Gabe's Homegrown Dishes

YDG Bldg., 219 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Gabe's Homegrown Dishes
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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

The foodie scene has exploded over the years gaining so much attention from A to Z. Restaurants are on a roll to fight for a chance to grab the top spot, or sometimes, to simply stand out from the rest. Craving for food of a particular cuisine? Name it, I'm sure there's a handful out there to satisfy your cravings! Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc etc. Conservative dishes that stick to the original recipe or modern ones that dare take the fusion kind of road, they're everywhere! Same is true for our well-loved Filipino favorites. You want it with a twist? You want it home cooked style? LOTS OF OPTIONS!!!

In a sea of Modern Filipino and Filipino Fusion restaurants, it's such a breather to find one that sticks true to comfort Filipino food. Offering nothing but affordable "home coked" goodness of our classic favorites - Kare-Kare, Sisig, Silog meals, Lengua - Gabe's Homegrown Dishes surely has something you'll like.

Located in Katipunan, just right after the strips of restaurants including Banapple, Nathaiels and Katips, look for the HQ of Sbarro and you'll spot Gabe's! A hole in the wall type of place that's not intimidating at all, their space was well organized and clean! Loved the simple interiors that touched on family love and importance. They also have some frames with different messages, industrial style drop lamps and a board where they pinned messages from guests. A play of textures with wood and tiles, I loved these wooden chairs with letters engraved! Card games, board games and even some toys for little ones are available for everyone to enjoy.

Dan and Marianne are the husband and wife tandem in charge of this family business. It's their first venture to F&B business though they have a little background from their entrepreneur parents.
Dan sent me an invite for a sponsored lunch so I went with my family on a Sunday. The staff were welcoming and genuinely kind. They helped us through the menu and asked us for anything that we wanted to try other that what they're supposed to serve. Dan and Marianne were very easy to talk to. Anything about the kitchen is managed by the wife while marketing and promotions are the tasks of the husband. They prepared a feast for us!

Appetizer: Pinoy Cheese Sticks

No fuss cheese sticks that will remind you of your childhood! Local cheddar cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep-fried to crispy perfection, each bite was oozing with cheese! My daughters loved this.

Sandwiches: Crab Sandwich and The Half Pounder

> Crab Sandwich for 100Php

Ordinary white bread that have been buttered and then toasted, filled with kani in mayo with carrot sticks and cabbage on a bed of crisp lettuce and fresh cucumber. The flavor was good but then there was too much filling! This sandwich came in with fries.

The Half Pounder for 180Php

This is their version of a cheeseburger. They made their own half pound beef patty, added some lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices plus cheese in a toasted hamburger bun. Honestly, this was just okay. The beef patty was overcooked, IMO. Could have been better if it was done medium so that it could have been juicy instead of dry. This burger was served with fries too.

Noodle: Pancit Malabon
for 100Php

Not a fan of Pancit Malabon so I technically didn't fancy this dish. Don't get me wrong, it didn't taste bad and according to my husband it was delicious. Pancit Malabon is in general not my thing. I have to note though that this plate full of noddles had a lot of toppings in it - pork, hard boiled egg and shrimps!

Onto the mains, we tried a total of four ---

Lengua for 250Php

Lengua was a staple dish when we have parties back in the province when I was a child. I can vivdly remember the creaminess of the dish, the hint of mushroom and the super tender beef tongue!
Gabe's version was full of nostalgia! Though I would still prefer my Lola Ma's version (granny's little girl here!), Gabe's definitely nailed this dish!

> Laing with Dilis for 90Php

One of their best seller, this dish was a surprise favorite of mine during our visit! It was thick, with a good coconut milk flavor, and nice touch of saltiness from the dilis.
You can control the spiciness by adding some chili.

> Kare-Kare for 200Php

Kare-Kare is a favorite dish of mine. From Fusion to modern, simple and home-cooked, I'll try them all! Gabe's version was simple but gave a comforting and homey feeling. It's like your mom's proud version. Thick peanut sauce with a hint of sweetness, lots of veggies that were done right, beef cubes and ox tripe.
Nothing fancy but definitely good.

> Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe for 185Php

Sisig is my thing and I don't like my Sisig with lots of extenders. Gabe's version was on point! Served on a sizzling plate, it had generous heaping of chopped pork, just the right portion of chopped onions, a drizzling of their own Sisig sauce, green chili and a raw egg on top. Mix everything together while the plate is still hot and you're in for a treat! Loved the occasional crunchy bite from pork skin and the overall saltiness.

If you think that we've had a lot already, I tell you not yet. Dan and Marianne also had us try two rice meals!

Baked Ribs for 190Php

Pork ribs that have been marinated in their special BBQ sauce and homemade rub, broiled then served with rice, fries and more thick sauce! These were not fall-off-the-bone tender but weren't tough as well, good flavor with hints of sweetness. Bang for your buck at 190Php!

> Horseylog for 115Php

Not your usual "silog" meal, this one's definitely for the brave soul! Sourced out from Malabon, the horse tapa had a nice salty flavor with an after taste that I can't quite describe. Their wasn't any stinky smell or taste, which was said to be a norm for this kind of meat. I'm telling you that this one is worth the try!

