Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Suuuuuper late review, but fukudaya is still worth raving about. Loved the seven kind sashimi plate, ebiten roll, and nigiri sushi gozen (bento) served that night. Everything was so fresh and well presented. Eventho the place is quite hidden and hard to get to, i would go back here for sure!

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Nick S.
3.0 Stars

Nothing out of the ordinary Japanese fare. The prices are higher but the restaurant's ambiance does not warrant it; nor does the food. You can go to other Japanese restaurants in the area and get the same food for less. It is over-rated for what they offer.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

The past couple of months has been filled with good food and good company.  And yes the streak is still on as I got invited to have lunch at Fukudaya.  I've heard of 'em but i haven't had the time to do recon as it is location is somewhat hidden.  I call it "the in between BGC and McKinley"

The interior exudes a quiet elegance.  One would feel instantly at home.  Classy and sophisticated.  What i liked is the open kitchen,  you get to see the Japanese Chefs in action - the expertise involved in cutting fish,  removing the bones and coming up with the perfect filet. 


They served a lot during lunch.   I can't remember the names for the life of me.   I am to blame as the visit was a month ago.  Too many pending reviews,  too many restaurants visited and the food gets mixed up somewhere in my brain.  Before i start my rigmarole of words,  lemme tell you that everything they served is awesome (raise that to the nth power).

These are the standouts:

Chirashi Sushi
Fukudaya Maki
Sashimi 9 Shu Mori
Beef Curry
Garlic Kamameshi

The Lunch Set Menu
Fukudaya Gozen
Nigiri Sushi Gozen
Tempura Gozen
Yazikanaka Gozen

I can't say much about the sashimi nor the sushi.  If the seafood is fresh then expect nothing but awesomeness.  Fukudaya takes pride in the quality and freshness of theit seafood.  I mean, take a long hard look at that lovely plate of mouth-watering sashimi... You catch my drift???

The beef curry is hands down the best I've had.  Calling the meat tender is an insult, why?  This deserves a much better word,  something Shakespearean perhaps???  I am gonna settle for magical?  Sounds a lil sappy but it is heaven on every bite. 

The garlic kamameshi is a welcome surprise.  I mean,  how in the bloody hell can they make rice this tasty??? What sorcery is this??  Trust me,  man...it is wickedly delicious.


| Mizu Shingen Mochi.  Raindrop cake with soybean powder.   I never took interest in raindrop cake hype hence I was a bit surprised at pretty it is.  I mean,  it looks like a giant blob of water frozen in time.  I was skeptical in terms of taste,  but the trick is to have perfect proportions of ze cake and the soybean paste.  Voila!  It is a symphony of texture and flavors. 

| Kuro Goma Ice Cream.  I've always liked black sesame ice cream because it is not the usual kind that reeks of sweetness. 

| Matcha Ice Cream.  Matcha is life.  I rest my case.

Lunch at Fukudaya is terrific.  Never had i encountered a restaurant with an extraordinary menu.  I ain't kidding,  everything is delicious!  This is rarity in the restaurant scene,  i strongly recommended you pay them a visit.  NOW!

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