G Squared Palutuan

Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Macapagal, Pasay, Metro Manila

G Squared Palutuan
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Pearly Ann B.
5.0 Stars

Awesome food and friends is an amazing night!

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Madeleine A.
4.0 Stars

Happy birthday to me! After circumstances led to the cancellation of our weekend trip to Pico de Loro, I decided to have my birthday lunch here instead. I've been here for two other occasions in the past year, and while I can't say I love the restaurant, I most certainly love their food. I'm a bit sad that only a few people have reviewed this place, but I'm hoping a lot more people have heard about it!

G Squared is one of the restaurants tucked in one of the back streets of the compound, right next to the dirty, smelly river that flows right by the area. To be honest, the place is unappealing, and it has definitely seen better days. Some plates and bowls are slightly cracked, if not already slightly chipped. The toilet doesn't flush either, so you'll have to do it manually. Being in the bathroom also makes me feel dirty because it's not maintained well. Honestly, because of its location and its look, I get slightly paranoid about the cleanliness of the place, so I have a tendency to wipe the utensils over and over to make sure that it's really clean. For the record though, I (or anyone in my family for that matter) haven't gotten sick, so I'm sure it's fine.

I'm going to be even more honest and say that the wet market is not for me. In all my visits here, I am comfortable reserving the table while my mom and my brothers shop for our meal. I can't even go here on my own or with a few friends even if I badly want to bring them here because I don't know how to shop at the market. I don't know why I'm apprehensive about it. It's just not for me. Besides, I don't think they need my help anyway because they're perfectly capable of selecting fresh seafood for our meals... Well, except maybe this time.

My mom and my brothers came back with 2 kilos of shrimps, 1 kilo of scallops, and 1 Lapu-Lapu. We had them cooked in garlic lemon butter (shrimps), baked w cheese (scallops), and steamed (fish). Halfway into the meal, my dad requested for 1/2 kilo of tempura, too. The waitress went to the market to buy the shrimp for us, so I guess if you're not the type to go to the wet market yourself (like me), you can have them do it for you. I don't exactly know how much they'd charge you if you ask them to do it for you though.

Everything we had is tried and tested, except for the tempura which we only tried then. My favorite would definitely be the shrimps in garlic lemon butter, because they do it so well that no other restaurant or recipe has ever come close to it. You have to believe me on this one. It's so damn good. The only problem we had was that my mom chose suahe (small to medium-sized shrimps) over sugpo (prawns) by mistake. Ordering suahe would mean more shrimps, whereas having sugpo would mean less shrimps at the same weight. Ergo, our group of 6 probably still had about a kilo leftover and it never happened that way before. Regardless, still good and still the best. Definitely recommended, but go with the sugpo.

The scallops weren't as good this time around. They were sort of cold already when they were served, so I guess it was sitting out before it came to our table. Ordinarily though, they're so good, especially if you top it with a dash of salt, a squeeze of lemon, and a dollop of hot sauce. That's how I enjoy my raw oysters, actually, but it works with baked scallops too!

The tempura was a pleasant surprise. I've long stopped ordering tempura in restaurants because they always seem to have the same oily flavor wherever I order it. In my experience, if the tempura is crunchy, it's oily. If it's soggy, it's even more oily. Anything too oily causes me to cringe, and I easily lose my appetite, especially when I can feel the oil on my face. This one was much different though, it was crunchy, and not that oily. I loved the tempura sauce too. My dad says that a good tempura is 50% the sauce, and I have to agree with him because tempura doesn't really have much flavor. Luckily for us, G Squared does both the tempura and the sauce well.

I didn't try the steamed fish anymore because I was too busy stuffing myself with everything else. My mom also ordered it mainly for my dad so he would only eat enough of the cholesterol-heavy shrimps (which, of course, he didn't).

We spent around Php 3,500 for the seafood, the cooking, several cups of rice (I lost count), and a 1.5L of soda. Considering we were 6 in total and even brought home leftovers, Php 3,500 is a good deal. I would even say that it's cheap for what we got. I was so full from all that I ate that I thought I'd have to skip my birthday dinner. My only wish is that they'd work on the place though, because until then, I can only give them 4 stars! Also, don't expect much from the service, but it's not bad. Just a little lacking in some ~professional~ aspects.

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

Ok, so we were so hungry that no pictures were taken except for an after-late-lunch selfie! 128521

As always, tempura is the winner of them all!!
Buttered garlic crab's the runner-up 128538

Must eat here again 128540 Rochelle C

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Juan D.
5.0 Stars


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Eloi H.
4.0 Stars

Looking for seafood paluto/dampa style? this is the place.

I love their tempura! Love the crispness. Love the sauce. Not oily. Very good halaan soup too. Lots of ginger.

Though I hope their comfort room is much cleaner.

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Rustan R.
5.0 Stars

Chili Garlic Crab Claws
Tiger Prawn Tempura
1 bowl Fried Rice
2 Mango Shakes

225 1/2 kl. tiger prawn
170 paluto of prawn
150 1/2 kl. crab claw
150 paluto of crab
150 1 bowl of fried rice
160 2 mango shake
20 service charge
20 addt'l tip to kuya attentive

1/3 bowl of fried rice
8 pcs. Tiger prawn tempura

If you're a seafood-lover and you have a big group, this is the best to eat!!

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Rustan R.
4.0 Stars

If you love seafoods (and even farm meats) and you want it cooked the way you want it, you can visit seaside macapagal palutuan. Specifically, we visited G Squared Palutuan. We bought a king crab (3/4 kl.) worth 300, 1 kl. prawn and 1 pusit lomot (1/2 kl.) worth 340. We then brought them in G Squared for cooking. We decided to have them cooked as follows: Chili Garlic Crab, Stuffed Squid (Ihaw), 1/2 kilo as Sinigang na Hipon and lastly but, definitely, not the least, 1/2 kl. Shrimp Tempura!! We also had ensaladang mangga which is a good combo with all these seafood dishes.

