Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

7/F One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Its an Italian cafe that serves Filipino and all they serve is for vegetarians. It was an opportunity to try ‘healthier’ sisig in vegan meat so I did. It was good and tasted like the thumbs up sisigs I had elsewhere. Yes, I was able to consume the one cup rice. I usually don’t.

Now the vegetable pasta was terrible. It was bland with strangled bad angle hair day. The dish wasn’t in sync with one another. I should have opted to eat a whole pizza by myself.

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Irish Mae M.
5.0 Stars

Our Gandiva experience. ✔

We reserved slots online with their promo on the 29th of October and we arrived there just about time for our scheduled hours which is 3:30pm. We were then asked to choose a meal that was included in the package in their cafe.

We then headed on the trainers lounge where they endorsed us the equipments we're about to use. They facilitated us quite good. We proceeded to the shooting range, allowed us to get our bows and put 6 arrows on our pack. The trainer instructed us what we need to rememeber and do with, on and before shooting. We were educated well and as we were starting to shoot, they constantly checked how we can aim good on our target. Proper posture was also a big advantage with archery. I have had difficult time with this since I'm still suffering with my scoliosis. After few releases, my left arm started to shiver each strike and it's getting numb and as it goes on. Nakakangalay talaga. Masakit na din sa likod. I think the only thing lacking with that sport is the stretching before it actually starts. It will make a little difference I believe.

Anyhow we enjoyed and have fun. The green archer in my blood really replenished. 128513 Definitely will be coming back.

On the side where the cafe is, we settled to rest and dine. The pastas were great. It's all healthy and organic so it's definitely an A-rate for health conscious folks out there. We chose the spicy puttanesca (245) and the capellini pesto (235) paired with iced tea each. 128077128077128077

After dining, we still headed to our final sets and we finished tired but satisfied. It's really an amazing experience firing/shooting on your own the traditional archery way. 127919127919127919

#maedventures 10084

Booked: 29th October 2016

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I am a big fan of The Hunger Games and I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when she portrayed Katniss way better than I have imagined. (Oh and as a LOTR fan, I get googly eyes whenever I see Legolas and his oh so smooth long blonde hair.) And just like about more than half of the girls who watched the movie, I wanted to throw some arrows and be just like Katniss Everdeen. Luckily, two of my friends were feeling adventurous and wanted to try archery too. So off to Gandiva Café and Archery Range.

Okay, it wasn't exactly my first time to visit Gandiva. My first time was with T1 and T2 but given that we're collectively named T3 (The Takaw Trio), we just ate. This time around though, it was time to unleash the Katniss/Legolas in me.

We had to sign a waiver and pay PHP980 (which covers the use of equipment and instructor's fee) before we could enter the archery range. (Note: You have to call to reserve your slots and you also have to be there 15 minutes before your schedule.)

When we got in, we were given arm protectors and fanny bags for our 4 arrows. Then we can choose which bow we want.

First 5 to 10 minutes is for short briefing such as right stance, where our hands and arms should be and basically how to shoot an arrow. (To make it short, we need to have one foot behind the shooting line while in a parallel stance then we have to stretch one arm straight while the other arm/hand tugging the string and the hand should be right below the chin with the elbow pointing up then... let go of the string with the arrow.)

Oh, and we have to close one eye! K had a hard time doing the serious wink so the friendly instructors made a little eye patch for her.

The target is a few feet away but people with poor vision will find it hard to see it. I did. So I wore my glasses during the first 30 minutes. But it didn't really help so I removed it afterwards.

Our first few tries were quite bad. Mine flew beyond the target! So did K's. T though got a few hits on the bull's eye!

We all have to wait for everyone to finish shooting before we could retrieve our 4 arrows.

While waiting, we posed a lot with the bow. (What? We were just maximizing our PHP980!)

One time though I missed to lock my arrow to the string (there's a gap on the end of the arrow which you have to lock to the string) which ended up moving wild. I ended up having a big bruise. But that didn't stop me from pretending to be Katniss.

The hour passed by really fast and I had no idea that this sport could be so much fun and quite a work out for the arms as the string sure was hard to pull.

Out of frustration for not hitting the bull's eye, I did something...

Look! A perfect hit!

Okay fine, this was the best shot I did.

It was such a fun experience and I'd love to do it again. Lessons learned? To let go and trust one's instincts and self. But for now, I'll try boxing or Krav Maga. *road to manliness* :D


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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

I've already posted a Gandiva review in August narrating my first attempt in archery but recently, I received an invitation from Peanut D to join this sponsored Gandiva rendezvous and I think it merits a second review.

This is the first time I've attended a Looloo event and I've always been curious about my fellow Looloo reviewers so I didn't pass up the chance to finally meet some of them.