Even though we were BEYOND FULL, as they say, always leave room for dessert. Our generous hosts had us try two out of their three desserts!

Fried Oreos a la Mode for 100Php

Fried Oreos made their debut in the foodie scene years ago but they still manage to please. They're simply irresistible! The chocolatey goodness of the warm melted Oreo, the simple batter - kids love this dessert. Gabe's version did not disappoint.
Three pieces of battered and deep-fried Oreos, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup - the contrast of cold and warm plus not too much sweetness, such a favorite of ours!

> Valencia a la Malabon for 80Php | Add 25Php to make it a la mode

If you want a dessert like no other, try this. It's the first time that I've seen this dessert and I'm more than happy that it was introduced to me by Gabe's! According to Marianne, who is originally from Malabon, anything with banana is called Valencia in their place.
This dessert is essentially a leveled-up turon! Aside from saba and langka, they added ube and monggo. The result, a lot of layers of yumminess in just one bite! Make it a la mode and you're in for a treat!

We also got to try their Iced Tea and Lemonade ---

> Iced Tea for 60Php

House blend iced tea that has a distinct fruity flavor, this was was refreshing and definitely not your usual grocery bought powder!

> Lemonade for 65Php

Freshly squeezed lemon, this one has the right balance of sour and sweet. Such a refreshing treat!

So thankful for the invite from Dan! We definitely had a great time. Aside from the good food and low price points, the husband and wife tandem were very nice and friendly. I will definitely go back for more!

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Telle B.
5.0 Stars

Omg the food here is just heavenly! It's good Filipino comfort food! Plus, the prices are very reasonable! They're actually student friendly 128513 most of the dishes in the picture I posted are around Php 115/ each! The rice is buttery and the viands are tasty!

I wasn't able to take other photos of the food that was presented to us.. like the ribs, valencia (sooo good), Halo halo, Laing, pancit malabon and LENGUA! All of them were soooo good! I mostly liked the Lengua, Valencia and the breakfast food! Try the Horseylog! It's surprisingly yummy! To be honest, I liked all of them and I crave for them as I type this review 128557

The staff are real nice too! You can also play boardgames in this place and request for your favorite music while you wait for your food 128513

All in all, this is a great find! A gem actually! I'll definitely go back! 128588🏼

Thanks to JP G for tagging me along!

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SZhell P.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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SZhell P.
5.0 Stars

Tried out a cool restaurant before Katipunan Avenue and after Nathaniels. Gabe's has 2 signages and cannot be missed. It's hidden on the 2nd floor and the exteriors were just strikingly cool. Noticed lots of reviews on the wall and it's message board. I Tried their beef tapa, one of the best sellers. Super delicious and heavy. I Ordered the salmon and it was tasty. For dessert the Fried Oreos was just blissful.
Staffs were very accommodating and prices very affordable. I Was surprised we can request songs. Definitely a must try and a hidden gem along Katipunan.

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Meow M.
5.0 Stars

The Valencia ala Malabon is a simple,inexpensive dessert. I love how the leche plan, ube, monggo and ofcourse the banana (saba) put together in a wrapper which it looks like caramelized and crunchy. It is like what we called "turon".
When I had the first bite, I was like "Woaahh! There's a magic on my mouth. Perfectly combined together that creates a unique and delicious taste!
Ambiance is great! Service was excellent and food portions were generous.
If you want to check their food follow them on their Instagram and Twitter account @gabeshgd or better visit them at 219 Katipunan Ave. 2nd floor YDG Building Blue Ridge Quezon City after Quirino Hospital. I assure you that you wont regret it!
Ill be back soon! And going to spread the words to my friends. Good job and more power Gabe's! :)


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Abbey A.
3.0 Stars

I had a slice of bread with peanut butter for breakfast, and then I was craving for more come lunch time. So, I decided to get a peanut butter and cheese sandwich from Gabe's and it was surprisingly good!!!! 128077

  • No. of Comments: 3
Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Another overlooked and underrated restaurant near our office. I've actually noticed this place already before but it didn't seem appealing enough for me to want to try it out, until today.

I actually had baon for lunch, adobo, but since I was craving for carbonara, I decided to order from Gabe's. It wasn't the traditional carbonara, meaning it was the type that clumps up, but I like it that way sometimes. It was very creamy and cheesy. Mmhmmmm and for only P100, sulit!! Good for sharing. 128076 also got baked ribs for P150. Tender and flavorful and again sulit! Quite a big serving. I suggest ordering different dishes when dining here and sharing it amongst a group.

Cheap good eats = happy me me me! TGIF!

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George C.
3.0 Stars

I took shelter in Gabe's one rainy evening. I ordered their crab sandwich and iced tea. They had generous servings of crab stick and I loved the chips that came with it. Will be back to try their other offerings. :)

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Jaymie P.
4.0 Stars

My kids and I went to try Gabe's during their soft opening. Ordered the Ribs for myself, spaghetti for my kids and tapsilog for my Nanny. Ribs was very tasty! I ended up eating all my rice. My companion also liked the beef tapsilog I ordered for her.

Will need a bit more guts to try their horseylog though those who have tried it say that it's really good!

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