Fundacion Pacita Nature Lounge

Sitio Tukon, Basco, Batanes

Fundacion Pacita Nature Lounge
5.0 Stars

7 Reviewers

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Carla Fenella A.
5.0 Stars

I can still remember seeing photos of this iconic house on top of the hill, facing the Pacific Ocean on the internet and magazines every time I search for anything related to Batanes. Now I can't believe that I got the chance to experience the luxury of staying in it. Another bucket list was ticked off!

We stayed at Sumla 2. The room has a king sized bed in the main suite and 3 single beds in the adjacent suite with 2 bathrooms and a balcony facing the Pacific Ocean.

Me and doctora stayed at the main suite. The main suite is the room where the late Pacita Abad used to do her artworks. Well, where else should she stay, the room has the best view in the house. I can stay at the balcony the whole day and just enjoy the breathtaking view of Batanes; mighty waves of the Pacific and south china sea, lush mountains, the strong wind blowing thru my hair and the sight of the most photgraphed lighthouse from afar!! Just amazing! Only Fundacion Pacita can give you this majestic view with an awesome hotel experience here in Basco.

Once you step inside from that amazing view, you can now enjoy the comfort of your 5 star suite. This is the best hotel stay I've had so far. They also have better soaps and shampoos than the ones I've tried from other hotels. I just love the green tea scent. I love Fairmont's Le Labo but I liked this better. They have spacious bathrooms too! Staff were great and always smiling. On our last day they even surprise us with complimentary desserts on top of each bed.

You will see Pacita Abad's artwork around the place. There are some in the room and a lot at the common area. There are books that are for sale too. They also have a cute, instagram-worthy cafe located before the pathway to the house and there's a gallery below it. Haven't seen it coz it was under construction the time we went. Their common area has a lot of travel books and some of Pacita Abad's books. It is a good place to relax and read. A picturesque one too.

Fundacion Pacita is pricey but worth it! We paid 42k for 2d2n and there were only 6 of us. If you want to get a room or stay at this iconic house above the hill you have to call early coz they are usually full. This is also the best and most expensive hotel in Batanes, 2nd best rated hotel is the Bernardo's which is located in town.

This place is a big house built with cobblestones. Batanes' traditional way of building houses. It houses Pacita Abad's artworks and it used to be her home too. Fundacion Pacita can be compared to some 5 star hotels we have here in Manila. Actually even better!

I'm still in awe with the beauty of it. The place, the view, artworks everywhere, everything! I even felt like I'm in the painting! Batanes is truly breathtaking and staying in this lodge makes the experience amazing! I swear I'll be back.

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

Yummy good here.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Considered as the only hotel in Batanes, we never got to check in here. It was pricey, and yes, we were on a tight budget. 128518

We did get to do a tour here when we dined at Cafe du Tukon (full review soon 128521). It was a charming place with little houses that I assume were the rooms. It does feel airy at some points. And I bet you don't need an aircon or electric fan at night. This place also offers a great view of the Batan landscape and seascape. Perfect for both sunrise and sunset 127748128522127749

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Jonas R.
5.0 Stars

If you want to spend quality time and make memories with your loved one in Batanes, Fundacion de Pacita is a perfect choice of accommodation. With that kind of isolation to the chaotic world and breathtaking views to see while holding hands, no doubt love will be kindled.

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

THE only hotel to stay when in Batanes! 128077128077127775127775127775127775127775
Had an amazing stay here, the suite we stayed in had a magnificent view -- the sea and sunset! It had all the comforts of home minus the distractions of the TV. Mobile data is weak but cell signal is ok. Wifi is only available at the reception, no signal in the room.

Food needs improvement. Limited choices. You have to inform them ahead of them if you plan to eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Menu is based on whats available at the market.

The staff were nice and accommodating.

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Grace d.
5.0 Stars

After a decade of anticipation and months of planning, I finally made it to Batanes! Yay! For this review, I'll just focus on the hotel.

I can't even begin to explain how beautiful Fundacion Pacita is, but let me start by saying that the hefty price tag is justified.

You get a view of an expansive coastline from your balcony--complete with background music from forever-crashing waves and chirping birds in flight! How idyllic! A walk around would reveal an eminence of Batanes' famous rolling hills which surround the property. No wonder this place a definite stop in tour packages. You get to see most of it here (they even have their own boulder beach!), and that makes it priceless.

At first I thought that imposing a minimum of 2 nights to be able to book was a bit too much. Their rates aren't exactly cheap after all. But in hindsight, it's a blessing in disguise that there was such an imperative, because I would've been really bummed out had we only stayed here for a night. It wouldn't have been enough, because there's so much to see and do.

The log-cabin suite we stayed in was so cozy, I wanted to lie in the ultra-plush bed and bury my face in goose down pillows the whole day. Don't even get me started with that balcony right outside our bedroom, which looks out to that view at the bottom
of the photo. I sat there for hours just staring at the grandeur right before my very eyes.

I had to peel myself off the bed because there's more visual feast waiting for me outside. Their manicured gardens and the iconic blue chairs in it were too charming to miss. Pacita Abad's awe-inspiring artworks were also a must-see treat. In attempt to find something outdoorsy to do, I tried to descend a hill at the back of the main building, thinking that it would be a leisurely stroll. The trail is made of unfinished, unrailed cement staircases, and I didn't even make it halfway through lol it was kinda steep, and the beach at the end of it was just too far below lol. Sayang, would've wanted to see their version of a boulder beach (the one in Vayang literally had my mouth hanging in disbelief. It was just beautiful!). If only I weren't so unfit. Lol. You wouldn't run out of things to do here. Or you could be devoid of activities by choice, and yet still be fulfilled.

In contrast to the very country ambiance, they have standard hotel-type of toiletries, and I love that they use Human Nature! Turndown service was also impeccable. Needless to say, the staff were kind and very accommodating. They offer free transfers to and from the airport. Wifi is only available at their office. This place--and Batanes as a whole--really takes you off the grid, not just because of the setting, but because there's no 3G. Lol. But fret not, social media junkie from the urban, 2G/GPRS is somewhat sufficient for refreshing Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes. I should mention that I could only upload photos on Instagram really early in the morning, when no one else has connected to their Wifi. Same thing happens with other hotels even in the town proper. They all probably share the same broadband service provider.

Speaking of internet service, when I ran a Speedtest check, all the nearby servers that turned up were in Taiwan!!! Wala lang, ang cool! Haha. Just goes to show its proximity to the neighboring country. And to digress even further, our tour guide, who also happens to be a fisherman (and a farmer, security guard, tricycle driver, lahat na. Very admirable.) told us a story about how they would try to steal from fishing lines of the Taiwanese hehehe but they would always get caught. In his defense (and I hope I'm defending him right because I know zilch about fishing), though, sa sobrang laki naman daw kasi ng fishing line ng Taiwan, umaabot na sa jurisdiction ng Pilipinas. Sadly, our armed forces can't seem to do anything about it. So the locals resort to stealing what should be rightfully theirs to begin with.

I'd go back in a heartbeat, if only to be able to space out in that balcony again. Realistically speaking, that would take a bit of time since it can get really expensive. And if I overheard their management right, they're increasing their rates sometime soon. That's inversely proportional to my chances of going back in the very near future, huhu.

I'm glad I got the chance to stay in Fundacion Pacita. It's most definitely a highlight of my Batanes trip. 9786

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