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Gaia Cafe & Crafts
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Jovin B.
4.0 Stars

This place is so relaxed you'll forget all your trouble and just want to curl up in a corner and read a book. The way it's built is like a tree house so you view the overlooking mountain ridges, trees and grass fields. I was surprised to find out that the restaurant is vegan so no meat on the menu. Mostly pasta and sandwiches. They do have rice meals but the I believe the barbecue is just iitation meat.

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Mikee R.
5.0 Stars

Gaia, an organic restaurant, is beautifully placed overlooking the Kapay-aw Rice Terraces. The (more or less) 30 min walk from the Tourist Info Center is worth it just seeing the view and the homey interiors.

We ordered Miki Mi Na (P125) which is a homemade squash noodles sautéed in mixed greens. This dish is a healthy alternative to your standard pancit. Not bad at all, especially for the serving (can be shared by 2 people) and the organic ingredients used.

We also ordered Squash and Sweet Potato Soup (P75). I liked it since you can really taste the squash and consistency is thick, just the way I like my squash soup.

The price of their food is quite cheap given the organic ingredients. Other than offering organic food, they also strive to be eco friendly for their entire operations, which makes you want to support their restaurant and cause even more.

Definitely a great place to eat and admire the beauty Sagada has to offer. Will definitely go back to try out their other dishes. 128077🏻128077🏻

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5.0 Stars

A Sagada Trip Special

Before heading for our Cave Connection experience, we ate lunch first at Gaia Cafe made famous by the movie That Thing Called Tadhana.

Vegans are most welcomed here because of their vegetarian food. We ordered their Tomato Pasta and Vegetarian Adobo.

TOMATO PASTA - you can really taste that sour taste of the tomato which makes the dish very Italian. No meat at all yet very delicious.

VEGETARIAN ADOBO - it comes with Sagada rice. It also tasted good, the veggie meat is slightly sweet. I don't know what itms made of but it looked like pork strips but tasted differently. It was delicious though.

We also ordered pumpkin soup, thick and creamy. Very delicious! Mountain tea and hot chocolate were perfect for the windy weather.

Their food here are less tastier compared to ordinary restaurants since theirs are vegan food but. I am impressed with the fact that they serve hardcore vegan food like they do not serve dairy from cows or goats, they do not serve cheese or whatever that comes from any animals. Bravo.

The place also boasts of its artistic interiors, colorful window panes, the handicraft and souvenir shop, overlooking the marvelous sight of Sagada.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

[Disclaimer Backlog]
Gaia Cafe is now one of the most visited place in sagada. Eversince the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, this place started to became famous. For me this place is a real treasure even before the movie. The picturesque view is such a beauty. Walking going to the cafe you could see Gaia cafe beautifully near the cliff. The front view of the place will make you think of it as some fortune teller place. It has a wooden structured with colorful stained-glass windows. The tree house like structure got an al fresco dining area which gives you a breath of sagada fresh air. The viewdeck gives you a wonderful view of the Kapay-aw rice terraces.

They serve delicious organic vegetarian food and great sagada brewed coffee. I'm not a fan of vegetarian food since I've only tried bodhi. But after trying out the food in Gaia Cafe I'm now officialy a believer that this type of food could indeed be delicious. I tried their organic burger which was interestingly good. You wouldn't notice that what you are eating is purely veggie patty. The squash noodle is also a must try great combination with the freshly brewed sagada coffee.

Gaia cafe is one those place you want to keep to yourself and hoping nobody would ever find. I just feel so renewed and healthy after eating here. 128170128526

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Greis Y.
5.0 Stars

I have to admit, we went here for 2 reasons.
1st because of the movie 'that thing called tadhana'
2nd because of ranking it as 1st on the list of best coffee places to go to and honestly, they deserve the 1st spot.
I am not a vegetarian, pero mind you, you wouldnt even notice that there is no trace of meat or trace of pork oil on what you are eating. Ang sarap! At ang mura!
Grabe yung hot chocolate nila di ko makalimutan! 128522
I ordered their na mi in squash noodles (thats not really the name, i forgot though sguro sa sarap na din kasi ng mga kinaen namin) the picture above is what my bf ordered, their version of adobo, and he didn't even notice na hindi pork yung kinakaen nya sa adobo until i told him na gawa sa soy yung parang meat ang consistency na kinakaen nya.
Waiting time is just enough for a hungry stomach :)
And the ambiance! Grabe, halos ayaw mo na umalis sa place nila. Perfect for chillaxing after that tiring sumaguing activity. Medyo malayo from the town proper ng sagada pero worth it! 128522

