Ganduyan Museum

Sagada - Besao Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Ganduyan Museum
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Eilleen P.
5.0 Stars

Must see attraction. Get to know the history of Sagada. Don't miss this in your itinerary.

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

It was our last day in Sagada when we had so much extra time that we made sure to visit all the remaining tourist spots on the list and one of this was Ganduyan Museum.

Ganduyan Museum is located near the tourist center, beside the Ganduyan Inn and Ganduyan Arts and Crafts. Take note that the opening of the museum varies everyday so check it out early in the morning so that you wouldn't miss out. We came on a Saturday and it was open from 1-6PM.

We arrived there a bit early so we waited and killed time at the Ganduyan Inn Cafe. At around 1:15PM, we saw that there were already people lining-up outside, a signal that showed that the museum doors were already open. We instantly went and straight ahead the short corridor, a sign says that all guests must remove their footwear before going upstairs.

We then moved going up and there were already a lot of people sitting on the floor as the discussion was already starting. It's not the usual museum wherein you'll just go around and look closely at the stuff, even touch them and just read the history behind each. For Ganduyan Museum, there's a facilitator who discusses the items per area and us, guests were seated on the floor as he talks about the items.

Ganduyan was the original and historical name of Sagada. It was changed as conquerors lived here in the Philippines centuries ago. They retained the original name Ganduyan to keep it alive.

Per area, historical items were discussed to us, from the accessories, clothing, housewares - utensils, pots, cookwares - to different bags, linens and fabrics used by the poor, the rich, the dead, etc., paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. For an hour, you'll really learn a whole lot about the province's culture, way of living, beliefs, ideals and values that actually keep them going up until today.

For a donation worth P25/person, you'll be closer to Mountain Province's very own, Sagada.

NOTE: No taking of photos inside the one level museum. It actually looked more of a mini gallery in a room.

Visit it and see for yourself!

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

bawal picture taking :(

the old lady mentioned in the previous review died in January 2015 :(

currently the son manages the musuem and asks for php25 contribution per head :)

as he shares the amazing story and talent of his mom, i paid high salute to her!

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

It's my aunt's first time here in Sagada and for those others who plan to come here for the first time, I recommend that you visit the only museum here, the Ganduyan museum. Located near the center, just across where the municipal hall is located. The place doesn't have a distinct signage except for the usual store like sign that says 'Ganduyan Museum', nothing especial with what can you see outside but the true cultural walk through of what was an old and rich culture is inhaled inside a few square-feet of ancestral heritage.

The owner who is an old lady doesn't allow your dirty shoes inside and no photo taking too. Boooo! But the management of the area have been a bit loose after her son has taken the care. Apparently, the old lady is sick now with a Big C 128532 and his son that was left in charge is allowing a group picture after his talk.

With my previous visit here, there was no fee posted but the old lady was asking for at least 20php per head but if you want a talk from her a 50php per head or may be more would make her more grateful. In comparing with the old lady and her son, I would say that the mother knows best, remembering the last time I've visited, when she started talking it was like a tape record playing the voice of an old lady on a straight and plain english on a precise and accurate history of what best she can share from her memories of her loved culture. It's amazing how one can be in deep love with what was before a very domain culture separating the rich from the poor not only through the things they use but the rituals they practice.

This is a must in Sagada, never mind the caves or the trees but culture is something we should know as tourist so we could appreciate more what Sagada has to offer.

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