Friuli Trattoria

27 West Lawin St., Philam Homes, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Friuli Trattoria
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Open: 6:00a - 9:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Bianca Q.
3.0 Stars

Love Friuli so much! Of course I had to order a bowl of Minestrone with fresh basil leaves! Still so good! Their cheese pizza tasted a bit like Gino's so that's a good thing for me. Lastly, their Carbonara with Egg (not in the picture) was a bit so-so for me.

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Pauline D.
5.0 Stars

I am a big fan of Italian cuisine, and the first time I heard about this friuli branch (more points because its around our area) I was so excited!!! I don't have to go far if ever I crave for some italian food. Yey!

The area was very friendly, and safe because you'll need to pass through the main gate of the village(?) before you could enter. By the way it's located inside Philamhomes, West Avenue.

The service was acceptable because once your food is out, its worth the wait. The food is very satisfying. Their serving is good for atleast 2-3 but if you feel like eating for two, there's no shame on that. I'd do the same. Hahah. My favorite food from their menu is "The Formaggi" pizza. Which is basically a three (3) cheese pizza. Two (2) layers of mozzarella and a cheddar. This is good for cheese lovers, becaue C.H.E.E.S.E!!! You should also try their mozzarella sticks! With a generous amount of marinara sauce. But if you're more of a meatlover pizza, don't sweat, they have it there. "All meat", it's filled with ground beef, ham, pepperoni and good-old italian sausages. Even vegetarians are welcome!! They have a variety of vegetarian-friendly pizza. They have "buono verdure" that has eggplant on it. They also gave "Mushroom" which is a pizza topped with 4 kinds of mushroom. The sizes of their pizza are all alike, which is probably around 12 inches? I'm not sure but those are really good pizza I tell you. Other than pizza they serve pasta as well. Like hello? Who wouldn't want pasta? Their spaghetti meatsauce is really good. Also their penne is smoked sausage sauce. It may seem that, because of the ingredients used, it might be pricey. But no!!! Its actually super affordable. Craving for some italian gourmet but on a budget? This is the place to be!!!

They open at 6am because they serve breakfast, which mostly cost from 50-100+. They serve a variety of panini. I honestly haven't tried it, but I would love to because why not?!

I'm actually looking forward to taste more of their food, and I can't wait to! I'm always excited when it comes to pizza, pasta and stuff like that, and Friuli is part of my list. If you have any free time, I highly recommend for you to eat here. By the way, they play italian music which makes the ambiane more, MORE. I'm telling you guys, its a must try!!! #henrysinstaxgiveaway

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Mona M.
4.0 Stars

They serve authentic Italian food at a very affordable price. This place is a must try for people who don't like the sweet "Filipino" style spaghetti. :)

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