175 128517BETTER YET, just have water, then have any of the CON HIELO smoothies for dessert! All the same price or less! Both a #tastetease and definitely #sulit ! I had GUAVALICIOUS (P120 only) see review above 128524 On my next visit, I’ll definitely try the YEMA CREMA!!!

128204 THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY (due to biased tastebuds and/or have gone past ideal temp and/or I forgot to try)
▫️ Birthday Spaghetti (P350)
▫️ F&F Lechon Manok Special (P850 / P550 / P220)
▫️ Roasted Chicken & Tinapa Russian Salad (P220)
▫️Pickled Ampalaya (P76) - I initially thought was “okra” 128517
▫️Saled Egg, Tomato, Onion (P95)
▫️Banoffee Pie (P195) - I tried this last, and I kept looking for bananas and coffee spark but found none 128521

▫️Chili Chili Bang Bang chilis!
▫️Salted Egg Chips!
▫️Bottled Preserves (ie Alamang na Bagoong, tuyo, pickled veggies etc

10084️ three take homes :

9889️I have nothing but praise for their main beef or pork dishes! #TTFN! Tender, Tasty, Flavorful, and Nomnomnom! 🤣🤣🤣

9889️You’ll always unearth a piece of HOME in Filipino dishes 128524

9889️the 4Fs were rightfully justified! Friends, Family, Filipino Favorites 🤤

PS : Browse through their beverage menu (The Coconut Club). Everything is hand-drawn!!

PS2 : Thank you Peanut D for inviting me 🧚🏻‍♀️

PS3 : Great concept, Raintree! Yet another restaurant that pulls heart strings! Thank you for sponsoring our foodie tummies 128149

** more photos on my blog soon! :)

B 128131🏻

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Got invited for a #looloorendezvoos this time sponsored by one of the restaurants of Raintree groups , Friends and Family at Bonifacio High Street.

As I have no idea on what to expect ,I thought it was just another joint serving western dishes.At first glance on the facade it was like one especially on the sign on the exterior it reminded me of the Boston Celtics of the 80's and early 90's .However the interiors are very homey and not pompous and as each of us we're given the menu list it's all Pinoy comfort food with some dishes having foreign influences.

When we were served these dishes its flatout Filipino feast.

Here's the list :


Putok Batok Php350- isaw manok,isaw pork, chicharon,chicken skin,kropek with sinamak (vinegar variant). A bit pricey for me considering that the chicharon is not the ones that have laman or meat (laman)with it.

Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops Php375 - Buttered scallops topped with bread crumbs and toasted garlic.


Crispy Catfish and Buro Platter PHP375- Consists of Homemade buro( fermented rice dish),mustasa leaves ,green mango salad,red onions, peanuts, chopped chilis and hibi ,with calamansi and patis on the side.I like the texture and flavors intertwined it will really perk up the palate.

Roasted Chicken and Tinapa Russian Salad Php220- ingredients are roasted chicken bits,tinapa flakes ,potatoes,carrots ,Baguio beans dressed with tartar sauce, the Russian Salad made with Filipino color ,with the addition of the tinapa.

Salted Egg ,Tomato and Onions Php95 - Classic Pinoy salad with bagoong vinaigrette.

Pickled Ampalaya-Ampalaya, carrot,bell pepper,onions and chilies.


Isawan Platter-their rendition of street food grilled favorites of isaw pork,isaw manok,isol( chicken butt),betamax(coagulated cubed pig's blood and pork BBQ.served with different sauces and housemade atchara.

Barbeque Platter Php850-Pork BBQ,pork belly served with sauce and atchara.


Lechon Manok Special Php850,Half ( 2-3 person)Php220, Whole (4-5) Php550- well cooked roasted chicken.

Claypot "Humba" Rice- Braised Pork
Belly ,with banana blossoms,sliced fried bananas and fried pineapple served as rice topping ,the rice served in this dish is like the Valenciana a bit glutinous with peanuts on it.The pork was really tender it melts in your mouth.Serving it on a claypot made it more oriental just like in our neighboring Asian countries.


