Gabe's Homegrown Dishes

YDG Bldg., 219 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Gabe's Homegrown Dishes
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Most Recent Reviews

Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

It was an honor to received an invite by the restaurant owner of Gabe’s Homegrown dishes to visit his place.

I’ve been passing by Katipunan extension and I always see the Gabe’s Homegrown dishes signage and lucky to finally have the chance to visit the place . I said “YES” of course , who would decline a sponsored food invite right ? Also I’m a certified foodie and I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in and outside Metro Manila so I am really curious to try Gabe’s Homegrown dishes .

The day has finally come and went there this Sunday afternoon with my hubby and son for lunch . I look for Ana as instructed by the owner . When I opened the door , Ana staff of Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes welcome us with all smile128522 wow positive agad128077 maganda yung pag pasok mo ng door cheerful na agad ang sasalubong sayo right ? 1 point na agad yan for me 128077

Then Ana assist us to our table and prepare the utensils 🥄. Then she gave us the amazing menu of Gabe’s Homegrown dishes . It’s a two card board menu. The first menu consists of the appetizers , main entrees, all day breakfast , then the second menu consists of the noodles , pasta , sandwiches , desserts and beverages. Wow they have a variety of dishes here to offer their customers . Ana ask us what do we want to try and I said to her what is your best seller and she explain to us their best seller dishes . I admired Ana because she is really accommodating. Ana first served the beverages

We start from their drinks .

128204 Regular Iced Tea 127863((80 pesos ) the iced tea was served to us in a mason jar and the iced tea is not that sweet , it’s refreshing . Di Gaya sa ibang restaurants na halos mag ka diabetes ka sa super tamis, sa Gabe’s swak talaga ang timpla128077

128204 Calamares (200 pesos )

Compared to other calamares I’ve tried , the squid was so fresh , lasang lasa mo yung squid instead of the bread crumbs Di Gaya ng iba dinadaya nila yung calamares mo at puro bread crumbs lang, sa Gabe’s Homegrown dishes talagang malasa, chewable ang calamares and malaki. Crunchy sya talaga! Calamares pa lang kinain ko busog na agad ako. Ganun kasulit.128077 serving is around 3-4 persons .

128204 the Half Pounder (200 pesos )
1/2 pound of beef patty with cheese , lettuce , tomatoes , and cucumber 🥒. It comes with a fries . So good you’ll ask for more. I noticed that sa ibang Burger 127828 halos matutumba na yung Burger na parang leaning tower of pisa na sya , eto talagang going strong ang tayo ng Burger , and the patty was so huge , makapal at alm mo talaga Di ka dinaya sa patty, sulit di ba128077

128204 Pork BBQ 127830 (25 pesos per stick )
They served 4 sticks of Pork BBQ. The pork was so tender that when you bite sumasama agad, that’s the difference of Gabe’s from other Pork BBQ, super malasa At winner ang sauce nila. According to the owner , her lovely and talented wife loves to make delicious sauces .

128204 Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe ( 205 pesos)
They told us that this is their best seller , and honestly it’s true! I love sisig , I’ve tasted a lot and this is one of a kind. Walang mayonnaise na nakakaumay, walang taba na feeling mo dinaya ka, malutong At sa sobrang sarap Di namin namalayan naubos namin yung sisig, Try nyo Di kayo magsisisi. The owner himself , it’s his favorite too and he mentioned he makes sure na talagang dapat Masarap bago ibigay sa customers , the owner has this standards in terms of the quality of their food .

128204Baked Ribs ( 210 pesos )
Pork tender ribs marinated and broiled in their special barbecue sauce and homemade rub, a must try and served with a rice . I was telling the owner that I was looking for a knife and Sabi ko fork nalang panghiwa ko sa ribs and imagine ganun sya kadali islice, that shows tender talaga yung Ribs. I tried eating it ng walang sauce , Masarap na sya and what more pag May sauce pa Di mas lalo na!

128204 Salmon Belly in Bechamel Sauce ( 180pesos )
This comes with rice. The salmon was deep fried and so crispy . The bechamel sauce is specially made by the talented wife .

128204Yummy Lechon Kawali ( 180 pesos )
Crunchy skin , tender meat ! So true ! Lechon kawali is my all time Filipino favorite dish. The sauce specially made by the owners wife is perfect and balance the taste of the Lechon kawali . Di Mang Tomas gamit nila because it’s very common . They are definitely unique 128077

128204Gabe’s Special fried chicken ( 170 pesos )
2 pcs Chicken leg 127831/ thigh marinade in their secret sauce , and comes with rice . Kids will definitely loves fried chicken.

128204 Horseylog 128052 🥚 ( 165 pesos )
Honestly this is my first time to hear about horseylog, only here at Gabe’s Homegrown dishes. According to the owner , you will benefit if you eat horse meat . It’s high in protein, rich in iron and has Vitamin B. Ngayon ko lang nalaman yan. He let us taste the difference of tapa beef and the horse meat. It’s so tender , you’ll never know na your eating horse meat unless he told me . Parang tapa talaga At malinamnam128523

For desserts ...

128204 Valencia ala Malabon ( 100 pesos )
Levelled up Turon, saba, Ube, monggo And langka! It’s their best seller here . You’ll never find it in other resto , only here and maybe your curios why their is malabon on the name of the desert because the wife of the owner is from Malabon and her family secret recipe is one of the reasons of the success of their resto. I am surprised that the serving was generous .128561 100 pesos lang at mga tatlong tao na makakakain or Pwede pang apat.

