Funnside Ningnangan

MacArthur Highway, Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan

Funnside Ningnangan
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roceline s.
4.0 Stars

Funnside ningangan is located at Marcos highway Guiginto bulacan, actually there are a lot of funnside ninangan everywhere but of course since we live at bulacan and its a place that is nearest to us, thats why we choose to dine here.

actually, dinning here is not actually part of our plan, but because my Boy friend tolds me that his boos and other of his co-officemates invited him for some Food trips, we decided to go and dine with them.

this is my first time to fine at this restaurant. well the ambiance is Great, thr kubos are has perfectly amount of seated chairs for a lot of customers. theres a Wide screen tv.
good for barkadas, family and also for couples of course.
great foods and you can also choos your food.

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Dada M.
5.0 Stars

Beach feels! 10084๏ธ

where inihaw is a hit! a place to chill and get burp 128514128514128514

Place 128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ
Food 128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ
People 128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ
Waiting time 128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128077๐Ÿผ128514 (hahaha medyo matagal dami tao! )

a must when going to bulacan 128513128513128513128513128513

til next visit!

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Jerome A.
5.0 Stars

Mum decided to bring us to Funnside Ningnangan at Guiguinto, Bulacan. I initially thought we wouldn't leave the house, as usual, because it was such a laid back weekend. Anyway, the place was easy to find. As soon as you exit NLEX via Guiguinto, Funnside Ningnangan is just across the bus stop and the plant shops. It was also a surprise that there were few people dined in at that time, and so we were able to find a good spot to sit.

What made the experience exciting was the fact that you get to choose your own food, pay only what you can eat, have it cooked by the master chefs, and eat all your heart out!

We had Steamed Crabs with tons of Crab Meat and Fat (Alige), Grilled Stuffed Squid, Grilled Liempo, Buttered Shrimp, Sinigang na Maya-Maya sa Miso, and Baked Tahong. Imagine, for 6 viands, 7 big servings of rice, and a soda, we only spent less than โ‚ฑ2700. Plus the fact that every food that they were able to serve was beyond delicious is already a home runner with me.

Best dish to me was the Baked Tahong with roasted garlic chops and cheedar cheese on top.

Also, Happy Birthday to me! 23 years young and counting! 9786๏ธ

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Mary Iralyn C.
4.0 Stars

I don't know how to create a new location of this branch in looloo so i just placed my feedback in this location even if we went to Caloocan. We ordered chicharon bulaklak which was crispy and my mother in law's favorite. Inihaw na hito was also tasty and the BbQ was good too. Sinigang na salmon belly tasted as expected. The location here in Caloocan branch is very nice. A must try resto for the family.

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Ygie Marielle M.
5.0 Stars

Funnside Ningnangan is a kapampangan ihawan in Pampanga and Bulacan. Ningnangan means "ihaw-ihaw". Since my dad grew up in Pampanga he knows a lot about Pampanga foods, culture and places! :)

We always eat here in where we travel to Pampanga or Subic. We usually eat in San Matias Branch in Pampanga cause we already know their service and how the place looks like.

They serve different kinds of well-known Filipino dishes like barbecues, seafoods, bulalo, sisig, chicken and pork! :) Di kayo titigil sa kanin until maubos ulam 128557128514 My photo says it all! The moment I uploaded the photos I craved for it!! :(( I promise you guys! It's different here! Unlike the ihawans here in Manila! Nako! You really have to try this!! :)

This place is best for family and barkada lunch out or dinner! You'll surely get full with all their delicious food! It's really sulit cause of the food, service, ambiance and the place where you can make new memories! :)

There are nipa huts around the compound but there are also tables and chairs like normal restaurants have.

*P.S; they do not have air-conditioned area so yes, feel the probinsya life! Live it, and love it!! Breathe some fresh air and some usok ng inihaw, not just polluted usok in the Metro! 1285149996๐Ÿป

Pero really guys, kita niyo nagtatagalog na ako maconvince ko lang kayo. Promise you went regret paying toll fees just to try this! :(

** P.S; directions to Funnside Ningnangan where we usually eat! :

NLEX โ€” exit to San Simon turn left โ€” turn right on stoplight when you pass by a 7-11 โ€” the straight ahead till you see a sign of Funnside Ningnangan on your right!

*** P.P.S; magkatabi yung 2 branches sa San Matias; I recommend the 1st branch from the direction I stated above 128070๐Ÿป 9786๏ธ


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Kim L.
4.0 Stars

Whenever I visit my boyfriend's hometown, I make sure to dine in at local, affordable places that serve authentic Filipino food. Our friends have been raving about Ningnangan for the longest time and it was just timely that we were nearby.

This place actually offers the "paluto" concept where you get to pick your preferred meat, bbq and seafood of choice. Others are priced by weight and some per piece without charging for the paluto itself. There's also an existing menu if you don't want the hassle of going through their mini wet market.

So for the food, we ordered:

โ€ข Sizzling pork sisig - Now this is the sisig worth traveling for and is definitely in my top 3. Ironically, I don't like too much fat in my sisig and prefer the ones with more liver and pork meat. It was not as oily and the meat was perfectly seasoned. Serving size was overwhelming too for 110php!
โ€ข Fried salmon belly - I've always had this in sinigang but never realized how delicious it was when fried. It was like eating fried chicken but this time, salmon? Hahaha!
โ€ข bbq (Pork and Pork liver) - These were a bit dried out but good thing there were many sauces to choose from! Still so good!

FYI, this place is in a covered open space with fans cooling the place down. So do expect that it tends to get extremely hot and humid during lunchtime.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Bulacan is not exactly a place I would visit for a food trip. I'd go a but further and go to Pampanga. But R has been raving about this "paluto" restaurant ever since we started dating and he told me that I have to try its baked tahong. And on our trip to Anvaya, we passed by... Funnside Ningnangan.

Hello, Funnside Ningnangan!

The place was half full when we got there and since we were meeting some friends in Anvaya, we hurriedly ordered an order of Baked Tahong (roughly PHP350 and comes in 14-18 pieces depending on weight I guess) and grilled salmon belly (roughly PHP250). R also got 2 cups of rice. I told him that half a cup will do for me and he could have the other half since I don't eat a lot of rice.

Our orders were served in 20 minutes.

The salmon belly was rather thin but fresh. Taste-wise, it was nothing spectacular. It's just your usual grilled salmon.

But the baked tahong was something else! It was lovely baked! The mussels were covered in melted cheese, butter and a generous serving of garlic bits. It was so rich in flavor that I finished my one cup of rice and was left wanting more! (It took a lot of effort and strong will not to head to the counter and order another cup.)

I heard that Funnside Ningnangan's bulalo is great too! I'll get that next time... with my baked tahong and two cups of rice. 128523

Take a bit of side trip here before heading to Baguio!

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