Gelatea by Crepelato Gelato

3/F KCC Mall of Gensan, Jose Catolico Sr. Ave., Lagao, General Santos, South Cotabato

Gelatea by Crepelato Gelato
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Kristella D.
2.0 Stars

Pink and green logo... 💟✳
Gelato... 127846
Milk tea... 9749
Everything looked pretty familiar.

And as I walked closer, it was what I thought it was.

It really was the same ice cream brand I saw in Davao: Crepelato Gelato. Only difference is, this branch is smaller, and they're marketing their "gelateas" (gelato + milk tea) as their main offering.

My family and I had already tried their gelato in their Gmall Davao and... it wasn't the most appealing one, to say the least. 128528 So recap: their freezer was moist and humid, so it affected the quality of the gelato a lot. The gelato wasn't smooth, and it had a lot of ice crystals in it.

But my mother wanted to give them a second chance to prove themselves.

And a second chance we gave.

As my mother and father were looking at the different flavors they had, I was looking at the structure of their freezer. While it wasn't moist and humid like the one in Davao, it did have some ice building up at the sides. Uh oh. 128549

Mother got the pistachio, Father got the durian.

My mom let me taste her pistachio gelato. And as I expected, it didn't even taste like pistachio. It was bland. 128532 The only redeeming point it had was that it had a generous amount of real pistachio nuts in it.

To be different, I got a gelatea. For their gelateas, you choose what your base is (black tea, green tea, and others), the sinkers, and the gelato that goes with it on top. I got one with a green tea base, no sinkers, with a coffee gelato on top.

Now I'm fond of strong teas and coffees. But the green tea taste was very strong; it tasted artificial, but it was still tolerable. Good thing I chose the coffee gelato to balance the taste. The coffee gelato wasn't strong enough to overpower the green tea. It kind of mellowed out the taste, and added a nice, almost foamy texture to the drink. The drink was ok, but I'd rather go someplace else (with higher quality ingredients) to have this kind of drink.

But I have to give props to the servers. They knew the menu well. And they were always so cheerful and friendly. 128515 Plus, they make a good couple! They looked good together! 128145 Haha!

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