Off I went to Ortigas and looked for the place like it was my first time. I went there years ago that I don't remember how to get there anymore. Anyway so I found it, saw the Loolooers but it's only Peanut that I recognized. Good thing she had this brilliant idea of sticking name tags on our chests so I was able to identify the people who are always popping in my feed or those who were kind enough to like my reviews, such as Odell R and Roegan T. The others I didn't really know but it was still a pleasure to meet them.

Unlike my first visit where I sorta just ate, played, and went, I had an opportunity to know more about Gandiva with the help of its Head Chef, Ivan and Marketing Head, Casey. They sat with us, told their stories, which were a haze of vegan vs. vegetarian, culinary school, Bourdain, and Kris Aquino. While we were talking (in my case more of listening), we were eating food.

We had two kinds of pasta, Roasted Vegetable Pasta and Pesto Pasta. Majority favored the pesto but I was more pleased with the former. We were served three kinds of pizza, which surprise surprise, were made without egg: Four Cheese, Veggie Supreme, and Tomato Basil.

The two dishes that really knocked me off my feet were the Cheesli Peppers, which is Gandiva's version of what we call dynamite, and the sisig that is made of tofu. That sisig is the bomb, I swear to you it tasted anything but tofu. I was eating eat and I'm like asking all kinds of question, the whats, the whys, the hows, I mean how can it taste like meat when it's made of tofu? I'm telling you, Chef Ivan is a genius. If all non-meat food tastes like that sisig I'd be a vegetarian at this instant.

After all the eating, we finally went to the archery area. God it was long ago but at least this time I didn't have to struggle that much unlike my first time. I missed the target a few times but 4x or more I was able to hit the yellow mark, that's the bull's eye y'all.

It was fun and I'm very grateful to Looloo for inviting me. To my fellow reviewers, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to say goodbye but it was lovely to meet you all. 128512

  • No. of Comments: 4
Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I've always had this dream of being a full-time Robin Hood ever since I was little! I could still recall that I'm very persistent with my parents to buy me a toy bow and arrow, instead of milk and bread! That didn't change even though I already have lots of toy cars, toy guns and lego with me. Robin Hood is still my dream character!!! If only I have lived in the woods, this surely is my day job and not making computer programs!

So, I got reaaaaally excited when Peanut invited me to join them for a sponsored rendezvous at Gandiva Cafe & Archery Range. I almost fell off my chair when she told me that we'll be shooting arrows for real!!! At least, I can be a Robin Hood even just for a night! With the help of the looloo app, I also learned that the place wasn't only focused on the archery but also with great and interesting selection of food!!!

One of my friends (non-looloo user) told me that he liked the Sisig and the Cheezy Peppers so much, and also gave me a heads up that they don't serve meat which I wouldn't mind. Due to my undeniable excitement, I arrived early together with Zia which is totally surprising because I'm always late in gatherings! 128514

We were accommodated by Chef Ivan and Casey, and gave us a walkthrough with their food. They also shared us some insights, cool stories and history of Gandiva, and even the tale behind its name!

In the middle of our chat, the starters were served! We got Mushroom Crispies, Nachos and Cheezy Peppers!

The nachos were good but I only had few of it! Mushroom crispies and Cheezy peppers were remarkably great! Both gave me that wow feeling bite after bite! The mushroom crispies has that catchy taste that left me wanting more! The cheezy peppers wasn't your ordinary dynamite since Chef told us that he didn't do it the mainstream way, instead, coated it with breadcrumbs and then deep-fried to perfection! It was a bit spicy and was really appealing to the taste!

Few moments later, they served us the Roasted Vegetables Pasta, Pesto Pasta and Gandiva Sizzling Sisig.

The Roasted vegetable pasta is okay. Something like aglio olio which I found okay. The Pesto pasta, on the other hand, is just delightful! I can seriously eat this like 3x a day, not to mention I'm a big fan of Pesto pasta! 128513 It's a pretty straightforward pesto pasta that's light to the palate!

And the sisig!!! Ohhh myyy!!! I seriously can't resist this! You would actually believe that you're chewing beef or chicken, but it's not!!! And that makes Chef Ivan a rockstar!!! He really kicks a** in making this dish! This dish wins my heart instantly! It was quite spicy and that makes it really good to me!!! My friend is right, this is something good to try here! No need to wait for cheat day just to have sisig when you have Gandiva's sizzling meat-free sisig!!!

We were also overwhelmed when they served us the pizzas: Quatro Formagio, Margherita and Gandiva Supreme.

Really loved the Quatro Formagio aka Four Cheese! I like how these four types of cheese jives together in a thin egg-free crust that's not too oily, and perfect for the taste of everybody! Gandiva Supreme is good too! Lots of veggies which isn't a bad thing for me since I eat mostly veggies during workout days aside from beef and chicken! For me, it's a bit better than other pizza places' version of all-veggies pizza. Margherita will be my least favorite. A little heavy for my taste in terms of saltiness while it somehow lacks some kick unlike the two pizza flavors.