128204Halo-Halo (120 pesos )

The best halo - halo in town127848 with over dozen of ingredients. Ube, leche flan , saging At madami pang iba128523 perfect ngayon summer127774

They are also selling frozen Ube and leche flan127854 perfect for take out and pasalubong . 120 pesos for both .

For Plain rice 127834 price is 40 pesos and 50 pesos for garlic rice .

They are also accepting Bilao orders . Pansit Malabon, Spaghetti and Carbonara. 350 for 6-9 pax, 550 for 10-15 pax and 1,000 for 20-25 pax. Perfect for parties or outings .

Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes started last April 2014. They got the name Gabe’s from the name of their eldest son. So lucky to see the cute and intelligent boy in person 128102🏻

Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes is located at 219 Katipunan Ave. 2nd floor YDG Bldg in QC. Opens from Mon-Sunday from 10:30-am to 10:30pm. They also have WiFi here and not only that . They are kids friendly restaurant, they have books 128214 for kids to read, UNO playing cards and a lot more to do . The owner is a collector of Batman and Starwars. And they have a cool restroom too 128526

They deliver also within the area and it’s free of charge and if outside their area delivery charge varies , around 150 pesos . Minimum of 500 pesos worth of order .

Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes is a 128171 star already , many celebrities have been here already and their resto has been featured at UKG, GMA Taste buddies , I Juander etc .

Thanks so much to our gracious host Dan P! Ive never met a generous business owner like him . This restaurant definitely deserves five star1108811088110881108811088️ bigyan nyan ng Looloo sticker Peanut D Roegan T.128523128077

This is a family Filipino restaurant that I would recommend to my relatives and friends .

Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa stomach ko??? Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes . Ang resto na babalik balikan mo! Masarap , Abot kayang Halaga ang mga pagkain dito 128077

Lastly May parking space kayo when you go here and May security guard din ang building so your safe and in good hands 128077

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Sher H.
5.0 Stars

There will always be times when you feel like not going out and just stay at the comfort of your home but you crave for something to eat which requires you to actually get off the couch and go out of the house. And you think of eating different kinds of food – from street food to rice meals to pasta to sweet desserts. Let me tell you that it is very possible to be in an ideal scenario when you can eat what you want and feel like you’re just simply home and you can even bring your family.

Presenting the place I am talking about: Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes!

Situated at the outskirts of Katipunan Avenue (with outskirts, I mean in the quieter part of Katipunan hence more homey and relaxing), Gabe’s is a restaurant serving what a typical Filipino family would usually eat. So if you’re just plain tired of fast food, this is the place to be.

I love the feeling you get upon entering the door of the restaurant – it just takes you home. It has a relaxing ambiance, couches and comfortable dining sets are present, there is even a magazine/book corner which guests can borrow while waiting for their orders, and there is also a toy corner where guests with kids can freely borrow some toys.

Reviews of the restaurant, including its past celebrity guests (and I hope it includes me haha!) are posted all over the place and there is a sticky notes corner where you can read all the reviews of this restaurant.

So, what did we order?

To be honest, they have a huge menu list and everything seems to be mouth-watering, but we decided to stick with the bestsellers:

Pinoy Cheese Sticks

I love how the cheese sticks are topped with some parmesan cheese and it surprisingly made it taste really special.


See? You really can satisfy your streetfood cravings here at Gabe’s. It may taste like your typical kwek-kwek, but the vinegar dip was actually good and made its taste stand out.


The squid is just tender and the breading was mixed just fine. It can blend with either mayo-ketchup or the kwek-kwek’s yummy vinegar dip.


It was my first time to taste lengua in my life, and I must say that I am trying it again here at Gabe’s. Awesome!

Baked Ribs

This is a must-try because the meat is soooo tender, I promise! Simply cooked to perfection! Please, please order this! J

Crunchy Pork Sisig Ni Gabe

This is not your typical sisig because its special recipe is developed by Gabe’s parents, hence the name.

Yummy Lechon Kawali

The pork was so tender up to the skin and very chewable. If only I don’t have too much to eat, I would like to pair this one up with a beer.

Pansit Malabon

I have tasted a lot of pansit malabons in my life, including the authentic ones in Malabon, and I can say that it really tasted like an ideal Pansit Malabon. Knowing the fact that Gabe’s family’ is from Navotas validated my claim about this dish. Legit!

Fried Oreos Ala Mode

This is like the wicked oreos from a popular restaurant in Taft Avenue, if you know what I mean, but this one is better and less ‘nakakaumay’, especially if eaten with a vanilla ice cream. Its sweetness is just perfect for a dessert. Yum!

Valencia Ala Malabon

Composed of leveled-up turon with saba, ube, monggo, and langka

This is simply like a halo-halo in a wrap! At first I cannot imagine how would these ingredients taste in a fried type of food, but the ube component actually made it special.

BONUS TIP: Their sour lemonade is really yummy!

The Verdict

I think I stated my point clear enough that Gabe’s will give you the perfect Filipino comfort food and will give you a homey dining feels. The location is quiet enough and very accessible. The staff were really attentive to the needs of the customers and are very hospitable and welcoming. It is perfect for a ‘me time’, a barkada bonding session, or a nice time with your family. In fact, when my sister saw the photos of the food at Gabe’s, she definitely want to come, and of course, I would love to come back at Gabe’s. So guys, like Anthony Bourdain said, “Get off the couch. Move.”, and let me add, “Come to Gabe’s!”.

