Functional Fitness

4/F The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Functional Fitness
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Jae R.
5.0 Stars

My second review after 6 months of working out in Sky Fitness and with Coach Drew.

I guess I'll just let the pic do the talking. Sorry for the gross before pics. The left side are before pics (taken February before I started working out). Upper right taken after just 3 months. The lower right was taken last week. 128513

Note that I have not been doing a lot of cardio as I hate that. LOL. And thanks to Looloo, I have also not been able to really do a healthy diet as I keep seeing 5 star recommendation everywhere I go. 128541 I wouldve gotten my dream six pack if I dieted and did cardio. 128522

After trying out all the mainstream gyms (slimmers, fitness first, golds) I have finally found the one that keeps me motivated to stay in shape.

You might love this gym too, you can sign up for a free trial session (the trial session is a taste of what you will be getting if you opt to sign with a 1-1 trainer per session). 128522

Please tell Marie (or anyone in the reception) that Jae referred you and that you're looking for Coach Drew. 128522

If I sound like I'm promoting, thats because I am. Couldn't recommend this gym more. 1108811088110881108811088️ + 11088


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Jae R.
4.0 Stars

I signed up for their free trial workout with a PT and it was the most thorough and comprehensive session I've ever had (compared to FF, gold's and Slimmers). They checked for my posture, stance, problem areas, muscular structure, etc aside from the normal height, weight, Bmi, etc. Sorry, they have the correct terms for those but I forgot. Haha.

Coach Drew, (the trainer assigned to me) was very supportive, assertive and made me push myself. Which is what I like because in my previous gyms, the PT was intimidated by me (suplado daw ako 128513) and didnt really egg me on whenever I stopped. The people/staff were also very friendly. All smiles and ready to help out members.

I came in at 4pm and there were only a handful of people working out which is a plus in my book since I don't like crowds. 128513

They also give you two towels every visit - a bath towel and a workout one. Yay! I don't need to carry a huge towel in my gym bag. 128077

Two out of 4 shower stalls were broken though. They have complete accessories, even hair gel but there's no hair dryer.

And that made me sign up. This is one of the most expensive packages I've ever come across (I've canvassed FF, Gold's, SWI, crossfitmnl, etc, except for Shangrila gym) but I feel it's money well spent. Their PT sessions come in 24, 36, 48 and 72 packages, the higher you go, the lower the rate/session is.


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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Another fitness center in the foodie mall! Some food-health balance indeed!

I've been looking for a fitness program to complement my current routine at my gym. My past personal trainer was really good in helping me reach and maintain my fitness and weight goals. But recently he has been quite busy recently training as an instructor for some GRoup classes thus hard scheduling. That plus the fact that when I do have my PT sessions, often the area gets too crowded with other clients undergoing their respective PT routines.

With the advent of so many new specialized/personalized/ customized fitness centers all over the Metro, it can be a tad of a challenge finding one's perfect fit. I personally prefer a mix of high cardio, functional strength and core training. I haven't gym-windowshopped so I could not compare all other popular specialized free-style facilities.

My criteria is pretty basic--location (somewhere near home or work---Afterall travel time and convenience of location is essential because I don't want to get tired just from driving to the place or feel too lazy to travel the distance), cleanliness+safety +professional licensed staff (no injuries please!), and budget.

SkyFitness is a Singaporean based fitness center that highlights it's one-on-one personal training programs. Full range programs for different fitness goals--competitive athletics, rehab, weight and strength management, etc.

I inquired and set a trial work out appointment to see if the center was to my fitness liking.

The center's facilities are nicely high ceilinged and sprawling. An indoor track, synthetic turf(fake grass) area, some fancy looking cable, steel, rope equipment. A few free weights. And a lot of designated stations for respective programs.

My trial work out started with a physical assessment-- general body goals, problems, followed by posture check, core, body balance, weight, metabolic charts, etc. pretty much, my trainor , Brian, was able to identify my posture defects, back problems,leg-knee problems, feet issues (slightly flat-footed128534)

Warm up was Pressure point roller, weight resistance bands, and a few sprints around the indoor track. This was followed by a cross-functional training using their exclusive free weight cable, and band machine called the Purmotion (photo above copied from Google image). I thought I was strong--but after the timed repetitions--failed with the weighted trunk twists and the pull-ups.

Further went through core routines and deadlifts. A band sprint through the track ( trainor was weighing me down with an elastic band as I sprinted the track) was also exhausting!

The routine ended with a nice stretch and pressure massage. Painful but good. I was asked to freshen up before I was given my assessment.

The whole training took a good 1 hr and 45 mins.

Their lockers were small but clean. Nice shower stalls with basic bath and soap facilities. Lotion, alcohol, deo ,hair drier for free use of customers. And their toilets had bidets.

I was given my assessment. And based on my weaknesses and goals, my trainor recommended a program for me.

I felt it was indeed a scientific and guided professional approach. I don't know if this prevails with other fitness centers that offer personalized training. But I was happy and challenged with the personalized assessment and program. Plus the place was very convenient for my visits. I initially bought a 2 month package (24 visits of 1-on-1 sessions).

Good thing that this center will start opening at 7am starting this coming monday---way before mall hours.

A good option for people looking for a specialized and personalized fitness program (specially if you're in the area). at least, they offer free trials before you commit.

I guess everyone has their good reason on what fitness center to choose. Some would prioritize the group classes, while others would prioritize where they get to meet a lot of friends, while others have more reasons than one. At the end of the day, I think, regardless of what motivational reason, everyone should really take it to heart an effective fitness program (i.e. you reach your fitness goals within the time you target) . Health is wealth! And a healthy lifestyle can be a free ticket to some awesome occasional "unhealthy" food adventures .

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