Beef Tadyang- beef ribs served with lechon baka sauce and atchara.Flavorful and tender meat.


Sizzling Bulalo Steak ,Friends(2 persons,) Php550,Family (4 persons)Php995 -Bulalo(Beef Bone Marrow) with Kenchi meat(shank) with pechay,cabbage, Baguio beans,carrots and potatoes served in a sizzling plate deluged with peppered gravy.

Embutido PHP220-meat roll with raisins ,vienna sausage,cheese stuffed with hardboiled egg ,a traditional Filipino family dish.


Birthday Spaghetti Php250- Housemade beef sauce topped with cheese.A wild card dish never expected to be a favorite , it's reminiscent of the popular "Supermarket" spaghetti of the 80's.Love the sweet and tangy combination of the meatsauce , flavors that a kid in you will love.


Gising gising with taba ng talangka Php220- chopped green peppers in coconut milk with fried chili leaves and alamang.The incorporation of the talangka roe and the alamang made the difference , there's that umami element added into the dish that cuts the richness of the coconut milk that made it not that too overwhelming on the palate.A favorite indeed.Spice level 1 out of 5 is 2.


Sizzling Pork sisig rice -195


Banofee Pie Php195-With whipping cream, topped with banana chips and shredded crispy wanton.

Yema Cream- Php175 cake smothered with creamy yema sauce.

I could say my picks would be ,in any order :
- Sizzling Bulao
- Beef Tadyang
- Birthday Spaghetti
- Humba
- Gising Gising

Though there were some inconsistencies on both food and the price .I think Friends and Family is still a good option especially if you want to go to the familiar and that feeling that will evokes the old and traditional in a modern setting.

Special THANKS to Peanut D and Looloo for the invite.And also to Raintree Restaurants and Friends and Family for this wonderful feast.

**"credits and thanks *** Reich T as model for the photos.🙂

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Ojie D.
4.0 Stars


That was the first word that came to mind when I entered Friends and Family for the first time.

Maybe it was that huge green plant in the middle of the restaurant w.hich I was pretty sure was plastic because it was so perfectly verdant . I was wrong hahaha. Maybe it was those chairs with green leafy prints to match the tree in the middle of the resto.

Maybe it was the generic plates with blue outline.

Perhaps it was the sepia menu with visages of beautiful people of a certain era Maybe it was simply the uncomplicated name of the restaurant. which sounded pretty straightforward and "as is where is"

Somehow Friends and Family teleported me back to the time when Sundays were spent smelling the aroma wafting from the kitchen while waiting to taste my mom and my grandma's opus which were always made from scratch.

Lola was the master chef while my mom was the sous chef. There can only be one queen in the kitchen after all. They were purists. So any shortcuts by using mixes or knorr cubes were frowned upon.

Sunday lunches are usually feasts with the dining table groaning from the weight of heavy plates or bandehados’ ‘ laden with different dishes

Last night’s abundantly-filled dining table at Friends and Family evoked images and sentiments of a long lost era. It reminded me strongly of my grandma.

Here were the dishes served

THE CLASSIC Friends (2 persons ) P225 Family (4 persons) P350 Crispy Pork , Tenga , Face, Liver, Mayo and butter. This was served in a small round cast iron pan garnished with calamansi pierced with a piece of fiery red sili labuyo . This is the traditional sisig I know from my lola who utilized 3 methods - boil, grill , fry and used the same parts as FF

PUTOK BATOK PLATTER P350 Isaw manok, chicharon, kropek, chicken skin, Isaw bilog and mama sita sinamak . Hello cholesterol!