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Felina Katrina Kaye A.
5.0 Stars

From the restaurant’s name to the meals they serve, I really felt the comfort of home in Gabe’s Home Grown Dishes. We were able to try a lot of meals from their menu—meals that were served by their very welcoming and accommodating staff! I really enjoyed everything they served!
1. Cheesesticks and Kwek-kwek
- These are two of their appetizers which are perfect to be munched on while playing board games or reading books/comics which Gabe’s lend to the customers. The cheesesticks are really cheesy and the kwek-kwek really taste good!
2. Pansit Malabon
- I really love how the Pansit Malabon is presented. It’s super appealing. I also enjoyed eating this since it tastes different from the Pansit Malabon offered by other food joints. Special!
3. Baked Ribs
- These baked ribs are soft and tasty. The barbecue sauce is delicious too!
4. Crispy Pata
- This Crispy Pata is unlike other crispy pata too. The crispy skin is sweet which I really loved! The meat is soft and delicious. I also appreciate how the special vinegar dip compliments the crispy pata!
5. Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe
- This is the classic Pork Sisig that we all love but this one’s crunchy and a lot tastier! This is perfect when paired with beer which Gabe’s also offers!
6. Horseylog
- This is Tapang Kabayo (Horse Meat) with rice and sunny side up egg. This is unusual yet special! I really loved how the horse meat tastes! It is delicious and less oily. This is a must-try!
7. Iced Tea and Lemonade
- These drinks are really refreshing! I enjoyed their best-seller Lemonade which was freshly squeezed! I truly value when drinks are prepared with effort!
8. Halo halo
- This halo halo is superb! It has a lot of ingredients and is generously topped with macapuno, ube, and leche flan! This is good for sharing!
9. Valencia Ala Mode
- I never thought that Turon has a special version. And it’s called Valencia. Monggo and Macapuno are what made Valencia extra special. The valencia is partnered with the creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s a good combo of hot and cold dessert in one serving!
10. Fried Oreos Ala Mode
- This dessert has fried oreos and the creamy vanilla ice cream. The oreos are battered and then fried. Just like Valencia ala mode, this one’s also a combo of hot and cold dessert. What makes this stand out is that it isn’t too sweet
11. Ube and Leche Flan
- These are the classic filipino desserts but Gabe’s Ube and Leche Flan taste so much special!

I super enjoyed my eating experience in Gabe’s Home Grown Meals! Everything really tastes delicious but very affordable! I highly recommend this place!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Katipunan Avenue is home to students, families and it’s one of the friendliest neighborhood. It is also where you’ll find Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes. It is the collaboration of Dan and his wife and they named it after their son, Gabe. They wanted to provide customers delicious meals at affordable price. 

Filipino favorite street foods that are good for sharing and also great with a bottle of beer. 
Pinoy Cheese Sticks (Php 80)
Kwek-kwek (5pcs - Php 45, 10pcs - Php 90)
Fish Balls (Php 50)
Squid Balls (Php 60)
Sumpia (Php 100) it’s fried lumpia and it’s big pieces too. 

Lengua (Php 280) the sauce was a bit soupy for my liking. I’m used to thick sauce lengua but still tasted good.
Kare-kare (Php 250) it was packed with ingredients most especially vegetable and the sauce was really delicious.
Baked Ribs (Php 190) oh lala lambot! I couldn’t help munching on it.
Salmon belly in Béchamel Sauce (Php 160) the sauce was a perfect match with their salmon. Sarap!
Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe (Php 185) it was sweet and savory plus crunchy too. Those textures in my mouth made this sisig standout.
Yummy Lechon Kawali (Php 160)
Beef Tapsilog (Php 140)
Horseylog (Php 140) yes, it’s horse meat. It was tender and flavorful.
Crispy Pata (Php 550) big serving for the price. It was soft and easy to chew plus the pickle was a unique take on adding more taste to the crispy pata.

Pansit Malabon a family recipe that has been passed down from generation. It’s reminiscent of the pansit i’ve had when were still living in Navotas. 
Solo (Php 120)
Bilao: Php 350 (good for 6-9pax), Php 550 (good for 10-15pax) and Php 1000 (good for 20-25pax)

Fried Oreos ala mode (Php 100)
Halo-halo (Php 100) they scrimp on ingredients. Minimum of 12 ingredients per serving.
Valencia ala Malabon (Php 80 plus Php 25 for ala mode) their version of turon with ube, monggo, saba and langka.

They offer delivery and food pick up. Just in time for the holidays. I know where to get my food for the upcoming potluck parties.

Thank you to our gracious host Dan and his team at GHGD.

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Yua D.
4.0 Stars

Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes can be the ultimate go-to food hub of millenials128561127831 It is guaranteed that your bellies will be extremely delighted but at the same time its light on your pockets128076🏽Sulit, right?

The best comfort food are available here from morning to evening! 127769127774 Also, this could be an ideal spot to chillax from the stressful acads or work.. Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes serve savory pulutan and liquor drinks too yewww 1278679996🏽

Sumptuous food + wifi + board games + books, at Gabe’s you wouldnt get bored 128064128069

Oh, and dont forget their drooling frozen leche flan & valencia 🤤

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Gene G.
4.0 Stars

When I became active in looloo again, opportunities opened up to me. I was invited by Sir Dan to try out their restaurant, Gabe's Home Grown Kitchen. As I received this email, I said yes in a heartbeat.

Gabe's Homegrown Kitchen is located at Katipunan Extension, after Hoy Panga & Nathaniels. It's on the 2nd floor of the YDG Building. If you are driving, I suggest you slow down since this is quite hard to find.

