GarinFarm Inland Resort

Purok 2, San Joaquin, Iloilo

GarinFarm Inland Resort
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Aira A.
4.0 Stars

Quite far from the city proper - more or less will take you 2.5 hrs from "super" which is a public market in iloilo. We took a jeepney from here to san joaquin for 65 pesos then took a trike for 10 pesos per head. I loved this place, very educational and entertaining. At first you'll see the farm which has animals from cows, chickens etc to plants like those in bahay kubo. Highlight though is their steps to heaven which is like the big buddha of hongkong. While climbing the stairs, you'll witness some exerts from the bible. After the climb, we ate at their inhouse restaurant and had their sizzling sisig, chicken inasal and pancit canton. Nothing to raved about on these though and it was quite sweet. I was surprised with the coconut nectar i ordered as i got intrigued by its name. Coincidentally it was already the last bottle they had, it cost 25 pesos. I super loved this. Definitely different than coconut water that we know of.

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Annalyn P.
5.0 Stars

Stairway to heaven-like!

We happen to be in Iloilo for a "balik-barrio" vacation and eventually searched for a must-go place near Miag-ao, that's when we found out about this so called heavenly place named Garin Farm.

They offered a lot of activities such as zipline, horseback riding, golf cart ride, kayak, pedal boat, waterbike. You can also enjoy the pool and billiards!

And the best thing about this place is their popular Pilgrimage! It was a tough way up to the tunnel for it has 456 steps but thankfully there are different stations that exhibit important scenes in Christ life.

It was breathtaking when we finally saw the Divine Mercy Cross. On the side was the start of the dark tunnel that leads us to the light of "heaven". The gate of heaven welcomed us! It was very bright as the sun meets the glossy white surrounding of the place that it was hard for us to open our eyes, so I suggest you to bring a sunglass if you ever plan to visit.

Bring lots of patience in walking, energy, extra shirt, snapback and a pure heart ready to embrace the light 10084

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Al V.
5.0 Stars

If you are looking for peaceful place to hang around Garin Farm is one place you must include in your list. It is Located in San Joaquin Iloilo, once you get inside expect some bad odor from the entrance up to the middle of the pathway covered with plants that serves as a pathway roof. Along the way you will passed by the typical bahay kubo in real life as described in the “bahay kubo” song with lots of veagetables planted around the bahay kubo. Then at the end of the pathway is the entrance going to the top of the mountain with stairs of around 400 steps approximately ( I lost my counting when I reach the top), at the top is there is a entrance to the tunnel at the right side, here as you passed by the tunnel you can see the dark side and at the end of the tunnel a bright lights greets you then you will see the satirway to heaven. The whole place is painted in white, when you saw this its like you are in heaven the feeling is so sacred because of the angels standing on the side of the pathway plus the sounds of “hallelujah” in the background makes it feels you are in heavaen.

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Keisha R.
5.0 Stars

NO it's Garin farm in San Joaquin, Iloilo City!
just 1.5 hours away from Molo, iloilo, you could finally experience "heaven".

how to get there?
take ceres bus bound to san joaquin and antique, located near the molo church. tell dispatcher to drop you at the road to garin farm. bus fee is 60 pesos.

after a 1.5 hour travel, take a tricycle to garin farm for 50 pesos.

then, pay entrance fee of 150 at garin farm. if you want to take a golf cart instead of walking 500+ steps up to garin farm heaven/cross pay another 90 pesos so they could take you up to "heaven".

i know it seems tiring or maybe a pain in your wallet, but the experience would definitely be worth it! i mean, look at the pics! there's nothing more to say! definitely an unforgettable experience!

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