FROG Kaffee

Prime Square Phase II, F. Torres St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

FROG Kaffee
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Reopens Thu: 9:00a - 12:30a


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Most Recent Reviews

Theresa M.
5.0 Stars

Loved the place , the food , the ambiance and the service! A must try for every coffee lover. I highly recommend this place!

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April G.
5.0 Stars

FROG (Fresh Roast of Great) Kaffee and Roastery

An Austrian-Filipino owned coffee shop that will give you a fresh and traditional vibe at the same time. This 3rd wave coffee shop is now Davao's top one!

This is James Bond Pick Me Up- 20ml vodka, 15ml Kahlua (coffee liquor), sugar syrup and 2 shots of espresso plus Ferrero chocolate. This one's an adventure for you!

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Karen M.
3.0 Stars

This place is actually an attraction to anyone who will pass through Torres Street. Looking just at the place seems like too expensive. Well yes, somehow. Their coffee is too strong unlike other coffee shops.

I tried the Caramel Latte, of course, "it's for girl's coffee" as what the owner said. And A ordered Capuccino, it's very strong that he had to ask for cream and sugar just to make it less bitter.

But we just stayed there for a while. We just tried their coffee and went home. Probably next time, you will enjoy the place if you will stay longer..chill out and chat!

Interior and exterior: Excellent! 1108811088110881108811088


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Charlene C.
3.0 Stars

New coffee craze in davao. 128513

After our dinner at abuelo's up for some coffee? Hahaha. I guess we were just curious & wanted to try at this place hahaha

Are you a coffee lover of brewedly beans coffee? 9749
I heard that the coffee here is freshly brewed & as you can see in my picture they have the coffee machine? Here you make coffeebeans & it is brewed at the same time after.

The place is kinda big, it is a 2 story building but i never get to see what's the view on the 2nd ( looks like terrace i guess?). 128514 By the way, the coffee shop had recently open i think last dec 15? The interior & design of the place is very antique haha.

The owner of the coffeeshop was very accomodating they explained everything about their coffee's & also have different kinds of machine for brewing your coffee. :) what we ordered is the brewed coffee & i forgot what's the name of it. *basta coffee that is not much acidic & di masyadong matapang* hahaha. So the way my coffee was brewed is very uniquely because, the coffee should be brewed 340 °C according to machine right before the coffee is set. Haha. So unique! Psss i forgot what my coffee was called. But it cost 140pesos hahaha.

Overall ratings, i don't like the brewed coffee that much i hear their beans is not from the philippines but from columbia, guatemalla & i forgot the others haha. & by the way i like my coffee with cream & sugar. 128514128514 The service was good too & the place has wifi. 1280779749

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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

After a party, we wanted more dessert. My dad pointed out that there's a new coffee shop around that just opened last december so we decided to go.

Earlier today, i passed by this place. Did not know that this was what my dad was talking about. 128514

Anyway, we got in and interior design was unique. It's very eclectic: a touch of industrial and a bit of French and Filipino. The owner was Austrian with a Filipina wife. Very eclectic, right?

We ordered one iced coffee granita(?) and one of their cakes. We were told it's like ice cream but when it came, it's like scooped frozen coffee with whipped cream on top. It tasted very light. The cake was good too. The top had a dark-chocolate layer and under it is a thick cake. It was not too sweet, which everybody liked.

The owner was very kind, he even came to our table to welcome us and have a little chitchat. He went back to the counter and then later came back bringing something off-menu. It was fresh coffee beans with cream. We all thought it was very weird and it would be very bitter but it tasted very light and crunch. Texture was something like nagaraya nuts coating. He said it was not common for people to eat coffee beans but we are the first one from Davao that he has offered this dessert. If I'm not mistaken he said these beans are from Colombia.

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