As we entered the place, there's a feeling of how simple & homey it is. There are games available for kids and kids at heart. There's a wall where you get to post post-it notes for other customers to read your experience. Dan runs the business, the wife cooks & the name of the restaurant is actually their first born's name. Now on its 3rd year, they are here to bring us Malabon dishes since Dan's wife originally came from Malabon.

First up are Pinoy Cheese Sticks (80php), Kwek-Kwek (90php), Fish Balls (50php) and Squid Balls (60php). My favorite would have to be the Pinoy Cheese Sticks. I enjoyed eating the cheddar cheese inside the wrap. With or without sauce, it still tasted great.

Next came the main meals. First came the Lengua (280php) which consists of beef's tongue, sauce and mushrooms. I love how tender the beef's tongue is & how creamy their sauce is. The mushroom came in a good addition as well.

The Kare-Kare (250php) has a generous serving of beef tripes (commonly known as tuwalya) and vegetables in thick peanut sauce. Their kare-kare was nothing special to me. It didn't create this "WOW" factor in me.

The Baked Ribs (190php) is one of my favorites. I love how easy it was for me to slice through the ribs without using a knife. With or without the sauce, it still tasted great.

The Tinumis (90php) is Malabon's version of dinuguan. I would have to say that this dish is quite alright. Maybe I just got used to the usual dinuguan.

The Laing with Dilis (90php) is my least favorite. The taste of the Laing made me cringe.

The Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe (185php) is the ultimate bestseller. To make their sisig more delicious, they added mayonnaise and special sauce. Their sisig can be at par with Manam.

The Horseylog (115php) is part of the all day breakfast. I read reviews that their horseylog is a must try. This was my first time to taste horse & it is truly for the brave at heart. As a foodie, you have to be willing to try different kinds of dishes no matter how weird it can be. Upon first bite, I can say that it is worth ordering. The taste is like beef tapsilog but better. I ain't joking, you guys!

Valencia ala Malabon (80php) was our dessert to cap off the night. This is a levelled-up turon with saba, ube, monggo and langka. Just add 25php, you can get their ala mode which has ice cream on it.

With all the food that was served to us, they offered their freshly squeezed lemonade (65php). It was just right - not too sweet nor too sour.

During our dine-in, too bad I was not able to meet Sir Dan. But it's okay because his staffs were attentive. They made sure that we were served properly. Hats off to them! Through this experience, I am definitely going back to try their other dishes & order another sisig with beer!

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Daven D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Alan P.
5.0 Stars

Horseylog ,kare-kare,laing,sisig,lengua and their drinks lemonade and ice tea and the appetizers the best and dont forget the desert halo-halo and the valencia alamode.all the foods must try the best seller the crispy pasta perfect soo crunchy and the pulutan soo sarap..choose local beer the san mig ligth and san mig pale but u must try the imported the stella artois and hoegarden..see you there gabe's is the best service when it comes in foods..

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Lovely C.
5.0 Stars

What a great meal. Yes it was as good as it looks ! Encourages my friends to dine again. Thank you Gabes for some tasty food.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Stepping in Gabe’s is like visiting a very close loved one. It has a homey ambiance amidst its small space and they make use of their walls to connect with customers. It’s owned and managed by a family. Dan runs the business, the wife cooks and Gabe is the name of their first born.

This sponsored invite was one memorable experience. On top of the many wonderful dishes they served, it was the bonding we created with their family. They were all there hanging out with us together with another foodie’s family, @marylove_siy. I didn’t mind the wait as stories about the restaurant’s background and even personal ones blend in our discussions.

We didn’t expect 10 dishes to come our way. I was so stuffed, I ate late the following day. It wasn’t so much guilt knowing the meals were delicious and served like we were family to them.

They serve Horsilog. Yes you heard that right, horse. I was expecting a tough meat but it was like your typical tapa beef only better. The flavors heightened and spiced just right. For Php 115, this is a must have and a steal. One check in that bucket list for unusual food.

Another favorite would be their Baked Ribs. The menu is quite diverse as it reflective of what they grew up with. These are recipes passed on from a generation or two. This tender, sweet spiced meat is another reason why you should come by and visit.

Single served Pancit Palabok at a Php 100 is love. Expect to enjoy their version of this Filipino noodle favorite here as well. If you’re a fan of soft noodle, then you’ll go for this even more. Other sizes include PHP300, good for 6-9 pax | PHP600, good for 10-16 pax | PHP950, good for 20-25 pax.

Speaking of great values, Halo Halo at a Php 100 was filled with nice combinations of ingredients. On top of the ice are generous portions of Ube and Leche Flan. When all mixed up well, the milk embraces a multitude of sweet goodness.

I also mentioned the word yum in their Kare Kare. Their price tag on one of my top Filipino dishes is just Php 200! Theirs could use more peanut texture though and maybe a thicker sauce. I know Kare Kare like I know my mother.

If you’re reading this, put in your restaurant must try. Parking can be chore or finding it, but it’s all worth it anyway. Let me know how your journey went. 🙂

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Kit Akeisha C.
5.0 Stars

Its a cool Restaurant, Great dishes especially their best sellers. Staffs were accomodating and price very affordable..128077128077128077128077128077

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Stacy Lyn II L.
5.0 Stars

Gabe's is a hidden gem in QC. The place has adequate parking space, very cool and cozy with wifi and games. Pricing is very student friendly and portion is fulfilling.
I had the freshly squeezed lemonade (65 php), cheese sticks (80 php), lengua (good for sharing) (250 php), Tinumis - Malabon's version of dinuguan (90 php), pansit malabon (100 php) and the best halo halo I've ever had for only 100 php.

