Gabby's Bistro

G/F Florentina Homes, Rovira Rd., Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Gabby's Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Dumaguete is definitely food haven. Almost every street, there are restaurants that offer good food and comfy ambiance. When we went to Dumaguete, I made sure to include famous restos on our trip, one of them was Gabby's Bistro.

Before we went to Siquijor, we dropped by at Gabby's Bistro to have our early morning breakfast. I learned about this place from recommendations on blogs I found online. Upon entering, we saw how artsy this place was. The interior design was so 60's, as well as the vibrant colors of the whole restaurant. If the tricycle don't know this place, mention Florentina Homes because they are adjacent to each other.

We ordered heavy breakfast meals which include the following:

✔Country Sunrise (P165)
This meal was consists of sausage, sunny side up eggs, bread, and butter. The serving was big enough to fuel up the entire day. There's nothing really special with the meal except for the twin eggs. Haha!

✔Baconsilog (P165)
Bacon, rice, sunny side up eggs, and atsara on the side. I always love bacon that's why I would always choose this over other breakfast.

The service was okay. I guess, staffs were still sleepy when we went here so they didn't pay enough attention to customers. But still, they allowed photography on all sides of the restaurant.

What I loved about this place was the ambiance - its cozy and lively. There are lots of displays from vintage stuff like the petrol, old mcdonalds toys, signages of places, old posters, figurines, and so much more. It was like we traveled back in time where everything was cool and artsy.

There are also wild flowers scattered all over the place. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for instagram-worthy artistic resto in the heart of Dumaguete City. I will surely come back, maybe to try other main dishes.


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Michelene A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Christa U.
3.0 Stars

Dropped by for desserts with my cousins since we were all craving for ice cream.

Atmosphere: Gabby's Bistro really exudes a cozy and warm atmosphere. i don't know if it's because of the colors they use for decor, or how it doesn't try to be too big of a space, and how it balances outside and inside's just warm.

Ample parking space outside for the number of customers.

Service: Service was so-so. There was a left-over placemat at the booth we picked that never got cleaned. Our food got served pretty fast, but obviously as it was just ice cream it's what you would expect.

Food/Desserts: The ice cream was quite good, lots of choices here (as compared to their newly opened branch along Rizal Boulevard). I had a scoop of durian ice cream and a scoop of belgian chocolate (see photo).

Kind of disappointed though that they don't have options to have it in a cone. That would have made eating ice cream all the more fun.

Price:' The price is closer if not equal to Manila standards than that of the usual Dumaguete standards. Still, the quality of the ice cream is definitely reflected in its cost so you know you're getting something good.

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Lexi M.
3.0 Stars

Dumaguete City really showcases posh but totally budget-friendly restaurants. You can literally use foodtrippin' as your hashtag.

Those cajun chicken fingers in the above photo are to-die-for. That was my first and I loved it. Some of my favorites were their chicken adobo, liempo with java rice and coleslaw/mashed potato, and beef bayou! Yum!

Love the ambience. The interior decorations (plush toys, photo wall mostly with the chef's celebrity guests, high-back couch) and the entire architecture are well-thought. It is also a hotel but I haven't stayed in yet. The inspirations are mixed, a little Greek outside, kind of like a Santorini-ish vibe with their tower, Italian brick sidewalk, Mexican/cowboy interior set-up, an ice cream shop, and clean and comfortable toilet (so important).

But they do have a major, major downside. Service. You will be waiting long for the food to be prepared. The restaurant is easily frequented by customers and up to now they still haven't quite figured out how to adjust to the growing number.

Nevertheless, I won't miss Gabby's Bistro everytime I visit this warm and welcoming city. It is, after all the City of Gentle People!

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Tei A.
2.0 Stars

This is the restaurant of the hotel we stayed in Dumaguete. The only dish that we liked from the photos is the chocolate cake. The rest were mediocre. The pasta noodle was overcooked plus lacked flavor, grilled tuna bbq belly was too sweet, caesar salad dressing tasted like it came from a bottle plus the croutons they used were Oishi's bread pan. Disappointing. They're resto exterior and interior was cute pa naman. Too bad food was bad. 128078

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Renen C.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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1.0 Stars

Worst service ever. Took them 10 minutes to clean table, another 10 to get orders (server wasn't paying attention). After 20 minutes, orders still incomplete. No food was ordered, just drinks. Excuse was that there were too many people but the place was just half-full. Leaving Dumaguete annoyed all because of the crappy service.

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Ric Angelo C.
4.0 Stars

150meters away from 127968 hauz is this Resto of a hotel. Always pass by here and see quite a lot of patrons so timing was good with hubby in town last nyt. Inside the resto, a lively and fun ambiance with 128512 PVZ And AngryBirds characters hanging on the ceiling. The menu was packed like I mean packed: pork, beef, chicken, salads, 127837pasta, 127829 pizza, smoothies, 127867 beers and spirits!

We ordered quite a lot. Hubby had Oriental Grilled fish n shrimps 128076128077128076128077 and choco smoothie! Her order was that good, cant resist but ate along, made heavenly with the spicy sauce. I had pizza Baguette, MojoTatoes and Spicy wings and of course, beer...

The seats had a lot of cushion hehe but after eating her meal we decided to transfer outside to appreciate the stars 11088127769.

The waiters were ok and quite fast but my buffalo wings were taken out of the pan maybe a couple of minutes earlier, I see red 128545 and mojos were too oily, just cant perfectly copy shakey's. Twas OK though my four RH stallions 127867 were only two on the bill 128567. I paid 750.

Definitely be back to try more.

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