Lastly, Chef Ivan let us try his version of Veggie Burger! I seriously can't believe that the patty wasn't made of meat! Like yes 100% MEAT-FREE, but it's seriously good!!! Crunchy, tasty and feels like you're just eating a normal burger but I noticed that it's not greasy! It was also topped with onion rings, lettuce, and tomato for that perfect burger experience!

Chef told us that they'll still working on the desserts and ice cream, hopefully this year! They're accepting deliveries via Food Panda if I recall that right.

After trying out most of their dishes, we proceed to the main event of the rendezvous - and that is to shoot some arrows!!!! Yaaaaay! I wanna jump for joy but I can't, although I felt like I had the right to not adult that night! Lol.

First things first, they geared us up and gave us a short briefing about the do's & don'ts, the what's and how's - like the position in handling the bow, how to properly insert the arrow through the bow, the stance, the aiming and shooting the arrow to the target! The ladies shoot their arrows first and they really nailed it! Last to try were the gents, I was a bit confused if I'm doing it properly. Thank God, their crew were very helpful in assisting us and that's a plus point for the customers! Chef Ivan also show us some great shot and was really amazed by it!

I never had any bulls eye to my target, instead, most of my arrows were going to the other side or shooting overhead. I noticed that I'm aiming too high from my target, so at least, I got some shots that I'd call "close enough". Lol. It was really fun!!! It may look easy but it's not, especially for taller plus near-sighted persons like me!

Now, I'm completely sure that I won't survive Zombie Apocalype. 128517128514 But a thing's that sure is I can survive a week or two without eating meat!!! 128077🏼

Overall, it's a great place where you can stress out (by shooting arrows on your enemy's forehead, just kidding) and eat great array of healthy dishes!!!

Thank you again for the invite, Peanut D, Roegan T & Odell R! It's a pleasure to meet you Lesley Ardelle V, Marjorie G & Steffhanie S! And it's nice seeing you again Kiko G, Zia M & Justin J!

Specia thanks to Gandiva for serving us guilt-free dishes that night! You guys, rock!!! I'll be back with my workout buddies soon! And I guess, I finally found the perfect reason to skip gym and just eat instead!!! 128526128170🏼


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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

Vegetarian food in an archery range?

Such a strange combination if you think about it. I mean, I don't think any of the iconic archers (in history or in fiction) are VEGETARIANS. Why would they take up archery if not to HUNT? And you don't exactly need to hunt vegetables. 128514 Can you imagine Katniss, Merida, or Robin Hood eating a big bowl of arugula salad right after hunting down a bear or a deer? (ok, these are all fictional characters. I am not familiar with any real archers in history aside from, maybe, Jeron Teng. Haha).

Anyway, as strange a combination as it seems, in the modern-day world, the Gandiva Archery and Café is a real haven for vegetarians, and people who wish to vent out their stress with a unique sport like archery.

I live in BGC, so I never really step foot in Ortigas, unless it's to go to Shangri-la Plaza mall. But I was given a chance to experience what Gandiva Café has to offer thanks to a sponsored |ooloo rendezvoos! I was a bit hesitant to go since its been awhile since I attended a |ooloo event, and this time, I couldn't bring along my husband to keep me company and do the small talk for me. 128531 But I'm glad that I went, since I had a great time! Food + Archery! Exciting!


We were warmly greeted by Chef Ivan, their head chef, and Casey, their head of Marketing. They served samplers of their best-selling appetizers: Cheesli Peppers, Mushroom Crispies, and nachos. The Mushroom Crispies reminded me of one of the original appetizers from Wrong Ramen! I forget what it's called, but it's batter-fried enoki mushrooms too! Out of the three, my favorite are the Cheesli Peppers. It was like a cheesy dynamite, but instead of a jalapeño wrapped in lumpia wrapper, they were coated lightly with Panko crumbs. 128525 Very light on the tummy, but it made a heavy impression on me! Sorry to Peanut D for describing it as "mildly spicy" only. Haha! 9996🏽️ I am not fond of very spicy food, but it was just right for me! 128076🏽

Next, they served the meatless sisig and 2 pastas: pesto and roasted vegetables. The sisig was very...surprising. Sisig made from tofu and it tasted THAT good? I kinda wished they served some rice with it. I was too shy to ask. Haha! Out of the 2 pastas (and out of all the food they served, actually), my favorite was the PESTO PASTA. I lovelovelove pesto. I can eat this every day! And Gandiva's version was so classy, and simple, and pretty (see that picture above?). I ate the whole plate (meant for sharing) set in front of me. And I took home the leftover pesto that nobody from the other end of the table touched (yay more for me!). Will definitely come back, even just for this.

Next came the pizzas: Four Cheese, Tomato Basil and Veggie Supreme. I am not very fond of pizza, but their thin, egg-less crust won me over. Very light and crispy crust, covered with healthy ingredients. 128076🏽

As a bonus, Chef Ivan let us try their Veggie Burger! Very tasty. The patty was a bit mushy, but the onion rings as one of the layers offered a pleasant (and crunchy) surprise. 128077🏽 Will order this again next time.