The freshly squeezed lemonade is served on ice in a mason jar. Really satisfying and thirst quenching!

Love their cheese stick tughog tuhog concept. Had fun munching on them. You can order it for sharing while enjoying some of their games.

The lengua is so garlicky and the tinumis is rich in internal organs (not just fats)! Mapapamore-Rice ka sa sarap!!!

The pansit malabon solo is only 100 php but I don't think I can finish one on my own even it is my sole meal. Sagana sa sahog. And, the pansit has the right texture.

Saving the best for last is their halo-halo. The crushed ice is so fine like Razon's but ingredients is exponentially more. The leche flan is so creamy and the ube is so smooth and fine...

The good news is they deliver! 1k minimum for nearby areas including eastwood city.
You can inquire for party packages. They also sell their leche flan and ube.

Overall, I felt so pleased with discovering this place.

more reviews at

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I get this irksome feeling when I constantly see photos of food from one restaurant that I have not tried yet. Driving home to Ortigas, it was the perfect opportunity to swing by Gabe's for lunch. The place was very simple and easeful plustge warm welcome of the staffs made the place delightful.

Without further hubbubs, I got their Kare-Kare, Garlic Rice with it and Crunchy Pork Sisig.

Kare-Kare for 200 pesos was a steal especially for its size. 2 or 3 persons can share a bowl. It was delicious and the alamang gave a hint of sweet and salty. Their sisig was also another winner for just PHP198.

Gabe's has been talked about endlessly and the place deserves it. Great food and service!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Going here will absoluetly bring back the good times. This is most especially true if you were born in the 1980s.

Dan, Marian and Allen greeted us so warmly and introduced us to their creation. Gabe is the name of Marian and Dan's firstborn son who is now at preschool age. The restaurant was established about two years already but they have just been in this area for months.

We were informed (i was reminded) that you could actually request for background music to be played. This could be great if you are alone cause literally, you'll set the mood you want, and own the place. Yes, sinubukan ko nga, and yes! They actually played my requested song: Noturne in E by Frederic Chopin! Ang galing!

Well, back to the great food:
128204128525 cheesestick @80php
Get this one fir appetizers, it's simple but so good. I remember my high school days! This one is still good even when it's cold. The thousand island dip that goes with this snack simply brings nostalgia.

128204128525 kwekkwek @90php 10 pcs
You could now eat your street food without worrying about its cleanliness. The dip that goes with this is creatively crafted by Marian: vinegar cucumber!
128204 fishballs @50php
I was first hesitant to try this because i have a fear eating fishbones as i have experienced before. Good thing their fishballs are all fish and no bones. Lol.
128204squidballs @60php
This is my least favorite. I think i could find better tasting squid balls.

Bilao sizes for noodles
@300php 6-9 pax
@500php 10-15pax
@950Php 20-25pax
128204 pansit malabon
We were amazed how big their servings are! You get the most from what you paid. For me, the pansit malabon was a little dry but i was told that it's just the way it is. At first, i thought it was some kind of overloaded palabok. There were pig's nape, chopped eggs, shrimps and pork crisps.
128204 carbonara
I like this one more. The béchamel sauce got mushrooms. The pasta was just cooked right.

128204kare kare @200php
The texture of their kare kare is different from what we've been accustomed to. Their kare kare got some sort of gelatinous substance that tastes like peanut. It was okay it got ox tripe so no, might as well skip this. Their bagoong is one of a kind as well!
128204baked ribs @190php
I could have loved this dish. The meat was tender but the sauce made it too salty.
128204salmon belly with bechamel sauce @160
This is the only exeption for their label of "big serving" this is a two piece salmon belly in which we all agreed could have been a better dish if the bechamel sauce was sold separately.
128204128525 crunchy pork sisig ni Gabe @185
Oh i love this one! Crunchy talaga, a little salty but please squeeze in the calamansi and mix it before eating. This dish is good to pair with rice, for sure you'll have the appetite to eat a lot.
128204 yummy lechon kawali @160php
Was a littke irdinary. But the softness was commendable. The sauce (onion and ketchup) was not a hit with me. I rather have mang tomas paired with this delish main.
128204128525 fried oreos ala mode @100php
I personally like this one. Oreo lovers, you'll find that this serving is big. Three pieces with vanilla ice cream and a combination of chocolate and strawberry syrup! I suggested it be better if it has mint leaf to add freshness and coolness to its dark, rich taste.
128204128525 valencia ala malabon @80php
Now this is something different. Turon ala mode but the turon got purple yam inside!this is unique to this place and everyone who has been here says that this dessert is great!
128204halo halo @100php
Well, the most common of all filipino deserts, i am not of a fan if this. May not be the best halo halo but the leche flan and the ube are to die for. We suggested if they could have a dessert just the leche flan/ ube.

128204 lemonade @65Php
Homemade and freshly squeezed. This would be better if they got some basil or mint in it. This is totally a refreshing drink!

Careful of their CR. Watch your step lest you'll miss the considerable height gap. The wifi was fast though which i like and there were presence of power outlets. Midz S was aesthetically conscious of the green plastic plates as well. In the end we all agreed to suggest they change it to pair it with their very beautiful customized tables and chairs. It was generous of them to offer us these sumptuous food! Also a great place to go if you want to eat a lot because all their servings are big. A great place to hangout or be with a study group!