CHEESY GARLIC BUTTER SCALLOPS P375 Topped with calamansi, bread crumbs and garlic parsley butter

CRISPY CATFISH AND BURO PLATTER P375 Home made buro, mustasa leaves, green mango salad, red onions, fresh ginger, ground peanuts, hibi, calamansi, patis, garlic and fresh chilies

ROASTED CHICKEN AND TINAPA RUSSIAN SALAD P220 Roasted chicken bits, tinapa flakes, peas, carrots, potatoes and baguio beans dressed in tartar sauce



ISAWAN PLATTER P550 Served with calamansi, sili, special peanut bbq sauce, and house made atchara

BARBECUE PLATTER P850 Pork bbq, grilled liempo, atchara and sauces

LECHON MANOK SPECIAL P850 Half P220 whole P550

CLAYPOT HUMBA RICE P395 Braised pork belly topped with banana blossoms and grilled pineapple served with fried bananas. Think adobo but with brown sugar. Pork belly was melt-in-your-mouth and sweetly savory. The claypot worked. The rice absorbed all the sauce from the Humba. One order can feed 2 people unless its one of my piggery who orders this . haha

BEEF TADYANG P795 atchara with lechon baka sauce. Considering its portions, although delicious the serving was just for one and therefore a bit pricey

SIZZLING BULALO STEAK P550 (2 persons) P995 (4 persons) Now this is one happy dish served in a huge sizzling plate and laden with tender looking bulalo steak. This can feed 2- 4 people.
Rice please.

EMBUTIDO P220 This is the embutido your lola used to make. This reminds me of Christmas and holidays

BIRTHDAY SPAGHETTI P250 Now this definitely reminded me of my lola’s spaghetti made from UFC banana catsup, tomato sauce and purefoods hotdog

GISING GISING WITH TABA NG TALANGKA P220 Chili tops, crispy alamang and creamy coconut milk. Looked more like Bicol express because of the sliced green silis and tasted just as good.






Everything tasted delicious. There were hits and misses on the price however as follows:

The claypot Humba rice, embotido, gising gising and bulalo steak were value for money. Special mention to the Humba which was my favorite hands down for its taste, portion and price.

But there were dishes I found a bit on the pricey side like the Beef Tadyang and the Isawan Platter simply because of its serving size

Barbecue Platter P850 composed of 2 medium sticks pork bbq, 1 stick of what looked like boneless quarter thigh and leg, some liempo pcs were a bit on the more costly side. as well


Over all an enjoyable night with new found friends and delectable food .

Amidst all the trend of tweaking traditional Pinoy food, I am happy that Friends and Family chose to stick with the Pinoy’s classic bestselling dishes. One can only do so much before the iconic dish becomes unrecognizable from too much creative license.

Indeed sometimes we just need to have an appreciation of things past.


Thank you Peanut D. and looloo for the invite :)

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Friends & Family is one of the newest concepts of Raintree Group. It specializes in the cuisine closest to our heart and I must say they’re really serious in offering quality Filipino dishes to everyone.

I’ve been to this restaurant twice already and both visits were really good. So far I’ve tried the following dishes.

Claypot Pork Humba

Probably my ultimate favorite here. The pork was so soft and tender that melts-in-your-mouth can be used to describe it. One order comes with rice so it’s already a complete meal. It can be shared by 2-3 people.

Classic Sisig

Being a fan of sisig, this is a must order for me. Their version is good, and it’s sizzling when served. I love its presentation and probably one of their most IG-worthy dishes.

Classic Crispy Pata

Yes, please don’t judge me if I also had this dish in just one visit. Good for 4, this crispy pata is topped with lots of garlic bits and chilis! I enjoyed every bite. It’s crunchy, and really tasty. Kakahigh-blood, but I guess that’s why there are fried garlic in one order. Chew those garlic bits!

Sizzling Bulalo Steak

One sinful dish. It’s made with their in-house peppered beef gravy. It’s actually good as the meat was tender too. I suggest do not miss this if ever you’re in this restaurant. 🤗

Kare-kare Buntot

Oxtail, U.S. beef belly, and vegetables. This is served with their house-made bagoong. The sauce was so creamy and flavorful that I can eat this without the bagoong. Good for 2-3 people.