The whole time I could not believe I was eating vegetarian food. Sure, they were a bit safe - pizza, pasta with no meat - but if they make me full, and are not soaked in grease, then that's A-ok for me! Maybe Katniss, Merida and Robin Hood can reconsider their carnivore-ways when they try the food here.


And now for the fun part: we get to try archery! 127919127919127919

As I said, if it not for |ooloo, I probably would not have set foot inside Ortigas, much less inside One Corporate Center, in a café offering such an odd sport like archery. I am used to going to bowling lanes, basketball courts, yoga studios and gyms, but an archery range? The only archery range I've seen before was in college. UP offers archery as a P.E. class. Does DLSU offer archery classes? It's a shame if they don't.

They geared us up with a quiver belt and an arm guard each. Then they gave us a bow and a set of arrows! Game on! The instructor taught us how to hold the bow correctly, how to load it with the arrow, showed us up to where to pull the string (your finger must touch the bottom of your chin), and how to aim.

My first round of arrows didn't land so nicely on the target...some did not even land within the area of the paper. LOL. But my second round was a lot better. I think it's because I kept the right eye open even upon releasing the string. All the arrows landed within the target, with a couple landing near the bullseye. 127919127919127919

I had such a rush shooting those arrows. The bow was a bit heavy, sure, and holding your arm up for such a long time causes a bit of a strain on the arm muscles, but the adrenaline rush of hearing the arrows whiz through the air, and hearing the satisfying thunk into the cork? What a great feeling.

Unfortunately for me, Casey figured out that I'm preggo (maybe my constant rubbing of my belly gave it away). And she advised me to stop shooting, since it's their policy not to allow pregnant women to do archery. Awww. 128546 But I had fun while it lasted. I will make sure to try it again after I give birth. And even before that, I will surely recommend this place to my friends who want to have a unique, good time.


Thanks to the |ooloo crew, Peanut D, Odell R and Roegan T for inviting me, and to Chef Ivan and Casey for being such gracious hosts! I can't wait to come back to try the other dishes.

It was great seeing you in person, Russel F, Kiko G, Zia M, Justin J, Marjorie G and Steffhanie S! We were vegetarians for a day (or a meal) and it was a delicious experience. Hope to see you guys again soon in other eat-ups!

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

Who would've known that this sponsored |ooloo Rendezvoos would lead me into discovering two things at once?

1. Eating entirely vegetarian food. Not a single piece of meat.
2. ARCHERY!!!!

Better late than never! I was the last to arrive at Gandiva because of the really heavy traffic at C5 but I was just in time to join the discussion with Chef Ivan.

We learned so much about the History of Gandiva, it's concept and it's dishes. He also told us how he started out. I was really into the stories that Chef Ivan had to share. He truly is a rockstar in his field!

A few moments later, the starters arrived.

I'm sorry, but I'm really bad at remembering dishes names. So I'll just say it like I saw it. Hahahaha. 128514128514128514

Served were Nachos and some deep fried coated mushrooms and their version of dynamite. The nachos were great! Tastes just like your normal mushrooms, but it's with veggies! They had something that would look like beef, but were actually tofu. So cool!

I forgot what specific mushrooms they used, but they were long and skinny. This was actually one of the highlight dishes for me. I hate mushrooms. So me being able to eat this, means its really yummy! The dip was good too!

The dynamite was okay. Nothing special. I liked the way how it was covered in breadcrumbs compared to the common lumpia wrapper.

Next came the main courses.

There were two pastas. Pesto and some other oil based pasta with a lot of veggies.

The pesto was okay. Nothing really special.
So was the other one.

There were three pizzas. An all cheese one, one full of veggies, the other I forgot. Hahahaha. Sorry. 9996

The pizza was great! Except I didnt touch the one with lots of veggies. I hate veggies. Really. What's surprising is that they didn't use eggs for their dough. They came up with something out of Malunggay as a substitute. Food science up in this joint! Hahaha.

The best dish for me was the SISIG!!! Imagine, sisig in a vegetarian café. HOW?!?'

When you look at it, it looks like your normal pork sisig with meat and all, but it ain't! It's just tofu marinated and smoked overnight to give it it's flavor and texture. It had a bopis kind of feel to it. I swear you wouldn't know that it wasn't pork unless someone told you!

Chef Ivan also let us try the Veggie Burger. It was okay. I just didn't like how the patty was too soft. It felt like a burger mcdo patty to be honest.

The food was mindblowing. Really. It's really hard to believe that most of the dishes were vegetarian. Chef Ivan and his team have really done a good job with this place.

Now. For what I was itching to do since I got there, ARCHERY!!!

This was something I really wanted to do for so long. I'd always prefer being an archer in most games I play that gives that option. As well as movies. I'm very fond of archers. Kulang na lang mag enroll na ko sa La Salle. Haha.