  • No. of Comments: 9
Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I've seen this restaurant on TV while watching Umagang Kay Ganda one morning and really got intrigued with the variety of food they offer plus the generous servings. Me and my foodie friends then planned to visit the place since we were all in QC. We finally get to discover this hidden gem along Katipunan Avenue.

127744KWEK KWEK P90 (10pcs)
127744FISH BALLS P50

What's a meryenda without the classic tuhog-tuhog that never ever fails? The simplicity of these dishes made our experience more pleasant and our afternoon kwentuhan more fun.

127744CARBONARA P300( Single P120)
127744PANSIT MALABON P300 (Single P100)
Both pastas were delicious. The carbonara was creamy and the malabon was incredibly tasty. The latter isn't your typical malabon with thick, orange sauce. The flavor was well incorporated in the noodles, and made an impact upon every bite together with the other ingredients.

128150LEMONADE P65
A citrus drink free from artificial flavors and sugars, this lemonade is the best way to rehydrate while enjoying your meal. (You can also request for a sweeter lemonade)

127744LENGUA P250
Creamy, with a hint of butter in the sauce. Their lengua was also soft and not difficult to swallow.

127744KARE-KARE P200
Gabe's rendition of the dish uses ingredients that are truly Filipino. Best goes with bagoong.

128150BAKED RIBS P190
Smoky, tender, and flavorful ribs.

Fish in a creamy mushroom sauce.

The flavor of their sisig is very strong, but perhaps it's because we weren't able to use the calamansi over it. Nevertheless, I loved it. I just think that its flavor will be more balanced when eaten with rice.

Super crunchy lechon kawali for those who want to stay away from the usual fried dishes.

Most of their main entrees are best paired with rice, but if you prefer to eat them without, then who am I to stop you? (I also ate all of them without rice 128514)

128150HORSEYLOG P115
I loved the taste of their tapsilog because if has the balance between sweet and salty. The only difference between the two is the meat (beef and horse). I wasn't able to notice the difference until I asked the staff. I actually didn't expect that I'd love the horse as much (if not better) as (than) the beef. The horse had more composed strands than the beef, although both were really tender.

127744HALO HALO P100
(+25 for ala mode)
Turon with saba, ube, monggo, and langka

I can't choose a favorite since all these desserts are worth the additional calories. The valencia ala mode caught my attention the most. This is a reinvention of our old-fashioned turon, and Gabe's deserves all the praises for bringing this dessert to life. I also loved their halo-halo and its abundance in ingredients. My favorite of which is their smooth and milky leche flan 128523

Other than the great food, Gabe's was able to take good care of us, providing warm service that feels like we're in the comforts of our own homes.

From the affordable price, the delicious taste, the large portions and the warm service, Gabe's is a restaurant that's worth your every penny and recognition. This restaurant did more than just deliver what was expected. Hats off to the team!

Thank you for having us, Gabe's 128522

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4.0 Stars

After several attempts, finally I've got to try Gabe's Homegrown Dishes. I was with Midz, Dennis and Jayson when we visited the place. The restaurant is not that visible in the public, it is located at the 2nd Floor YDG Building, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. We were greeted by Dan Panlilio, owner of Gabe's Homegrown Dishes and Alex, Marketing Staff when we arrived at the restaurant. The tables, chairs and lights caught my attention inside, it's really beautiful and customized for Gabe's by Silya, Elektrika atbp.

The restaurant offered first the bestsellers, not really the bestsellers, I think... almost in the menu. LOL 128514 How can you be so generous like that Dan? 128540

Pinoy Cheese Sticks for Php80.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Kwek-kwek for Php90.00 (10 pcs.) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Fish Balls for Php50.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Squid Balls for Php60.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"I really like the way they did to cheese sticks, usually cheese sticks are really good when served hot but it still crunchy and tasty even it's cold already"

⭕️Main Entrees
Lengua for Php250.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Kare-kare for Php200.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Baked Ribs for Php290.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Salmon Belly with Bechamel Sauce for Php190.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe for Php185.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Yummy Lechon Kawali for Php160.00- 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"I like the Salmon Belly, flavorful and crispy but I think it would be much better if the sauce would be on the side (well, it depends in the customers on how they want it, but for me I want it to be separted). All of the mains taste good just lessen the salt l."

⭕️All Day Breakfast
Beef Tapsilog for Php115.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Horseylog for Php115.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"I don't see myself eating horse meat again, but it was really good. Must try!"

Carbonara - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Solo - Php120.00
Good for 6-9 - Php300.00
Good for 10-15 - Php500.00
Good for 20-25 - Php950.00

Pancit Malabon - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Solo - Php100.00
Good for 6-9 - Php300.00
Good for 10-15 - Php500.00
Good for 20-25 - Php950.00

"These two noodles were so masarap! I don't know how they did it. The Carbonara was so creamy and the Pancit Malabon, not that saucy but overloaded with toppings. Ang sarap! 128521

Fried Oreos ala Mode for Php100.00- 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Halo-halo for Php100.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Valencia ala Malabon - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"Valencia ala Malabon was my favorite during our visit. Imagine saba, ube, monggo and langka wrapped and fried like a turon served with vanilla ice cream. Heaven!"

Lemonade for Php65.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

On the other side, they need to improve or change the green plastic plates/containers into a breakable one, maybe color white will do. They have beautiful restaurant, the plates must also fit.