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Cristina G.
5.0 Stars

That thing called Tadhana. A movie that led us to this place. Warning to carnivores though, this is a vegetarian resto so don't look for any of your meat meals. We tried their gaia barbecue and adobo rice meals. We also add their local food Miki Mi Na which is like a combination of bam i and canton. I must admit Sagada is a real haven for food lovers. Their Miki Mi Na is a must try. It is sweet and full of flavors. I also tried their soya cafe. I so loved it. Thjs is one place I would love to visit again.

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

Okay, I shall admit that I just wanted to go to this place because it was one of the locations of the film That Thing Called Tadhana. It's very far from the upper part of Sagada where I was staying so I asked the tour guide to take me to Gaia for an additional 200php.

I ordered the Gaia Sandwich - homemade patty, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce with homemade ketchup and vegan mayo in a wholegrain bun, with sweet potato chips on the side. I love how the food here is healthy yet it doesn't lack taste. I ate my sandwich while enjoying the view of Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces and also watching the couple on the other side imitating poses from That Thing Called Tadhana. (Okay I'm guilty I imitated the pose too as you can see on the photo)

I also bought a hand-painted shirt for 400pesos as a souvenir.


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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

Before heading to Sagada, I made sure to have checked-out and read different blogs about restaurant and cafe reviews in the area. Amongst on the top were Yoghurt House, Lemon Pie House, Sagada Brew, Strawberry Cafe, Misty Lodge, etc. We were able to try majority of them and I was really happy about it. But, there was this place that I wouldn't want to miss and that's Gaia Crafts & Cafe.

Gaia Crafts & Cafe was located near the entry point of the Lumiang Cave. We weren't able to try it when we did the cave connection activity as we traversed going out to the Sumaguing Cave. I was a bit sad when we weren't able to catch it because our guide informed us that Gaia has specific opening and closing times so I taught that maybe we'll just try our luck next time...

Fortunately, due to the change of schedule, as I decided to not push through Buscalan because our contact person from there told us that there were already so many people visiting Whang-Od, I've decided with the group to just extend our stay in Sagada and I didn't regret it. For our last day, we were able to catch up on some of the places and restos that we wanted to visit and that included checking and dining-in at Gaia Crafts & Cafe! Yay for me!

From the town center, it'll take you around 40 minutes to an hour to reach it, yes, it's that far away. We already know that it'll take so much of our time if we'll walk back and forth going to the cafe so we taught of inquiring at SAGGAS Tourist Center if there were habal-habals with drivers that we can rent, who can drive us and bring us back. It took us a while to find someone who agreed as they don't usually do that for tourists because when it comes to services it's usually jeepneys and vans but because we're only two, a habal-habal would be affordable and cheaper too. Good thing our driver was nice enough and he only asked us for P50 for 2 pax already.

We rode the habal-habal and got at Gaia after 5-8 minutes. Finally, I am here! I was so happy and giddy and giggly so I ran inside and checked the cafe!

From the outside, you'll see that the cafe is situated in the middle of a forest, near a cliff, with a picturesque background of mountains, trees, rice terraces, meeting with the sun, skies and clouds. It's exteriors are made of wooden material that makes it look like simple, local house. Before heading upstairs to the main cafe area itself, there's a mini round patio wherein you can also dine in and have an extra beautiful overlooking picture perfect view of the nature so close to you. From that area, flowery plants give it even more colors and life.

Once you head upstairs, the interiors were close to the exteriors look, wooden, local, simple, casual, comforting. There were wooden long tables with chairs that could accommodate large groups. There was a wooden bar looking table that's actually overlooking the perfect view of the province's natural beauty.

At the right side from the entrance lies a mini room featuring different local products including accessories, food and beverage items, books, clothing, etc. from all around the province where you can purchase and bring them home as pasalubongs for your loved ones.