This is a very uncommon sport around the metro and i'm thankful that I was given this opportunity to try.

We were all equiped with arm protection and some sort of a quiver around our waist. We all got a bow each, chose our targets (I chose the Zombie) and were then instructed by one of the staff on what to do. It was pretty simple, but hard! I can't seem to get my arm steady! My first couple of shots missed the target completely! Then I started to get the hang of it. Then again, so hard to hit bullseye.

It was an instant addiction during the time. I didn't want to stop yet, but they were closing. Maybe I'll try this again soon. Both for the Sisig, and Archery!

Thank you so much to Gandiva Café and Archery Range for having us over and treating us to your best dishes, and of course |ooloo for inviting me to this rendezvoos. You guys are the best! Can't wait to join the next one! The letter that came with the loolootbag was touching. Awww. Ahahahaha. Much appreciated!

Nice seeing you guys again Kiko G Russel F Zia M !
Thanks again looloo crews Odell R Peanut D and Roegan T
And nice meeting you, Lesley Ardelle V Steffhanie S and Marjorie G

See you all again soon! 128522128522128522128076128076128076128077128077128077


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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

Who would have thought that learning archery and eating good and healthy food could be possible?

Head over to Gandiva Cafe located in the business district of Ortigas, to try this. I'ts so hidden because it's located at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center in Tektite.

Thanks to |ooloo and GandivaPh for sponsoring this event and inviting us over and have this one a kind experience that I'll be surely do again.

"Gandiva" is the bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It was created by Brahma, the creator of universe. Thanks to Wikipedia for that information.
The owners of the Gandiva Cafe loves archery and good food. So come the birth of Gandiva Cafe.

Thanks to Chef Ivan and Casey for eating with us while sharing stories about the food, archery and random stuff.

Let's have a run down on the food first;


Gandiva Supreme Nachos - This one is your typical nachos except that it's tofu but really tasted like meat!

Cheezy Peppers - Not your typical "dynamite", it is stuffed wit cheese inside and it's not covered with lumpia wrapper rather crumbs, and comes with this amazing tartar sauce. Promising ang flavor! 128079🏼

Gandiva Mushroom Crispies - crowd's favorite, very pleasant to taste; Imagine enoki mushrooms battered and deep fried and comes with aoili? Perfect snack, right! You could have this while watching people train for archery. I swear this one really deserves to be in their best-selling dishes!


Roasted Vegetables - This one is very palatable as this is a medley of roasted zucchini, tomatoes, bell pepper, and eggplant, in angel hair pasta. For those who want some simpler taste, go have one of this.

Capellini Pesto - Their homemade pesto taste so healthy minus the strong feeling in the mouth. Truly is a delightful dish.


Yes, what's the best way to win everyone's heart? Pizza-fied it!

They made us try (3) of their best selling pizzas namely; Margherita, Quatro Formagio (Four Cheese) and Gandiva Supreme (with all the veggies carefully placed on top). Among these three, my fave is the Quatro Formagio, because it has pomodoro, sharp cheddar, white cheese, mozarella and parmesan. And did I mention that it's thin crust and has no eggs? They substitute it with something else, and you can't even notice it.

And lastly but definitely not the least, we tried their Gandiva Burger. As Chef Ivan, confidently offered us to try their homemade burgers, that it's not at all tasted like cardboard, we were all excited to try.

It's a 100% meat-patty burger, grilled and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion rings. The patty is not the only thing that's enjoyable here, as well as the buns. Tasty with the right kind of crisp, that's how I describe the bun of the Gandiva burger.

Chef Ivan also told us that they're working on the desserts and ice cream soon. They'll be accepting deliveries hopefully before the year ends. They are open from 10AM - 9PM, and they accept groups too.

After binge-eating almost all of their dishes, we were given a chance to finally learn how to do archery. The girls were the first to try out. Everyone was given their bows and arrows, and since I'm a left-handed person, my bow was a little different and so is my stance. 128517
My closest shot was near the third circle and man it was really hard, and FUN! A bit reminder for everyone, the bow is kind of heavy, so do arm stretching first before you start.

Thanks again to |ooloo and Gandiva Cafe for inviting us over (Chef Ivan and Casey) and to my fellow |ooloo mates, was nice meeting new faces, Lesley Ardelle V, Steffhanie S, Marjorie G; it was nice bumping again to Kiko G, Russel F and Justin J and of course the |ooloo crew, Peanut D, Roegan T, Odell R. Super thanks for the lootbag too! Finally have my payoong! 127746 Yahoo!


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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

We had a Sponsored |ooloo rendezvoos last Thursday night. It was definitely the most exciting rendezvoos for me. Food plus Activity, yep you can get both here at Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe.

We started trying out the best dishes by Chef Ivan. Every food serve on the table was healthy. Gandiva Cafe promotes vegetarian food. I have not tried a lot of places that serve vegetarian food and the only place I can remember is Corner Tree Cafe.