Come and visit Gabe's Homegrown Dishes in 219 2nd Floor, YDG Building, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Thank you for having us Gabe's Homegrown Dishes c/o Dan.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday got to go with EJ B., Jayson J. and Midz S. to try out this hidden gem in Katipunan. Gabe's HGD is located near banapple. Tucked in the 2nd floor of the building in front of Ducati. Gabe is named after the son of the owner. This little was so cute and gladly welcomed us in the resto. This gave me nostalgic moment from the Trump cards that I used to play to the old toys displayed and off course their original homey Filipino dishes.

1st to be served was a various streetfood that bring backs memory of HighSchool. CheeseSticks, Kwek-Kwek, FishBall and Squidball. The cheesticks is the one that I missed most! I love perfect crisp of the wrapper and the Ketchup/Mayo mixed dipped. The Kwek-kwek, Fishball and Squidball was equally good especially the dip sauce and vinegar/pipino.

We also got to try their famous pancit bilao. One was the carbonara and the other is pancit malabon. A bilao that is good for 6 pax was only 300PHP. What a great deal! I love their version of pancit malabon that doesn't have the yellowish suace but kept the flavorful taste of pancit malabon. I also love the awesome load of toppings. For the Carbonara, It was one of the best I've tried. I love the big cuts of mushroom and the creamy flavor is not that ka-umay.

Other dishes we go to try our:
127775Horseylog 128052- Whaaaat!!! Horse meat tapa! This is my first time to try horse meat and it was good. Felt like just beef/pork but with a distinct taste. I love the marinated taste of the meat. Not bad for a horsemeat.
127775Beefsilog 128046- This is equally good as the Horseylog but with more distinct beef flavor.
127775Baked Ribs - I love this very tender meat. The flavor was spot on. Didn't got to try their bbq sauce but per feedback it was a bit salty. They told us they will try to improve on this.
127775Kare-Kare - Their Kare-Kare is the one I usually found in provinces. Authentic ground peanut with atchuete to bring a orangish color. This is the type of Kare-kare that I miss.
127775Crunchy Pork Sisig - Love the cunchiness but was a bit salty. I think this will be prefect for beer.
127775Lechon Kawali - Not a fan of Lechon Kawali cooked to crunchyness. This might be my least fave.
127775Lengua - this is love and one of my fave dish. I like the tender and flavorful mushroom sauce.

For Dessert:
127775Valencia ala Malabon - Turon with banana, monggo, ube and langka filling topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. This is heaven. I used to look for langka in turon to taste good but this one level it up with the addition of ube and monggo which was a great idea. This is a must try!
127775Fried Oreo ala Mode - Another great dessert. I love the way the oreo was deep fried tasted great!
127775Halo-Halo - Loaded with great ingredients. The leche flan was very good. I also love this dessert but the shaved ice is not the fine Ice that I love in other halo-halo.

Overall great foods that are very friendly in the pocket. A great alternatively for bilao order in the office during bday celeb if you are tired of the other nakakasawang pancit. Definitely a great find and their Horse meat is a great food adventure.128526128076

Thanks Dan and Maureen for the invite
**Disclaimer sponsored food eat-up

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

The foodie scene has exploded over the years gaining so much attention from A to Z. Restaurants are on a roll to fight for a chance to grab the top spot, or sometimes, to simply stand out from the rest. Craving for food of a particular cuisine? Name it, I'm sure there's a handful out there to satisfy your cravings! Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc etc. Conservative dishes that stick to the original recipe or modern ones that dare take the fusion kind of road, they're everywhere! Same is true for our well-loved Filipino favorites. You want it with a twist? You want it home cooked style? LOTS OF OPTIONS!!!

In a sea of Modern Filipino and Filipino Fusion restaurants, it's such a breather to find one that sticks true to comfort Filipino food. Offering nothing but affordable "home coked" goodness of our classic favorites - Kare-Kare, Sisig, Silog meals, Lengua - Gabe's Homegrown Dishes surely has something you'll like.

Located in Katipunan, just right after the strips of restaurants including Banapple, Nathaiels and Katips, look for the HQ of Sbarro and you'll spot Gabe's! A hole in the wall type of place that's not intimidating at all, their space was well organized and clean! Loved the simple interiors that touched on family love and importance. They also have some frames with different messages, industrial style drop lamps and a board where they pinned messages from guests. A play of textures with wood and tiles, I loved these wooden chairs with letters engraved! Card games, board games and even some toys for little ones are available for everyone to enjoy.

Dan and Marianne are the husband and wife tandem in charge of this family business. It's their first venture to F&B business though they have a little background from their entrepreneur parents.
Dan sent me an invite for a sponsored lunch so I went with my family on a Sunday. The staff were welcoming and genuinely kind. They helped us through the menu and asked us for anything that we wanted to try other that what they're supposed to serve. Dan and Marianne were very easy to talk to. Anything about the kitchen is managed by the wife while marketing and promotions are the tasks of the husband. They prepared a feast for us!

Appetizer: Pinoy Cheese Sticks

No fuss cheese sticks that will remind you of your childhood! Local cheddar cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep-fried to crispy perfection, each bite was oozing with cheese! My daughters loved this.

Sandwiches: Crab Sandwich and The Half Pounder

> Crab Sandwich for 100Php

Ordinary white bread that have been buttered and then toasted, filled with kani in mayo with carrot sticks and cabbage on a bed of crisp lettuce and fresh cucumber. The flavor was good but then there was too much filling! This sandwich came in with fries.

