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Ninya G.
4.0 Stars

Best waffles and gelato in this area! Love their chicken and waffles too!

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Their gelato has a weird texture 128517 It felt paste-y to me. That’s the best way I can’t explain it. It’s pretty thick and stays firm for awhile in the cup. They say their not gelato. They’re a mix of Italian gelato and American ice cream. Maybe that explains it.

Loved that the macadamia has a generous amount of nuts. I don’t remember what else we ordered. Add ons seemed affordable.

Waffle was big. I enjoyed this more than the gelato. Wish it were crispier though. Who here misses country waffles?!

Not sure if I’m going to come back for the scoops. But I did spot a massive piece of fried chicken from another table. I will probably try that one next time.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Many, if not most Filipinos got a sweet tooth going. And recently, I was part of a group that got invited to witness the opening of another foreign ice cream player, Geláre. This newest dessert stop hails all the way from down under.

Coming from two other restaurants spots before this, I was surprised I was able to consume a number of their offerings still. I had more than two cups of ice cream, downed a couple of thick beverages and even got to chow down their iconic Chicken & Waffles. It was rather a sweet ending to a gastronomic filled day.

Geláre is Italian for “to freeze”. It is an apt word to describe one’s probable experience here. I froze upon my spoonful encounters with their own version of ice cream. More of this later on.

Geláre opened its flagship branch in BGC and was originally founded in Australia in 1986 by Mr. Farid Torabi. Currently, it is still a well-loved dessert bar in Perth and Brisbane. It has also over other 50 branches across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is now on the shores of tropical, Philippines.

I arrived to a fanfare, seeing many familiar faces, despite the rain. There were other media lining up for their orders, after glancing on a spread of desserts and some savory choices. Yes, for only that day, we were able to order our heart’s desires. Geláre’s menu also has waffles, pancakes, hot beverages, smoothies, and light breakfast.

I started with their ice cream as it was calling my name repeatedly (Single Scoop (Php 120 1 flavor / Double Scoop Php 199 2 flavors). My top choices were uniquely coined and flavor rich White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, delectable and chunky Peanut Butter Cup, fruity Wild Strawberry, and all time safe bet, sinful with a bit of dark, Chocolate Overload. They have 24 flavors all in all, including 5 vegan and Halal-certified options, a way for them to tap even more markets.

You can put their ice cream on a cone for additional Php 25 or even add certain toppings, but really no need, the product is already superb as it is.

What separates them for your usual ice cream flare was actually too obvious on my first try. Geláre got absolutely no air on their ice cream, when the usual ones giving you up to more than 50% air. This makes theirs more dense and packed, giving you more value on every spoonful. Geláre ice cream is extra smooth, filling and abundant with flavor.

After being temporarily in nirvana state, I got to have some solid dishes. I got to enjoy their take on breakfast combo too, Buttermilk Chicken (Php 329) and Nutella Banana Waffle (Php 245). These classic choices were done quite hurriedly (since we were a lot of media) but still delivered quality taste!

For the smoothies, I got the Raspberry Mudslide (Php 220), Strawberry Smoothie and Mocha Frap. They have a pretty extensive list of choices of beverages also here, and some are likely their own concoctions.

Did this write up sounded delicious and intriguing? That was my goal. If i got you going with my blog, go ahead and visit Geláre, now at the 3/F veranda of Uptown Mall in BGC!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Since it’s beside CBTL, I wanted to try their ice cream.

Single scoop is Php 120 and they have more than a doesn’t flavors. If you want less sinful flavors, they also have sugarless choices.

I got their vanilla macadamia flavor it had macadamia chunks and i just died. Im a sucker for nuts. It was also creamy and smooth although it’s a bit expensive. It was worth the price. You can also taste first before purchasing.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Hey stalkers, there's a new desserts place in town-- at uptown that is!
It was a little bizarre i thought they were selling gelato, because it does look like gelato. But the server himself told me that it's ice cream. Just opened this July, Gelare brings us ice cream that originated from Austraila-- now that's another avenue of how you like to treat yourself for desserts. But to be honest, i was not looking for desserts during that time. I only tried their peanut butter and strawberry ice cream. I must say i liked the strawberry ice cream flavor-- the macadamia is interesting flavor as well!

128204 Flat White @165PhP for Large size
Yes. I came for coffee so i could contribute to the coffee community. But all i can say, still toby's flat white is the best. This one is a little diluted. But the size for large? Amazing. I thought what was served was like a soup bowl. The latteart? Nah..

Aside from this, they also serve chicken and waffles or egg with waffles. They also have affogatto for a combination of caffeine and dessert.

Three stars to ESPRESSO my coffee experience here. ICE CREAM "I shall be back" here for their Aussy ice cream.


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