Cheezy Peppers (PHP195)
-We normally call this dynamite but instead of having the green chili fingers wrapped in lumpia wrapper, they used breadings. It was generously filled with cheese and served with tartar sauce. I like spicy food and I enjoyed this! Also, the tartar sauce is homemade and promising as per Zia M 128512.

Gandiva Supreme Nachos (PHP235)
-Probably my least favorite not because it didn't taste good but because I am not a huge fan of nachos. Topped with salsa, sour cream, jalapeño cheese sauce, chopped lettuce and chili con TOFU (kala niyo karne?!) 128514 asa, not in this place. Hehe

Gandiva Mushroom Crispies (PHP245)
-This was one of the best dishes I tried that night. Mushrooms are normally on the sides or toppings but this time, it was the star of the dish. These enoki mushrooms are battered, deep fried and served with a delicious Aioli sauce.

****this place has amazing sauce-ssss.. They should change their name to Gandiva Archery Range, Cafe and House of Sauce. 128514


Roasted Vegetables (PHP225)
-I love pasta and veggies but when they served this, I was surprised that it had so much veggies on top. Garden Pizza? 128514 Roasted zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and eggplant with garlic bread on the side. Anyways, it tastes so much better than it looks. I'm just not used to seeing them together and with so much vegetables. It was surprisingly delicious.

Capellini Pesto (P235)
-Who can ever say no to pesto? Simple preparation with homemade pesto and capellini pasta with parmesan on top. It was light and not too oily. I like the choice of pasta too. You can savor the pesto sauce because they used capellini, which is thinner than spaghetti.


Margherita (PHP295)
-I love thin crust pizza. It has pomodoro sauce and tomato which I thought was too much but the basil and spinach pesto balanced the flavor and topped with mozarella.

Quatro Formagio (PHP345)
-My favorite pizza that night. It has pomodoro sauce similar to Margherita topped with sharp cheddar, white cheese, mozzarella and parmesan.

Gandiva Supreme (PHP325)
-Another thin crust pizza with pomodoro, sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, sundries tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and mozzarella. So basically, almost everything. Preference reasons, I would want to skip this. The veggie overload worked well with capellini pasta but I had a hard time understanding it this time. 128513


Gandiva Sisig (PHP145)
-You skip this and you miss half of your life! Diced soya are marinted the sisig-way. If I stop by the place not knowing that they serve vegetarian food, I won't be able to tell the difference. It really tasted like the real sisig and even the texture was very similar. It has a little bit of heat and it's definitely a must try. I will come back for this and the mushroom crispies 128517

Gandiva Burger (PHP285)
-100% meat free! And they're not tricking us. It's too early for April Fools. We can all be healthy if veggie burgers are this good! Just like the usual burgers, it also has lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and onion rings.

Happy and full with everything that we tasted, we moved to tue archery range. Lucky that it's not physically demanding baka ma appendicitis haha!

It was my first time to try Archery and trust me, it may seem easy but it's not. You need to have strong arms and grip. Don't worry about looking stupid because they have coaches to guide you on how to do it properly and look PROFESSIONAL 128526. Hehe The activity is for all ages as long as you can pull the string.

It was definitely a fun-filled night with delicious food plus the activity. Im sure that everyone would want to have this kind of experience like we had. It's the perfect place for families to gather around the table and battle it out at the range.

Range Fee - PHP380/hour/person
Equipment Rental - PHP350/hour/person
Instructor's Fee - PHP380/hour
Target Face - PHP40/piece

Package Rate PHP980 - 1 Hour Archery Trial
Weekday Promo Rate - PHP680

If you want to shoot 6 arrows for free. Dine at Gandiva Cafe during weekdays from 11AM to 2PM.

Thank you to Chef Ivan and Casey! Also to Peanut D Roegan T and Odell R 128512 We all had a great time. As always,

Nice to finally meet Lesley Ardelle V Steffhanie S and Marjorie G .

Russel F Zia M and Justin J - 128074🏼 128512

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

I've always been the type who wants to try new activities, experiences and challenges so when I got an exclusive invite from the looloo crew to visit Gandiva Cafe And Archery Range, I didn't think twice and said yes instantly!

At first, archery sounded and looked intimidating and scary to me, probably because so much silence and focus is needed to make it work. But upon entering the range, I felt that it could be as accommodating and friendly with the staff's eagerness to help you. I commend Sir who's with me in the photo because he was extra patient and really into what he'a doing, making me want to learn every bit of it.

I was asked if I was right or left handed. Being a right handed, the arm support was placed in my left as this side will be the one carrying the arrow. A belt bag was tied to my waist. This shall carry the arrows that I'll be using.

Afterwards, I was asked to choose a bow. It looked initially heavy but once you've taken it from the rack, it's really manageable to carry.