I was really satisfied with all the dishes that I tried here. Definitely recommending this place to my friends and family. See what I did there? 10084


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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

Another #looloorendezvoos so getting the usuals out first:

* We were given a sample of the menu (with our very own menu card for the night)
** Sponsored review thanks to The Raintree Group
*** We were joined by someone from the group behind the restaurant for feedback and extra tidbits (Hi Mich!)

When I got hold of the details for this #looloorendezvoos , it was timely since we did want to try the "replacement of Stella & Rocket Room" and we were thinking of eating there one Friday night. For first impressions, they still stuck to the division between the two locations - so there's "Friends & Family" on the spot of Stella, and "The Coconut Club" replaced Rocket Room for the drinks and tapas place. They went with the 80s and the 90s on the theme for this concept since the look and feel was pretty much based on the owner's own experiences during those two decades.  However, this review will focus only on Friends & Family.

Items Served: (with descriptions for the non-obvious)

• The Classic (Crispy Pork, Tenga, Pig Face, Liver) - Php225 / Php350 *
• Putok Batok Platter (Isaw Manok, Isaw Bilog, Kropek, Chicharon, Chicken Skin) - Php350 *
• Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops (Topped with Calamansi, Garlic and Butter) - Php375 *

• Crispy Catfish and Buro Platter - Php375 * 
• Roasted Chicken & Tinapa Russian Salad (Roasted Chicken Bits, Tinapa Flakes, Carrots, Potatoes dressed with Tartar) - Php220 
• Salted Egg, Tomato & Onions - Php95
• Pickled Ampalaya - Php75

• Isawan Platter - Php550
• Barbeque Platter - Php850 *

• F&F Lechon Manok Special - Php220 / Php550 *
• Claypot "Humba Rice" (Braised Pork Belly with Banana Blossoms & Grilled Pineapples) - Php395 * 

• Beef Tadyang - Php795 *

House Special:
• Sizzling Bulalo Steak - Php550 / Php995 *
• Embutido - Php220

• Birthday Spaghetti (Yes, spaghetti with cheesy beef sauce as if it's a fiesta) - Php250 *

• Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka - Php220

• Sizzling Pork Sisig Rice - Php195 *

• Banofee Pie, Php195 *
• Yema Cake, Php175 *

* Items the writer got to try, the rest I had to avoid either because of allergies or lack of interest or simply lack of stomach space. :)

My Top 5 for the night:

1.  Birthday Spaghetti
2.  Sizzling Bulalo
3.  Cheesy Garlic Scallops 
4.  Crispy Beef Tadyang
5.  Claypot Humba Rice

The spaghetti really brings you back to your childhood eating with neighbors, cousins on a fiesta. It's very simple, but very authentic and true to it's roots. The nostalgic effects was enough to make it my top choice. The sizzling bulalo had beef chunks which was very tender, the whole platter had everything bulalo would have except the soup but it was prepared really well. I'll always be a sucker for the baked scallops, even got caught consuming maybe more than my share for the night, so good thing they were nice enough to give another round.

The crispy tadyang is actually hard to come by, with a lot of places serving it really tough, practically like rocks already but this was totally edible tasting how it should. The pork humba itself was also very tender, the pork almost tears itself apart when we were getting our portions. There was so much food that it was essentially getting portions here and there to be able to try more than what the stomach can take, the barbeques taste like they should.  The isaw sticks I didn't take anymore since I guess I've had too much of them already on my younger days. The lechon manok tasted like it should, but I guess I now have a preference for "Chooks-To-Go" thus why I didn't like it as much. What I was guilty of however was getting more spaghetti than normal and the sisig rice.

My favorite for sisig rice is from Bacolod Chicken Inasal, this would now be the better version since the sisig here is crispy! There was a debate that went on with the desserts, with the second batch tasting better than the first - it was concluded that since the first already sat out for too long that's why it tasted drier and courser.  Between the two ones we sampled, I like the banofee more than the yema cake as I'm not really a fan of overly sweet desserts. Another original which hit the spot for me was the gulaman! It's very hard to find authentic gulaman here in the Metro, with those selling them mainly settling for the cheap versions with practically no toppings nor flavoring other than it being sweet.  So finding one, tasting like the original - really really hit the spot!

