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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

My sister tries to eat healthy as often as she can. She ordered her lunch from C Verde. I tried to pick something from the menu but I just couldn't. I went with the happier meal - a P215 Schublig Meal with Fries and Drink at Frittery.

The Schublig was juicy and tasty. It was a huge portion but the bun was slightly oily underneath. It kinda bothered me a bit that the sandwich was longer than the container and they did not put tissue under. Not sure if it touched the tray. They serve the Schublig inside a hotdog bun with 1 sauce. I got the cheese sauce. Then you can put as much condiments as you wanted - catsup, hot sauce, sauerkraut, baby onions and pickles. I place everything except the hot sauce. I managed to eat everything without making a huge mess. I liked all of the toppings.

I got the Twister Fries with Garlic Aioli Dip. The fries were tasty as is and didn't feel that oily. The garlic was very evident in the dip.

The Iced Tea tasted like Allmytea but very diluted. The flavor was barely there.

After I paid for my meal, they asked me to sit down so I thought they would bring the food to our table. I said I would go around first and found my sister at the other side of the food court behind Frittery. By the time I remembered to claim my food, the sandwich wasn't as hot anymore. At least I could dig in right away. I guess they meant they would serve it if I were seated in the area in front of their stall.

I'm excited to bring hubby here to try the sandwiches and more importantly the different Frites.

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

Loved this bucket of twister fries with garlic aioli dip, especially that it's free because it was my sister who bought it. 128518 There's many sizes and dips to choose from which I'll be most willing to try. 128523

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Melodee N.
4.0 Stars

I love sausages. And I especially like it when I have the liberty to put on the toppings that I like. I'm not so big with too much toppings so, I just like mine with a bit of onions, sauerkraut, catsup, mayo, and mustard. I don't want to cover up the taste of the sausage with too much flavors, most especially if it's a German sausage.

Frittery is one sausage kiosk that I love. Though they serve other snacks as well, they also specialize with few kinds of sausages so you won't have to think long before you order. And just what I've said, you have the liberty to put on your toppings. They only have few selections and that's fine. The quality of the sausage is what counts.

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Kaye B.
5.0 Stars

It's like a combination of Shakey's Mojos and KFC's fries!!! Yummy!!!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I absolutely love comfort food. I find myself munching on it 3 to 4 times a week. Not only is it easy to prepare, it’s oh so yummy! Bacooooon, pancake, fried chicken, more bacooooon! A few weeks back, R and I were so lazy but still opted to go out to celebrate our special day. We wanted to visit Ooma then but after seeing the crazy line to SM Megamall, we went to Promenade instead and discovered…


This little kiosk is owned by Slammin’ Sliders + Fries + Dips and it specializes in hot dogs and fries. Its fries’ menu reminded me of In-N-Out’s animal fries. Yes, I’m referring to that messy goodness.

R and I chose to get Beefy Supreme Loaded Fries (PHP125) and a bottle of Red Strawberry Iced Tea (PHP35).

After 10 minutes or so, our freshly dip fried fries topped with ground beef, cheese, onions and tomatoes was ready and the tray was handed to me with forks. Guess that made it clear that their fries are not exactly considered as finger food.

It was pretty good though you have to eat it fast if you’re not fond of soggy fries. The generous serving of melted cheese could also ruin the dish if you space out.

The iced tea had a very light flavor. It was refreshing though.

Overall, it was a good snack to munch on while waiting for our movie.

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