I was instructed to position my body sideway, body facing the right side while my face looking straight. The positioning of the bow depends on the eye level look wherein you'll be guided with a small circle that's in it. Upon finding the right posture for it, it's time to place the bow. The sharp side should be facing the target and the plastic side should be facing you.

Once your positioned, you need to extend your right arm up until your chin. Once the target is rightly placed, release it with enough pressure as to let it fly away to your target.

Oooh! At first, I was so frustrated that all my arrows were leading outside the target paper! There was this shoot that it almost flew back to me. But yes, I couldn't give up so I tried, again and again, and on my 4th - 8th arrow, I was two circles close to the bulls eye! Yay!

Points in mind were really knowing how to position your body properly and instantly shooting once you get sight of the bulls eye target. It'll be too stressful for your arms and shoulders if you take it so long to release the arrow and it'll just make them shaky, ruining your focus.

After 12 arrows, I felt the fulfillment of how it is to become ala Katniss, strong and powerful enough to feel almost like an action movie lead! And yes, let me tell you that your arms and shoulders might feel in heat after, probably because of the strain.

This archery experience was so worth it that I've decided to bring my brother and sisters with me soon! During weekdays, their promo rate is 680php/hour and during weekends, it's 980php/head/hour. They also have Halloween discounts and you might just want to get the 50% off if you come in costume this 31st!

Gandiva Archery Range is one good stress reliever place, a new fun activity that you can share with your barkadas. Definitely worth your time, effort, money, and pain! 128077🏼

DISCLAIMER: This is a Gandiva Cafe & Archery Range sponsored event.

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

An archery range and a cafe altogether? Sounds exciting and interesting right? Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range is one of the few destinations for the Legolas and Katniss Everdeen wanna-bes. Tucked at the 7th floor of an office building in Ortigas, Gandiva must be your next stop for something new that you want to experience with your families and barkadas! 128075🏼

The Gandiva Cafe is your usual type with square tables and metal mixed with wood chairs. It's the type of casual dining setting where groups can just hang-out, order lots of food and just enjoy watching the archers and wanna-bes at the other side.

So before anything else, let me tell you all that they serve Vegan food. Scary? At first I thought it was, but while eating the items from their Vegan menu, ooh, I almost forgot that it's Vegan and legit healthy food!

For appetizers, we were served the Gandiva Supreme Nachos, Cheezy Peppers and the Gandiva Mushroom Crispies.

The nachos were topped with chili con tofu, beans, salsa and cheese. I loved the crispyness of the corn chips with the sumptuous toppings on top of it. The peppers tasted like the usual Dynamite Rolls but with no breading in it, thus, making it taste so fresh because every bite leads you directly to the green pepper. My most favorite was the Mushroom Crispies that almost tasted like potatoes and even more better with the Aioli sauce!

We were also served with their Roasted Vegetables and Capellini Pesto Pastas! I loved the simplicity and plainness of the veggie pasta. With all the eggplants and zucchini in it, tossed in some angel hair pasta with olive oil, I can eat it all day long as its tasty but doesn't give you the bloated feeling after. The pesto sauce tasted really fresh. The basil and oil altogether make you feel that eating healthy can taste as good as this.

For the pizzas, we tried their Four Cheese, Margherita, and Gandiva Supreme. We learned from Gandiva Cafe's Chef that their pizza bread is made from malunggay leaves. Isn't that exciting? I loved the Gandiva Supreme amongst the three as it has the same veggies from the veggie pasta - zucchini, eggplants, onions - oh, it tasted really good with every bite! The Four Cheese and Margherita were good too, most especially when topped with their hot yet friendly sauce.

Their best selling Soy Tofu Sisig looked so tempting when I saw it. The pepper, onion, and soy tofu (that tasted like meat, beef ooooh) were so good in the sweet sauce of the dish. I can imagine how more addicting it is with so much rice!

Lastly, their Veggie Burger was the most surprising amongst them all. The brown buns filled with a healthy burger patty, onion rings and tomatoes tasted like your usual burger but it's the healthy type so the twist is you wouldn't feel so guilty about eating it for yourself!

This is actually the first Vegan restaurant that I've visited and like what I said to chef last night, I'd definitely come back to try more of their dishes and come December, they'll have pastries and ice creams for desserts already. Yay!

DISCLAIMER: This is a Gandiva Cafe & Archery Range sponsored event.

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

​Before Legolas and Katniss Everdeen, there was Jun Yabuki or Yellow 4, one of the characters of Bioman, an old Japanese TV show. I was a fan of Yellow 4 because first of all, I loved yellow, second, I thought she had the most kick ass weapon; the bow and arrow. I never thought I’d get a chance to try archery until we saw this promo at Cash Cash Pinoy, a group buying site. Gandiva Cafe offered an hour worth of archery lesson for only PHP300 (original price is PHP600). What a perfect opportunity! So I, and three of my officemates got ourselves the voucher.