As for the group, they all enjoyed the gising-gising which I unfortunately couldn't have and the embutido likewise since I've already had some bad encounters in the past since I'm not too sure on how it's made. (yeah, living with allergies mean having these moments of needing to decipher on the spot or risk running to the ER)

Since this is Raintree, whose concepts we've all gone to at one point or another, service was excellent - theme well thought of and well executed, atmosphere pleasant - AND attention to detail superb.  The font of the Friends & Family signboard itself reminded me of Cheers, the old TV show back then which I would watch with my older siblings on my younger years. I did a small sampling for questions within the group and I sadly belong to the older demographic of #looloo reviewers since most of them didn't have any idea about Cheers. The place put an emphasis on the open kitchen, but having a glass divider to keep the heat out of the dining area.  A swing door separates The Coconut Club from Friends & Family, where servers pass by shuffling drinks and food between the 2 places.

In conclusion, it's another nice concept that will bring the foodie groups something to write about. Raintree is among the few groups in the country (like The Tasteless Group and Foodee Global) which I admire for having these new concepts and would trust in the Filipino's evolving taste and dining needs.  It doesn't stay within the "usual food types," but when it does like in this case, there's still something special and worthwhile about the restaurant. It's now the top choice when I have foreign clients who are looking for themselves a sampling of Filipino food and what it means to eat with Filipinos. 

1.  Pricing is similar to other Raintree restaurants
2.  There's no real story behind the name, other than it denotes the notion that with intimate gatherings it usually for "Friends & Family" only
3.  The family behind The Raintree Group is Filipino-Polish with the last name we all couldn't spell (Andrej Wisniewski)

- kwokie -

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Who wouldn’t run to Friends & Family after seeing a beautiful piece of glistening pork humba in | Instagram story last night? Made me drool right when I saw it.

Friends & Family is a Filipino restaurant perfect for... friends and family. Portions are shareable.

Here’s what we had:

The Classic Sizzling Sisig
Crispy pork, tenga, face, liver, mayo & butter
friends 225.00 / family 350.00
Classic indeed, with a lot of chicharon on top. They give you additional seasoning you can pour onto the plate for additional flavour. Bagay with our humba as it gave it texture.

Putok Batok Platter
Isaw manok, chicharon, kropek, chicken skin, isaw, bilog, Mama Sita’s sinamak
I forgot to ask which was what, but I think I unconsciously ate most of the chicken skin 128517

128681Clay pot Humba Rice
Braised pork belly, topped with banana blossoms, and grilled pineapple served with fried bananas
Yum!!! Super tender pork belly. Good amount of fat to meat ratio. Rice was coated with sauce. I loved how the pineapple cut through the richness of the sauce. Good for one hunger person, shareable for 2-3 people of you order more than 1 dish.

Pricing I find affordable for BGC standards. I can see myself passing by here every once In awhile.

Get your drinks at the Coconut Club adjacent to this. The grown up slushes are perfect for the burning summer.

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Filipino food will always be the best!

Food 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Pancit Palabok 295- topped with fried tofu, crispy petchay, fried garlic, dried squid, scampi, onion, calamari and a 6 MINUTE boiled egg
➡️ Calamansi Lycee Soda P125- refreshing. Masarap din un mga Con Hielo nila.
➡️ Halo Halo Crumble P 195- if you are looking for a halo halo with a twist, this one is perfect! Just the right size and i love how perfect they were able to cook the tart.

Try also their Bacon wrapped embutido slice and mushroom creamy gravy 10084128076🏻128079🏻

Price 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Sulit! Good food that is not too expensive 127881

Ambiance & Service 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ I like the music, the ambiance, the touch of green in their interiors and the cool and relaxing ambiance/vibe
➡️ very family friendly
➡️ Staff are really nice, always smiling

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