The Half Pounder for 180Php

This is their version of a cheeseburger. They made their own half pound beef patty, added some lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices plus cheese in a toasted hamburger bun. Honestly, this was just okay. The beef patty was overcooked, IMO. Could have been better if it was done medium so that it could have been juicy instead of dry. This burger was served with fries too.

Noodle: Pancit Malabon
for 100Php

Not a fan of Pancit Malabon so I technically didn't fancy this dish. Don't get me wrong, it didn't taste bad and according to my husband it was delicious. Pancit Malabon is in general not my thing. I have to note though that this plate full of noddles had a lot of toppings in it - pork, hard boiled egg and shrimps!

Onto the mains, we tried a total of four ---

Lengua for 250Php

Lengua was a staple dish when we have parties back in the province when I was a child. I can vivdly remember the creaminess of the dish, the hint of mushroom and the super tender beef tongue!
Gabe's version was full of nostalgia! Though I would still prefer my Lola Ma's version (granny's little girl here!), Gabe's definitely nailed this dish!

> Laing with Dilis for 90Php

One of their best seller, this dish was a surprise favorite of mine during our visit! It was thick, with a good coconut milk flavor, and nice touch of saltiness from the dilis.
You can control the spiciness by adding some chili.

> Kare-Kare for 200Php

Kare-Kare is a favorite dish of mine. From Fusion to modern, simple and home-cooked, I'll try them all! Gabe's version was simple but gave a comforting and homey feeling. It's like your mom's proud version. Thick peanut sauce with a hint of sweetness, lots of veggies that were done right, beef cubes and ox tripe.
Nothing fancy but definitely good.

> Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe for 185Php

Sisig is my thing and I don't like my Sisig with lots of extenders. Gabe's version was on point! Served on a sizzling plate, it had generous heaping of chopped pork, just the right portion of chopped onions, a drizzling of their own Sisig sauce, green chili and a raw egg on top. Mix everything together while the plate is still hot and you're in for a treat! Loved the occasional crunchy bite from pork skin and the overall saltiness.

If you think that we've had a lot already, I tell you not yet. Dan and Marianne also had us try two rice meals!

Baked Ribs for 190Php

Pork ribs that have been marinated in their special BBQ sauce and homemade rub, broiled then served with rice, fries and more thick sauce! These were not fall-off-the-bone tender but weren't tough as well, good flavor with hints of sweetness. Bang for your buck at 190Php!

> Horseylog for 115Php

Not your usual "silog" meal, this one's definitely for the brave soul! Sourced out from Malabon, the horse tapa had a nice salty flavor with an after taste that I can't quite describe. Their wasn't any stinky smell or taste, which was said to be a norm for this kind of meat. I'm telling you that this one is worth the try!

Even though we were BEYOND FULL, as they say, always leave room for dessert. Our generous hosts had us try two out of their three desserts!

Fried Oreos a la Mode for 100Php

Fried Oreos made their debut in the foodie scene years ago but they still manage to please. They're simply irresistible! The chocolatey goodness of the warm melted Oreo, the simple batter - kids love this dessert. Gabe's version did not disappoint.
Three pieces of battered and deep-fried Oreos, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup - the contrast of cold and warm plus not too much sweetness, such a favorite of ours!

> Valencia a la Malabon for 80Php | Add 25Php to make it a la mode

If you want a dessert like no other, try this. It's the first time that I've seen this dessert and I'm more than happy that it was introduced to me by Gabe's! According to Marianne, who is originally from Malabon, anything with banana is called Valencia in their place.
This dessert is essentially a leveled-up turon! Aside from saba and langka, they added ube and monggo. The result, a lot of layers of yumminess in just one bite! Make it a la mode and you're in for a treat!

We also got to try their Iced Tea and Lemonade ---

> Iced Tea for 60Php

House blend iced tea that has a distinct fruity flavor, this was was refreshing and definitely not your usual grocery bought powder!

> Lemonade for 65Php

Freshly squeezed lemon, this one has the right balance of sour and sweet. Such a refreshing treat!

So thankful for the invite from Dan! We definitely had a great time. Aside from the good food and low price points, the husband and wife tandem were very nice and friendly. I will definitely go back for more!

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Telle B.
5.0 Stars

Omg the food here is just heavenly! It's good Filipino comfort food! Plus, the prices are very reasonable! They're actually student friendly 128513 most of the dishes in the picture I posted are around Php 115/ each! The rice is buttery and the viands are tasty!

I wasn't able to take other photos of the food that was presented to us.. like the ribs, valencia (sooo good), Halo halo, Laing, pancit malabon and LENGUA! All of them were soooo good! I mostly liked the Lengua, Valencia and the breakfast food! Try the Horseylog! It's surprisingly yummy! To be honest, I liked all of them and I crave for them as I type this review 128557

The staff are real nice too! You can also play boardgames in this place and request for your favorite music while you wait for your food 128513

All in all, this is a great find! A gem actually! I'll definitely go back! 128588🏼

Thanks to JP G for tagging me along!

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SZhell P.
5.0 Stars

Tried out a cool restaurant before Katipunan Avenue and after Nathaniels. Gabe's has 2 signages and cannot be missed. It's hidden on the 2nd floor and the exteriors were just strikingly cool. Noticed lots of reviews on the wall and it's message board. I Tried their beef tapa, one of the best sellers. Super delicious and heavy. I Ordered the salmon and it was tasty. For dessert the Fried Oreos was just blissful.
Staffs were very accommodating and prices very affordable. I Was surprised we can request songs. Definitely a must try and a hidden gem along Katipunan.

  • No. of Comments: 2