Archery Range

Gandiva Cafe is located in Ortigas. Beside their coffee shop is an archery range equipped with archery equipment and manned by men who practice and teach the said sport. The training includes familiarizing ourselves with the equipment, learning the correct stance, safety, and finally how to shoot the arrow. What’s a bow without the arrows? We each had three arrows, put inside the black arrow holder, which we had to wear around the waist.

The archery tutors helped us wear the gear. First, the armguard, used to protect the arm against the bowstring. We also had to wear finger tab on the index, middle, and ring fingers. By the way, we each paid PHP25 for archery target papers. For some reason, it was excluded from our 300 payment.

Okay let’s have a little archery 101, shall we. First you need to learn is the stance. You have to stand straight-up, at right angles to your target. Your left foot across the shooting line, the other foot side-by-side. Your body should be straight but not stiff so you can handle the recoil. I gotta say I had a hard time remembering the correct stance given the fact that I have a poor posture. After nocking (placing) the arrow in the bowstring, you raise the bow, pull the string, take aim, then release.

ounds easy right? Wrong. The first few attempts, our arrows hit anything but the target, except Rhoda because this has been her second time to shoot. I struggled to maintain the correct stance, my right arm strained from lifting the bow, my fingers grew numb from pulling the string, and I had to keep remembering the instruction of the tutors. The archers who were manning the range took turns in giving us pointers and thankfully they were all nice and patient.

To signal the time for retrieving the arrows from the target and the moment when it’s okay to shoot, one of the Gandiva staff blew a whistle.

It was tiring but I didn’t mind ’cause I was seriously having fun. I am even considering taking this as a sport (since I have none). I asked some of the staff how much is their training. They said it’s PHP6,000 for 10 sessions, each session goes for two hours. It’s up to you what time or which day you want to take your lessons. They said they have many students so classes are on an appointment basis.

If you want to have your own archery gear, it’s PHP 12,000 and it’s already a complete set. Hmm…. I think I can save up for that.


After our training, we were naturally hungry so we went to the cafe. By the way, they only offer vegan foods. First thing we ordered was the French Fries (PHP165). It was crispy and tasted a bit like fish fillet. They probably fried it in the same oil they used for fish fillet, I don’t know. But it was good and I liked it that it was not too salty but not bland.

We ordered a Four-Cheese Pizza (PHP225). It’s 12 inches of thin-crust pizza with parmesan, white cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella. It is sooo delicious! The crust may be thin but I swear to you a slice is enough to make you feel full. It had the right amount of saltiness and tastes way better with hot sauce.

I wanted coffee so I had Caramel Macchiato (PHP85), which to my dismay was more like a shot of espresso. I am a fan of coffee but I never wanted it strong. This one was so bitter that no amount of sugar made a difference. So I just let Pao and Rhoda finished it for me.

The Lemon Grass Iced Tea (PHP70) is refreshing and a bit sweet.​

Not only did we get to enjoy archery, we also enjoyed their food. I will let you know if ever I decide to continue taking archery classes. What about you, have you tried archery before?

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

The Gandiva Cafe and Restaurant is a very good place for family.
It's fun filled activity center for the whole family.
Archery Price (instructor, bow and unlimited arrow for 1 hour game)

but they have weekday promo for 680php.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Did not order food.
Its just cool that you can learn archery without owning a bow.

Instructor will teach you how to shoot an arrow. Instructor will also gauge and recalibrate your bow after your first few shots.

4 arrows every round. Until all of you finish your 4 shots, only then you can go and retrieve your arrows.
You might want to make reservation ahead.

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

My dad was really happy with his experience! So he bought a set of bow and arrows! Hems been playing with it in Davao:))

Spot Kenrick C

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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

Came here because i was able to buy coupons from deal grocer which is discounted to 600 something plus, then i realized that this promo is offered to everybody, this is their promo talaga in stire. Even walk ins. So what the hell. Went through the hassle with deal grocer, pwde naman pala walk in nalang kami. Ganun din. -_- it's even more hassle because you need to reserve 3 days before for the coupon to be used.

Anyway enjoyed the archery so much but maybe because first timers that my had was swollen after the session, bow is wuote heavy pero kaya naman:)

We ate at gandiva cafe after. It's vegetarian and Lou R doesn't like veggies at all. But it was great because there we're some food with mock meat. Like this carbonara. The vegetarian meat tasted like spam. It was just okay though. Not something i would say super yummy. Hahaha

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3.0 Stars

To try out archery costs P740 for 30 minutes. That's at least 6 rounds (given you have 4 arrows). P900+ for an hour.

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Jventures V.
4.0 Stars

The equipment's kinda heavy for someone with small arms. But yes you can easily get addicted 127919127919127919

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Chi B.
3.0 Stars

Went there for the archery but i ordered cappuccino. It was served wth over flowing froth. We enjoyed the sport.

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Trisha Karla P.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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