G9 Molecular Ice Cream

3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St. cor. Dela Reina St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

G9 Molecular Ice Cream
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Ice Cream
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Most Recent Reviews

Kevin R.
4.0 Stars

I am a big fan of desserts, and as soon as I saw the sign of Great 9 (G9) Molecular Ice Cream in Lucky Chinatown Mall, I knew that I had to try it.

Originally from Singapore, G9 takes ice cream and makes it cool with the help of science (in the form of liquid nitrogen). After placing an order, the staff start mixing up a batch of the ice cream. They pour in the liquid nitrogen later to cool it down in a smoky display of science.

I ordered the Banana Chocolate (PHP149) and when I finally got it, I could hear the ice cream and the waffle cup crackle for minutes amidst the impressive smoke display. I suggest holding on to the cup with a table napkin as there is still liquid nitrogen residue that could sting the hands. When the crackling stops, it is safe to hold on its own.

For the ice cream itself, the liquid nitrogen freezing process stiffens it, making it a bit difficult to chip off some pieces with the plastic spoon. I suggest waiting a couple of minutes before eating.

But as the ice cream melts, the creamy chocolate flavor emerges. The banana slices are also cool to the taste, which is a nice surprise. The waffle cup is great when it is broken down into bite-sized pieces, allowing for a toasty crunch with each spoonful. The chocolate biscuit stick is, in my opinion, best saved for last on its own. But others could also break it down for more variety in texture.

This whole thing is a satisfying blend of culinary science and art, and the price for the experience is not too bad, either. Perhaps when I am in the neighborhood in the future, I will give their Durian Milk (PHP159) and Sea Salt Caramel (PHP149) flavors a try.

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

G9 has been in Lucky Chinatown Mall for a while now, but I've always tried to avoid it because I feel like their products might be too expensive. But last Monday, I finally tried having our dessert here with my HS best friends!

Because we're in it just for the experience, the three of us got an order of the Smoky Popo (Php 70 - 7 pcs) -- ice cream bites dipped in food-grade liquid nitrogen 10052 Once you pop it in your mouth and chew it a bit, blow from your mouth for your "dragon's breath". It's so fun! 128525128076 Taste-wise, it has a mild chocolate taste that's similar to Twin Popsies (a childhood fave 128584). 128149

While it does take a while before your orders are served, you can enjoy your waiting time by watching how the kuya / ate prepares you desserts. 128525

I promise I'll come back next time to try their ice cream! 128513128076


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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

G9 molecular ice cream bar uses food-grade liquid nitrogen to make ice cream on the spot or while you wait. They have a few classic flavours like cookies and cream and chocolate; and unique flavours like avocado and salted caramel on their menu. The ice cream is served in a cup, in a freshly made waffle-cup, or in a hong kong style bubble waffle.

My dad got the chocolate in a waffle bowl while i got salted caramel in a bubble waffle. I thought the ice cream was good because it was creamy and not too sweet; and i loved the bubble waffle! One of the best bubble waffles ive had in manila so far.

Although it takes a few minutes for your order to come out, the wait was well worth it. It was pretty fun watching them make the ice cream.

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