Gabay Restaurant

South Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Gabay Restaurant
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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

We decided to allot our first day in Sagada a time with our beds, but before that I've went to settle something at Log Cabin for that night's buffet dinner.

While I was walking, I was looking for something new and a store that was previously their caught my attention, this souvenir store who's mostly known for selling the gabay wines (Native wines from the town, mostly made of local blueberries) is now selling desserts and even made a portion of the store available for customers to dine in and enjoy the sweets. They have blueberry cake, blueberry cheesecake, blueberry muffin, egg pie and lemon pie, each wouldn't cost you more than 30 pesos. So before I head back to Residential inn, I made sure to grab a slice of something from them. I decided to give lemon pie a chance again, and the other, so as to be safe, I had the egg pie. Am not really up for the berries, I thought I should left something to be tried on so I have a reason to came back.

My first encounter with lemon pie was with the famous Sagada's lemon pie house, said to serve a recipe passed from the current owner's grandparents, I am someone who's drooling for sourness but the lemon pie has bitten my tongue, theirs is too sour. But now with the Gabay's version the sourness is a bit bearable, milder from the first version I had, they've got fewer meringue covering its top unlike from the previous, that's why the sweetness from it is over powered by the sourness of the filling. The pie has an odd taste I can't explain, and so with my second try of a lemon pie I could therefore conclude that this is not my kind of pie.

The egg pie on the other hand was too sweet and the vanilla smell was very prominent. Nothing especial. Not so good pies but still am glad that some natives are trying to transcend their cooking a notch higher. Bravo!!!

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