Garage 88

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Garage 88
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Layne B.
4.0 Stars

Ordered Chori Burger and liked it! Their patties are yummy!!

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Jacqui T.
3.0 Stars

Our trip to Carpe Diem was cancelled due to the 4 cars parked in front of their place. You all know that they only have 1 parking space, so 4 vehicles, meaning the place were full or perhaps holding an event.

We looked for another place and we thought of Gourmet. It was closed. We came in too early, maybe... My stomach was grumbling and I need to feed the little creatures inside my tummy now. I used the |oo|oo app and Garage 88 appeared. Oh! There you are honey, it was just in front of us where we parked the car.

I entered the old building ( well, it looks like an old, abandoned building) and checked the place. The place was huge, full of couches and tables with automobile parts hanging on the wall. Menus were placed on each table. They also serve hard liquors. We were advised that they also allow smokers inside during night. Uhmm.... I want to see this burger place that turn into a bar during the night.

Lunchtime and they have only one server that time. We ordered Chili Bbq burger with extra egg and 1 bacon and mushroom burger and it took them almost 30 minutes to serve.

After years of waiting [minutes felt like years when you're famished], our burgers were served. The burgers were arranged neatly. I took some snaps first and then began to devour the meat in front of me.

A burger with mushroom, cheese, lettuce and bacon was just okay for me. I was actually disappointed with their meat. It was tough and even the bacon, it wasn't crispy. Their chili, BBQ burger was not spicy. Our server gave us hot sauce for it. She actually provided unli mayo, ketchup, hot sauce and water. Ha-ha!

Their fries were good though. It was salty, little sweet and something that I can't explain, but it was sooooo good. I want mooooore fries!!!! 128514128514128514

Burger Goodness Badge! 128079128541127828127839

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Carlo A.
4.0 Stars

I've only been here around 3 times but I have to say first entering here, my impression was this place is buzzing and it's got that nice night life vibe of eating and having a good time drinking. The place looks really good and interesting, you've got a Tire and gas faucet bowl for washing your hands which is really cool and the ambience at night is staggering, loud music, TV with fashion and all those pleasantries, now to the food, I only recall having a burger and it was quite good but pricey too, I actually enjoyed it but it didn't make me full at all. Food I'd have to say is good but I'm not sure if it's worth the price tag to fill your belly but let me tell you, you want to go here to drink at night and eat, not to just eat, they've got good drinks for grabs, spending a birthday here with friends and eating along is this place's influence, I wouldn't come here to just eat, I'd go here to drink, eat and have a good time. Wouldn't mind coming back here at all!

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EmilJudy M.
4.0 Stars

So we tried Garage 88 burgers.
As you can see the buns they use are black, I guess it represents "wheels" of a car idk.

The burgers were delicious, 100% pure beef juicy patty, fresh vegetables, and tasty buns.
Ambiance of the place is more like a bar, you can get alcohol beverages there anytime of the day from 10 am onwards. They have this wooden platter where in they put their burgers in.

The prices of the burgers is what made me not give 5 stars. Okay yeah the quality of their burgers were good but for the price? Not so much. I paid 268 for their complete garage burger (not sure) and I expected it to be a lot bigger. Disappointed that it came out the size of an ordinary burger in the restaurants these days. Burgers are great but a little pricy. Cheapest burger would start at 188.

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Donna K.
3.0 Stars

There are dozens of days I would have raved at how good this place is but on this particular trip, I wasn't too happy. 128542

We went to Garage 88 because of Up Dharma Down. When I asked about the seating arrangement I was shocked to hear that they had a cocktail set-up. (Knowing Up Dharma has a reputation of being extremely late for their gigs)

The ticket was sold for P700 and I was kinda disappointed at the "freebies" we got. It was bad enough that we had to stand there for 3 hours, but a measly piece of chicken wing and a short shot of Henessey disappointing for such a high price.

All my stress went away when Armi finally started singing and my Happy Pill was smart enough to find us a seating place on the steps right in front of the band!

The organization of the event could've been done better but it was still a nice experience. 10084

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Traffic can turn your appetite into a greater one. My girls and i were only supposed to get coffee at a nearby cafe named Penny Lane, but it took us a while to cross from Alabang to BF that i had suggested an early dinner. Garage 88 was screaming at me to try it. I had been wanting to since about five years ago at the branch in Fort. I never got to try it anymore until yesterday.

Since it was close to six, the place wasn't full yet. We ordered a caesar salad, the garage famous burger, the garage chili dog and the black piggy back ride for dessert. I got a rootbeer and my friend had wanted an order of coke zero but they just had regular coke from the vendo so she cancelled that, but the order still came. There is a pretense when your drink comes in a fascinating flask. The vendo coke tastes horrible. Mcdonald's serves better softdrinks. 128532

Serving sizes are huge! The chicken caesar salad was more than good enough for two. But Since that was all my friend was having, we let her enjoy it. It was OK.

Another chica from the group got the garage famous burger and it was the shit! Mine was the chili dog and oh man, i waited so long for this, it was errthang i expected it to be! The frankfurter (lacked a bit in size) but it had bite and flavor on its own, the chili just right. This was topped with melted cheese and caramelized onions - and they weren't pitiful soggy onions, ha! We loved the side of barbecued fries!

The black piggy back ride was OK, the chicharon dipped and smothered in dark chocolate was makunat. I would suggest they experiment with dark chocolate bacon instead, because that is just yummy, delectable and indulgent enough to place on this dessert!

My dog cost me P228, the burger P208 and the salad P228. Prices are reasonable given the serving size!

I like the building and interiors for A BF resto. Will come back and try the other stuff on their menu. 128077🏽

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Alyssa D.
3.0 Stars

I was driving our way to smoking joint along aguirre earlier but unfortunately it was closed bcos there was an event. So there we have to look for another place to eat and we passedby garage 88. We decided to try it since it looks good naman on the outside.

After we were seated we immediately ordered and i was disappointed bcos there are so many unavailable products on their menu.

Gave them only 3 stars bcos their service was literally slow knowing that there are only 2 tables occupied. I think it took 30 mins for our food to be served knowing that it was just a sandwich and a sisig. So annoying!

The friend wasnt able to finished her sandwich bcos when it arrives she was almost full na of the sisig.

Their food tastes good tho. I will comeback but not soon.

No picture kasi it doesnt deserve a photo haha and i was really annoyed. I was not in the mood to take photos.

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