Everything are cooked perfectly, I had nothing to complain. The crab is finger-licking delicious, I hope we could have bought more crabs. Squid is just the same inihaw that we have somewhere else, thinking I could just skipped having squid tonight and rather take another crab. Anyway, still squid is still great, not rubbery and grilled perfectly. Sinigang na hipon is just the same, we just want to take some soup anyway. Lastly, shrimp tempura is a hit. I think it is better than any other tempura that you can find on japanese restos. The breadings are thin enough you can taste the shrimp itself. Our resto bill is only 960. All in all, I spent only 1,500 and we're very full. Definitely worth a try...

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Bruce R.
4.0 Stars

One of the best if not the best in Seaside Macapagal. There prawn tempura is to die for. They also make the best halaan clam soup. Advice to all planning to eat, you buy your own stuff in the market so you will not complain if the shrimps are smaller than expected.

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Karen G.
4.0 Stars

Fresh seafood. :)
We had one of my lola's office parties here and we had a good time eating fresh seafood. I love shrimps, crabs and scallops so thats a staple order. Service is good and place is okay. Have no idea about price list because everything was taken cared of by my lola's secretary. I think they went to the market first to buy seafood to have it cooked by GSquared.

On another note, we also ate at SIS. This time, since its scorching hot outside, we had them do the market stuff. One thing i noticed was the size consistency of the shrimp. They had some really small ones mixed in our order.
But its okay since we were in heaven after. We were a group of 3 adults and 1 toddler. My little boy didn't want to eat the crab and the shrimps. Too bad for him and more for us. :) the waiter was very attentive, consistently putting ice and refilling our drinks. We ordered a bottle of 1.5 soda and it was just right at our table but he still did it for us since our hands were too busy cracking the crabs shell. :)

I enjoyed both times, its just that i was more engaged in the second visit since i was the one who ordered. Too bad i just couldn't find SIS on looloo.

What we had: half kilo shrimp sinigang, half kilo chilli garlic shrimps, 1k crabs in gata, half kilo baked cheesy scallops, half kilo grilled tanigue in garlic butter sauce.

Only if i could eat all if them errrrrday!

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Faye Karel V.
4.0 Stars

"Seafoods Cooked Your Way"

Since my whole clan craves for seafoods we decided to go here at dampa. My last dampa experience was like 4-5 years ago. So I'm really excited to eat here.

I think the first dampa ever is in ParaƱaque so since then we go to G squared because the place is so clean compared and it's full than other palutuan.

So when they branched out here at Macapagal of course we still choose to dine here.

We know that dampa sells fresh catch goods so we're really expecting for that wet market smell that really stinks. But surprisingly, they managed to keep the stinky smell away. I don't know how they did it but you can't smell the air freshener either.

The store was full but you can give your groceries so that it would be ready by the time you seated. Plus, there are some small "tiangge" and fruit stands around so you can entertain yourself with that.

The store is well lit, the interiors are simple peach abstract wallpaper. They also have a smoking area by the bay. I able to use their restroom and it's so clean knowing there's a lot of people ha.

G squared is a resto that specialize seafoods "paluto". They cook whatever you bring to them according to whatever cooking style you prefer. For only P150 per kg cooking charge, g squared is able to transform our seafoods cravings to the highest level.

I really know the taste of the food and yes it's CONSISTENTLY perfect!!!

I think they have the best tempura than japanese food because the bread crumbs are really thin you can barely taste them and their tempura sauce was perfect.

We got fresh oysters, shrimp,tahong and lapu lapu sinigang all in one, adobong pusit that has awesome taste not your normal adobong pusit, sweet, chilli and stemed crabs and ensaladang mangga and seaweeds.

I just don't like the calamares because when I saw it I thought it's many but the other pieces are just simple flours but the taste is good.

The waiters watched every table and they're always there to remove some empty plates for more space and clean right away those unnecessary mess or spills.

PS. The veggies on any dish are on the house unless you want something in particular.

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Hanna B.
5.0 Stars

Been here a countless times and the taste of their food haven't changed a bit which leaves into a positive feedback. I love Macapagal. I really do, measuring the different restaus i've tries the G-squared Palutuan just suited my taste. They have good service, hospitable waiters and leaves u with a good price.

I recommend u to order the baked scallops, baked tahong, special crabs and crab curry which i usually order and obviously on my favorite list.

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Hanna B.
5.0 Stars

Been here a countless times and the taste of their food haven't changed a bit which leaves into a positive feedback. I love Macapagal. I really do, measuring the different restaus i've tried their G-Squared Palutuan just suited my taste. They have good service, hospitable waiters and leaves you with a good price.

I recommend you to order the baked scallops, baked tahong, special crabs and crab curry which i usually order and obviously on my favorite list. 128516

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Rochelle C.
4.0 Stars

So i spent Christmas eating my heart out at Dampa.

Shrimps, shrimps, squid, shrimps and shrimps.. I couldn't get enough of them..

I've eaten and eaten.. I even had so much garlic rice! Now, I'm suffering out of too much food. I can't function well. I can't even breathe well..

Anyway, G squared has always been my choice in Dampa. I feel that they cook the best tempura! Our orders tonight were TEMPURA, sinigang na hipon, salt & pepper squid, garlic rice (tons of it) and 1.5 liters of coke.

Everything was just so good except for the salt & pepper squid. However, its sauce was its saving grace.

If you ask me, here are my recommendations when you plan to eat at Dampa
(1) Tempura
(2) baked scallops
(3) salted egg crabs
(4) lobsters (any type)
(5) always always order them with garlic rice (YUM)

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