During the time that we came, it was a Saturday night at around 2PM. There were only a few customers so we were able to appreciate the place even more. We stayed at the bench with the table facing the overlooking area, oh, it was beautiful, there couldn't be any other place that looked like this one. I felt even more grateful that moment.

For our orders, we chose to get their Vegetable Chips with Salsa Dip (P80) and their Pasta in Tomato Sauce (P130). I would have loved to order their Potato Soup but there wasn't any soup available the time that we visited. Take note, they do serve organic food so go and have your own fix there!

While waiting for our orders to be served, we took time to appreciate the view, the cafe, every bit of what's around us. I took a look at their photo frames and that include a poster of the most famous movie that was shot in the cafe, "That Thing Called Tadhana." I specifically wanted to stay at the spot where JM De Guzman and Angelica Panganiban were shot but I was extra nice to the couples who wanted to imitate their poster's photo and I was right, there was a couple who were posing like them and I enjoyed watching them. It also brought back kilig feels from the movie, heehee.

The chips came in first. They were a combination of brown, green and yellow in color. They looked a bit rough and boring but after you munch on it, they tasted really crunchy, crispy and tasty. The salsa was not your usual color orange salsa with just tomatoes and onions with basil. Theirs had the color brownish as it came with beans that made it mushy and more delicious.

The pasta came with malunggay noodles. It was thick, starchy and cooked al dente. The sauce was made of pure, rich, fresh tomatoes that gave it such a strong, yummy taste.

Sad thing we were a bit full when we visited so we weren't able to try a lot from their menu. They have salads, rice meals, muffins, cupcakes, hot and cold drinks that are actually reasonably priced and I am certain they tasted really good too.

With its location that's quite away from the town center, I guarantee that you would miss half of your life if you don't visit it so find time and effort. Their food were really good and priced well too so visit them with a hungry stomach so you'll be able to try much more than you taught. And keep in mind to make the most out of the view right in front of you because it'll only come once. Just make sure to check out their openings and closings for you not to waste your time. And yes, enjoy acting like JM and Angelica, I'd love to do that too! Hehe!

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Chin P.
5.0 Stars

Aside from the perfect ambiance because of the cozy interiors and not to mention the cool breeze from outside, the food here is above average compared to the other ones we tried within Sagada. They serve organic vegetarian dishes. We tried their Veggie Chips with Bean Dip, Gaia Sandwich(veggie burger), Squash Noodles with Green Beans & Shiitake Mushrooms, Peanut Butter & Blueberry Sandwich w/ Bananas, Roasted Pepper Pasta, Choco Muffin & Peanut Coffee. I love everything I ordered! :) I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to have a healthy meal and relaxed atmosphere.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

i noticed Sagada people are religious :) the cafe was closed when we get there, and they do so in Sunday mornings to make sure mass is attended :)

however, the owner did allow us to take pictures while they were preparing for church :)

cafe where 'that thing called tadhana' was taken :)

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pogiLBERT P.
5.0 Stars

strawberry 127827 smoothie 127847 by the rice terraces 128507 is 10084

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Ig Plummer S.
3.0 Stars

I just want a "That thing called tadhana" moment. This café serves all vegetarian food.

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Abby M.
4.0 Stars

Where the broken hearts go. Chos. This all-vegan/organic place is... not for the meat lovers such as myself. Hahaha. They have tasty blueberry muffin though. Has a scenic view. You can also read books for free while enjoying your home-blend coffee or hot chocolate. Oh, oh, they have huge servings as well.

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

I first visited Gaia on my first visit to Sagada but it was attention seeker with it's coold architecture. The first impression of the place is it was kinda ruffly made wooden house full of reggae craps, with multi colored signs, having to do zipline hear or just plainly getting a book and inhaling it's letters through the serene calmness of the nature with it's simple view.

The cafe is a vegege resto. Only serve greens from their own garden or the deals they got from the market day every saturday. The place could be hard to get to since it's far from the main street of the Town of Sagada, the place is near at the famous attraction, sumaguing cave.

The place is full of artsy pieces of uniquness from their souvenir shop down to the comfort rooms. The staffs are very very friendly too.

Of what I can remember with the place is that they gave me the most delicious sweetened camote I've ever tasted. Soft, not too sweet and the generous sprinkle of toasted black sesame seeds ready made a good twist to it.

Hope I could try more of their food on my next visit. Soon

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