Fun Factory Food Park

17 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite

Fun Factory Food Park
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Mikka M.
4.0 Stars

Medyo mahirap pala magreview ng food park kasi marami kang irereview pag marami kang kinainan lalo na hindi mo maalala pangalan ng inorderan mo 128514

Di ko maalala kung ano name nung shawarma rice na binilhan namin pero super sulit yung wagyu beef shawarma rice (180?170?php) generous toppings and beef :) i ordered extra rice pa kasi i shared it with my baby and it was more than enough for us :) super flavorful. Only downside was the waiting time for the rice. Sakin yung huling sinaing 128514 they should have cooked na nung paubos na yung rice lalo na dinner time na. Hubs and my kuya waited pa for 20mins for their order dahil lang sa rice :(

Ordered nachos somewhere. Isa lang naman mexican keme dun e haha what we ordered cost about 180php. Good na for 4 pax. Even better pa na ulamin dahil sa dami ng beef and toppings 128514128514128514128055128055128055 sulit sya promise ;)

Teokkbokki from chinggu keme was spicy and sweet just what i expected. But for the serving, medyo hindi sya sulit for me for 120php. Haha kaya ko ubusin e... hahaha!

Dami pa namin di natry here so its worth coming back for more haha medyo hassle lang yung may standup comedians na naka costume tapos nagiikot para mamasko :P kaloka. Haha

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Shey C.
4.0 Stars

Note: Photos are from my level/point of view. So you'll see the actual size of the food and what to expect at the place. Though my phone isn't that justifying 128514

My girlfriend and I is on a hunt for a place to enjoy on our "offset" 128514 since she's from cavite, she suggested to try this new food park near her place. When I searched this place on looloo, it only had one review. But her review and the pictures are so interesting. So, I told my girlfriend to try it. We went here around five in the afternoon yesterday (friday). To our surprise, It's not yet jampacked. So we went inside and look around for a place to eat. There were a lot of food stalls to choose from, from asian cuisine to filipino to mexican, everything you could crave for I think is in here. After looking at all the food stalls, we decided not to eat a meal. I decided to taste it all so we try picka picka of some of stalls this food park has to offer. Here are the stalls and their food we tried:

Tori Mania:

2 pieces of Yakitori for only 110 pesos. You can only choose from 55-60 pesos of their Tori sticks. They had a lot to choose from. But no beef allowed 'cause it cost 100+ I think. I forgot already what kind we chose but both of these are sooo good! Meat are very juicy and tender and very tasty! One stick has asparagus inside and one has something inside but they said that specific ingredients that was written in the menu are hard to find here in the Ph so they substitute pepper powder instead of that said ingredients. They also had one bbq sauce for the other tori stick that I forgot which is perfect for that tori stick as well. Over all, this was soo good that you would want to avail again but to think that it's expensive, because you'll realize that it was just plain skewers in a japanese way. But man, soo damn flavorful and juicy! Just forget the price though. 128514

Chikin Yuggun:

We decided to try fish cake as this was in their table, promoting it's price. 2 pieces/sticks for only 99 pesos. Of all the korean dishes we tried, this was the one we haven't tasted yet. So we gave this one a go and we didn't regret trying this. 128523 I have never been to korea ever since but I've been watching Kdrama for a long time and you'll see this fish cake around their streets on their Kdrama. And my first bite to this, the first thought will come to your head is, it's korean style fishball! But man, there's something in here that made it so authentic from our local fishballs. It doesn't have the scent of maasim in their street food like we have here in the Ph. And it has authentic taste of the sauce that you'll definitely tell it is korean! First time to try this, and my girlfriend loves it. It's worth trying for. For the price as well. Yummy. 128523


Next up is this one, as we were looking for another food. My girlfriend said she wants to try the one who has taco taco so we went here. We chose the one that has "stuntmant" name in their menu (I forgot again) 128514. It has another version of it. One has soft taco and the one we chose is hard taco shell. At first thought, for the price of 150 pesos, we thought that it's for only one person, but worry no more. The serving of this is in two. So if you're in a couple like us, you'll get to try it both. 128521 For the taste of this, this one's ok. Not good nor bad. We love the tomatoes and the mayo dressing for this taco, but we don't like the beef that much. I don't know, but it taste like not real ground beef though. But I love the cheese! It's so plenty that every cheese lover has to ask for! 128523 We regret trying hard taco shell, as this one was very challenging to eat. I suggest to try the other version of it which is soft taco shell. Over all, I think this is also worth it for the price for two persons! 128521

The Toy Bar:

The first thing my girlfriend saw right after we got here is this juice bar. She was surprise because aside from serving a juice from a regular size, they have a medium, large and big size that are very big enough for couple or more. Take note, in a one big bowl of glass! Every one of you in your friends of 3-4 can share up in one big bowl of juice! šŸ¤— This bar meant it served that way. This was the one made them so famous that every one got their ordered drinks in their bar. My girlfriend and I ordered the one in I think is in large size, which is 120 pesos in calamansi flavor. I don't know how much their big size as my girlfriend has the one who ordered it. (Look at the picture na lang.) They also offer mocktail drinks and mocktails that is non-alcoholic. This is so worth it for a group of 3-4 person if you're not maarte to share one bowl with your friends ha. 128514 But taste wise? Not good, as they put a lot of ice in their served drinks. The drink will taste less after the ice melt in the juice. Maybe tell the staff to put less ice on your drinks. 128521


My last stop of asian cuisine. I actually wasn't planning to buy at this stall though, 'cause I was only getting my order at chikin yuggun beside them. Since I was there, I looked up at their menu. At first I saw their kutchay. But man, I think was expensive for me. It cost 99 pesos for kutchay in a stall I think. And there was a chicken feet. It cost only 49 pesos. So I opted for this one 'cause the man told me that it has 4 pieces of chicken feet. We also have a chinese chicken feet before in our work canteen and it was so good. So I have high expectation to this. So we ordered this one, and the man also told me to come back pick it up after 10mins. When I get back to pick up my order, which was not 3 minutes has passed, the man in the front who was taking orders from customers told the one in the kitchen that, "ayan ni si mam kukunin na yung order" the man in the kitchen, get the chicken feet in a steaming machine, Idk what it was called. But the thing is, why tell me to get it after 10 mins where you can prepare it right after I submit my order? Why? Was it a trip or what? That's actually fine for me. Maybe he had another order to do first before mine. (The one in the kitchen) But next time, please don't make the minutes too long where customers can get it right away. Para naman kasing niloloko nyo customer nyo. Nakangisi pa sila sakin na parang ngaasar kasi. Dinedma ko nalang. šŸ™„ By the way, not being biased, but their CHINESE style chicken feet is so bad. Lack of flavor and sweetness. Masarap pa inihaw na paa ng manok sa kalsada kesa sa kanila. Steaming made it so soft that the meat of it will seperate itself right after you put it your mouth. But what is chinese style chicken feet if it hasn't got that authentic flavourful spicy sweet sauce right? Sorry I forgot to take picture kasi talagang wasn't planning to buy at this stall. Dapat pala talagang di na ko bumili.

All in all, of all the food we try out is so sulit! We paid only 528 pesos for all the food we ate plus we get to try atleast every thing, and that is for TWO person! Not so affordable for students, but it was sulit for a first timer in a/for a food park. I recommend to try all of it actually. Maybe for yuwok, try other stuff but not their chicken feet as to what I've said. This food park has future on it! I hope my review will take part on it's growth. We'd love to come back again! You should give it a try 128521

Ps. Tori Mania and SeƱorita has it's own order buzzer thingy-majigy (Ifdk what it's called 128514) but it's a machine that buzz when you order is ready to pick it up. But you can opt to serve it to you if you want to, just get your seat first before you take orders to all the stalls so that they know where they'll deliver it. Well, if you don't have seat yet like us, they'll give you that machine. Just tell the ordertaker that your order is for pick up then they'll give that machine to you. Only that two of the stalls of all the stalls we ordered has that machine. Toy bar and chikin yuggun only had typical numbers you'll get in a fast food chains. Yuwok had only receipt with number in it.

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Mikka M.
4.0 Stars

First timers! We arrived around 5pm and there were just a handful of people. We decided to try out Tori Mania and it did not disappoint. I had the yakitori set (155php) and it had 2 sticks of your choice of yakitori (except beef), rice and miso soup. It was filling enough for me who have a hefty appetite haha i chose pork with cheese and pork wrapped enoki. I enjoyed every morsel of it. Hubs tried the combo set (195php) which had 3 sticks of yakitori (forgot what kind haha pero there's beef) miso soup and rice. I tried the beef and it was tender and tasty. We added gyoza (80php). It was cheap but tasted bland. Ordered soy garlic chicken (1pc. 99php) for my toddler, from Chikin Yuggun. Serving was big but the taste was just ok. Fries (160php) from Las Patatas was a bit ordinary. It took time for our order to be ready and when it was served, it was cold na.

There were alot of choices in this food park. Will definitely go back to try more. Parking was not a hassle maybe because it was still early. location was convenient and easy to find. Place was also "instragrammable" haha

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